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  1. Silverstream had gotten ahead of herself in thinking Gallus was completely on top of everything he was doing today. Of course, she couldn't fault him, it seemed like everything was fine until she showed up. Still, she was a little impatient at the lack of knowing the foal pegasus. "You think!?" She remarked on Zap's ability to fly. "How could you not know for sure? He wouldn't just jump off the cloud would he?" Silverstream said it so bluntly, it was almost as if she enjoyed the sound effect that one could hear in their own mind while such an expression was insinuated. She hurried to the side of the cloud just outside the front door and looked down. Through a few spare clouds below them, she could see the vast array of patchworked farmland sewn into the grassy green fields with the occasional building to house the ponies that tilled it. No dark orange specs could be seen. She looked back to Gallus. "What are you going to do?" She hadn't included herself part of the problem. Not yet, anyway.
  2. As it so happened, Zareb had packed a few bananas for his trip, and never ate them because of how hospitable the travel arrangements were. "Ya kuvutia. Really? I did bring some seeds from fruits from my tribe's region in case I wanted to start a garden with them or share them with plant growers in Ponyville, with the town's chief's approval of course. I know how invasive some plants are." Zareb hinted at the Everfree Forest, acknowledging the dangerous, yet oddly fascinating cultivation of a mysterious ecosystem of dense foliage and wild environments, something most zebras would otherwise call 'normal'. Zareb took in all of rambling the Prince gave about the different ponies that could have met him by now but hadn't. He wasn't entirely disappointed. The architecture certain was a marvel, but he was expecting more of an invocation. Zareb took a healthy swig of apple juice. It was very tasty and refreshing. "Wapi. Where is everyone? Are they at the school? Should we go over there and see the place? I'd like to see what it's like at the place I will be spending most of my time. The castle is great and all, but I'd like to explore the campus. Can you take me on a tour?"
  3. It had been a long night for everypony. Even with as much energy as Zap Apple was capable of, he was completely outdone by his mother's endurance. Or rather, by the endurance of one such to-be sibling, something he had not really understood the full capacity of. Everypony in the family was bigger than Zap. They were all older and bigger and stronger. Of course, this inward perspective yielded him the best opportunity to express his egocentric attitude he mostly imparted from his pegasus mother. However, he had no idea what they were talking about when they motioned down to him how he has to be a good big brother, and how he was no longer going to be the baby of the family. He had no other universe to know of other than the one in which he is the center of attention. To imagine it be any other way would be liken to insist that apples grow from the ground. Of course, all apple ponies old enough to go to primary school knew apples did grow from the ground, if only they waited long enough to see how that might be possible. Zap's seedling of an existence, though adventurous and exploratory, had only began to sprout. Zap had been with the rest of his family when they arrived at the hospital. The commotion was overwhelming, and he was excited to see what would result. He didn't understand it completely, but he got the basics. Mommy had a baby in her belly. Eventually the baby would come out. And then there is a party afterwards or something? Zap had a birthday party every year, but he would never consider the significance of it due to his inability to remember his own birth. When minutes turned to hours, Zap was taken back home while the dedicated family members began a watch to wait on his mother's process. Big Mac was the one to walk him home, and when the sun would rise, he would walk him back again. Having been used to the family's repetitive before-dawn routines, Zap was already awake before the rooster crowed, and he was tugging on his uncle's tail to get him out of his bed to walk him to the hospital. As the two walked towards Ponyville General in the pre-dawn darkness, Zap fluttered alongside Big Mac, heeling to his sturdy pace. "Do you think Mommy is going to be alright?" "Eeyup." "Is the new baby going to be a filly?" "Eeyup." "Is there any chance it'll be a colt?" Big Mac looked over perplexed at Zap who was fluttering at eye level. "N-nope." "Aw. I was kind of hoping Mommy would have a colt. I'd like to have a brother. Wouldn't it be cool to have a baby brother?" Big Mac's eyes smiled at the irony of his nephew's question. "Eeyup." When the two arrived at the hospital, the receptionist motioned to them to proceed back to the hallways where the others had been waiting all night long. Zap flew towards the rest before Big Mac finished his trot. Zap zipped around quickly to see if any confirmations had been made. He saw his auntie asleep, but his second cousin once removed had just walked out of a tent. He landed to concentrate on his question. "Are you guys... camping?"
  4. What are your favorite moments as admin here at Canterlot RP? What are your favorite accomplishments to the design and organization of the forum?
  5. Silverstream held herself from overreacting to the peculiar nature of Bluebelle's appearance coupled with her explanation of just how temporary her slender look could be. She was bewildered. Of course there was magic all over the place, and Silverstream herself could change into a completely different creature by just touching and meditating on the rock necklace she wore everywhere. But changing of the composition of your chromosomes seemed way stranger than suddenly growing a fin. "Really!?" Her eyes were wide. She looked at Smolder for reaction fuel, and then looked back at the princess. "That's so weird!" She said bluntly as she started chuckling a roll of laughter. The hippogriff would flap her wings a few times before laying on the ground having collapsed her legs from the shear stunning information she had just been imparted to. Of course, Silverstream knew she would sometimes be too much, but instead of pulling back like a normal creature, she pressed forward using compliments to save the atmosphere from being completely sabotaged. "I can't even imagine having to split my time with that kind of identity. But you pull it off so well! I thought maybe you had a twin brother." Fortunately for Silverstream, the princess made it clear that she was not about to use her so-called curse as a means to compromise the confidentiality of this tea meeting. And Silverstream made no reservations to not take her at her word. She was thinking about asking her about what guys think about, but before she could, Smolder asked a question inline with her thought processes. Bluebelle had some experiences on both sides of the spectrum. Who better to explain it than her. It's not like there was another pony at the school, like a student, who went through a similar transformation. "Yeah, what does the guy I like think about? How do I know if he likes me?" Silverstream curled backwards from her revealing mental slip. "I mean, how do guys think?"
  6. "Oh, absolutely. He usually meanders around Twilight's Castle but is sometimes doing things around the school and Ponyville. If you want to meet with him, just go to the castle and knock. I know that seems extremely inappropriate. I don't know how the royals are in Prance, but in Ponyville, Twilight's Castle is just another building you can approach without much problem. At least for now. Now that all the rabid Princess Twilight faithful have migrated to Canterlot, her castle is pretty much a community hub now." Seeing this mare on her way out, Granola wanted to make sure the pony had everything she needed. She stopped watering her plants. "Was there something else you needed? Oh, and I never got your name."
  7. As Moonlight carried her apples away and took her dazzling mane and tail with her, Applejack smiled with love and appreciation for the ponies in her life. Some were friends, many of them were considered family. A few destroyed the idea of what family even meant to her, and reshaped what would have been considered a blood tradition less than a couple generations ago. She sometimes wondered how it was that ponies could bond regardless of how deep their genetic ties are, but she often suspected it had something to do with that twisted apple and pear tree cultivation that her parents once planted the seeds to. Even now, Applejack and others could feel the residual radiation of their love for each other, and Applejack was likely the largest vent of that expression in Ponyville. She turned back to her apple stash, organizing what was left of her inventory. According to the rough tally that her little sister had help create, they were one short of a hundred customers for the day. Likely a complete failure of a sale in the eyes of a statistician. But of course, to her it was anything but. Not only had she been able to rid the large supply of apples that carried over from previous harvest that would spoil if not sold in time, but she was able to experience the love and affection of ponies and creatures from Ponyville and beyond and everything they had to offer. Some customers used it as an excuse to meet the lips of the apple mare. This was odd, but not unacceptable. To all the others that genuinely liked being apart of what the apple orchard had to offer, it was clear to Applejack that their product was more than just a fleshy fruit. The apple kiss sale was also an advertisement for a community of friends to get to know each other and realize how much they all appreciate being apart of this pony ecosystem of love and friendship. For many years Applejack had increased her involvement in Sweet Apple Acres leadership. As Granny got older, she needed to take more and more of the responsibility and decision-making. The process was not quick, but eventually Applejack would become the new matriarch of the farm, and others would look to her for advisement on farm-related subjects and for lessons on how to grow an honest crop of food and friendship. As time passed, Applejack grew more wiser and more patient, but still held that fiery spirit of integrity she got from her grandmother. Her mane was harder to keep, but she was never a mare to care that much. Her bones creaked and cracked more often, but she would still win a hoof-wrestle with ponies half her age. And as for her family, it had gotten bigger. Applejack had a direct connection to the expansion of her family, and it would prove to be the most rewarding experience of her life. The presence of family around a hearth provided more life satisfaction than kicking the butts of changeling malfeasance and lassoing guilty minions. And now the sun began setting over the horizon, casting an orange hue across the whole orchard, one that Applejack was used to, and welcomed as a way to appreciate her hard work before turning in to supper time. Slowly, her aging hooves gather apples together to consolidate the extra inventory, and she stacked empty baskets together for easy hauling. She would probably leave most of the sale equipment out for the night and clean it up in the morning, but she wanted to at least get the apples put away so that varmints don't take a free meal. Carefully, she tied several sacks and fastened wagon hitches. She was ready to call it a night.
  8. As Moonlight shed more light on how she approached her potentially deeper relationship with Remington, Applejack began understanding that she was just being as genuine as ever. She liked that about her. Moonlight was never the kind of pony to mislead somepony else dishonestly for fear of rejection or embarrassment. And the filly had an authenticity that often seemed more pure than fillies who had not experienced the kind of transformations Moonlight did. Perhaps having that kind of perspective is what gave her such a keen eye on how things are different. Applejack might be trying to teach a lesson to the master of gender roles. The apple mare smiled warmly. "Good. As long as you're being genuine, I suppose it'll turn out all right." Applejack dumped apples into a cart and returned to the trees to kick more apples off. "So, what is it about this colt you like so much? I can't imagine you liked him now the same way you liked him in Manehatten." Applejack smirked as she thought of how things could possibly be different. "I can't imagine those sleepovers are going to feel the same way the once did. Heh."
  9. It was a good thing Rarity and Pinkie Pie had helped with the brides getting ready. Fluttershy would be there to help ease the emotions Applejack and Rainbow Dash were going through, but they both asked if she would help watch Zap Apple until the ceremony. Being good with foals meant she would typically be the designated foalsitter, and so she kept an eye on Zap until his mothers walked down the isle. "And that's all there is to it, easy!" Fluttershy assured Zap, nodding to him about the task of obedience he would need to comply with during the ceremony. Zap had no idea why this was such a big deal. To him, it was like everpony in Ponyville was just now finding out about his mothers affection for each other. Yeah, Mommy and mommy love each other, what's new? This had always been the case. Zap had never known a time when his mothers were not together. And after all, wasn't this wedding thing really all about him? Wasn't he going to be the main attraction? Why else would everypony be telling him he had a big role? Zap wanted to fly around and explore the orchard with all the ponies who were visiting it. What was typically a typical boring afternoon on the farm turned into a wild shindig that reminded him of the family parties that had been held on the farm. There was always something interesting happening. But, Fluttershy had him tranced, he dare not leave her side. Normally he would find the first opportunity to leave her supervision and get into something he wasn't supposed to. But how could he? Fluttershy was not the mare you disobeyed. Zap respected her for an unknowingly amount of reasons. While he was in Fluttershy's tow on the ground, he constantly shifted his vest, a formal piece he was made to wear today. It was kind of itchy and uncomfortable to him, but those that saw him said he looked dashing. Big Macintosh was also with Fluttershy and Zap. Big Mac had a lack of responsibility, which was good. He didn't do well under pressure and organizing a wedding was a surefire way to guarantee he'd make a mistake. So he counted his blessings and offered to help provide additional shielding in watching his nephew, giving him an opportunity to mingle. Big Mac was no longer a bachelor. He barely knew what it meant to be available before, but now he understood fully in this environment. What would it be like for him now that he belonged to somepony else? Would mares even bother talking to him? Did they even want to be his friend, or did they just talk to him for the apples? Sugar Belle was out of town on account of a large order of apple cakes going to Canterlot. This meant Big Mac would have to rely on his old way of interaction with others. Stay quiet, nod to friendly ponies, and agree with their opinions. Eeyup. "Discord, there you are!" Fluttershy had agreed to spend the wedding with Discord, provided everything else was taken care of for the wedding. Knowing that any issues that would come about would most likely come from within a twelve meter radius of the draconequus gave her enough reason to track him down and make sure today was a day he measured his magical influence in small piles and not cartloads. "Sorry I'm a little late, just had to make sure my friends were ready and showing Zap how handsome he looks." Fluttershy motioned to Berry Punch and Fire Walker. "Doesn't he look so cute, guys?" Fluttershy intended to give Zap a little boost in esteem. Zap continued shifting his vest to keep it from constricting his shoulders. He would occasionally flap his wings to make sure they were not constricted as well. Big Mac nodded. A red pegasus walked onto the farm wearing a simple suit vest with a tie. He didn't own much formal wear, he had hoped this was enough for the wedding he was attending, and more importantly that it was enough for Moonlight Glitter. She was really the only reason he showed up. At this point, he had yet to reveal his feelings for her, but he enjoyed her friendship. He couldn't believe she was willing to spend so much time with him, but he wasn't going to complain. But he continued to have a hard time organizing his feelings and thoughts during this exciting year in which he seemed to have met the love of his life while attending a school away from home. Remington was nervous. There were a lot of ponies here and he didn't know any of them. The teaches were behind closed doors preparing for the rest of their life. He had recognized a few individuals like Big Mac and Discord, but didn't feel the need to but into their conversations uninvited. Instead he stood alone, looking like a recluse, waiting for the filly that invited him to come to show herself. Where was she? Wait was this the right wedding? Did he attend the wrong wedding?
  10. Remington watched as Moonlight playfully moved around the room and ended on his bed, sprawling herself out as if she owned it. She took the hairbrush from him and immediately began brushing. He pointed a smirk away from her. He couldn't believe this girl that he liked was now laying on his bed making herself at home with him. He knew he would be beside himself, but he hadn't expected to what degree. When she asked if he wanted to study first, he wasn't sure if she had made reservations on what they would do after they studied, but it reminded him that he wanted to express to her his feelings, and he felt it was necessary before they got too deep into the books. But first, he wanted to share something with her. "Before we start studying, I want you to listen to something." Remington was all about Moonlight. He had seen enough of her to love being around her, but it was natural assumption that if she returned the same feelings that maybe she would want to know more about him. And to him, a good way to learn about who he is is to know what he likes. And Remington liked music, like a lot of ponies. Remington pulled out the bottom drawer of his dresser and inside it were several record sleeves that contained records from various styles of music. There were albums he had from bands such as Underoats, Lead Airship, The Grateful Fed, Preedence Purewater Deprival, and The Beagles. Some were old music his father could have liked. But others were newer, such as the one he pulled out. The record sleeve had the name Prance Gavin Prance on it, and had a picture of five ponies who were apparently what made up this musical group. "Have you ever heard of Prance Gavin Prance?" The answer was usually no. No one had ever heard of them, but that was the point. He loved introducing this band to others, because he always felt they were underappreciated for how good their style and tone was. And if the pony he shared the music with didn't happen to like it, then they might just have a differing opinion and Remington could respect that. Or, it could be his crush who would end up breaking his heart because she didn't seem to like his taste of music, and he would get over it shortly after burning his entire stash of records. Remington pulled the record disc out and placed it on the turntable on his dresser. He raised the needle and turned the volume to an appropriate level to listen to the song. "This is my favorite band. I think of their music every time I think of my life. Tell me what you think." As the song played, Remington could not help but mouth the lyrics with the playback. He swayed with the cadence of the song and lip-synced the first few lines of the song. When the lyrics picked up intensity with screaming, Remington shook his head around musically, eyeing Moonlight's reaction to see if she was jarred in a pleasant way by the duality of the vocals.
  11. Luna nodded towards Pyro as he explained his situation with his brother. "Yes, duty calls us all, but I'm sure touching base with him would be helpful. What about non-family. Or your best friends." The princess examined her subject's size. "And you're old enough, don't you have a special somepony?" She smirked, attempting to trigger a more gushing reaction from the colt. "Sometimes ponies bottle up their anger because they have no ways to release it. No matter who you are, no matter how short or long your fuse is, everypony needs someone they trust to fall onto. We cannot be made better ponies by ourselves."
  12. Gallus was sometimes too much. Silverstream could see how often he was clueless and confident at the same time. And she liked that about him. As long as she could detect when his feathers were full of lint, she could trust him when things needed to be said. All that really needed to be said right now was that Gallus was taking care of things pretty well. Watching a foal may not have been as tough on the griffin as Silverstream had thought. In any event, she was glad to be here now to see how the rest of the day with the professors' kid would go, and perhaps provide some relief to Gallus if he decided to take a break. When he had mentioned Zap and called for him, Silverstream left the table to look back in the living room where she was. The projector stood there lifeless, as she hadn't gotten a chance to attempt fixing it, yet. Zap was not on the couch or the floor where he sat on a pillow earlier. Silverstream lifted a couch cushion to look underneath it, but there was nothing there but a loose coin. She looked around the room to see if possibly he was hiding behind a plant or a cloud pillar that decorated the outsides of the cloudominium, but found no visual evidence of the young pegasus' whereabouts. And then she looked at the front door, which was left wide open from the moment Silverstream was let inside. She looked at Gallus. "Does he know how to fly, yet?" Silverstream reciprocated Gallus' concerned sound in his voice.
  13. Remington's eyes were impaired, but his hearing was enhanced and relied on the soft vocal expressions Moonlight voiced after he had given his little classroom reflection. This mare's voice was so distinctive, and it was brand new to him, but the way she talked also seemed so familiar. He was attracted to her beauty and her friendliness, but her affection was mostly bridled on her personality and her way of speaking. It was almost as if she still had that innocent and bright attitude that ponies lose when they start to get a little older. He didn't know why or how, but Remington felt nostalgic for Moonlight's encouragement and her affirmation of the things around her, including Remington. Especially Remington. Listening to Moonlight rant with her cute soft voice time traveled Remington forwards and backwards at the same time, splitting his reality in two. She was mesmerizing! Remington followed the rest of the class behind Rainbow Dash as everpony made their way back to the classroom where they began. He started with a simple trot, but once he tripped over a stray rock in the school yard, he picked himself up with his wings and elected to fly the rest of the way. Once they got into the classroom, Remington felt around the desks to make sure he wouldn't step into or onto anything he wasn't supposed to and then found his desk he had picked next to Moonlight's. He could tell hers was on the right because of the residual smell of her flowery perfume coming from it. When Rainbow Dash mentioned everypony would have to write an essay, Remington rolled his eyes and groaned. He looked up at the ceiling in disgust. He knew it was going too well. He let himself have too much fun, and now he had to deal with what he should have expected would come, a homework assignment. But since Remington was living on campus, it wouldn't necessarily be considered homework, would it? "Ugh! I knew it was too good to be true. I really need to get a new pair of specks if I'm going to have to write it with my own wing." Remington was outwardly talking, but he directed his voice towards Moonlight so she could hear him. Anything to keep the young mare talking to him would help keep his mind off the idea of having to do paperwork.
  14. "Yes, let me try your apple juice. I wonder how it compares to the imported juice we get across the sea." Zareb perked up when he was told he would have a roommate. He could have guessed this would be the case, but never certain. "He has Apple in his name? He must be of the orchard family in town then, I presume." Zareb began wondering what his new roommate would be like. Would he accept him as a zebra? Is he fun to be around? Does he like the same kinds of things he likes? Is his roommate attending the school because of how advanced he is at making friends, or is he so miserable and unfriendly that he enrolled in the school in order to save his social life? In any event, any food and drink that came from the fruit farm as a result of a new friendship would not be considered extortion to Zareb, but it would be a welcome outcome to the zebra looking to take in as many Equestrian tastes as he could while he was here.
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