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  1. That's cool, good for you! I wish i could learn a different language, though it never seems to stick.
  2. Welcome to Canterlot!
  3. SymphonicFire

    SymphonicFire's Doodles

    Just things I drew in my spare time.
  4. Day (insert number) of trying to make myself draw.

  5. Same. At least there are still people around and it's not completely gone. The site in general was what inspired me to make art. I don't think I've drawn anything since my last one here. Lol hello there
  6. Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you have fun here!
  7. Oh lol I just noticed this part. Do you still play Warframe and Genshin impact?
  8. Has it really been 3 years since I've drawn something? T_T

  9. I've seen it around but I didn't get into it. How is it?
  10. Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you have fun here!
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