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This is a thing I did for a short while, and then something happened and it kind of fell off the wagon. But, I always felt kind of bad for not answering the last few people and never giving any indication if I was continuing the blog or not. Most of them are probably not active on the site anymore, but, in any case, I decided to go ahead and finish off a few of their questions anyways, just because. And because I got a few more expressions done. 


Heeeeeeere we go!



If you had to get married.... Who would be your choice as wife or hubby?


yvomRbQ.png "Well...I mean..." *cue fantasy montage*


Unrealistic daydreams aside...Inkbrand likes mares, so stallions would be right out. But as far as a realistic choice for a lifelong wife, he'd want someone who'll let him do his own thing and be himself, and basically be the most chillax mare in existence. 


What he needs though, is a mare that would like him for who he is, but still challenge him to become better. Not demand that he change himself to fit what she wants, of course, but not be so complacent that no change occurs at all. Inkbrand is completely fine with himself as he is, but that doesn't make him the best that he can be. And that doesn't mean that he needs to turn into sunshine and rainbows and puppy dogs, but that's also not to say that he is perfect as is and that he doesn't need to make improvements. 



Do you ever want to have some foals of your own?





"I mean yeah, sure, suppose I might. Way off in the future...like, way off, right. Little mini-me running around? Heh, that'd be pretty sweet as. But uh, I dunno. Not really a life goal of mine, 'ya know? If I end up with a foal of my own, I'd...that'd be alright. But if I don't, whelp. S'alright with me."


Basically, Inkbrand's not adverse to the idea of having foals of his own...but that's not something he's actively looking for, either. At least right now.


"You better bucking believe it! I'm in the prime of my life, baby, don't have time to be babysitting foals."


Didn't really have a problem with it not that long ago -


"YEAH well, I mean. Buck, those were special circumstances, and only a couple 'o months. Big difference between a few months and a bucking lifetime."



Oh! Oh! I have a question!!

Do mares chase or swoon over you? (The answers quite obvious isn't it?)

If so, how does it feel?


Flirty.png"Didn't you ask me a question about my love life earlier? You seem pretty interested in it..."

Naw, that was someone else.


"Oh! Well...the flirt still works, buck it."


Funnily enough, most of the mares who chase or swoon over Inkbrand do so in completely roundabout ways. They seem more interested in getting Inkbrand interested in them rather than showing their interest themselves...which makes their interest all the more obvious. More mares (and the RPers who play them) seem to think that having a pretty character, or a mare covered in tattoos, or a mare with a white coat, is enough to catch Inkbrand's attention and make him fall madly in love with the character. And what they'll do is just place their character in his vicinity, thinking that Inkbrand will come bounding over to drool all over them. 


So to answer the question more concisely...yes, it is obvious when most mares swoon over Inkbrand. However, they rarely do any chasing themselves, but instead embark on elaborate song and dance steps meant to entice Inkbrand while pretending they aren't interested at all. Which, again, makes their interest all the more blatant.


"They all just wanna play Innocent Schoolfilly to the Big Bad Punk Stallion. Which, 'ya know...I'm okay with."



Any hopes or dreams you'd like to share with us?


WLT0dh2.png"Heh-heh. Hopes and dreams, huh?"


"I'll let 'ya in on a little secret, buddy. I'm a simple kind of stallion. I mean sure, I might wanna become the only tattoo artist worth visiting in Equestria and brand a tat onto a royal flank featuring a sun or moon design, but hey. I'm already the Best Bucking Tattoo Artist in Equestria already, so those dreams aren't too far off, right?


And, well...




He's got his hopes and dreams like pretty much everyone else, even if some of them he'd rather not share. 


Thanks for reading! Because I made some new expressions I might continue this blog if there is enough of a response for it, but for the most part, I wanted to wrap up some of the questions that people took the time to ask and I never got around to answer. If any of you are still around, hope you enjoyed the Q&A!

Are you still a virgin though you have flirted with so many mares?.....


"Baby, why answer that when I can just show you?"



Or, you could just…answer the question.


"Well yeah, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun."


Definitely not - he's had many flings and some intimate relationships throughout his life. He's usually pretty good about letting a mare know exactly what he is - and more importantly - what he isn't looking for before they end up together for a night, however.


"Buck, 'ya got that right. Don't need the tears and drama and frying pans in my life, thanks."


What design/tattoo are you most proud of, either from an artistic standpoint, or in terms of a customer you convinced to get one?
Proud.png"Oh hay, that one's easy!"


"Girl I used to know when I first moved into Ponyvile - up and coming model, and a coat as white as bucking new snow. Had to have her, but she was real uptight at first, wouldn't even give me the time of day! Didn't want a tat because it might ruin her 'prospects' and rot.


But wouldn't 'ya know it, she fell for me within a couple of months. Talked her into getting something pretty extravagant for one of her 'edge shots', as she liked to call 'em. Heh, I can still picture the pattern too - gold, light-filled twines all over her flank, right out under her cutie mark. Bucking hot as. Hay yeah, she's definitely my crowning glory.


Yeah…bet she's strutting her stuff in Cantelrot as we speak, my tats all over her body. What I wouldn't give to see that."


So…you have a weakness for cute things and ponies? Are you a big softie underneath that "bad boy" exterior?
Rage.png"The buck? Wait one Celestia-cursed second - "

I wouldn't call it a weakness - not every cute thing is going to make Inkbrand break out into squeals and giggles, as it were. It just depends on the circumstance, like most things. The recent arctic fox pet he required, for example, is very cute in Inkbrand's eyes. He shared an intimate moment with Radiant Star, when she was acting fairly cute and not at all like herself. He swooped in to play with a foal that was attempting to re-create one of his tattoo designs. So, no, he doesn't have a weakness - he's just not as invulnerable to cute things as he'd like to believe.


"Tch. RS was pretty bucking cute, acting all shy and worried about my reaction. Heh, if we hadn't been fighting for our lives, we probably would have done more than just hug. And by more, I mean me doing something entirely appropriate for the situation and her trying to spear me with her horn. Hot."


(By entirely appropriate, he means entirely inappropriate. Just in case anyone was wondering).


A new 'Ask Inkbrand' blog, up and out! I'm having a lot more fun with this than I thought I would, so much so that I'm falling behind in RPs. Keep the questions coming, they're fun to answer!


"Mind telling me why the buck I'm even doing this? I know the public can't get enough of me, but I've got more important things to do than sit around answering stupid questions. Eating, tattooing, mares. That stuff."


Because I'm your writer and I'm making you do so. Your free will is a lie.


"Free will my flank, I'll free will my hoof right up your - "


When will you become female and steal Merlots hearts!?


Why you so hostile, Inkbrand?


*twitch* "I don't know, why are you so - "




When in life were you the most angry, sad, happy, scared, and embarrassed?


"Buck, that's a lot of ground to cover. Oi, writer, pick one."


When in life were you the most…scared?


"What, that one? Sorry to disappoint you babe, but I don't do scared. Well, except for that one time when I snuck into Bright Light's apartment. For some reason, she didn't seem to think her brother being home for a visit was an important thing to tell me. Buck I nearly wet myself when he came barging into her room swinging around a sledgehammer. Bucking unicorn magic.


Managed to escape with only a bruised shoulder, I'm glad to say. Don't know what he would have broken if he'd gotten his hooves on me. And afterwards…well." *snickers* Let's just say I became a master at finding small and easily hidden spots, just big enough for two ponies. Come find me in Manehatten if you want a personal tour, eh babe?"


A great story, but entirely irrelevant, given the actual question. Inkbrand has probably felt the most fear and terror at the hands of Tirek - not of Tirek himself, but of what he did. Those first feelings of helplessness and physical vulnerability, where he couldn't even rely on something so basic as his physical body, was really the most fearful moment of Inkbrand's life. This was also the cause of his dislike - maybe even subconscious fear? - of unicorn magic, particularly because of Tirek's magic that directly manipulated the world in the way only unicorns can.


"The buck? Am I the one answering this blog or you? Tirek was a hulking bulk of Tauratrus spawn and nothing more. I mean the guy shriveled into nothing from rainbows. Rainbows, man!"


Well if you can't answer truthfully, I'll just have to answer everything for you. After all, I see and know everything about you.


"Now that's just plain creepy, you stalking son of a - "


Hope you enjoyed this first 'Ask Inkbrand' blog!' You can post new questions in this comments section of this blog, or again, you're always welcome to PM me questions if you don't feel comfortable sharing them in public.


"Oh-ho? Some pretty mare out there have a question for 'ol Inkbrand they're too embarrassed to share with the class? Come on sweetheart, you can just whisper it in my - "


If your question isn't answer in the next blog after you post it, don't fret - I'm not going to answer every question, but sometimes I'll go back and answer old ones.


"Buck, this is my blog, stop interrupting! - "


Have a great day!


Ask Inkbrand


So you know those "Ask ____" Tumblr accounts, where an artist draws pictures to answer questions from the general public? This is a lazier and less picture-y version.


I joined Canterlot.com and apped Inkbrand just a few months ago. I've been pretty flattered with the response I've gotten for both him and my RPing, but I've noticed that quite a few people seem to be interested in learning more about Inkbrand. I've been asked numerous things - his likes and dislikes, the direction I want to take his character, his detailed history, his preference in partners, why he dislikes unicorn magic, romantic patterns, how I developed the character…you name it.


The number of questions I've gotten about him finally inspired me to start an "Ask Inkbrand" blog, where users can ask any burning questions they've had on their minds about the character, or even about my writing and RPing.


Most of the answers will just be written, though I may throw a few pictures in from time to time. You can ask anything you want, from serious questions about the character and his development (these types of questions I'd probably dedicate a full blog post to) to funny, non-serious ones (I'll probably answer a couple of these per blog). You can even feel free to message me questions if posting them in public makes you uncomfortable. Answers will be a mix of IC and OOC answers, depending on the question.


So, ask away if you'd like, and I'll do my best to answer any questions Canterlot throws at me.