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The Hippo is Blogging! Take cover!

blog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngblog-0891516001368011150.pngHello all you bronies and pegasisters! It's me and I've decided to take on the fun personal task of spilling my own ramblings for everyone to see. I know!! Exciting right?

Anyways, I have chose to start three different blogs. This one I will dedicate to my own personal ramblings of things, probably brony stuff. I will feature opinions and ideas in this section and give my viewpoints on happenings around the fandom. Since we're in ponyless Summer mode, this will update when I have things to say, hopefully about once every month at least. My other two blogs are a music sharing blog, and a RP tips and tricks blog. My music blog will be updated three or four times a week, and feature short ramblings about some of my favorite music I have found. The RP tips and tricks blog will be dedicated to refining ones writing skills as I take my amateur experience in the role play realm and offer my best knowledge to those who seek it.

For my ramblings blog, expect updates for certain events like Fiesta Equestria, which is a convention I plan on going to in Houston in June, and when season 4 starts, I will probably bring week-to-week reviews of things I see in the show, and probably dedicate a paragraph(s) to how great Applejack is. This blog will contain the freedom of lacking a specific topic, which means I may even talk about things non-pony. But I assure you, I will do my best to present things that will only be fun and interesting to read.

So until my next update, enjoy my new blogs!

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