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    oh okay. Was it the part about the styles? And stuff? I read that.
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    I hope you aren't to filled up-i have literally no reference for my oc but a description. I need one as a reference for my oc. If you have spaces left i would really appreciate it i suck at digital stuff. Let me know if you can and i can give a description.
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  8. Role play Type: Semi to literate Name: Pecan Sweets Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Blue Coat: Orange Mane/Tail: Solid brown with blonde highlights Physique: She is not muscular but she is not wimpy either she works hard. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: She works with her family on a Pecan farm and travels making cupcakes. Cutie Mark: She has a pecan cupcake as a cutie mark. Unique Traits: making sweets from pecans --- Strengths: --- • She is hopeful and full of confidence. • She is hard working and motivated to do her best. • She tends to lean more towards emotion than logic, So mostly she follows her heart. --- Weaknesses: --- • She is shy toward other ponies mainly that she is in love with or has never met. • She lacks book knowledge being forced to work on the Pecan farm at a young age. • She can be slightly clumsy. History: Very Brief: --- She was born on a Pecan farm living with Grandma Pecan Pie and Grandpa Pecan Spice. Grandma Pecan Pie taught Pecan Sweets all she knows which is how She became such a great cupcake cook but they her family is rivals of the Apple's like the Pear's use to be. Pecan sweets as a crush on Braeburn when she laid eyes on him in a county fair sell one day. It started on a trip to Appoloosa as she was setting up her booth for the fair to make a family profit. The sell was going great she had lots of customers til the Apple's cider booth was placed right across from her's. Grandma Pecan Pie had came along with her and it ruffled the old ladies feathers. Grandma Pecan Pie was super competitive she started talking sale prices wanting ponies to come to her stall. Pecan Sweets became uncomfortable and the first chance she had she slipped out of the booth. It was not the first time she had to slip away because of her Grandparents. They were the extremely the competitive type but she of course she wasn't. She was not loud and obnoxious like her other Pecan family member's and for that reason she felt like she was the only one who was shy and reserved. While she was thinking to herself she bumped into Braeburn the blonde Apple cousin. Which to be quite honest she didn't even know he was an Apple not like she cared she hated those country bumpkin feuds. -----cliff hanger---- Character Personality: Pecan sweets is gentle caring, shy, generous with a loving nature for others. She loves other ponies but is shy to talk to them. --- Likes: --- • Eating pecans • Outdoors activities like hiking • Warm summers when her pecans grow. • Watching the clouds. • She likes the color green • She likes butterflies. • Honesty • Square Dancing. --- Dislikes: --- • Cold weather/winter • Singing/super stage fright • Spiders • The family rivalries Character Summary: She is a hopeless lover watching crushes from the side lines trying to be hopeful or noticed. she is a hard worker who wants success in her life.
  9. hey guys nice to be here!

    heya guys. so lets see you want to know about me. I hope I get all that you want to know! probably some you would find on my bio. so my names Abbie- unusable name? lol I think not. I am about to graduate this may woop woop! I am a devian. i found this site by googling mlp rp well how convient right. my favorite pony is Rainbow dash-because shes in the older mlp and in this one and is in my opinion most developed stable character. she has her up and downs, you see her parents. yada yada. um...i am not the BIGGGest mlp fan but i like mlp. i found out mlp since i was little when i got my first mlp toy which was a unicorn in ice skates freakin awesome to get at 5 years old. am i right ya'll? i am from down south in the USA not gonna say exactly where. i like the color blue and i like Clemson tigers. so boo game cocks. well i am not good at memorizing points you wanted me to talk about but i hope i got enough for you guys to go on. or you can ask "appropriate" ones i can answer.
  10. New and having a blast. Can't wait to start roleplaying with the Canterlot crew.

    shout out to the leaders who made this website it sure rocks. :)


    1. GigiThePug


      YAY! Welcome to canterlot! If you need any roleplaying help or buddies, i'm right here!