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  1. szalhi

    Changeling Origins.

    This was brought to me over the question: Why do the changelings feed off of emotions and stuff? The original deceptive predatory nature of the Changeling seemed pointless when the Changelings could have just integrated themselves with the pony society. It's such predatory nature that is the reason why they were feared by ponies in the first place. Changelings weren't always, well, Changelings. They were originally known as "Love Bugs," living in conjunction with the ponies. They looked kind of similar to modern Changelings, but without the transformation magic. The appearance of themselves was based upon the reigning monarch of the time. This metamorphosis is reflected in the show when the changeling's change to Thorax's new scheme. Chrysalis came to power prematurely when the previous queen died of an unknown ailment. Chrysalis was not ready to take over the throne, she was still going through a bit of a rebellious phase. Her appearance was considered by herself to be radical and cool, a feat achieved by her development of disguise magic. She did not see anything scary about it. When she took over, this appearance was forced upon the Love Bugs. The ponies feared these Love Bugs, they did not look cute and cuddly as before, in fact, as far as some ponies were concerned, they were a separate species altogether, they might have gotten rid of the Love Bugs. Chrysalis did not understand this, what was quite so wrong with their current appearance? Apparently, ponies did not share her opinions, but rather than change their appearance, she spread the Transformation magic upon the hive. It would now be standard practice to change their appearance around others, while deep down their appearance was still the same. They were now proper Changelings. And Chrysalis was pleased. Of course, Changelings weren't perfect, and some of their disguises slipped through. The changelings were discovered, and that made their lives harder. Chrysalis was too stubborn to change themselves. Of course, how could they go back to being Love Bugs anyway, how would anypony believe that? AS far as she was concerned that would never work and she hated it.
  2. Oh boy, look at all those notifications. I want to get back into RP here, but it's kind of risky considering the RP I do elsewhere.

  3. I swear I'm still here guys.

  4. "Nine or eight, can't decide exactly. At first glance, one might say it is lower. They say that ponies don't need to use their magic, and at first glance, that might be true, but passive magic has played a lot into how society is shaped," Tranquility answered. "From Earth ponies being able to farm better to Pegasi controlling the whether, and unicorns even with simple telekinetic accuracy. For some ponies it might not be as bad as others at first, but everyone is connected, and there will be collateral consequences if magic is removed." "The two instances of magic withdrawal within recent history are key examples of this, even if one was more explicitly worse than the other. When Tirek came and took everypony's magic, well, I wasn't sure how we were going to survive for much longer. It may not have lasted long, but it felt so much longer to us, our communication was basically just extrapolation from each other with insight," Placidity added on. "And well, when you combine the lack of weather control with bad agricultural control, the environment is going to change, and it might change faster than some can adapt to it. We would be a part of that group, without our literal psionics, and dwindling resources." "So really, we're not sure if we're answering this entirely properly. If one average pony just stopped having magic all of a sudden, the chances of total devastation for their life would be low, more like a score of 4, but if everypony lost their magic, well, let's be glad we're not complete magical entities," Tranquility finished off. "That would be a ten on the scale right there if we were."
  5. geez, this one. I don't think I'll ever get back to it. Blame D&D for that.
  6. "Patient's magic doesn't matter that much normally, but one thing that it does affect is psionic resistance," Tranquility expressed. "Sometimes patients prefer it when we develop a telepathic link to communicate rather than audible, makes it easier for them to express themselves. But of course, they are unaware of their own resistance. In most cases it doesn't matter at all, but I fear the case that a super magical pony comes to us for help and wants that, adds a bit of extra complication. Luckily I don't expect Starlight Glimmer around here anytime soon." Starlight was basically the strongest magic user in Ponyville, why they didn't want to discriminate against an appointment with her, they'd be better off not knowing the consequences. "We've yet to really meet anypony with some significant psionic power. Starlight Glimmer is the closest, but that seems to be offhoof random spells and such, I don't think she has much focus, maybe we should ask her?" Wow, there's a lot of talk about Starlight here, Placidity realised, but it makes sense because they're talking about magic. "Oh, of course, maybe we should drag her here sometime. If only she wasn't so seemingly busy. Maybe it would be faster for you to go to her." "Indeed, after Her Majesty's ascension, that basically left her as the high mage here," Tranquility commented, before blinking as she realised. "It seems we've kind of run out of things to say here if we're talking about other sources. Not sure what else we can help you on, unless you want a full course on psionics?"
  7. "If we had the extra time to dedicate to learning magic, than I believe we could better ourselves in such illusion magic. Really, it's more that we don't really need to do it a lot, so there's quite a bit of skill decay," Tranquility explained. She would cast the spell again. This time, it working perfectly in appearance. "Yeah, skill decay, definitely. We've done this before. As amusing as it is, it's not very practical right now." She would quickly drop it. "As for teleportation, well, I'm not sure how long that's going to take us. Even if we do learn it to a degree, at what point will the distance become actually useful? It's more of a side agenda really," Placidity added on. "I'm not sure whether we would learn it on our own, or from someone else. The majority of our magic skill comes from ourselves, natural talent, trial and error." "Though, teleporting ourselves vs teleporting other things, there are many variables, I'm not quite sure to say what's easier. When you're teleporting something else, your perception stays the same, but when you're teleporting yourself, you've got your own calibrations," Tranquility rambled. If somepony wasn't quite paying attention, it would kind of seem as if it was just one pony saying everything. "Actually, in that case we could try teleporting each other and work towards teleporting ourselves, because we're so familiar. I feel so intuitive right now." Though the voice expressed joy, her physical emotions were as stable as they were before. Placidity smiled towards her sister. "Yes, we will have to try that one day, if we get around to it. I wonder what the longest of our range would be. It won't be quite as long as our psionic range of course, but if we can make it to Canterlot easily, than I'd say that's fantastic enough."
  8. Tranquility would float her own drink up. Standard it would seem, no reason why it should feel special, considering there was no mention of such from the unicorn. Looking over to the parchment, she questioned whether or not the unicorn would be able to capture all of the information that they were willing to give to them. "If you mean can we alter others minds directly, than yes, we kind of can. It's a sensitive process though and we try to focus on the classic methods of fixing ones issues. We generally do not want to perform the task without medical approval from a proper psychiatrist, as we are not medical doctors, most ponies get the two mixed up when they're not quite the same, though, I have considered using the free time we have recently to rectify that." She would drink during the explanation, not intended to show off or anything. "Truth be told, Ponyville isn't entirely in need of two psychologists, the balance is somewhere between, kind of like, 1.5 if such was possible," Placidity added on, assuming Carrot Curls knowledge of Ponyville. "Of course, I would go on more, but you seem to be focused quite heavily on magic. While our skills are mostly psionic based, we still can do other types of magic. Light magic, levitation, all basic stuff, but something that we have been trying to do, is teleportation, maybe with more dedication we could do it. Of course, quite similar to psionics is illusion. If we can project a voice, than we can project an image as well. Nothing physical to conjure though, yet." Her horn would light up and she would cast a spell, turning her appearance similar to her sisters, though there were differences, noticeably her cutie mark had not changed. "More practice is required it would seem, but it is not like we need to use this everyday." Following Placidity's direction, Tranquility would cast the spell herself in basically the reverse function, with the same outliers. "Not sure if this would be quite useful considering we are quite paired." The two of them would drop the magic returning back to normal.
  9. Tranquility felt like she might have heard of Carrot Curls before, but she wasn't quite sure. The mention of ghostwriting might be the explanation for that. In the event that she had heard of such name before, she felt sorry that she forgot, but she didn't want to bring that up now, she would make note to look out for certain books if she had the time. "Pleasure to meet you Carrot Curls," Placidity would greet. "We are foremost, Psychologists, operating mainly out of Ponyville, with clients in Canterlot. It plays into our natural talents, of Psionics. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we've never been able to speak physically at all since birth, so all our speech is magical in nature, it's why it sounds the way it does." "What you're hearing right now, is our projected voices. It is the main method we use for converse with others, generally most don't like the thought of their mind being invaded, something we learned fast in elementary," Tranquility added on. "We are capable of probing into ones mind if it is required, though we will not do so of our own volition. You do not have to worry about your secrets, the effects is quite noticeable if one is cognitive enough." Placidity nodded in agreement with our sister. "So, basically, we use our psionic magic all the time, it's basically become our life now. In fact, with your mental resonance, we wouldn't even need to be in this building to communicate, but it just makes things more normal and easier. But of course, we use other magic too."
  10. It sure was nicer inside than outside. That speaks insight towards the recent arrival of such pony who probably did not have the time to fix up the exterior, though with the seclusion within the forest, was that really necessary? The unicorn twins made their way inside the building, in an outwardly quiet method, one which was not quiet inwardly. During such procedure, one might be able to notice the glow of their horns, though with their natural skills, it is quite faint. "Did you have to say it like that? Not a very good first impression to make if it doesn't represent us," Tranquility inquired over her sister's statement. Though it was quite amusing, she didn't want the Orange unicorn to get the wrong idea. "It'll just be this one time for now. I just thought it would be fun to do, no Noble is going to live out here in the forest," Placidity replied. It was quite clear that they did not have to conform to any noble social standards, though their normal type of external speech could be considered noble enough. "We shall make ourselves comfortable enough, we do not wish to intrude too much." "You're still kind of doing it, but not quite so much," Tranquility informed her sister as she formed herself into a comfortable position. She looked towards the drinks. Standard for this time of day, no alcohol that might jeopardize the purpose of all this. "I'm Tranquility, and this is my sister Placidity. We are here to help you in whatever endeavor it would appear you have."
  11. When Placidity came inside, mentioning the flyer, Tranquility was not sure whether it was even worth for them to go. It wasn't so much that she didn't want to, but more that she felt it more logistical if she didn't and just let some other ponies go. From her sister's recollection, the flyer was kind of vague, and as far as she was aware, that old cabin wasn't just old, but it was kind of abandoned for quite a while, she couldn't entirely remember if she had been there before, but if she had, then she was sure it would be quite rustic. Of course, Placidity managed to somewhat convince her to go. It really helped that Tranquility was extra willing to help another, who she was assuming to be some kind of researcher of sorts. The day was slow, and they had no booked appointments. Maybe if Placidity had gone through with her brief plans to run for mayor, than the slots wouldn't have opened so fast, but she wasn't really willing to go through with it. She was sure there were others that were more likely to be qualified for the job, and she pulled out real fast. That didn't really matter for Tranquility, it just gave her more time to work on her own projects, and moreover, gave them the opportunity to go to the cabin in the first place. "How long exactly has that cabin been abandoned for? Maybe it wasn't quite abandoned as ponies think," Tranquility said to her sister, privately, though if there were anything around to hear, it wouldn't really matter. "From what I've managed to gather from the ponies who didn't seem to want to go... long enough. Not a very good answer I know, but it's what we have," Placidity replied leading the way. "But, I was able to find out basically where it is." "That isn't very certain, but we're lucky this is just Whitetail, and not Everfree, otherwise this would be more of a rescue mission. Of course, I trust you know enough of where to go," Tranquility commented. "Though, in that case, maybe we'd find that one pony that actually knows how to live out there properly." Emphasis on Pony. "Yes, well, if I'm right, than I'd have to say that we're almost there." That was a bit of an understatement. Within ten seconds of Placidity's statement, they had arrived at the cabin. The cabin still looked like it had been around for quite a while, and there were clear signs of natural decay, but it was still clear that somepony lived here. Now of course, were they still there at this very moment? That's what Placidity had to find out. She would knock on the door and switch to her projected voice. She could have casted it inside the house for more clarity, but that would surely freak out whoever was there. Psionics weren't normal, nor was an artificial sounding voice. "Hello to whomever may be there. We have come upon request from such a flyer that was presented in town."
  12. Oh boy, another art for the Loose Collection. If only she could see how great it is.
  13. If you ever want to do art for any of my characters you can, but I'm not going to ask for anything really because I don't know.
  14. Alright, after two months of thinking, I thought of something I really need. Angel Swearing in Bunny sign. Do any of us know Bunny sign? Of course not. But It's the thought that counts.
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