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  1. It'd taken a few days by the airship Ice Storm gave him, piloted by its small crew, to finally reach Saddle Arabia at what looked like a small port town. The trip itself had started off nice, and Sombra was fascinated with the airship and how it functioned, a little of which was explained to him by one of the crewponies, though the rest of the trip quickly lost its luster. Sombra was glad just to finally disembark and have his hooves on solid ground again- at least while he had it. There looked like there was expanses of sandy desert in this part of the world, and it became clear rather quickly how dry and warm the climate was, something that made wearing his usual cape uncomfortable; if he didn't find something else soon, it would probably make him start to sweat. Sombra would venture further into the town to find himself a temporary replacement that would be more ideal for the climate, and stash his cape in his pocket realm, and then see if he couldn't find any hint of Tongue Twister or information from anypony that might have seen somepony with Hou Shuren's description so he could pick up the trail. He already knew he was days behind, which he despised, and he really needed to cover all that ground that he lost. Hopefully if and when he found Tongue Twister, he would do so; if not, he'd go it alone.
  2. Luna paid attention to the longma on the way towards the city, intrigued by the information that they were given concerning the architecture. With Ice having noticed the shape of the roofs too and voiced her curiosity out loud, Luna now had an answer for their shape: the local climate, and how it changed in the seasons. She made a soft sound of interest in her throat in response and lapsed back into her usual silence. Behind her, she could still hear Feather excitedly informing Mythic about their surroundings, which were drifting away from the docks and towards the busy markets. The overlapping smells of various foods soon drifted by Luna's nose, and among them she could pick up the less savory ones of seared flesh. To an herbivore like her, she found it entirely unpleasant and had to keep her composure so she wouldn't be seen wrinkling her snout at it. When the pair behind her spoke, Luna glanced back to spy Mythic's apparent confusion. "Longma aren't herbivores like we are, and there are likely other carnivores and omnivores living here that I am not aware of. As for the longma themselves, I suppose it is apt to describe themselves as such, though I'm sure they are their own species the way griffins did not spawn from birds and lions, although they have that hybrid look to them as we might view it."
  3. To see the longma with the slack-jawed expression on her face left Luna feel slightly uncomfortable behind the calm facade she put up around these ponies, and creatures, respectively. To know that she was no longer a princess of the country she had always sworn to defend ever since she and Celestia took the crown was something that would haunt her for quite a while, when there was so much more she wanted to do to catch up on all the years she missed because of her banishment. She understood why Celestia wanted to retire, because her sister had that time and did nothing but work it all alone. Luna didn't. To be talked into retiring by her stubborn sister.. it was like something was being stolen from her. Luna heaved the quietest sighs as she followed the longma and the small group, who she idly glanced over. Raven and Ice still walked together at its head, and she noticed that while the blind one was no longer gawking in her direction, the pegasus was zipping around in a manner befitting a hummingbird. Luna could overhear snippets of the details Feather relayed to Myth in excited tones, and she wished she could feel some of that excitement now. Neighpon was certainly a lovely sight, that was something she was sure of, and even from afar Luna could admire the different shapes to the roofs, the way they- especially the corners- curved up.
  4. The former princess's tendency to be silent and blend in with the background while everything went on its way was both a habit and a skill of hers; between herself and Celestia, Luna considered herself the more observant of the two. It came to little surprise to her that nopony was startled by her presence when nopony but Ice Storm and Raven seemed to notice her, at least for the time being when everypony's attention was on the airship coming down to dock. She filed out of the bridge and off of the ship with the others, sticking somewhat close to Ice Storm and her marefriend. Once they were out on the docks, Luna was momentarily caught off guard when the approaching longma addressed her as the leader of their small group, which suggested that news of her 'retirement' hadn't spread to other kingdoms as of yet. Luna managed to keep much of her composure other than an uncertain glance towards Ice Storm, and noticed during her look that the blind mare (whose name she hadn't learned as of yet) seemed to be gawking as if she'd just realized Luna was there. The other mare, the pegasus, seemed perfectly at ease with this, enough to make Luna think that it was just the habit of ponies to look to her first. "I am not the one of rank you have to address here. That would be Commander Ice Storm, but we would be grateful if you would escort us to the palace," Luna replied smoothly. Hopefully with that, it would easily transfer attention onto Ice Storm to take charge.
  5. This airship was the first airship that Luna ever had the opportunity to be upon, and she found it to be a fascinating machine. Throughout the trip she spent most of her time quietly exploring the ship until she'd gotten to know its layout, as well as spending time out on deck or flying alongside the ship to stretch her wings, or in her room reading. All of this, of course, was done at nighttime when most of the ponies onboard were asleep. This would be the first real adventure that she would get to have since her return, and that was excluding her vacation with Celestia, which had become something of a disaster. It was exciting, even though the purpose to this trip was to dig up information on the mysterious Hou Shuren so that they might be able to better deal with her, if they had to. There was also the possibility that Ice Storm was looking for information to send to Sombra, who from the sound of it had gone to Saddle Arabia after the sorceress herself, and Luna had little idea how well that might turn out. Luna was awoken from her sleep by something that wasn't immediately determinable to her. It might have been the sound of the engines changing, or perhaps they had slowed down a little.. Whatever it might be, Luna found herself awake regardless, and she could see that it was daytime from the thin glow coming from around the edges of the curtain that hung over the porthole window in her room. As much as she might like to go to sleep, she had a feeling that she'd awoken for a reason. The alicorn carefully stretched in her bed and slipped out from under the covers to go about her usual waking routine of grooming before she headed out into the halls. On bare and quiet hooves, she found her way to the bridge, and from the sound of it a few others were here already. One of them was Ice Storm, while the two others were ponies she hadn't officially met yet, nor had the opportunity to interact with onboard because of the nocturnal schedule she still kept. As was her way, Luna chose to quietly listen in to catch up on any conversation that had happened in her absence to gather what was going on first.
  6. "I haven't been anywhere outside of the Crystal Empire up until a year ago now when I came to Equestria. I only know bits and pieces about other kingdoms that exist outside of this continent, at least that I came across in any books I happened to be reading," Sombra gave his own answer to Feather's question with another, brief glance for the pegasus. As Ice Storm made her way down to the console that controlled the library's lighting, he gave the books a last, regretful look and chose to follow her. Maybe when Hou Shuren wasn't a current, pressing issue, he might be able to return to the base's data room to do some more reading if they happened to have anything that wasn't in a public library. He idly stood by and watched as Ice Storm fiddled with the buttons on the console, trying to figure out what exactly those buttons did. As much as he'd like to ask, Ice Storm looked to be busy writing a couple of letters and sending them away, with the first answer arriving quickly enough in a flash of familiar, magenta magic. The same shade as the purple princess's was when she used it to show him pictures of two different artifacts and the giving of what Sombra guessed was a reward: the staff. His ear turned towards the sound of an unfamiliar voice emanating from the crystal on the console, and Sombra was fascinated by the means of communication. "Well, then, I should be off on my way myself. I intend to get there as soon as possible," Sombra replied, heading off towards the door. __ Elsewhere, a certain moon princess was briefly startled by the arrival of a letter, one that she recognized from a pony who she hadn't spoken to in some time. With all that had gone on and the wrapping up of whatever she had left as princess, she'd been busy. Luna unrolled the scroll and read Ice Storm's familiar writing, her brow furrowing. It was unexpected that the next pony King Sombra went to about the Hou Shuren situation was Ice Storm.. Luna didn't really know what angle Sombra had with doing any of this, if there was any angle at all; she would remain wary of him, after what she knew of him and his past role as tyrant. It appeared that Ice Storm wanted her to join her to a trip to Neighpon, regarding Hou and the stolen Remembrance Stone. Luna remembered that particular little meeting in the throne room well enough. She was quick to grab a quill and parchment to write her own answer, which she sent on its way in a flash of moonlight.
  7. As terrible as Sombra knew the situation was, mainly for Mythic, he couldn't help feel some level of old pleasure to know at least somepony was still afraid of him. While most citizens in this kingdom were known to take a fright upon seeing him or keep a wide berth, none really trembled at his hooves unless they were of a particularly spineless or easily frightened sort since they weren't used to much interrupting their otherwise idyllic lives. Nothing like him. Others, for some odd reason, hardly gave him a second glance or so much as blinked at his presence, which he found to be sorely disappointing. The pegasus fluttering about above them was certainly one of them, as was Ice Storm. He supposed being 'one of them' lessened whatever effect he might otherwise have, as if he were tamed or now harmless. The promise given to Mythic Vision by the pegasus mare that was soon introduced to him as Feather Blitz was enough to draw a low, rumbling chuckle out of the umbrum. Protect her. Well, maybe from others, but not for him if he was ever given to cause mayhem.. As it stood, he wouldn't. STAR was going to become of some use to him and he'd rather not ruin what would be a nice source of information for him. Hou had her own informants, Sombra knew, although who they were were a mystery to him. STAR would be his, as well as any sort of help that he might deign to use when he needed it. It wasn't hard for Sombra to peek over Ice Storm's back a little as Mythic stammered out her answers and her want to get to know him better later. Well, perhaps after she got over her initial fright of him and however he must look to her (an empty void? a mass of shifting darkness?) she might just have that chance. He wouldn't mind talking to her later if she actually wanted to. "See you later," Sombra replied, watching the mare scramble out of the data room. His gaze returned to the other two mares once Mythic was out of sight. His expression was clear with his unspoken question: what now?
  8. The mare's terror was already palpable, and he could feel it just pouring out of her in waves as she faced him (with her visible blindness he couldn't exactly call it looking). This pony was terrified, and if he were to give in and feed off of that fear after so long only stealing scraps from ponies he might have inadvertently scared, it would be a feast- but she might also see or sense it and it'd only make the situation worse. It was the sight of those tears that kept him from it, at least before Ice Storm moved to place her body between him and the one she introduced as Mythic Vision. It was quite a name, and for somepony who could apparently see through her sense of magic. No wonder she was so terrified of him.. "Does she see what I really am, then?" Sombra quietly asked, his voice like velvet. He felt it was best to reign in his brief little flare of anger, because he was sure the mare would just break from her fear of him. It was good that he had the form of a pony, then, he'd read about old accounts of the crystal ponies first encounter with umbrum and how they were said to be terrifying to behold.. Even now, he hated to feel that sort of shame towards his existence. He was snapped out of his thoughts by arrival from another who dropped down from somewhere above, and it startled him a bit; Sombra thought they were alone in here. The pegasus, whose name he hadn't gotten yet, looked quick to zip off to no doubt fetch somepony else and it was either for the situation at hoof or perhaps to have something done about the broken glass. Sombra made a note to figure out who they were. At the moment, Mythic was stammering and struggling just to speak in his presence, and he got to hear a few apologies in the midst of it. Not his fault. Well, that was.. a first. Nopony ever admitted that what he was wasn't his fault. He relented, settling back into a more relaxed posture. He'd try to take it easy on the poor pony and not scare them any more than he had. "It's not a problem, now." He paused, licking his lips as he sought to think of something more to say. Ice Storm already said a lot of it. "I'm not here to hurt anypony, as long as they don't try to hurt me." His gaze flicked up towards the pegasus again. "I don't think we need any help, although she might," Sombra answered, gesturing towards Mythic.
  9. The soft and distant sound of the door to the library opening drew some of Sombra's attention in the brief lull in conversation, and one ear turned in hopes of catching anything else of interest. It was most likely one of the ponies in this base coming in to do some work, or research.. Just knowing that ponies might live and work here left Sombra feeling strangely alien in this place even though it was Ice Storm herself who'd invited him and others into this organization. He just wasn't used to being a part of anything, and as he hadn't really done anything in or for STAR, he wasn't sure how much a part of it he was; it wasn't as if he was the kind of pony one would contact. His thoughts came to a halt to better focus on the hoofsteps, noting that they were coming this way. It wasn't much longer before the pony themself rounded the corner and the crystalline sound of shattered glass punctuated the beginning of an apology. Sombra's eye twitched and he eyed the stranger, a brightly colored mare with an unusual look to her eyes that made him wonder if she was blind. If she was, it didn't explain why she reacted the way she had saying things like that.. and it... It was language that he was familiar with from his time in the empire, when fellow orphans and certain crystal ponies referred to him as if he was a thing, and not a pony like them. To a very small extent, they were right in that he wasn't a pony, but they didn't know that.. To hear that sort of language again here and now was enough to stir some of that old anger that only masked a distant hurt. His lips peeled back from his sharp teeth and a brief, soft growl rumbled up his throat. "I'm not a thing, you know." His voice was a deep, rumbling baritone and it was edged with frustration. "I have every right to be here as anypony else."
  10. Sombra made a noise in his throat, pondering it. "It could easily be whoever created it is its owner, although who that is we don't know. Hou definitely will if she's figured out how it works and got a look into those memories." He frowned and tore his eyes away from the book to look up at Ice Storm. He rumbled softly. "An airship? I think I've seen a few of those at the docks in Canterlot. If you think it'll be the quickest path to Saddle Arabia, then an airship it is. It'll have to come with a pilot because I've never been on an airship much less steered one. Hell, I haven't even been on so much as a boat." He wouldn't set hoof on a normal boat either, knowing how easy they were bound to tip over. All his time living in the Empire and he never once learned to swim or had a chance to. There were a couple of small lakes within the Empire's borders, but he never had a reason to actually go anywhere near them. As for the battleship, he was curious about what that entailed and if it was an airship too. It had to be, if Ice Storm mentioned not wanting to use it just to go to Neighpon. "I can imagine," Sombra replied a little dryly. "I'm sure I'll eventually get to see it in action if I survive dealing with Hou in Saddle Arabia." He doubted he would fall so easily, but Hou had made it very clear how she'd gotten by and gotten so powerful over the centuries and that involved souls. He knew as much after her threat before their fight really got started- she would've consumed his if he hadn't annoyed her so much that she lost her appetite. He quietly scoffed to himself, remembering a thought he had during that meeting. Disregarding that, Sombra was left unsure what to do next if Ice Storm was going to have an air ship prepared for him to head to Saddle Arabia. He looked to her, quizzical.
  11. Under any other circumstance, Sombra would've liked to have simply sat down and read through some of these books at his leisure to learn more. It was too bad that he had the annoyance of Hou Shuren's existence to deal with. A soft sigh escaped him as he shoved the next book he peeked at back in its slot and turned to Ice upon hearing that aha! of triumph when she found something of use, and he was quick to make his way over. It sounded like she found some information, albeit.. vague. "For it possibly being Hou's invention, I doubt that. I'm ancient as creatures go and it's not as if I made any old powerful magical objects." Sombra snorted. "Besides, the Remembrance Stone would be useless to her if she made it and it contained her memories. The only reason she might have wanted to steal it back was to keep anypony else from seeing her memories and discerning any of her weaknesses. If she's gone to Saddle Arabia I'm sure it's for one of her nefarious reasons. Whether or not it has anything to do with the Stone remains to be seen. Who knows what else she's gotten her hooves on?" Sombra peered at the book. "If the Stone can alter or implant memories, then its even more dangerous in her hooves. She could twist anypony into some simpering, loyal pawn to do whatever she wants with its powers. Just like using mind-control magic, although how permanent it could be I dread to know." He huffed and sat down, frustrated. "I don't know. I'm sure if I head to Saddle Arabia as soon as possible I might have a chance of gathering some information. Tongue Twister might be able to fill me in on any observations she makes once I find her, provided Hou hadn't spotted her and crushed her on sight. Speaking of, what means would allow me to get there quickly? Teleporting is already out of the question since it would take far too much power to go that distance, and I'm sure even any gateway would take a lot of magic."
  12. Sombra'll be late to the party/I might not be posting in just yet. He'll definitely be on Hou's heels eventually though, :B
  13. "I'm sure that once you're in Neighpon and manage to find any sort of information about her, what she gets up to there, her history, anything that she's done, or even where she lived, you can send me a letter. Anything will be useful when it comes to dealing with her, if it'll give us any idea what she could be after or up to," Sombra replied, glancing over at the mare as she joined him up at the bookshelves. "Although I doubt she's doing it for any of the usual selfish reasons like some lost or sick family member. I doubt she even has so much as a boyfriend or a husband." Sombra snorted derisively as he moved along the shelf, tilting books out to look at their titles and covers without having to tilt his head just to read their spines. There had to be something here, even so much as a tome on ancient artifacts or magical items. He'd seen the picture of the Remembrance Stone, so he at least had something visual to go off of if anything happened to contain an illustration on it if there was anything at all, even so much as a few descriptive lines. He nibbled on his lower lip for a moment. "The purple princess.. Twilight, was it? She told me what the Stone does. She said that whoever holds it can see the memories of who it belonged to, and that it had other abilities but none that anypony has managed to figure out. Since Hou isn't in Equestria I can only guess it's nopony there whose memories she might have seen in it. I would've thought perhaps Celestia, but.. apparently not, unless there's something else she's going after in Saddle Arabia." Sombra frowned at the bookshelves, as if he was disappointed in them for not giving him what he sought. "I think that the Stone is still dangerous in her hooves. We don't even know who it originally belonged to, whose memories it could be. That would give her too much information."
  14. The stallion merely grunted. If elevators were used for that, then he supposed that they had a use. He'd just rather avoid them if he could help it because of how strange he found them. He was quiet up until they finally reached their destination and his eyes went to the shelves of books spanning the walls and in rows. "Actually, I never mentioned where I came across her. I only mentioned I was in Canterlot to tell the royal sisters about her," Sombra corrected. "Where I actually fought Hou was in the Whitetail Woods during whatever was going on in Central Equestria at the time that was causing ponies to migrate towards Central Equestria. I only vaguely recall the reason, but I do remember seeing some great blast of rainbow light in the sky afterward. I don't exactly know when Hou stole from Canterlot's vaults, but it was certainly before she decided to come after me for her to have mentioned it." He eyed the console as Ice Storm pressed a few of the buttons on it, and the change in the lighting drew his eye to a section of books that was now lit up. It looked useful, and it at least narrowed down their search a little. "I don't really know her that well myself. We met once or.. possibly twice? back when I still had the empire under my control." There were vague memories of a warning she gave him, something dredged up by Hou's comment that came to him after their fight when he had time to think over every moment of their interaction for clues. Sombra headed towards the lit up sections of books and started to peruse them, intent on finding anything of interest. "You can go to Neighpon. I would rather head to Saddle Arabia as soon as possible so I can see what she's up to there and make sure Tongue Twister isn't going to get into any trouble with her. Any more than she has before."
  15. Sombra made a face at her explanation and gestured vaguely in the direction of the elevators. "You do know stairs can exist," he pointed out. There was no need for magic if a pony could simply walk up the stairs, although he knew well enough why such a cursed contraption as an elevator existed with buildings as tall as these. Ponies would complain about being tired. He snorted, his nostrils flaring. He hesitated at the door to the second elevator and finally stepped on, turning to face the door and pressing his shoulder to the wall as the elevator began to drop. Somehow he could feel that it was moving a lot faster than the other one, and the sensation was more eerie going down than it was going up, like his organs might've wanted to go after his spine. He wanted to close his eyes even though there was nothing that he even had to avoid looking at. Sombra glanced over at Ice Storm and the letter that she pulled forth, and a short one at that. His magic was quick to pluck it from her grip to scan, his heavy brows furrowing. "Saddle Arabia? Is that where she is?" There had certainly been plenty of time for Hou to move around while he was piddling about in Canterlot. He recognized the other name on the letter, Tongue Twister. The mare he met when he was fighting Hou back in the forest, and from the look of it she was either in trouble or about to be in trouble with the sorceress if she spotted Hou. His snout wrinkled and he looked up as the elevator finally came to a halt, just as disconcerting as before. Sombra made his way off after Ice Storm, flicking an ear towards the acknowledging shout. "I don't have a clue why she's in Saddle Arabia. A few weeks ago I spoke with the.. purple princess and we managed to figure out what Hou stole from Canterlot's vaults. Something called a Remembrance Stone. Hou mentioned stealing something and I had to investigate even if it meant dealing with the royal sisters, if only to be a thorn in Hou's side for engaging me in a fight over some perceived notion of hers." Sombra looked down at the letter again before he offered it back to Ice Storm.
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