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  1. Oh wow! She's actually pretty lol I love those wings
  2. I'm glad you like it. And omg it feels weird being on the front page! My instant reaction is, "wait no, I'm not worthy!" lol but I'm happy about it.
  3. It's no problem, I like a challenge!
  4. There was a bit of a delay (thanks to a stubborn headache) but I'm almost done with the 2nd chibi! I update the status of the drawing on the thread so you can take a peek if you're wondering how the progress is going.

  5. I'm gonna add a bonus slot so I'll draw the five OCs and an AppleDash chibi because that sounds really cute and I wanna draw it now. All slots are filled so request are now closed. Thanks everybody!
  6. Yep! Is there a full body picture of him? If not, I need a description. Also need to know what the cutie mark is/looks like.
  7. Peachy's Chibi Portraits Hello all! It's been awhile and Peachy Keen is ready to paint some ponies, (or non-ponies of course,) in another request thread! There won't be a corresponding RP this time. I don't think I can keep up with that right now so I'm just gonna draw your characters and post them here/in the gallery when they're done! Update: Request are now closed! Rules: Character must have an approved WoE application. One request per person. Feel free to ask for a specific pose and/or additional accessories if you want. Provide character name and reference or description. Also describe/provide picture of cutie mark. All request will be in the style of the pic above. Requests are open until all slots are filled. PrinceBlueblood - Feng - 100% (done!) SymphonicFire - Lan Fa - 100% (done!) szalhi - Loose Cannon - 100% (done!) Bellosh - Empress Yuè - 100% (done!) PyroBlaze - Nensho - 100% (done!) Bonus: RainbowFoxxy - Some AppleDash!- 100% (done!)
  8. Hey peeps! It's been awhile since I've done anything here. And sorry if I missed any messages while I dropped off the face of the internet. I still don't see myself keeping up with RPs but I've got something planned.

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      Welcome back!

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