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  1. hello need rp

    I would love to help Stratus Star Gender-Female/ Species-Hipposeasus/Age-Young Adult
  2. Hiya~

    Speaking of hybrids im one I'm a hipposeasus a hippogriff, seapony, pegasus hybrid and i was wondering do you want to roleplay
  3. Stratus Star (Me)

    Heya Everybody, my name is Stratus Star I'm a hipposeasus aka a hippogriff+seapony+pegasus confusing I know but so are my other friends Amber, Catrine De Magic, Minty, Water Pastel, Mothy, Paradox, Shadow, Batter Up, and Lilac there's so much more about me you need to know but I don't think I can explain it all in one note BTW more about me and my friends coming soon. BYE!!!!
  4. My Intro