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  1. [i'm so sorry I've been gone guys, I've been working on Upgrading From Windows XP to windows 7 and it's an uphill battle] [And there is a door, yes, but it was shut tight the moment the lights were off, no way you two could have gotten in]
  2. By the time the Lights eventually flickered on, the room was empty, all of the hypnotized Ponies were gone.
  3. The Ponies bumped into the wall, and then another powerful wave of magic swept the wall away, the Lights flickering again and going out, not coming back on.
  4. Polaris frowned and said, "I don't know what's going on, but- " He was Rudely cut off as the Library's Lights all went off, somepony hitting the Switch to Open the Tunnel to the catacombs. "No!" Polaris yelled as the Ponies rushed through the door, and he started to say something else but disappeared in a powerful wave of dark magic, unable to save himself.
  5. The voice was leading all of them towards the Bunker's library, specifically one corner of it.
  6. Polaris followed the ponies into the bunker with a frown and turned on the old lights, so that they could all see.
  7. Polaris looked at her in confusion and then followed where she was pointing, his eyes widening slightly. "H- hey, what're you all doing?" he asked, walking over to the group that had just entered the Bunker, confusedly following them and trying to get their attention. L.U.N.A. managed to distract the rest of the group, continuing with the tour until they too, fell under the influence, heading for the Bunker despite her Protests.
  8. When she called, a few ponies turned back and walked over in concern, the voice starting to Pull at them too. Polaris was too busy explaining a complicated thing to them, and he wasn't looking.
  9. Polaris didn't notice her walk off, and the switch to the Bunker door shorted out, the voice drawing her towards it.
  10. [ohohoho] Unknown to Polaris or his A.I., something deep underground started to whisper to the Group, saying, "come to meee~..."
  11. Polaris asked any questions the group had to ask, and he led them all through the Base, letting L.U.N.A. explain the more complicated bits to the curious ponies.
  12. Polaris waited for all of the Ponies to get out and he said, "Welcome to PolariSoft, I guess I'll be showing you around!" he said, starting to walk up the road towards the Tunnel, looking up at the Neon Sign as most of the Ponies followed him.
  13. Well Nobody else seems to care and the RP is dead before it started so You're in! [but Maybe try to be more descriptive with things?]
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