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  1. Sombra became aware of a second presence of magic, and he knew it to be whoever Hou Shuren's companion was. He would definitely make a note of it, even as he dug his heels into the sand and pushed back against the combined resistance before.. the magic disappeared entirely, and that eerie feeling of being watched vanished. The king blinked, entirely caught by surprise. What had that been about? Maybe Hou's companion was making a foolish show of keeping their scry open, only for Hou to decide it was a waste of time now that he was aware of them, and ended it? He could think of no other possibility, because his magic certainly hadn't broken the link- that was something he would've felt. His magic roiled around his curved horn for a few minutes longer before he let it fade, his lips twisted in a frown that spoke much of his annoyance. And here he thought he could have had a chance to spite Hou. Maybe the next time they had to deal with this, he could especially tell her companion to stay out of it. His tail lashed behind him and he grunted, giving Tongue Twister a glance that conveyed how he felt about what just happened. "They've stopped for now. Let's move on, shall we?" Sombra gave himself a shake and started off, grumbling under his breath before he thought to return to the conversation he and Tongue Twister were having previously. "As far as I'm aware, I'm not a projection from some dimension. I was still very much present throughout my loss of body, and even during my banishment at that." He gestured with his head in an equivalent to a shrug while he walked, at ease for the moment. He'd fall silent, mulling over that vague encounter on their way deeper into the desert. He had a feeling he'd felt that other magic before.. but he couldn't be entirely sure of it yet. There had been Magnus, and then of course there had been Dox, and that particular meeting hadn't gone anywhere. Maybe the next time some creature came to him asking to learn magic, he would simply turn them down instead of giving away any sort of information.. especially when they were connected to Hou. He would remain in a sour silence, unless there were any other snippets of conversation to engage in with Tongue Twister.
  2. Sorry I was a little unclear and rambly. I think what you suggested sounds good for a start. I was just pondering if I should app other characters just because/in case lol.
  3. I think those sound pretty fun, aaa. I know I have a few other characters for w/e too that I haven't apped yet/just haven't found a purpose for them. So that's probably a good starting place as any.
  4. Sounds fun. I unfortunately lack any ideas for what to do, I just have characters to use. 😅
  5. I'd make a new thread but I honestly don't feel like it so uhh bumping this again.
  6. Hope I didn't bring it to a shuddering halt lmao rip.
  7. The king twitched an ear towards his companion as they headed out, leaving the scattered buildings and stalls of the little town for sprawling desert hills of sand and not a single tree in sight. Something was beginning to prickle up his spine, a feeling that he couldn't quite name while some of his focus was on what Tongue Twister had to say about immortality. "The Crystal Heart.. I thought it destroyed me, and yet here I am. Either it failed to do its job well enough, or.. it can't kill me. I'm not sure what could at this point if it couldn't," Sombra mused, tilting his head to fix Tongue Twister with one sharp red eye, the pupil a mere vertical slit against the sunlight here. "There's a lot I don't know about being umbrum." He turned away, his mouth set in a thoughtful line. "The river we'll be able to cross easily, and we won't necessarily need to find a bridge when I could simply make one. It would cut off some time searching for one or making a lengthy, unnecessary detour." Sombra flicked his tail, as if swatting at a fly that wasn't there- or perhaps it was, in a sense. The feeling was only stronger now, and it wasn't put into words until Tongue Twister spoke it aloud after he caught her staring at a peculiar crystal. His dark brows furrowed. "Figures," he grumbled, glancing up and around. His nostrils flared when he snorted, mildly annoyed, and a faint spark of dark magic started up around his horn, black fizzling in the depths of green and purple hues. "I bet I know exactly who is watching, and perhaps even listening in." His magic flared testily for a moment before he worked on focusing it. He knew a few things, even that which he came up himself, and he wondered if he could still manage to disrupt such magic. The princesses hadn't been able to spy on him, much less anypony else, while he ruled the Crystal Empire; he'd been unstable and quite paranoid then, with his curses, spells, and traps that made the castle such a hard thing to navigate for anypony that wasn't him unless he let them. He was going to try to now, just to spite her, and all without breaking his long stride. "If she's spying, then I'm sure she already knows I'm coming for her."
  8. "I remember her saying that," Sombra replied with a soft grumble in his voice. "She intends to live forever from the sound of it. Personally I don't think any mortal born creatures should live past their natural expiration. Who knows what madness she might fall to." The king heaved a soft sigh and left one ear tilted towards Tongue Twister as he looked around at their surroundings, his expression set in a thoughtful scowl while the mare talked. "I never believed in gods. The closest we might have to them would probably be the royal sisters, and even then they might still be able to be slain. Nothing has managed to do so, so far, so we'll never know until it happens." His eyes narrowed in thought. That was something he certainly tried when fighting them for the Crystal Empire, but they were alicorns, not ponies, and they were rather tough. Princess Luna was more of the skilled fighter of the two, while Celestia relied more on her magic; he recalled she'd somewhat kept her distance from him in the middle of it. Up until the end, anyway, when they combined their magic against him. Sombra glanced over at Tongue Twister and her map, pulling himself out his memories. "Due south?" he repeated. "Well, I think the only thing I have to say is 'lead the way.' I'd prefer to get going."
  9. "I never said that was its only purpose, just that that was one of its known functions. The others I mentioned are merely speculation, possibility. Nopony really knows what all the stone does. Hou might, if she's as old as she says." Sombra snorted softly. "I think she's gone too far just to avoid a few wrinkles," he mutters, loud enough for only Tongue Twister to hear him and the derision in his voice. As soon as Tongue Twister noticed they were at their destination, it didn't seem to take long for her to secure them the light, loose clothes that would help them in this hot climate. Sombra was quick to remove his cape and sweep on the new garb and reattach his pocket realm on the inner lining by his shoulder. His old cape disappeared into it, stored safely away for now. It felt strange without it and its subtle weight on his back, although he felt a lot better without in this climate. Give him icy cold and snow any day over this. Why hadn't Hou gone somewhere cold? Was she trying to annoy him further? "If we don't need anything else, we should go ahead and head to this Saddlelon if you think that's where she's going. It's as good a destination as any." As much as he hated having to rely on somepony to show him the way, he had to for now. This was an entirely different country and he was sure Tongue Twister was the one with the map between them.
  10. Sombra's stride slowed and he tilted his head to peer at her with one, questioning eye when that growl rolled out of a throat that shouldn't have been able to make that noise. After what he'd seen Hou do and how she might have altered Tongue Twister, he couldn't be too surprised. Her apology only earned the lift of a brow and he continued on down the street, sticking close enough to his current companion that he'd be able to hear what she was saying without too much trouble. "I don't really know what it's capable of, beyond what they said it can do: see the memories of who it once belonged to. I don't really know who that would be, or what reason Hou would have for coming here." He paused, turning his head towards Tongue Twister a little, though he still kept his eyes ahead on the road and the ponies mingling at the marketplace. "Saddlelon?" His dark brows furrowed. "A unicorn stallion.." he mused. He met a 'colleague' of Hou Shuren before named Dox, but he was a kirin as far as Sombra knew; that meeting hadn't gotten very far. The only unicorn he could think of in relation to Hou, even though Sombra wasn't sure if those two had ever spoken, was Magnus, who showed up after his fight with Hou. Tongue Twister would have mentioned him by name if that was the case. "Whoever they are, I'm sure we'll figure out how to deal with them when it comes to it. For now.. the matter of the clothes?" Sombra gestured to the stall.
  11. Sombra's lip curled briefly, displeased by the mention of a steep exchange rate. It figured that they would want to gouge foreigners a little, though if Tongue Twister had Saddle Arabian currency on her then it shouldn't be too much of a bother to get what they need and finally head out. If Tongue Twister knew where Hou had gone, anyway. His tail flicked and he glanced over at the mare, a small frown on his face. He'd noticed the 'we' in the place of any 'I'. "We did, at least we hoped. I went to the princesses and that purple one seemed to have an idea of what was taken. Something called the Remembrance Stone. I found out as much as I could about it through her and what little I could find in STAR's library with Ice Storm," he replied quietly, dipping his head towards her so that he could keep the answer between them. There was enough noise from the market crowd that they didn't have too much of a chance of being overheard by any nosy ponies. "Whoever holds the stone can see the memories of whoever it belonged to, and I believe something about how it can store, implant, or alter memories too. They don't know what all it can do for certain. I don't know why Hou has it or where she's going, and for what purpose, but that's why I'm here. Do you have any idea where she might have gone?" He glanced over at Tongue Twister, questioning.
  12. The former tyrant made his way down the little town's streets, ignoring the growing discomfort of the heat as he looked over the stalls of what looked like the market, all presenting various wares. Pottery, food, strange knickknacks, rugs.. Some of them were things he might like to look at just to see the products of an entirely different culture if he'd had the time, but as it was, he did not. He needed to pick up Hou Shuren's trail and find something to help him stand the heat before he could even think of venturing outside of the town. Maybe even a map would be useful. Sombra asked a few of the stall owners his questions, targeting those that seemed to speak Equestrian to some extent because he didn't know the native language required to speak to some of the others. So far, there were a few dead ends; only one question bore him any fruit and that was on the matter of desert-friendly wear. Before Sombra could take another step, a familiar voice caught his attention and drew those inequine eyes around to the face he was hoping to find sooner or later: Tongue Twister. "It was. It took a few days by airship, but I'm here now," Sombra gestured at the market with a small sweep of his hoof, a disgruntled tone in his deep voice. "I've managed to get an answer on that particular issue, though I wonder.. will they take Equestrian bits? It's the only money I've got on me." He frowned as he started off down the street, heading towards the vendor that seemed to be the one selling the pale robes he would need.
  13. It'd taken a few days by the airship Ice Storm gave him, piloted by its small crew, to finally reach Saddle Arabia at what looked like a small port town. The trip itself had started off nice, and Sombra was fascinated with the airship and how it functioned, a little of which was explained to him by one of the crewponies, though the rest of the trip quickly lost its luster. Sombra was glad just to finally disembark and have his hooves on solid ground again- at least while he had it. There looked like there was expanses of sandy desert in this part of the world, and it became clear rather quickly how dry and warm the climate was, something that made wearing his usual cape uncomfortable; if he didn't find something else soon, it would probably make him start to sweat. Sombra would venture further into the town to find himself a temporary replacement that would be more ideal for the climate, and stash his cape in his pocket realm, and then see if he couldn't find any hint of Tongue Twister or information from anypony that might have seen somepony with Hou Shuren's description so he could pick up the trail. He already knew he was days behind, which he despised, and he really needed to cover all that ground that he lost. Hopefully if and when he found Tongue Twister, he would do so; if not, he'd go it alone.
  14. Luna paid attention to the longma on the way towards the city, intrigued by the information that they were given concerning the architecture. With Ice having noticed the shape of the roofs too and voiced her curiosity out loud, Luna now had an answer for their shape: the local climate, and how it changed in the seasons. She made a soft sound of interest in her throat in response and lapsed back into her usual silence. Behind her, she could still hear Feather excitedly informing Mythic about their surroundings, which were drifting away from the docks and towards the busy markets. The overlapping smells of various foods soon drifted by Luna's nose, and among them she could pick up the less savory ones of seared flesh. To an herbivore like her, she found it entirely unpleasant and had to keep her composure so she wouldn't be seen wrinkling her snout at it. When the pair behind her spoke, Luna glanced back to spy Mythic's apparent confusion. "Longma aren't herbivores like we are, and there are likely other carnivores and omnivores living here that I am not aware of. As for the longma themselves, I suppose it is apt to describe themselves as such, though I'm sure they are their own species the way griffins did not spawn from birds and lions, although they have that hybrid look to them as we might view it."
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