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  1. *her horn glows and her wings open she rises into the sky and makes a color show*
  2. hello there! *her smile reveals fangs*
  3. meeting the teacher

    "Mommy are they gonna make fun of me?" slivermoon asked. "mostly likely. now when they introduce you your name is breaking day. remember it and don't embarrass me!" Her mother, dawn lover, shot a glare at slivermoon. Slivermoon didn't understand why her mother disliked her so much. "Yes mama. I will do my best to be the daughter you want and not the disgrace that you were cursed with." Slivermoon's eyes welled with tears. Her eyes were pinned, and her head was down. "Yes, you'd better do that or no dinner tonight!" When they reached the school her mother's face and aura changed into bright and happy so sliver did the same. "Hello there!" the teacher said greeting them with bright smiles. "this must breaking day? am I correct?" she asked smiling down at silver. "Yes that's my name!" silver gave a bright smile. that's the first time she meet one of the sweetest teachers ever.
  4. *a dark pony steps into the sunlight and her coat turns white* *she's tall and wearng a vest*
  5. hello :D

    wanna be freinds?
  6. hello :D

  7. lovely so do I just jump in?
  8. beginning

    a mare went into labor. she screamed from the pain, but wanted to see what her little bundle of joy would look like. soon after she gave birth the nurse handed her the filly, with a worried look. she looked down and screamed her filly had a horn, bat wings, and fangs all with a midnight black coat. she named her slivermoon, was disgusted by the filly and planned to keep her hidden.
  9. hey everypony

  10. hey everypony

    hey everypony! im slivermoon! wanna come meet me and make friends? and you could meet my sisters!!!!!!!!
  11. meeting my o.c.s

    please come meet my characters they would love to make friends with you!!!!!
  12. meeting slivermoon

    slivermoon: *walks slowly up to her* hello there child. why are all alone? do need a friend? *opens one wing with a smile offering a hug*
  13. A Dream Walker pony enters into your dreams..

    i wish to make so friends