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  1. The king chose to be careful, considering the crowd of ponies that was steadily beginning to thin as they ran away from the stage just ahead of him. He wasn't quite sure how to handle the shadowy felines otherwise, but at least he could manage something to rid himself of their presence. His tail lashed behind him as he looked around, scouring the area for any sign of Hou or what sort of disguise that she might choose to take to elude him. This was likely all just a big distraction to get her further away from him, to hold him and Tongue Twister up for a little while.. Even in his disguise, the use of this magic would have given him away to her if she was still around to observe him. Overhead came the metallic creak of something moving, and Sombra got a glimpse of it before it fell his way: it was one of the stage lights, and he threw himself out of the way of it as it came crashing down. He deftly landed on his hooves, his eyes already up and searching the stage by the time that white blade came whizzing by, slashing a cut into his shoulder. Sombra hissed at the sting and started off again to keep himself moving just in case any more came; he only considered a quick, momentary thought about what could have possibly been on the blade. He at least knew it had come from somewhere from the stage itself- somewhere up high, perhaps, judging by how the stage light had toppled. It could have simply been a result of the mayhem, but Sombra wasn't willing to consider it coincidence. The shadows cast by the upper part of the stage's supports began to writhe when he focused his magic upon them, and exerted power to start trying to tear it apart. He wanted to draw out Hou one way or another- either her or her meddling lackey.
  2. It felt like it was about time that they finally caught up to where Hou Shuren must be, if not close to it. It looked to be a busy day when they'd arrived, with something going on further on. A stage, perhaps some sort of performance. Sombra had little idea of what it was and he hadn't had a chance to really investigate further before Tongue Twister had simply.. frozen up. Without much of an idea of what was happening, beyond traces of Hou's magic upon something- perhaps the darkness that she unleashed upon Tongue Twister back at their fateful reunion- Sombra tried to see what he could do about it, dark magic curling around his disguise's horn under the hood of his white garb before his attention was pulled away by the mayhem that erupted. Dark, feline shapes, and the screams and hoof-beats of fleeing ponies. He sucked in a breath through his teeth in a hiss and shifted his focus onto those nearest him, intent on trying to blast away any that might have tried to threaten him and Tongue Twister- who seemed to finally come to her senses, if not just simply released now that whatever damage was done, already off to help somepony in need. It figured that Hou would pull something like this, to slow them down a little more. His tail lashed and he moved ahead towards the stage, where most of them seemed to have originated from, keeping any magical retaliations against the shadowy beasts to simple shots of magic. He didn't want to alarm anypony by pulling off anything else than he already was- they were already panicked enough. Somewhere ahead, he thought he could hear a mare screaming in the mayhem.
  3. I think if or when the only thread I'm in wraps up or dries out, I'm just going to quit this website. I can't seem to get anywhere with anything and I've just not been feeling like trying to get any rp here anymore. I'm moving next month anyway so I doubt I'd be around much to bother.

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      Sorry to see you go, but in any case, best of luck in the future!

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      Godspeed to you <3

  4. Its kind of hard to figure out exactly how far behind they're meant to be, but if you want to go ahead and say they're in Saddlon already or whatever that's fine lmao. I haven't exactly been given any exact structure or passage of time to work with and no one's told me this so. I've also not been pm'd or had the last one I sent to you answered anyway.
  5. The king rumbled softly at how much closer that they were getting to Hou Shuren. Just a day or so away.. If she was kept busy in such a vast library like what Tongue Twister hinted to, then they might be able to catch up sooner. Might even get to be nipping at Hou Shuren's heels soon enough, if they weren't tripped up by whatever flimsy attempt at barriers that the sorceress was going to try to erect against him. His tail flicked and Sombra looked down at his long, grey legs as he walked. It would be best that he took a disguise, and it might even be smart enough to go with the form of a mare; the ones looking for him wouldn't be expecting that. A couple of colorful, pastel Equestrian mares breezing in through town wouldn't be as suspicious as any description of a mare and a stallion would be, the latter's height excluded. He would quietly work on a disguise during the remaining hour they had before they reached the next town, and by the time that they had he would be nothing more than an average-sized mare of pastel colors; pale blue coat and a mane with a gradient from pink to pale orange down a shoulder-length mane of curls. Teal eyes peered out from underneath the white hood of the clothes that were still kept in place, merely altered to match this mare's form. Sombra had spent the time quietly muttering to himself to test out a voice for his disguise, altering his spell until he had something he thought was fitting enough, but for the most part he was silent by the time they strode into town among the square, tan buildings. It was a dull little town, expected of something sitting out in a desert.
  6. Sombra fell into a brooding silence throughout a chunk of their journey, with a few wandering thoughts here and there about what Hou might actually be up to here. There wasn't much more he could wonder that he hadn't already asked others and himself, and it felt like too much of a continual, circular distraction to keep worrying away at it with questions. When Tongue Twister spoke up eventually to ask her own questions, he gave her some of his attention through turning an ear her way. Sombra doubted that there were other, connected items to the Remembrance Stone, but he couldn't entirely dismiss it as a possibility despite those abilities already being speculated on for the Stone itself. He chose not to say anything on the matter only because he didn't want to fall into a conversation involving more thoughts and speculations again. He let Tongue Twister mutter to herself while he surveyed the sandy desert around them up until her exclamation grabbed his attention, drawing it towards a sign he hadn't noticed while he was lost in his own thoughts. The king stopped and stepped back to stare at the wanted poster, which had not only a bounty on him, but a crude drawing of his appearance on it. No doubt taken from whatever descriptions existed of him from Equestria- he doubted they had any actual pictures of him. "It figures Hou would try something so petty as this," Sombra grumbled. "As if she thinks I'm incapable of just making a disguise for myself with magic." The umbrum rolled his eyes and shook his head in disdain. "I never bothered with one before since I usually kept away from ponies and hadn't had much of a need to, at least up until that nonsense with whatever Discord-made fake that he made to attack Canterlot." Sombra sighed softly through his nose, a flicker of his dark magic curling up around his horn in a thoughtful way. "How close are we to civilization if there's a sign here? I think I can make us some disguises if need be."
  7. Sombra became aware of a second presence of magic, and he knew it to be whoever Hou Shuren's companion was. He would definitely make a note of it, even as he dug his heels into the sand and pushed back against the combined resistance before.. the magic disappeared entirely, and that eerie feeling of being watched vanished. The king blinked, entirely caught by surprise. What had that been about? Maybe Hou's companion was making a foolish show of keeping their scry open, only for Hou to decide it was a waste of time now that he was aware of them, and ended it? He could think of no other possibility, because his magic certainly hadn't broken the link- that was something he would've felt. His magic roiled around his curved horn for a few minutes longer before he let it fade, his lips twisted in a frown that spoke much of his annoyance. And here he thought he could have had a chance to spite Hou. Maybe the next time they had to deal with this, he could especially tell her companion to stay out of it. His tail lashed behind him and he grunted, giving Tongue Twister a glance that conveyed how he felt about what just happened. "They've stopped for now. Let's move on, shall we?" Sombra gave himself a shake and started off, grumbling under his breath before he thought to return to the conversation he and Tongue Twister were having previously. "As far as I'm aware, I'm not a projection from some dimension. I was still very much present throughout my loss of body, and even during my banishment at that." He gestured with his head in an equivalent to a shrug while he walked, at ease for the moment. He'd fall silent, mulling over that vague encounter on their way deeper into the desert. He had a feeling he'd felt that other magic before.. but he couldn't be entirely sure of it yet. There had been Magnus, and then of course there had been Dox, and that particular meeting hadn't gone anywhere. Maybe the next time some creature came to him asking to learn magic, he would simply turn them down instead of giving away any sort of information.. especially when they were connected to Hou. He would remain in a sour silence, unless there were any other snippets of conversation to engage in with Tongue Twister.
  8. Sorry I was a little unclear and rambly. I think what you suggested sounds good for a start. I was just pondering if I should app other characters just because/in case lol.
  9. I think those sound pretty fun, aaa. I know I have a few other characters for w/e too that I haven't apped yet/just haven't found a purpose for them. So that's probably a good starting place as any.
  10. Sounds fun. I unfortunately lack any ideas for what to do, I just have characters to use. 😅
  11. I'd make a new thread but I honestly don't feel like it so uhh bumping this again.
  12. The king twitched an ear towards his companion as they headed out, leaving the scattered buildings and stalls of the little town for sprawling desert hills of sand and not a single tree in sight. Something was beginning to prickle up his spine, a feeling that he couldn't quite name while some of his focus was on what Tongue Twister had to say about immortality. "The Crystal Heart.. I thought it destroyed me, and yet here I am. Either it failed to do its job well enough, or.. it can't kill me. I'm not sure what could at this point if it couldn't," Sombra mused, tilting his head to fix Tongue Twister with one sharp red eye, the pupil a mere vertical slit against the sunlight here. "There's a lot I don't know about being umbrum." He turned away, his mouth set in a thoughtful line. "The river we'll be able to cross easily, and we won't necessarily need to find a bridge when I could simply make one. It would cut off some time searching for one or making a lengthy, unnecessary detour." Sombra flicked his tail, as if swatting at a fly that wasn't there- or perhaps it was, in a sense. The feeling was only stronger now, and it wasn't put into words until Tongue Twister spoke it aloud after he caught her staring at a peculiar crystal. His dark brows furrowed. "Figures," he grumbled, glancing up and around. His nostrils flared when he snorted, mildly annoyed, and a faint spark of dark magic started up around his horn, black fizzling in the depths of green and purple hues. "I bet I know exactly who is watching, and perhaps even listening in." His magic flared testily for a moment before he worked on focusing it. He knew a few things, even that which he came up himself, and he wondered if he could still manage to disrupt such magic. The princesses hadn't been able to spy on him, much less anypony else, while he ruled the Crystal Empire; he'd been unstable and quite paranoid then, with his curses, spells, and traps that made the castle such a hard thing to navigate for anypony that wasn't him unless he let them. He was going to try to now, just to spite her, and all without breaking his long stride. "If she's spying, then I'm sure she already knows I'm coming for her."
  13. "I remember her saying that," Sombra replied with a soft grumble in his voice. "She intends to live forever from the sound of it. Personally I don't think any mortal born creatures should live past their natural expiration. Who knows what madness she might fall to." The king heaved a soft sigh and left one ear tilted towards Tongue Twister as he looked around at their surroundings, his expression set in a thoughtful scowl while the mare talked. "I never believed in gods. The closest we might have to them would probably be the royal sisters, and even then they might still be able to be slain. Nothing has managed to do so, so far, so we'll never know until it happens." His eyes narrowed in thought. That was something he certainly tried when fighting them for the Crystal Empire, but they were alicorns, not ponies, and they were rather tough. Princess Luna was more of the skilled fighter of the two, while Celestia relied more on her magic; he recalled she'd somewhat kept her distance from him in the middle of it. Up until the end, anyway, when they combined their magic against him. Sombra glanced over at Tongue Twister and her map, pulling himself out his memories. "Due south?" he repeated. "Well, I think the only thing I have to say is 'lead the way.' I'd prefer to get going."
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