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  1. Silverstream towed the hose underwater, first in light of sun piercing through the water, but then into the darkness of the lake one would have to feel around in order to know where the rocks were. She swam down, across, and then upwards into a cavity that seemed to host a large cul-de-sac of space. Once there, she unhooked the nozzle of the hose and air bubbles began to pour into the cave, creating a pocket of breathable pair at the top of it. After a few moments, the air pocket was big enough for her to pop her head into, and test the environment. It was dark and dank, but her hippogriff nature could tell one could indeed breathe down here. As the air bubbles continued to pour upward into the pocket, Silverstream wondered what kinds of things she could put around the cave in order to make sure that lightning was not a problem. Because without the sun, it was pretty dark down here.
  2. Silverstream minded her own business looking at the different bits of information in her book when suddenly she heard watery voices coming from the depths of the lake. From inside the cave, the bubbling voices seemed odd. They sounded much like the ones you'd hear in Seaquestria when seaponies were talking underwater around those out of the water. But this wasn't Seaquestria and there weren't any seaponies besides Silverstream. Were there? Silverstream dropped her book, and popped her head into the water from the airy cave to see if she could see where the voices were coming from. In the distance, she could see a pony talking to fish that were curious about her existence. Silverstream gasped air bubbles out of her mouth, but then took a deep breath of water. She directed her friendly water-filled voice towards the stranger. "Who are you, and..." Silverstream stared at her lack of fins. "What are you!?"
  3. As Apple Bloom explained who Zap Apple was, he perked up when she mentioned how much of a troublemaker he was. He giggle maniacally, stood up on his hind legs, and started making flatulent noises using the pit of one of his front legs. When Apple Bloom changed her tune and suggested that Zap would be well behaved, Zap paused silently, and then continued to make more flatulent noises, laughing while doing so. Zap wasn't really sure what to make of Flurry Heart. Even his aunt seemed to be perplexed on the proper way to address them. It was like talking to Princess Twilight Sparkle, except the princess was less kind and smaller in size. Instead of pondering it too much, Zap mostly resorted to just being himself, constantly looking around at things to distract him from the moments of boring things older ponies talked about.
  4. It was indeed geeky stuff. Though it wouldn't be a big deal for Moonlight to witness just how far down the path of comic book fandom Remington had gone, it was likely in his best interest to keep it to himself considering how well this evening had gone. Moonlight would find out in time what his primary interests were, but him explaining the detailed fantasy and lore of his favorite magical girl action comic book stories would have to wait another night. Remington kept the books and magazines out of sight as if he was embarrassed by them, but he honestly just wanted the momentum of this personal night between them to stay focused. "It's uh, it's nothing. Listen, let's just get cracking then on the studying." Remington put the box away, took a drink of his grape-flavored soda, and opened his book to the page he would need to study on. He shifted through a few notes and started detailing his task. "So we're on chapter thirteen which is all about customer service in retail, but the lectures are really about how to treat people when dealing with priced goods. It kind of makes sense, but the complexity of making a deal while being generous is something the professor would always stress and I just never made the right connections." Remington began reading. "Like right here it says the customer is always right. Does that mean that if I'm talking to someone I need to be generous to, that they are always right? What if they are wrong? What if I don't think they deserve being generous to?" Remington was facing his book, eyes darting around the text to look for clues to help his confusion, with not much success. A few seconds later, Remington noticed the typical perky responses from his new girlfriend were not happening. "Moonlight?" Remington looked towards the bed where Moonlight was lying and noticed that she had lost consciousness, the rest of her cherry soda staining the floor by the bed. Remington stood up shocked and jumped to her side. She looked peaceful. "Moonlight, can you hear me?" She wasn't responsive, and Remington was confused as to why. But she had just taken a huge swig of the soda she grabbed. Remington started going through his mother's gift box and pulled out the letter he neglected to read. It read: 'Hey Kiddo, I hope everything is going well at school. Here are some comics that came in the mail and some snacks. The red soda has a minor sedative in case your narcolepsy is causing you to have sleepless nights. Love you! XOXO' Remington turned white. His girlfriend of five minutes was just inadvertently drugged by his mother in his dorm room. A short amount of panic started to make it's way into his mind, but he slowly calmed down when he realized that cooler heads would prevail here. Moonlight would probably only be out for an hour or two, maybe longer if she is a real lightweight. Until then, Remington would need to make sure she is breathing properly and that no one sees her like this as suspects something worse. He grabbed a spare blanket from, his closet and covered Moonlight on the bed with it, making sure she doesn't get too cold. "I guess we'll just hang out then." He smiled, still having to deal with the reality of the situation. He sat back down at his desk and started looking at his book, but after a few moments got bored. The room was quiet, Moonlight's graceful snoring filling the room with the only ambient noise. But Remington decided to break the silence. "Let's listen to some more music." He suggested to his sleeping companion. Remington pulled out a record with the name 'Afterburner' by Prance Gavin Prance and set it up on the turntable. Once the machine was rolling, the music started. He turned it down so that it would not be too loud for his neighbors. As it played, Remington smiled at Moonlight. He admitted to himself she was adorable in his bed. "When you get up, Moonlight, we'll continue our studying." He stared for a few more seconds at her, then started meditating on the music, bobbing his head slightly to the beat.
  5. After a few silent moments, Remington's voice could be heard overhead, as if it was in the air above Moonlight. His voice echoed hauntingly, and spoke with urgency. "Moonlight? Moonlight can you hear me?" A few moments of silence later, a door opened not too far from where Moonlight was standing and searching. The door was embedded into a foothill, as if somepony had built a small home into the hillside on top of the bluff, but it seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere. Light from inside showed brightly. And then suddenly, the clear night sky was completely enveloped in dark clouds, and it soon began to rain and claps of thunder beginning to warn of the deluge to come. Moonlight looked around in confusion and terror as Remington's voice echoed facelessly across her whole world. He seemed scared and that only made the situation more desperate, more dire. "Remington? Remington, where are you?!" She asked in a clear panic as she wheeled around, the beatific vision of peace and serenity that had existed atop the world becoming a prison of height and emotion. It was during one of these spins and swings that were draining her of her balance that she saw a white light. She stopped as best she could and gave it a good look, her desperate mind racing for some sense of normalcy. It was a door. An open door. She was too afraid initially to approach it. None of this could be real. This felt like one of those fairy tales or fables she was told in her youth, when Valen tried to be a thing. Was this punishment for sneaking out? The karmic values upheld in those olden tales didn't seem to hold much weight in the modern world but as the weather turned against her in a final act of cruelty this paradise threw her way, she decided that something must be wrong with her because those olden tales held a great deal of weight now. She ran towards the door and the light, and the waterlogged unicorn breached it panting in more fear than exertion. Rain kept pouring from the sky, drenching everything as if it had been wet for hours. Before Moonlight approached the door, a dark figure stepped into the doorway from the inside. It took the shape of a pony, but was wearing a cloak and holding a lantern that lit the now dark stormy environment. From just inside the door away from the downpour, the unknown pony figure said aloud to Moonlight in a masculine voice, "You are welcome here but you must come alone. You know everything is everywhere is home." The dark figure moved aside to let Moonlight walk in, posing as inviting, but remaining shadowy and obscure. Moonlight made her way at a gallop as the weather took a turn for the worst. In her way, a stallion? A colt? A figure? Her brain had trouble truly putting it together. All she knew was that it wasn't Remington, whose concerned voice still echoed in the over-active recess of her imaginative mind. The light washed him out only vaguely, as if half-painted with a spotty brush. Nonetheless, she made her way in. She didn't know why she wasn't afraid of this menacing figure, and she certainly didn't know what he was saying, but she did know that she didn't know where Remington was and that was a trite more important. She whipped her mane back and forth to get some of the water out, shivering down her body to do the same as she turned to the mysterious figure with a look of panic only scarcely concealed by an attempt at being authoritarian. "Where is Remmy? What did you do to Remmy?!" The dark hooded figure motioned to Moonlight to follow him into the next room. When they were both in the next room, he held a lantern up and pointed at the wall. The wall was poorly painted, with several chips and scratches in it with seemingly no attempt to repair it. But, also painted on the wall was a black symbol of a theater mask. The floor by the wall was covered in several masks a pony would wear for all different kinds of occasions. Some of the masks looked like they were intended for Nightmare Night, while others seemed to be ambiguous and creatively odd. Without warning, the mysterious pony exited the room leaving Moonlight by herself and asked her, "Do you see it?" The door to the room slammed shut, and the door and all four walls around the room fell away and revealed that the room was indeed a large cage, with vertical metal bars. The dark figure was joined by several other mysterious stranger ponies, all who seemed to have glazed eyes. They approached Moonlight and reached into the cage with their dirty hooves. In unison, they seemed to chant to her, "Prisoner, prisoner, we found you. We feel you breathing. Are you there? Can you hear us calling you? We'll never judge you." The creepy audience seemed entertained by the exhibit, having a cheery and playful tone as they reached towards Moonlight. Moonlight was a filly of many tremendous talents. The least of those was her patience which was being sorely tested by this strange, weird figure. She was happy to be out of the rain- she seemed to dry very quickly, Twilight thank her coat- but his weird evasiveness wasn't holding her pleasure much. And so, she did the thing she did when she didn't get what she wanted. She whined. Wait, she didn't do that when she didn't get her way, did she? "Whaaaaaat happened to Reeeemmmmmyy?" She whined and stomped her hooves lightly. Gone was her anger, her emotion switching on a dime in an odd fashion. She continued her pleading, because she could so rarely get things done her way otherwise. "Pleaaase, like, just tell me where he is, pleaaass-" she was interrupted by the switching scenery. Gone? The masks that lined the walls and the strange art that her mind could scarcely understand let alone fully appreciate. It was a strange mix that she was not smart enough- she certainly felt stupid- to fully grasp. But instead of that, a cage. A room sized cage. And a bunch of creepy ponies saying creepy things reaching in, creepily. It was creepy. But for some reason, she didn't respond to it with fear. She was being watched from every angle, all of her audience wanting a piece of her. And so she did the one thing she knew to do with a crowd. She posed. She walked up and down a runway only she could see. She lost control and played her part, though she asked at the end of every walk, "where is he?" In a pleasant, inquisitive tone. No anger. No worry. Just a model strutting herself, and vaguely aware that she was here for a reason. Between Moonlight's catwalk turns, the dark figure stood in the way of the unicorn's path. When she approached with her seductive attempt at reasoning, the dark figure paused her with his hoof, and then took his hood off. It was Remington. He appeared as a much older pony, as if he had traveled from the future, adorning facial hair and a posture that lacked the youthful energy students at the School of Friendship are known for. He did not smile, but he seemed pleased to see her. He began speaking words that seemed to be an attempt at making sense of what is happening. But he kept it simple. "Nothing's in a vacuum. Space-time has no value. We're all connected on this wave." Remington held his hoof out, with the intent for Moonlight to lend hers. It was Remington! Her Remmy was not so young anymore, it looked like. It seemed like a lifetime ago that she had entered into this weirdo place looking for him after he...vanished, was it?...but her joy all came back. She didn't know what it was about him, but he was really mature. Maybe it was the utter nonsense he was speaking that totally made sense or maybe it was the fact that the audience left. She didn't know whether or not this was right or wrong. All she knew was that she dug it. She reached out and gave her Remmy her hoof and pulled him into a big hug, then began dancing with him. Something weird and ominous was about to happen of course, but in this moment it was dandy.
  6. Silverstream moved into what she felt she could call home. Or at least a home away from home. It would be hard to ever replace the familiar salt water currents in Seaquestria, but at least in the water in the school of friendship's lake she could stay in touch with her swimming nature. It also provided a place where she could be left alone. Not that she needed much seclusion. In fact, it was often her friends that needed a break from her and her hyperactive musings. Silverstream was very good at entertaining herself. And so underneath the school in the water is where she spent time resting and studying by herself. The underwater home was unique. The lake around the school was not that exotic. Fresh water fish and plants could only be so diverse. But the rocky foundation the school rested on provided an interesting cavern system in which Silverstream was able to create a large enough air pocket to build a cozy little habitat where a few supplies and some comforts would provide her a place of refuge. The underwater cave was lit by sea lanterns and glowing coral, items she brought to Ponyville with her when she prepared this place for the first time. The hippogriff was currently in her seapony form, but she sat upon the rocks in the dry area of the cave. Silverstream had just finished reading a chapter in a pony history book about the aqueducts used in olden pony times in the city of Roam. Learning new things about non-seapony culture was always interesting to her, but the engineering achievements of civilizations from several hundred moons ago baffled her. And she wondered what uses the kind of technology creatures were using that long ago has in applications to today. Were brilliant but simple machines being used in other towns she hadn't been to yet in Equestria, or had the increased use of unicorn magic rendered many ancient inventions useless? She pondered.
  7. Zap woke up to his mother's knock on his bedroom. A few blinks, and he would jump out of bed and hover above it. He darted around the room as he remembered what he expected to do today. Today was potentially going to be a special day. He zipped to his dresser and began pulling out different clothes and throwing them on the bedroom floor. "Where is it? Aha!" After a few seconds of scavenging, Zap pulled out his pair of goggles he wore almost every day. Normally, it would be waiting for him hanging at the foot of his bed. But sometimes mother Applejack would do a rotation of laundry and the goggles would find themselves put in their place, or as Zap calls it–Lost. He put the goggles on, started heading for the door and stopped to look at his mirror for a few seconds, flashed a few poses he had seen his airborne parental make, and then continued to the door. He fell out of the room, glided down the stairs, and flew into the kitchen, not flapping his wings until he founds himself over his usually place at the breakfast table and hovered to a drop. Listening to his baby sister and mother talk, he started inhaling the breakfast that was placed in front of him. After he was done with half of his pancakes, he perked up and added to the conversation. "Yeah, I can't wait to bust clouds with them weather ponies." In Ponyville, young pegasus ponies looking for their first opportunities for work would join an internship program with the Cloudsdale Weather Alliance where they would be taught the basics of weather manipulation in order to serve their communities and, if they were good at it, find more opportunity at corporate in Cloudsdale. Zap couldn't wait to witness the lessons, even though he was far too young to be invited. What he did not consider, however, is that his day was already planned by his mother.
  8. When Coloratura and Azure both left the studio room, it left Apple Chord alone with nothing but her thoughts. And since the whole point of Apple Chord was a personality cheered on by others, the only real thing left was Applejack. She sensed that something was off. A recording artist like Coloratura had many procedures that kept her motivated and ready to perform at will with the best possible result her talent could unleash. But even Applejack knew that going for a run was not a method that improved your singing voice. It might help relieve stress, and it might allow your body to balance out physically, but it would never be something you would do in the middle of vocal preparation for creating music. Coloratura wasn't running towards something. Every instinct Applejack had told her that she was running from something, and she wanted to find out what it was. Carefully, Applejack took her hat and outfit off and set them to the side. She let her mane down from its done up position, and then tied it with one of her many hair ties. She walked out of the studio and into her room, grabbed her brown hat, and made her way down the steps to follow Coloratura. She looked outside and saw her friend making laps around her private track. Applejack waited for Coloratura to run by her, and then Applejack joined her pace. Before Applejack spoke anything, she noticed how primal her run was, the strides were tormenting and the look in her eyes was almost blank. Applejack could have imagined many things upon arriving at a superstar music pony's home, but this was not one of them. Had Applejack not known her, she would have assumed she was some kind of pony marathon runner. Applejack matched the stride of Coloratura and ran next to her for a minute or two before softly speaking in between pants. "You alright, Ra-Ra?"
  9. Silverstream stared at Gallus for a few seconds as he adjusted his goggles. With a burst of excitement, she suggested a new full time activity. "Oooo! We should play made up characters! I'll be Streamsilver, a new Wonderbolt recruit—the first hippogriff ever to do so! And Zap, you should be the drill instructor teaching me how to do flips and spins." Silverstream dug out of the box a coach's whistle, blew it once very loudly to test it, and the tossed it around Zap's neck. The lanyard was for adult ponies, so the whistle dragged on the floor a little when it was left dangling. "And Gallus, you should be uhh..." Silverstream dug deeper into the box and started throwing out different items, some as plain as sweatbands, and some as obscure as clown noses. "Ah ha! You should wear this!" Silverstream pulled out and threw a leather flight jacket at Gallus. "And you can play a retired captain." Silverstream jumped in place a few times playfully and then darted to the center of the room to give herself space to move. "What exercise should I do first, Zap?" Zap was confused, but with an item that makes noise around his neck and a new friend who was excited to play games, Zap felt like this might an opportunity to expel some of his extra energy he had stored up since his last cry in front of Gallus. He stepped forward towards Silverstream slowly, and looked perplexed in thought. "Um. I don't know. Um, jump up and down fifty times." Silverstream began jumping in place, the spring in her legs never showing wear. Zap liked giving orders. This was a newfound experience for him, and he wondered what limitations it might have. He decided to test it right away. He looked at Gallus. "And you! A thousand wing push-ups!" Zap then blew the whistle hard and long.
  10. After a few silent moments, Remington's voice could be heard overhead, as if it was in the air above Moonlight. His voice echoed hauntingly, and spoke with urgency. "Moonlight? Moonlight can you hear me?" A few moments of silence later, a door opened not too far from where Moonlight was standing and searching. The door was embedded into a foothill, as if somepony had built a small home into the hillside on top of the bluff, but it seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere. Light from inside showed brightly. And then suddenly, the clear night sky was completely enveloped in dark clouds, and it soon began to rain, claps of thunder beginning to warn of the deluge to come.
  11. @PrinceBlueblood @Pretzelparty @Ciraxis @RexDraco @Dusty When Blueblood had encouraged Fluttershy to meet with the sphinx who was over by the mayor, she perked up and around to see how soon she might attend this kind of meeting. If for no other reason than that she was beginning to feel encroached by the many wedding guests that mingled around her, wanting to compliment her on her dress, and reacting to what her date was currently entertaining. Upon a Discord-related magical explosion in which Fluttershy was not paying close attention to, several items appeared from seemingly no where, and a snake appeared under Fluttershy seeking shelter. She accepted the snake's desire to stay with her until the snake was feeling confident enough to return to the garden to resume its busy evening searching for food scraps and for other unsuspecting creatures, rodents perhaps, who were also looking for food scraps. Before Fluttershy could resume her short trek in finding out where the mayor was, Discord introduced her to Bevel. She immediately began wearing a greeting face. "Oh, nice to meet you." She flinched at the explanation. "Robots?" When Bevel expressed that robots was only a recent project, Fluttershy nodded courteously. "That's neat. Hey, um, excuse me, I need to meet with somepony really quick." Fluttershy turned and looked at the sea of guests, carefully nudging through them in order to not disturb their cheerful conversations. Suddenly, she was ambushed by a jade colored unicorn who had remarks to say about the three way wedding, but then also went into detail about his thoughts on the sphinx he heard mentioned, and spoke to her and Blueblood openly. He did not mince words, which was fine, but Fluttershy kept feeling like she was roped into listening to him. Every time she wanted to softly step away, she felt she was being talked to and stayed in her position. Blueblood now conversing with the green pony, gave her a better out to escape the conversation and go to the sphinx herself to see what the fuss was about. She felt like she was the only one at the event who was ignorant of the creature. And why did it seem like everypony was suggesting the creature had as much agency as a pony? Fluttershy always did that herself, but she had only considered Blueblood was mentioning the sphinx as if it was a pet. But it seemed much more than that. Seeing where the mayor had walked from, Fluttershy approached the entrance to the castle, where many were entering to attend the wedding. She looked around for the sphinx but couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. After a short pause at the castle gates, she slowly backed up to turn around and ran into a soft furry surface. When she turned around, she realized it was the large thigh of the brown-pelted sphinx, who towered over her and everypony around. She was not easily frightened by large creatures, but having not expecting his size she reacted shocked and momentarily scared. How she missed seeing this creature upon arrival to the wedding was beyond her. She must had been so nervous about attending this event that didn't even notice the large sphinx serving as a bouncer to this very special occasion.
  12. The following is a short chat RP between Silverstream and Gallus that serves as a result of the events in Expert Teas and as a prelude to How to Lose a Griffon in Three Days, starring @SteelEagle and @Hippo. Gallus allowed himself a few moments of daydreaming as he fluttered about the school, lost in his train of thought. or trains of thought. Elsewhere, somewhere else, for sure. And not at all prepared for somecreature jumping in front of him and screaming. It had been a rather lazy day so far and he was anything but focused, even his wing flaps seemed to carry with them the slothfulness of a lazy griffon. In other words, it was the perfect way to fly towards Professor Applejack's class. Didn't have to think too much there. After Silverstream shared notes with Yona about Professor Fluttershy's quiz, she finally felt confident. Not confident about the quiz, no no. She was sure she was going to bomb the professor's quizzes, they were typically surprisingly hard. But she felt confident that she could ask Gallus the question that had rung on her mind ever since talking with the Archancellor about how she felt. Silverstream was clearly making a bigger deal about than she needed to, but it was important to her to get it right. She did not want to jeopardize her friendship with Gallus. She jumped in front of Gallus as he was casually flying through the school halls. "Hey! Um, hi Gallus! You're going to Professor Applejack's class!?" Gallus was pondering just how far an apple could fall from the tree before it ceased being called an apple of that tree when his world was nearly destroyed by his eager classmate, who blew through his daydreaming with all the grace of a Yak celebration. He froze in mid-air and tensed up, unleashing a muted squelch of panic before realizing who it was and landing. He very smoothly, very suavely, not at all awkwardly wiped his head-feathers back. "Oh, hey there, uhh. Silverstream. Caught me by surprise there. Gotta stop...sneaking?...up on me," he said as he started walking, though not too quickly. "Yeah, forgot some notes and a book there. Wanna get it before I am roped, literally and figuratively, into something else when she gets back." "Oh, a book and some notes. Cool. Cool." Silverstream said blankly, maintaining a close distance to Gallus. "Wow, going to a different room to get something. Do you like to go to different places often?" She said nervously. "Yeah. Going to different places is...something I do, I guess," he responded inquisitively as she got close. Even for Silverstream that was a weird thing to ask. He would roll with it. "I bet you like going to different places too?" he asked, nearly having to force the words out. Had he ever said anything as awkwardly stupid as that? Probably. But he didn't remember. Silverstream gigglesnorted at the silly thing Gallus said. "Heh, yeah. Going different places is fun." She kept quiet, not knowing how to transition this into an ask. Why was this so hard? Silverstream had been blunt about things before, but now so much seemed to be at stake. ... The silence was deafening if only because he knew she wanted something. Yeah they hung out all the time but never like this. She wanted to ask him something. And when she did, he did well to keep a straight face. "So. Whatcha doin' this holiday? Doing the blue moon festival thing again?" "I dunno. Maybe. Why?" Silverstream scratched the back of her head with a talon. "Well, I was wondering if you would be interested in going to the Three Days of Freedom Celebration with me instead." Silverstream began to rethink her execution, she hadn't thought too much about what Gallus might want to do. Why would he want to go to some seapony festival, when he has his own griffon festival? She covered her face. "You know what, never mind. What was I thinking? Of course you'd want to go to the Blue Moon Festival instead of some silly hippogriff holiday. Forget I said anything." Silverstream looked pale with regret. He died a little when she turned pale. Besides, he'd rather go anywhere else than back home. "That could be fun. When do we leave?" he responded with an unusual amount of pep in his voice as he entered the class. Somecreature had to satisfy the energy requirement whenever Silver was around and if it wasn't here, might as well be him. From their folded position, Silverstream's feathered ears perked up. "You mean it!? You really want to go?" Silverstream jumped up and giggled. "Um, well, we don't leave for another few weeks, of course. But now I know you want to go, I can go get us train tickets." The two were now in front of Applejack's classroom. Silverstream could see the book Gallus needed to retrieve. "Oh, there's your book. I gotta go to the station quickly to book us a ride, and then I'll be back for lunch. See ya later!" And just like that Silverstream bolted from the conversation. The ability to rebound her emotion came naturally, but in the case of Gallus, any assistance she got from the griffon in terms of attitude helped her mood. Gallus made sure to keep his face hidden from her, but he was more than pleased that he was able to brighten her day. there was nothing worse than a sullen Silverstream, especially if it was on his account. Likewise, nothing was finer than knowing he was responsible for brightening it. He didn't really fully understand why, though he could guess a little. "Alright, sounds like a plan. See you later, Silverstream," he said positively as he retrieved his book, his wide and confident smile brimming with warmth for him and him alone. "Gallus! What brings you back here? Hey, while you're here, ya mind helping me with somethin'?" Professor Applejack brought with her a bucket of water and some towels to wash the blackboards clean of their chalk residue. By Boreas, damnit. Well, at least she wasn't asking him to babysit her foal again. "I was getting a book and some notes," he said as he gathered his materials and left him on his desk. He wanted to say he had another class to get to but he knew the schedule well enough to know that was a pretty weak lie. And lying to Professor Buckingtree was harder than...some countryism of hers about things being hard. "Yeah, sure. I can help."
  13. Zap liked some chores more than others. The chores that utilized his ability to fly gave him more purpose, and so he tended to enjoy the tasks on the farm that required a bit of verticality. But with no parents or grandparents home, Zap Apple was left with his Auntie Apple Bloom to do more of his fair share of chores. Unfair for a young pegasus pony, but he would think that no matter that situation. Some days, one chore is too many chores. He was in the middle of sorting apple seeds, arguably his least favorite thing to do. Sometimes, he flew the piles of seeds up to catch them in a bag to give himself more of a challenge, but he would only do it when his mother wasn't looking. Having Apple Bloom be the only other pony on the farm to give him any sort of discipline, he had more freedom than he was used to but once she yelled at him to follow her into town, he took this opportunity to escape the monotonous job of sifting through seeds. "Where are we going?" He asked Apple Bloom out of earshot as he attempted to follow her. He was faster than her in the air, but he would not attempt to fly fast in case this was a trick to get him to do chores faster than he normally would. Once he caught up to Apple Bloom, he landed, and in front of both of them was Flurry Heart who was hovering with an indifferent expression on her face. Zap was immediately struck by her appearance. Her bright colors and bright blue bow shimmered in his eyes as he wondered who she was. And she had a horn and wings? Like a princess? He thought. As Apple Bloom addressed her with royal terminology, it was clear to Zap that this was an important pony. But why was she here? "Auntie, why is she a princess?" He asked bluntly in front of both of the older fillies.
  14. Remington was splashed efficiently in the face. He winced, the water dripping from his glasses frames. He looked up astonished, and then smiled. "Why you..." Remington pounced after Moonlight, playfully giving her chase as the flirting continued. The river or stream, which sometimes defied width, became an obstacle for which the ponies would jump around, but eventually Remington was able to chase Moonlight away from the water and back into the fields of grass and weeds. Remington could run faster than Moonlight, so it was clear she would not be able to escape, but he would let the chase run for a few minutes before finally ending the game with a soft tackle. Remington brought her down softly onto the grass and held her down for a few seconds until both of their breathing patterns began to slow. Seeing her yield, Remington rolled off of her, except for his head, which rested comfortably on her back legs. Remington began staring up at the sky. By now, the sun had fully set, and the sky was full of stars, no cloud to be seen. The stars danced and twinkled, teasing their identity for small ponies on the ground to wonder about. "Wow, look at the sky. It makes you feel so small sometimes, doesn't it?" Remington gave a long pause, meditating on his life and his place in this world, all while reclining on his new fillyfriend. He began speaking openly, asking Moonlight rhetorical questions. "Do you crave a greater reason to exist?" He looked at her face and stroked a few strands of mane away from her horn. "Have you always known that symmetry is bliss?" He chuckled, looking back at the sky. "I know you see the pattern. Lay in your lap, think of your path. Philosophy don't bother me." Remington stood up quickly and looked at Moonlight on the ground. He then said sternly. "Come back when you're trash." And then he disappeared.
  15. When Gallus approached the foal exclaimed on his whereabouts, Zap issued a very practical yet mature look on his face, one that raised an eyebrow and bounced his eyes around like he was surprised it took them this long to find him. "I'm... right here," he said with a little attitude before continuing his rummaging through his mother's stuff. Eventually, he pulled out a pair of subscription goggles intended for Rainbow. At some point, the Wonderbolt might have been recommended a pair of goggles that corrected her farsightedness, but as time would tell, the goggles would instead be stored and forgotten. The goggles were way too big for Silverstream, but they might fit Gallus. "Here, Gally, put these on." He tossed the goggles to Gallus to catch and then continued looking for more eyewear. Silverstream was looking in a mirror in the same room, checking out her posterior with the flight suit on. "I can't believe how amazing I feel with this on, no wonder they always have them on, even when they aren't doing a performance." Silverstream noticed in the mirror, Gallus holding a pair of goggles. She turned around quickly and gasped. "Huh! Gallus, you want to play dress-up, too!?"
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