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    I... ummm... I like playing the piano, and singing... And, uhh... I skydance... i-if you know what that is...

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  1. Happy Hearth's Warming, everypony. c:

  2. Actually, the scarf is moving with the spiral. The end visible beneath the line of cloud is from the right side, not the left as it may appear.
  3. Yeah, I ended up quite literally table-flipping my tablet... > > Anywho, thanks everypony. c:
  4. ZephyrBlue

    Zephyr Blue

    Various images of myself... I'll try my hardest not to seem to vain...
  5. That's a pretty good impression!
  6. That would be great! Please, do a Flutterguy impression for us!
  7. Seeing as the gallery won't let me upload this picture to any of my albums, I figured that I might as well place it here. Enjoy.
  8. No, two hours as in an amalgamated two hours. :T And I do a lot of musical theatre performance and non-serious voice acting, but to answer your question no, I did not take any formal classes.
  9. ZephyrBlue


    Coloured lineart looks less harsh than black does.
  10. I'm working on a few more Fluttershy reels, but I'm not happy with the way my speaking voice [as opposed to my murmur voice] currently sounds, so I'm tweaking things about it. And yeah, I should just give up on Rainbow Dash-ing.
  11. I've uploaded two new impressions; a "better" [in my opinion] try at Rainbow Dash, and a tidbit of Fluttershy~ http://soundcloud.com/zephyr-blue/fluttershy-reel http://soundcloud.com/zephyr-blue/rainbow-dash-reel-1
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