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  1. Done Name: Starstream Dusk Race: Unicorn Appearance: Her mane is a purple, light lavender, a pinkish-purple, and a dark blue. Her coat color is a dark lavender. Her eyes are a mix of minty green and light blue. She is about average in physical strength. Her cutie mark is a Glittering River. Personality: She tries to be the upbeat cheery pony. So basically she tries to be the Class Clown. She jokes her way through conversations, which annoys ponies when the conversation is serious. She doesn't like to be rushed and that stresses her out. She doesn't do very well with leadership positions. Winter Civilian gear: She wears an Aqua Green hat with a neon yellow scarf.
  2. Roleplay Type: WOEName:Starstream Sex: FemaleAge: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye color: Her eye color is a mix of a minty green, and a light blue. Coat: Her coat color is a dark lavenderMane/Tail: Her Hair has many colors including purple, light lavender, a pinkish-purple, and a dark blue. Her mane is styled in a style similar to Rainbow Dash, except for her forehead, is is styled into a slight curl. Her Tail is styled like her mane. Physique: She has a taller build than average ponies, she is also very thin. Residence: Ponyville Occupation: At the moment she doesn't have a job but is currently looking for one. Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark looks like a stream with snowflakes falling in front of it. When she was a filly her parents tried to enroll her in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, but she could barely even do a levitation spell. Years later she was still a blank flank and was feeling pressured by her parents to be good at magic, she ran away. She found her way to a river and sat there. She decided to try to levitate some water. When she was levitating it, it turned to snow, and her cutie mark appeared. Unique Traits: History: Character Personality: Character Summary:
  3. (Thanks for letting me know. I will send in a form/app as soon as possible)
  4. (Is this still open/alive? If so could I possibly join? )
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    Hello, New Person Here!-Kip!

    Thanks for all your help!
  6. So I want to make a character for here. Are there any required forms? Or can I make my own?
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    Hello, New Person Here!-Kip!

    Is there any specific form that I should use?
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    Hello, New Person Here!-Kip!

    Thanks for that information, it will certainly be a great help.
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    Hello, New Person Here!-Kip!

    I'm guessing this place isn't very active .
  10. Hi, everyone, my name is Kip. Anyways, Hi! My nickname means Chicken in Dutch. I love Chickens!🐔 I loved Pinkie Pie's Chicken Costume. Anyways, I found Canterlot when I was looking for ideas for creating a OC form. One of my favorite ponies from the show is Pinkie Pie. Well, that's All Folks!