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  1. Silverstream joined Gallus in the kitchen to help clean but mostly to continue the conversation closer together. "Yeah! I mean we all were, probably. I bet little baby Gallus hatchling got into all kinds of trouble." She leaned towards him to antagonize him a little. "He probably got into the trash a few times, drew pictures on the walls. Yeah, little Gally was a dirty birdy." Silverstream had an evil expression that was odd even for her, but then pulled back and laughed it off. And then out of no where, she blushed. She attempted to hide her blush as it didn't seem to make sense for the moment. Silverstream was fairly good at suppressing her emotions though. All she had to do was blurt out the next thing that would come to her mind. "Oh my gosh! We should volunteer to watch Zap again!" It was at this moment the cogs in the hippogriff's mind began turning and she realized that she was never invited to be here today in the first place. She hovered a landing. "Oh gosh. Are they going to be mad that I'm here?" Silverstream began considering the possibility of the professor flying through the front door at any minute.
  2. Applejack finished her short kitchen duty and sat at the table. "Rara, why would I do live shows when I told you from the beginning that I didn't want to do it anymore." She was noticeably disgruntled, either by the lack of transparency or the general misunderstanding that happens between friends who would otherwise love everything about each other. "The reason why I don't feel comfortable doing shows is because it takes time away from the things that are more important to me. My friends. My family. The farm!" Applejack convinced herself of the story that played out in her head if she had gone a whole season away from home. "Am I supposed to believe Apple Bloom can throw all them hay bales when the grass is cut?" Applejack escaped from her nightmare to think about the things Coloratura was implying. Though she was a pony of integrity, she wanted to give Coloratura the full breath and chance to explain herself.
  3. As the rumble on Zap Apple's side of the table continued, he began to feel feelings of resentment towards the guest of the day. Regardless of which princess it was, why was he not being served first when he clearly arrived at the table first? Mom had always challenged Zap and his sister on arriving at the table first, in order to guarantee that they would be here as soon as possible. But apparently, those rules do not apply when there is a princess, or if Auntie Apple Bloom was in charge. Not cool. Zap would successfully withhold his clever remarks for another time though, and would smile the moment a slice of pie was presented to him. Before he dug into it, he looked at Princess Flurry Heart to see if she had also been digging in. If there were in fact, new rules that Zap would have to abide by today, he would not want to infract on those principles in case there were serious consequences. So instead of diving in like he normally would, he waited to see what Flurry Heart would do first. Zap leaned in and smelled the pie, getting very close with his teeth to take a bite, but would wait until he saw Flurry make the first move. After several seconds of stalemate and waiting for Flurry Heart to do whatever it is she does when eating pie, Zap kept his filter off a blurted out the next thing that came to his mind, asking in a subtly rude way. "Why are your wings so big?" Zap felt a little self-conscious about his wing size compared to Flurry Hearts plumage, but didn't have the brain of an adult pony to dwell on those possible shortcomings.
  4. Zap understood the game very well. There were only a few rules. Rule 1: Roughriders were the best team. Not only the best team, but had the best player on the best team. Rule 2: Mom was the best player. There were some actors on the field wearing different colored jerseys that sometimes pretended to be the best, but there was only one true best, even if Mom didn't show it. On rare occasions, the other team would score against the best team with the best player. Zap never did fret too much about this because... Rule 3: If the Roughriders lose or get scored against, it's not Mom's fault. The only thing Zap didn't understand about this game was why it took eighty minutes to determine what he could tell you in eight seconds, that Mom was the best player and that she would carry the Roughriders to victory. "Eeyup!" Big Mac started in reply to answer Applejack's question that they were doing fine. He also held up a small basket of hay fries, some of which was already eaten by the little ones the big brother was watching over. Despite his chill demeanor, Big Mac loved watching the younger members of the family when the other adults could not. But it didn't happen very often, seeing as how Apple Bloom loved to volunteer to watch her niece and nephew. But also, thought he didn't show it much, he was a fan of rugby and was interested in even playing, but seeing as how somepony in the family was already better than him (again), he might as well support her from the sidelines the same way he would at rodeos. Zap jumped excitedly as she walked over to them. "Wow, Mom! You're doing so great. You should kick all the balls into the goal! Also number forty seven on the other team looked at you funny. You should beat him!" Zap stopped his insistent bouncing to grab a hay fry and once he was finished doing so, he started bouncing again. Zap was wearing a light blue roughriders jersey that was most likely donated to him because no one on the team could fit a jersey that small.
  5. Zap didn't hear or see pegasus ponies cloud busting for a long minute, so he inadvertently began fluttering down back to the ground. When Muziki asked him about something she wanted to show him, Zap looked at her and looked down at the frog in her hat. He smirked. "Ka-johnny Kah bitchy? Is that Unyasian for 'bullfrog'?" He chuckled at his own suggested question, but he was mostly serious as it was his best guess. He looked around to see if his mother had at all been alerted by his disappearance yet. "Show and tell? That's tomorrow? I don't have anything. I guess I need to find something." Zap looked around for something and found a stick lying next to a fence poll. She smiled and picked it up with his teeth. He grinned for a moment, before spitting it out back to the ground. "No."
  6. Before Silverstream closed the front door of the residential hall after they all walked inside, she looked around at the sleeping campus. She noticed some stray materials out by the water and a few windows open letting in a draft that would disgruntle the first one to walk into class the next day. "I think the school might need to invest in some campus security or something." She shrugged and walked into the dorm and down the hall. Once she got to her door and saw the other two get to theirs, she made her final remark on the night. "Thanks for finding me. I'd probably work all night down there if it wasn't for your common sense. Goodnight, you guys. Sleep well." She opened her door and closed it behind her. After she put on her nightcap and slipped into bed, she couldn't help but get excited about tonight possibly being the last time she slept in the dorms. But after only a few minutes of musing, she drifted and began dreaming about the adventures of a seapony vigilante who searched the abyss for trouble and mischief.
  7. Silverstream whispered loudly. "Yeah. Sure. I can help clean up!" Her chipper demeanor unescapable, she hovered down the stairs into the common area. She started picking up things in the living room like small bits of trash, equipment from the projector set, and stray crayons that fell from the table. As she straightened the room up, she conversed with Gallus who was busy scrubbing down his efforts in the kitchen. "Gallus. You're going to be a really good father some day." Silverstream mentioned it plainly, not giving foresight or any extra context that could have been provided. Had their been extra context, she would have likely blurted it out with her compliment, anyway. "I don't think the others back as school will believe me when I tell them how well you handled it. Well, except for the whole 'we thought he fell to his death' situation. Maybe we just leave that part out."
  8. Zap Apple's espionage of the downtown Ponyville area for pegasus activity led him closer and closer to what he suspected was the pegasus cloud-busting practice. He couldn't get a full view of it, though. From the ground he would peek around buildings, but then he would jump to light poles and wall climb to roofs in order to better his perspective. He could just fly all the way up and see what was going on, but he knew his mother would be able to see him, too if he had gotten that high. A voice from below said his name twice, which for about sixteen milliseconds made him fear that his mother was on his case, but instead he heard it as Muziki, a zebra filly that met Zap a short while ago. Without looking at her, Zap Apple gave her a sufficient enough answer to satisfy her curiosity. "Farm life is fine. Same old same old." He continued to look around and above trees for pegasus activity. But for the most part, he could only hear the occasional poofs and small thunderclaps that are normally associated with the elimination of small stray clouds.
  9. If anypony was a young pegasus colt on a farm who had to do chores on the regular, you would suspect that that anypony would be doing their regular chores at a time like this. However, if that anypony's parents were not there to supervise the young colt, what kind of expectation would there be for one such pony to behave and do things productively as normal. Zap Apple played. It was the thing he was best at. Maybe he should do his chores now, so that he doesn't have to do them later. Maybe he would be a good family member if he went inside to help his aunt clean up a mess he made literally a few minutes ago. Maybe having the freedom to do whatever you want seemed inappropriate during a time in which the youngest member of the royal Equestrian family was visiting the farm. But these thoughts would only occur in a pony who had the sensibilities of others built up over a life experience of relationships, hard labor, and unfortunate hardships. Zap Apple had no such experience, and would do best to stay as clear from that kind of experience for as long as his young wings would allow him. Unless there was pie. "Pie!?" Zap Apple threw the stick for Jack one more time, with this time having the intent to leave Jack hanging around outside with no pony to give the stick to. The russell terrier would be fine though, he had plenty of other things to do when Zap wasn't actively playing with him. Zap zipped into the kitchen, and without announcement, sat at the supper table and placed a napkin around his neck. He softly did a drumroll with his hooves on the table while licking his lips, waiting to be presented with a slice of pie by his mother. Oh, but his mother wasn't here. No matter, he assumed his experience would probably be the same.
  10. Both of the ponies remained asleep. Occasional tossing and turnings happened inadvertently between both of them. It was unclear whether or not they were dreaming with each other, but they both seemed troubled in their unscheduled slumbers. The music continued to play, several of the lyrics illustrating harsh views by the songwriters about reality and relationships. Though the style of music being played off the vinyl record would be considered edgy, it was still not intense or loud enough to wake the sleeping students.
  11. There was a wordless and aimless confusion that cut through Moonlight sharper than any glass as she wandered a wilderness of self-pity. In time her torments and tormentors left her, voiding her of their memories and causes and leaving with her only the drumbeat of savage emotions left behind. But even those were to be lost in the tumult of the moment as a voice called out to her. her eyes darted until she found his voice and her heart soothed itself. She had been looking for him and here he was, safe and sound on the ground! "Remmy! I've been, like, looking everywhere for you!" She said as she trotted happily into the dark where had vanished, momentarily lost in the joys of having seen him again. On the other side of the dark hallway was a bedroom. Not just a bedroom with a bed, but two beds. And not just a bedroom with two beds, but a dorm room! Remington stood there confidently, but then admitted his ignorance. "Moony? Where are we?" It took a few seconds for her brain to allow the room to come in top focus. At first it came together like a painting, then more real as the moments phased out of memory. It was her dorm room! Her bed, complete with silken sheets and one too many comforters, was well made and tidy. Her closet was overfilling with clothes- the Professors had all added top her wardrobe and she couldn't help but have an eye for it herself. More than a few sets were draped over a working desk which was, well, organized chaos. Clothes, measuring tools, sewing thread and a machine next to books and books and books and even some of them were school related. The walls were filled with posters. Bands of all kinds, pop stars, fashion icons, as well as some calendars that seemed to stretch on. The underside of her bed had not one nor two but three suitcases of random items that she had brought with yet had not discarded, and trail of chaos led to the dresser as she had fought herself one too many times trying to decide what to wear. "Oh, this is my dorm Remmy! Have a seat!" Remington looked around him, to his left and to his right. "Um, I think I'll just stand for now." As Moonlight made her way into what was basically her home, it looked like she felt instantly comfortable about her environment. But Remington didn't feel home here, and was apprehensive about the whole room in itself. Not embarrassed for Moonlight's lack of tidiness, but rather wondering if he would be allowed here to begin with. "Should I leave? I don't want to be here if you don't want me here." She raised her eyebrow. "Remmy, of course I want you here! Now sit your cute flank down!" "Um. Ok." Remington meagerly found a spot on the floor not covered in garment and softly reclined on his haunches. He looked around the room, identifying the peculiar artifacts of a filly's bedroom, something he never thought would be as interesting as it was, while at the same time not overly amusing. He also peered through the window, which showed a clear night sky with twinkling stars and a bright full moon. "So. This is your room. Kind of normal." He playfully kicked an outfit lying next to him. "I don't know what I expected." "Sweetie, just sit on the bed or, like, take a seat. On a chair?" She asked quizzically, then dismissed it with a laugh as she tossed her mane back. "What did you expect my room to be like, cutie? I'm alive, you know." Remington stood up in obedience and moved himself to the bed. He climbed on it and lay down forward with his hooves tucked. He took noticed of the view from the window and noticed the stars again. "I don't know. I guess I expected it to be more... I don't know... Wait, what do you mean alive?" "Oh, I was not dead earlier so I am alive. I wasn't born to fail, because I'm with you now," she said as she sat down. then, ignoring everything that was said, she leaned in. "So, what do you have in mind, cutie?" Remington was perplexed by Moonlight's explanation, as it was utter nonsense and carried little context. He was going to answer her question, that which he had no answer to anyway, but noticed out of the window that the stars and moon started to move sideways. "Um, do you see that? The moon doesn't typically set that fast or in that direction. And... is it morning already?" He looked at his watch on his left hoof which had the time indicators spinning out of control. He shook it assuming it might be broken. "It shouldn't be morning," she muttered in annoyed response. She didn't know what she was angry about as she shut the blinds, then opened it up again. Nope, it didn't change. "Le sigh. Moony is all over the place!" The stars accelerated sideways, and as the moon fell out of view, the room began taking on the characteristics as if it was spinning. Centrifugal force of the spin began throwing loose objects to the sides of the room, and Remington started bracing himself on the bed as he felt himself being pulled towards the window. He shut the blinds after Moonlight opened them again, for fear he would fall out. "What is happening?" "I-" she tried to speak as the forces continued to exert pressure on her as she forced herself onto the bed, holding onto a post while her tail reflexively out of fear fell around him. "I-I don't know! This is WAY not cool, moon! Stop it, Luna! You're making this-" she had to choke down some vomit. "-REAL lame!" Remington lost his grip on the bed and began walking the walls as the strange spinning continued to accelerate. "I don't think Princess Luna would do this. It's rumored she hates thrill rides. I think it's fine, I should be able to just stand on the walls." Shortly after, the force of the spin kept him from being about to stand sideways and he collapsed to the wall. He seemed pretty calm considering the room was being treated like some carnival ride. She didn't like carnival rides and she was starting to think he wouldn't either soon enough. After all, he became glued to the wall. She tried to get over there in desperation but the room's vicious spinning took her and she went tumbling splat against the wall- face on the wall, on the stomach and off the ground, upside down. She moved her head with great effort. "THIS. IS. PRETTY. GRODY!" Remington's left cheek was plastered to one side as he reached out with a hoof towards the incapacitated Moonlight. Once his hoof brushed her side, a large ball of light began growing between the two ponies. Some kind of source of condensed energy, the ball lit up the whole room brightly and blinded the ponies from seeing anything. A large powering surge noise was also vibrating throughout the room. What seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few seconds, the ball of light blasted its light before shrinking again until it disappeared, and the rooms spin began slowing down. A rather sudden deceleration, the room stopped spinning completely, and the ponies fell to the floor. A few moments to breathe, and they would be able to react. "What. H-in the world. H-was that? I feel different. Why do I feel so... bitchin'." He walked around room and started picking things up that were knocked down during the spin. Somehow, knowing where everything went seemed natural. There was a moment of clarity and he started to understand what was going on, and began speaking thoughts into existence. "When your apathy's gone sadistic and you've discarded truth, all of your work is worthless and now you're dancing with doom." Several Nightmare Night masks were thrown out of their box from the closet, and so he picked them up and put them back in their box, admiring each mask as he held them. "Your ego runs rampant and tells you you're screwed." His smile fell and worry came over him. He looked over at the full-sized mirror that had fallen down and started picking it up. "So I tried to watch the witness." Placing the mirror straight up, a large crack shattered the mirror, but still displayed an accurate reflection. "And I found out I'm you." Remington looked into the mirror and saw Moonlight. "Like, what is going on, Moony?" The blinded blinded both little ponies, each one lost in the light and blackened by its radiance. In a moment that felt like an eternity there was nothing but that light and that energy, then as quick as it had begun it was over. Leaving them, only them, alone with one another as the room stopped and they tumbled. It took a while for Moonlight to try and move, seemingly paralyzed as she heard herself sing. It was deeply troubling hearing yourself sing, especially when it wasn't you and you were on the ground, and even more so when that cutie sounded distressed. Finally she got up in the foreign room and turned to face herself, who looked aghast at the mirror and then her. Luckily, she had the right answer. "I'll tell you what's going on, Remington," she said as she tossed her blue mane. "We got addicted to the what could go wrong," she bemoaned as she trotted forward, her strong coltish hooves betraying no loss in confidence. "I think I’m livin’ right, if you just play along," she responded as she drew in close. It was weird, how she was he and he was she and how it was not the first time this had happened. Remington's hooves reached out to touch Moonlight's face. "We got addicted to our lonesome theme song-" she began before leaning in..."plans for the planet-" she started in before a loud crash shocked her out of the moment! "-we're done, run!" Destruction started rolling into the bedroom from the doorway. There was some question as to where that lead to, but the question would turn into an urgent request to run in the opposite direction. The hallway back to the baseball field mysteriously missing, the only other way out of the room was the window that had been closed during the room's spin. Moonlight's reflection quickly moved to the window end of the room and threw open the shutters. She looked back at Moonlight. "I think I'm subconscious, speaking from a different part of your mind or heart." Moonlight didn't respond right away with the loud noises now filling the room. "Moonlight!? I'm your prison, won't you listen? Give me back your pride." She jumped out of the window into a nightly abyss, looking back at Moonlight with tears in her eyes. "Don't depend on me." RemLight ran as quickly as he could over the window, tumbling down and through it in a panic behind her better self, his smarter self. Rem didn't know how he was talking to her subconscious but knew only that behind them was an awful lot of destruction that she couldn't quite see. And i front of her, a love of self like never before asking the other half not to depend on them. And RemLight could respond only as one could, coming to a stop. "STOP DEFENDING ME!" She yelled, her hooves busy below as she ran in place in fear. RemLight pulled Mooington close before daring to look behind in horror! "We'll go down together!" Remlight tried to say before finding themselves running. When outpaced and with destruction on her heels, "Don't depend on me, a let-down forever!" She wept in equal to the tears that had existed before. "Stop defending me. We'll go down together." Moonington responded as the two fell down a vague depth. Before they could count to an imaginary number, the two found themselves in a ball room, both of them wearing fancy dresses in a posh environment with other stuffy ponies who were making small banter with each other and mingling around the hor d'oeuvres. Moonington panicked. "Should we even be here? What will they, like, say about us?" She looked down at her dress. "Does this make my flank look wider than it should be?" Now the ball room was way more her scene than the field of destruction and what was happening before. She straightened herself up. RemLight was in a dress and while Remington wasn't one who could normally pull it off, it looked like RemLight was going to look like a million bits, and so was her better half. "No, no. You look great. How do I look?" RemLight said as he or she struck a pose, pulling a drink from a traveling waiter. "When your apathy's gone sadistic," she said as she poured the drink down. "And you've discarded truth..." "Oh your identical dress is more bitchin' than mine for sure. You look too good for this place. Psych!" She giggled. She walked over to the dance floor and called over a pony to dance with. She found a willing stranger and began twirling and stepping to the music. The pony she was dancing with didn't show their face immediately. But they sounded intimidating when they decided to participate in the banter. "All of your work is worthless, and you're dancing with doom." Moonington stepped back as the dance partner revealed themselves to be a more evil looking pony. Moonington looked back at RemLight, who seemed to be enchanting herself with other members of the ballroom. She yelled towards her, almost in a way of warning. "Your ego runs rampant, and tells you we're screwed." "Identical dresses are pretty cool I guess," RemLight said as Mooington wen out to find a new dance partner. Made the ol' Remmy ticker die a little but RemLight knew that there were more fish in the sea and RemLight found one. A pretty mare with the salsa moves to die for and RemLight enjoyed every moment of it as they danced hard and fast on the floor. Then in time it changed and the mare harsher, meaner, and RemLight was being danced to rather than with him. eventually she pushed him and he went tumbling backwards until he turned to face himself yelling at herself, and she RemLight could only respond in fear. "So I tried to watch the witness, and I found out I'm you..." The commotion of the ballroom turned sour as all the ponies stopped their pleasantries to goggle at the two impostors. Their welcome seemed to have expired and they were all waiting for them to be removed from the party so that their celebration of poshiness could continue without the dreamer's presence. Seeing as they were not wanted here, Moonington added to RemLight's refrain her desire to leave. "Yo, like, maybe we should just get out of here." The other patrons began making snarls and grunts. "We're leaving, gosh! Gag me with a spoon!" She grabbed RemLight by the hoof and they exited the ball room. As it turned out, the ballroom was on a luxurious airship, and the yacht was currently traveling above the clouds. It was also nighttime, the moon being the only significant source of light onto the decks of the ship. Moonington tried to assure herself, from herself. "Don't worry. It won't need us right after we've fed. It's enough, let's just hope it's our dad. You think a genius got crap on this lad?" She eyed an open area where many young attractive stallions were mingling. Moonington smirked and perked a look at RemLight, signaling that they should go over there. "Load up the lantern and let there be..." The crowd was mean and vicious and everything and anything that was undignified about the crowd. the two same selves moved away, forced away, by the crowd's growing animalistic fervor. In this RemLight had to be kept safe and Moonington had to be safe and she needed to be sure he was well strapped in with the armor of affection. It was good to know they had each other even if everything else was a disaster, and a dreamboat in the sky was as lovely as one could ask for. Well-earned self affection gave RemLight the strength to fight through the negativity surrounding the pair. After all, when your life was lived in self-deceptive moments it was easy to toss aside negativity since you saved so much of it for yourself. Moments to moments passed by with her lovely self. The pair moved to dance with the stallions and it would have been so nice, two mares alike. As they drew close, he blurted out. "Unconditionally dependent, love is hard to find," as he turned to Moonington and was about to rub herself against her, when all the stallions vanished- leaving nothing but a dress where RemLight once stood. Suddenly, an explosion occurred on the ship, and the blast disintegrated all of the stallions. The airship broke apart, and as a result began falling to its end. The bow started to nosedive and it forced them both to slide off the edge of the railing, hanging on for whatever reality they felt they were apart of. Feeling like this would be a more real end than the last one, Moonington imparted to herself to allow the sacrifice to commence. "Don't depend on me! Stop defending me!" The pony would fall and fall and as she fell and fell the cavalcade of terrible things and emotions overran her. Angry metal moans, biology born to fail, choking. Angry fillies, hot angry studs, angry dancers. Scripted to flip from one to another, the filly dove into the dark as the faces and words and worry about Remington continued to compound. Two in one identity where she discovered she was you and you was she, impending doom, depending, defending, STOP. "BORN TO FAIL! BORN TO FAIL!" She screeched as the voices nodded and the faces roared, "Your ego runs rampant, and tells you we're screwed!" she continued as she flailed about screaming, until the voices in her head were the only ones left. That, and a floating Remington, a floating Valen, a dress, a smile, a thought, a feeling, that she could reach out and touch. "We'll go down together," she whispered until the fall suddenly and completely stopped. The fall was lethal. To what or to whom, it wasn't clear. As the Moonlight Glitter pairs fell, they grabbed each other and started to fuse, another ball of light emitting from their pelts. And after the light cleared, the two were one again.
  12. Fluttershy began to feel like she overstayed her welcome as activity at the wedding seemed to overwhelm the attention required to converse with the sphinx. Nilaavin pushed open the door to see what was happening, and commented on the strangeness. Fluttershy had been too enamored with the sphinx to concentrate on anything else that was happening, but having it be alarming to a creature with as large of a stature as his, she also felt she needed to know what was happening. "Is everything alright?"
  13. "My what? Oh, for Apple Chord? You know, it was fun at first but I think I'll just be myself since we're just doing these sessions in private." Applejack chuckled as she explained. "I mean, it's not like I'm actually going on the tour with you." Applejack rinsed a few dishes off and slowly churned a thoughtful look on her face. She meditated on the cadence of Coloratura's voice, and though Applejack was no expert on vocal melodies, she could sense the feeling and intention behind her friend's words. She looked at her without softening her look of concern. "Rara, you ain't talkin' 'bout me going on the tour with you, are ye? You know I gave that up."
  14. "Anygriff and everygriff can participate! Of course, the members of the hippogriff navy have their own jousts, they usually do public jousts where anyone is allowed to try. They give out medals, and free food, it's awesome! Let's get closer so you can see." She lead him to a more central part of New Hippogriffia. As they approached, jousters could be seen ascending above the trees, flying at each other a few times, and then retreating to the ground. She glided to a spot where other hippogriffs were spectating the show. Many hippogriffs noticed that a griffon was among them, but they made no worried expressions, and greeted both of them with smiles and waves. Two hippogriffs wearing military helmets approached each other. They both bowed to one another and then took off for the sky. They took turns darting at each other, like it was a respectable game of tag in the air. The hippogriffs around the area cheered the acrobatic aerial moves they made, and Silverstream joined in. "Hahaha, yay! You got 'em! Oh! Look at that barrel roll! Do it again! Do a barrel roll!"
  15. While hanging onto Gallus' back, Zap chuckled softly at his joke, before yawning with a wide open mouth. "Oh yes, I would love a good nap," Silverstream emoted a fake scratching of her sides. Zap's bedroom was small, but had very fine furniture. His bed was branded with wonderbolts blankets and pillows. He nodded at Gallus' compliment of his bedding, but felt he had to qualify his minor insecurities as a young pegasus who dreams big. "Dashie says she's gonna get me a bigger bed. She says I'm gonna be too big for it one day." Zap fell off Gallus' back onto his bed that he was less than half the size of. Without much effort or repositioning, Zap started to relax his muscles and his eyes fell closed. Silverstream clasped her talons together in amazement at how adorable it all was.
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