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  1. Name: Reader Write Age: 20 years of existence. Gender: stallion (aka male) Species: Pony Cutie mark: Typewriter, signifying his love of writing. Height:....shorter than Big Mac, but not by much. Mane color: Dirty blonde, almost brown. Fur color: blonde. Likes: Reading, Writing, listening to music, sleeping, exploring the world, gaming, trying new things. Dislikes: Violence (He would do a pacifist route on Undertale folks!), having to sit still, being censored in his books. Bio: Reader Write was always interested in reading. The moment he could read, he would have book sitting in his hooves for the rest of his life. He loves reading fiction novels and as a colt, he would even pretend he would go on great adventures like the heroes in his books. When he finally got his cutiemark though, he finally would take his first steps into real adventures, where he would explore the world, meet new ponies and people, trying new things, all while being as kind as possible, and trying to make new stories for all to enjoy. Hey would love to write interviews with the Mane 6 and the princesses. Even Discord's story would be interesting to get onto paper. Reader is all about dreaming big and getting the best story he can make.
  2. Howdy there people/ponies. I am incredibly new to roleplay and would love to get into it. If you ever want to roleplay come talk to be and we can discuss things. I can also try group roleplays as well, so if you get to know me and want me to join something, tell me. I hope we can be the best of friends on here, and that we have fun. ^-^
  3. Super New...Unsure on what to do. 

    1. Dio


      Hop into Discord and have a chat with the other members! Also check out the Character Applications section if you want to make a character for structured RP. Check out the FFA RP section if you want to get started immediately.

    2. SymphonicFire


      If you haven't already, why not introduce yourself in the Introductions section! Welcome to Canterlot! :catbug: 


      I love your banner...

    3. Rosewind
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