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  1. "Oh, there are stone barriers to contain the fire. It's a whole production. Firegriffs on standby and all that jazz, heh." Silverstream zigged and zagged underneath bushes, picking up small loose brush from the grassy floor. The pieces she gathered weren't very big, but over time they quickly became a large bundle of branches and fallen fern leaves. "Got enough? lets go up to the collection. I think it's up where it normally is." Silverstream flew up the mount from where the majority of the Harmonizing Heights lay. After the boundary of the heights but before the Mount Aris topside township, a large bonfire was being built. The pile of wood and brush piled very high, and large permanent stone barriers surrounded the pile. Hippogriffs that looked like they knew what they were doing were directing everygriff where to place their collected fuel one by one. The pile was a work of art, something you may only see a few times in the lifetime of any-creature who didn't live in the area to see it every holiday season. Silverstream waited her turn in a line of hovering hippogriffs and then when it was time, chucked her clutch onto the pile. She looked back at Gallus to see him follow suit. When she looked at him, she noticed a temporary stage built for the occasion. "Oh! Look! Are they gonna play live music!?" The celebration always included music. It was already part of day one in the ocean concert, which included a singing whale. Silverstream was glad Gallus got to see it, because he might not have believed it otherwise. But in truth, she didn't recall music for the bonfire. "They didn't play live music last time!" Even atop Mount Aris, the sky started to rust as the sun crept towards the horizon.
  2. Fluttershy was only halfway caught up on breath when the studious Moonlight Glitter finished refreshing the lessons that were taught last time. "Very good, Moonlight, and um. Unfortunately, no. We don't have time to take a break. Because today I have a very special prize for you." Silverstream began buzzing in her desk. She knew those words well. Anytime Professor Fluttershy said she had a treat it was always really special, like a field trip, or an animal petting session, or an actual treat that the class could eat. She turned to Moonlight, who was fresh off from showing off her good memory to the class. "Do you think she's gonna take us to feeding the wild ducks again?"
  3. Remington upgraded his slouch to one that would ruin his posture if made habitual. When Applejack was lecturing the intro to whatever lesson they were being taught today, Remington's eyes glazed over. He wanted to be left alone, but attending class it was going to be hard not to get the attention he had already been getting. But in his pond of self-pity, he had barely noticed the professor walking his way. It was only when she stopped talking that he realized she was right next to him asking him a question in regards to a friendly misunderstanding. "Um. Oh, I know. Ignore it so it goes away." Remington kept his hoodie over his head and his eyes. The psychology of him being invisible relied on him covering himself didn't feel practical, but it did help him contain his emotion, for the moment.
  4. Zipp flatlined at Sunny's impossible suggestion. "Yeah, that would be a no. Besides, I don't even know why she needs an extension cord for her microphone. Aren't they all wireless?" Zipp stared at Sunny for a solid second or two before shrugging and putting the extension cord in there shopping basket. "Whatever. Okay, what's next. Box of nails. Izzy needs them for her crafts, I guess." She browsed the hardware isle a little more before finding all the festeners and tools, and saw a box of 200 nails, and put it in the basket. "Here we go, one box of nails. What's next? Oh, the food we need is in the next isle. Sunny, do you know what brand of jelly we usually get?"
  5. Silverstream daydreamed Gallus' visual of his tailfin becoming bruised and batter, and the idea of having to explain the situation to acquaintances. It would be embarrassing. She took a moment to burst out her laughter spat, as it took a few seconds for her to react to the nutty things Gallus was saying. "Hehee ha ha. Yeah I can't imagine what my mom would say!" Silverstream maintained a super relaxed position. Her wings would normally be folded politely behind her, but because of the humidity and the heat, her feathered appendages lazily fell on either side of her. The griffon was acting extra cute today. She knew how he felt about her thanks to the quality time they had spent with each other in the past. Gallus was sometimes insufferably flirty, but the conditions seemed to amplify his gumption. She looked at him casually. Then, he complimented her eyes. Under normal circumstances, she might roll her eyes or reveal her rarely seen shy side. But instead, the humidity gave her a strange sense of confidence to reflect the mutual respect she had for Gallus. "Oh, yeah? You like my eyes? Have I ever told you how much I love the color blue?" Silverstream got up and moved to sit next to Gallus, instead of across from him. Her equine pelt brushed his feline fur. Silverstream could feel her own heart race the closer she got to him. And even though he was sweating profusely and his feathers were about as unkempt as she had ever seen them, she liked everything about him in this moment. He was so hot. Probably because of the heat. Current temperature: 39°C, 94% Humidity.
  6. Applejack liked all of the parts of Coloratura's personality and commentary that she could relate with the most, particularly the bit about the amount of love she has for her homeland. "That's how I feel too, about Sweet Apple Acres. Don't mind being away for a little bit, but whenever I'm away, the plan is always to go back home." She could have also mentioned she never got a full night's rest outside of Ponyville, but she didn't want to burden the singer with her minor inconveniences. Applejack was silent for a moment as the two paced towards the row of restaurant destinations before chuckling out loud and then explaining why. "Heh heh. I imagine you'll need to find a good stallion who either lives here or is willing to move permanently to your place. 'Cuz even though you travel a lot, you make no mistake about where home is."
  7. Gallus had questions. Silverstream expected he would and counted on it. It allowed her to pour out to him her understandings of her kind and gave her an excuse to ramble on like she enjoys. "When they expanded the freedom celebration to three days, one of the things they added was a symbolic bonfire on the second day. Hippogriffs join together and gather debris from the storm that passed us during the Storm King's tyranny, and burn it away as a metaphor for our vanquishing of old material possessions. Of course, hippogriffs also do bonfires to burn away fallen sticks and leaves when it storms for real, but the event is an excuse to do both!" Silverstream started picking up medium-sized sticks, as if she was attempting to build a fire for a campsite. "I'm surprised the horn hasn't sounded yet. The fire should be lit pretty soon. So we might as well get our tribute ready. Oh, and by tribute, I mean our offering for the fire. Some hippogriffs offer to add old possessions and belongings that they feel is keeping them from enjoying life to its fullest, or as a way of renewing our perspective on how we use resources on the island and respecting our home. But, most of us just grab sticks that need to be cleaned up. I figured the sticks in the harmonizing heights need to be picked up anyway."
  8. Silverstream was about to give Moonlight her typical positive words of encouragement that rung in the tone of everything working itself out, something she learned in one of Professor Pinkie Pie's classes. Although, she probably had more reps in that area of friendly encouragement by just being friends with Ocellus, the most worrisome creature she had ever met. Before Silverstream could give her outburst of uplifting commentary to the unicorn, Fluttershy spoke her classroom instruction with soft sternness. Fluttershy's participation check of the last lesson about long term friendship, made Silverstream shoot her talon in the air. "Ooo! Oh!" However, Moonlight appeared to beat her to it. Fluttershy smiled at her class when all of the students volunteered their answers to her question. "Oh, haha. Um. How about... Moonlight."
  9. Remington hated being called on in this moment. He was deliberately not trying to send any signals, as to send a signal that he didn't want any attention. To him, it was obvious. Why else would he being acting in such a reclusive way? He could respond with something bland to encourage the instructor to move on, but the outpouring of his edgy emotional status contaminated his words. "Uh. Yeah. Friendship is magic, and all that stuff." Remington moan out of his cloaked appearance, still only the tip of his red muzzle peaking out from the shadow of his hood.
  10. Silverstream giggle-snorted. "Gallus stop being so dramatic." Silverstream turned the temperature dial to increase the temperature. It was now set to temperature level 7. She recalled Yona's spa explanation. "Oh yeah, I remember. She was all like, 'Yak have best spa! Yak take giant boulders to make huge steam! After spa, we cool rocks, then SMASH!' Ha haha heh." Gallus asked her about home and the assumption he was missed. "Oh you have no idea, Gallus! My mom asks about you every time I visit back. She keeps asking me how your tailfin is doing. But I have to keep telling her that you were only a seagriffon that one time." Silverstream rolled her eyes and then rested them looking at Gallus. He sure was a cute griffon, and so funny, too! He could say anything next and she would fine it pleasing, despite the fact that the heat was finally starting to make her sweat a little. Current temperature: 37°C, 92% Humidity.
  11. Zipp pondered Sunny's query for a second or two. "Would she mind?" She knew her sister. "Oh, yeah, she would mind." She knew her sister well. "But if you tell her everything you just told me, I think she could get behind it." Zipp knew Pipp was higher maintenance than most other ponies, but for the few that dare to approach her, Pipp could be talked down pretty easily. Zipp on the other hoof, was much more stubborn and picky about her preferences. "Ugh I hate this. I wanted a medium length extension cord, but all they have is the small and large. Sunny, do you think the small one will be long enough for Pipp's microphone?"
  12. As expected, Coloratura was the better dressed mare. And Applejack was fine with that. It was inevitable and she was willing to lose the wardrobe battle, especially knowing a gal like her would understand anyway. She listened as she addressed her team of dancers and stagehooves. "Yeeeehaw!" Applejack agreed as Coloratura announced the end of the workday and the departing of the two's quest for a relaxing evening meal. It seemed contrary to all the diet restrictions she had explained she was on earlier, but Applejack assumed Rara had a cheat meal in play, or that she was just being fun. Either way, the mare's insistence on playing and eating hard was likely the truest words Applejack had heard her say all week. "Let's go get it!" Applejack walked out of the complex and waited for Coloratura to lead the way, since she knew where they were headed.
  13. Any implication that the Queen's words were being censored without her knowing would certainly cause problems, even if she herself didn't mind the audio touch-up. Of course, in this instance, Flick would yield to her demands, regardless of her level of ribbing. In his attempt at authentic conversation with the Queen, his goal was never that she would never have to command anything, but rather that she would only have to command things once. Flick motioned to his producer. "Of course, we'll leave that uncensored. No problem." Flick paused and thought for a moment, and would jump at the opportunity to say something he thought would make good content for the show. "You know what we should do? We pegasi should make our own forbidden words. It's not fair that superstitious unicorns get all the fun quirks. So what should our words be? Hmm. How about 'horn,' or 'ground,' or 'apricot.' What do you think?" Flick wore a cheeky smile.
  14. Silverstream had no idea what kind of engagement Moonlight had had recently, she could only go off of her story and what she previously knew about her. The pony's story about her strut had her entertained. "Wow, that's really neat. But there's only one colt that could score that dance with you, right?" Silverstream stated with a wink. "Was he one of them?" Silverstream only had a minor acquaintance with the pegasus colt, mostly remembering his performance at the school uniform reveal that Moonlight probably roped him into. Before more conversation could be had at normal volume, Fluttershy zoomed into the classroom, her mane slightly bedraggled from the quick flight to the school. She panted as she address the class in her normal teaching voice. "Good morning, heh, class. How is everyone doing, heh?" She paused for a classroom response and also to help catch her own breath. "Today I have a special activity today, that I know you are all going to love. But first, who remembers what we learned last time about having friends for a long time?"
  15. Remington was writing something in his notebook. He muttered under his breath, "Don't worry about me. Just writing poems about death and how pointless life is." As long as they didn't bother him, he was fine with not saying anything else. Whatever it took to get through class without having to participate in whatever silly lesson about friendship, the same one that had been lectured over and over, he thought.
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