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As White as Snow (Not)




Are you still a virgin though you have flirted with so many mares?.....


"Baby, why answer that when I can just show you?"



Or, you could just…answer the question.


"Well yeah, but that wouldn't be nearly as fun."


Definitely not - he's had many flings and some intimate relationships throughout his life. He's usually pretty good about letting a mare know exactly what he is - and more importantly - what he isn't looking for before they end up together for a night, however.


"Buck, 'ya got that right. Don't need the tears and drama and frying pans in my life, thanks."


What design/tattoo are you most proud of, either from an artistic standpoint, or in terms of a customer you convinced to get one?
Proud.png"Oh hay, that one's easy!"


"Girl I used to know when I first moved into Ponyvile - up and coming model, and a coat as white as bucking new snow. Had to have her, but she was real uptight at first, wouldn't even give me the time of day! Didn't want a tat because it might ruin her 'prospects' and rot.


But wouldn't 'ya know it, she fell for me within a couple of months. Talked her into getting something pretty extravagant for one of her 'edge shots', as she liked to call 'em. Heh, I can still picture the pattern too - gold, light-filled twines all over her flank, right out under her cutie mark. Bucking hot as. Hay yeah, she's definitely my crowning glory.


Yeah…bet she's strutting her stuff in Cantelrot as we speak, my tats all over her body. What I wouldn't give to see that."


So…you have a weakness for cute things and ponies? Are you a big softie underneath that "bad boy" exterior?
Rage.png"The buck? Wait one Celestia-cursed second - "

I wouldn't call it a weakness - not every cute thing is going to make Inkbrand break out into squeals and giggles, as it were. It just depends on the circumstance, like most things. The recent arctic fox pet he required, for example, is very cute in Inkbrand's eyes. He shared an intimate moment with Radiant Star, when she was acting fairly cute and not at all like herself. He swooped in to play with a foal that was attempting to re-create one of his tattoo designs. So, no, he doesn't have a weakness - he's just not as invulnerable to cute things as he'd like to believe.


"Tch. RS was pretty bucking cute, acting all shy and worried about my reaction. Heh, if we hadn't been fighting for our lives, we probably would have done more than just hug. And by more, I mean me doing something entirely appropriate for the situation and her trying to spear me with her horn. Hot."


(By entirely appropriate, he means entirely inappropriate. Just in case anyone was wondering).


A new 'Ask Inkbrand' blog, up and out! I'm having a lot more fun with this than I thought I would, so much so that I'm falling behind in RPs. Keep the questions coming, they're fun to answer!



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