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    MLP, music (instrumental, orchestral, J-pop sometimes), drawing, fairies (M'yes, fairies :D), Touhou, animes, roleplaying

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    Violet Charm
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  1. franshpout

    Franshpout's stuff

    It's an album and it contains stuff. Like. Drawings. Mostly drawings. On a more serious note, I'll upload my drawings there. I do a lot of OC drawings and have done little canon characters, but still can do that sometimes.
  2. Wow dude you've gotten a lot better since last time I've seen a drawing from you o.o Way to go!
  3. Thanks! Yeah I've been wanting to try something new there and I'm really in love with the result ^-^
  4. franshpout

    Album of Requests!

    In this album I'll be putting drawings of requests I receive! For request I will either announce when I want to take some or I might take one of yours if you announce it publicly.
  5. I don't understand! D: What does that even have to do with anything? XD
  6. Hey everyone! I'm starting a series of RP that I've been wanting to do for a while now. One more spot is opened if someone's interested! All information can be found here: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/20855-the-wheels-of-feelings-sign-up-and-preparations/#entry534295

    1. Avery


      That's rather interesting, I would like to join on the adventure, though most of my characters don't have a profile yet, and I'm not sure which would one would be in it... Emerald, Lightning, Flare... Not... Entirely sure bout Avery though... Who knows.

    2. franshpout


      Take the time to think about it ^^ I seem to already have my spots filled, though... but if you're still interested, then let me know. Perhaps I still could do something about it.

  7. Usually the effects of this are heart attacks. I didn't know minds could be broken too from cuteness o.o
  8. You're back!!! It's been foreveeeeer!! And you still do awesome stuff!
  9. I need to come back here... and do more things other than putting drawings! Hmpf... Anyone would be down for a RP, maybeh?

    1. stormchaser1991


      i am i also made a new pony i just don't have a drawing of her yet but i know what i want her to look like

    2. franshpout


      Great! Anything you wanna RP about? I'm feeling adventury XD

    3. stormchaser1991


      no anything fine with me

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