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    I... ummm... I like playing the piano, and singing... And, uhh... I skydance... i-if you know what that is...

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  1. Happy Hearth's Warming, everypony. c:

  2. ZephyrBlue

    Taking Flight

    Actually, the scarf is moving with the spiral. The end visible beneath the line of cloud is from the right side, not the left as it may appear.
  3. ZephyrBlue

    Taking Flight

    Yeah, I ended up quite literally table-flipping my tablet... > > Anywho, thanks everypony. c:
  4. ZephyrBlue

    Zephyr Blue

    Various images of myself... I'll try my hardest not to seem to vain...
  5. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    That's a pretty good impression!
  6. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    That would be great! Please, do a Flutterguy impression for us!
  7. ZephyrBlue

    The Night Sky

    Seeing as the gallery won't let me upload this picture to any of my albums, I figured that I might as well place it here. Enjoy.
  8. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    Haha, okay.
  9. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    I... have no clue...
  10. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

  11. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    No, two hours as in an amalgamated two hours. :T And I do a lot of musical theatre performance and non-serious voice acting, but to answer your question no, I did not take any formal classes.
  12. ZephyrBlue


    Coloured lineart looks less harsh than black does.
  13. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    I'm working on a few more Fluttershy reels, but I'm not happy with the way my speaking voice [as opposed to my murmur voice] currently sounds, so I'm tweaking things about it. And yeah, I should just give up on Rainbow Dash-ing.
  14. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    I'd love to hear it. c:
  15. ZephyrBlue

    Voice Impressions

    I've uploaded two new impressions; a "better" [in my opinion] try at Rainbow Dash, and a tidbit of Fluttershy~ http://soundcloud.com/zephyr-blue/fluttershy-reel http://soundcloud.com/zephyr-blue/rainbow-dash-reel-1