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  1. Heart Shield continued to pick at the dish which he was given, as he glanced around the room. This pasta dish wasn't all that bad he thought. All tho there might have been an ingredient here and there he wasn't to fond of, but the pegasus just picked around them, Being careful not to stain his mess dress.To be honest with himself Heart shield wasn't much of a pony to prefer being in formal attire, but he had to do it. "Oh, it can be at times, But sometime its nice in a way. Lets you have time to think to yourself, both in good ways and bad." The Gray stallion said softly as he pushed his pony back with one hoof so he didn't get it in his food. "Say, i don't think i have ever gotten a chance to chat with any of your kind before...... Well that is until now." Heart Shield remarked as he glanced over the crowd again as he continued with his meal.
  2. Heart shield settled in his seat as he had company now. Glancing across the room he saw another familiar face enter the crowd. Applejack, He remembered meeting her in the running of the leaves as well she looked a bit different in formal attire , and who was that mare with her he wondered? Turning his attention back to the table once more as the diamond dog an pony got seated, Just as a waiter served his plate of pasta. Taking notice to Princess cadence's excitement in the foreground. What was she all excited about anyway? "Oh, Not at all. Its actually nice to have some company for change" The gray Pegasus softly replied as he picked at his pasta which was sat before him. To be honest there was so many ponies here he wanted to meet, and just couldn't wait to finally meet them. Such as Princess cadence, and Shining Armor. He had seen Shining armor a few times before, but had never gotten to casually talk to him or at all speak to him. Nor had he gotten to see Princess Cadence either. To be honest with himself it was a rather bit lonely being a guard not being able to converse while on duty, or really much go anywhere, But he was rather much excited to go to this party for the opportunity to chat with others he had been around in the guard, but wasn't able to talk to.
  3. Trotting down the hallway. Heart shield strode past each pillar with caution, and nervousness. He wouldn't want some trivial object hidden behind a pillar to spook him, and cause him embarrassment now would he? Especially in front of Somepony such as Sombra. Making his way down the hall a little ways it seemed another intersection in the hallways was just up ahead. This time it seemed the two would have 3 directions in which they could go. The hallway in which they walked continued on past a hallway which branched off to the left and right. Heart shield listened to what Sombra had to say with the flick of a ear in his direction. "Perhaps maybe the Princesses living quarters had there own personal shelf of books?" The stallion mentioned with a curiosity. All tho if that was true Celestia would have surely cleaned out her own living quarters before moving wouldn't she? He thought to himself. Noticing as Sombra strode up alongside of him now. "Oh, Ok, So double doors." Heart simply nodded at the suggestion as he walked along the dark hallways. "With as old as this castle is, Whats to say there isn't anything much left intact, or left at all to find?" He asked a bit curiously Reaching near the intersection in the hallways Heart shield had turned his focus to the two hallways that had branched off from the current one. Rounding the corner of a pillar which stood just at the end of the hallway where the hallway had branched off to the left and right. Suddenly there stood a tall dark figure of a pony in the corner casting a ever dreadful shadow over the Grey Pegasus! Catching just a glimpse of it just out of the corner his eye he suddenly snapped his attention to this dark pony like figure which now loomed over him. With a bit of a surprised gasp he reeled to the side almost into Sombra! Taking a moment to come to his senses he realized the Dark pony was just a statue which stood in the corner of the two hallways as a decoration. Sighing out he stepped back away from Sombra to gaze down each of the hallways trying to pretend like that didn't just happen.
  4. Moving down to the end of the hallway, Heart Shield peered down the hallway that branched off to the left. Staring down the dark corridor with a focused look in his eyes, The stallion felt like the hallway went on for infinity. It obviously had not, But as the hallway stretched on it seemed like it got narrower and darker, as it stretched along. About midways down the hallway one could see another hallway leading off to the left and right. Just from looking at it he assumed the hallway a ways off that went off the left most likely led back to the Great hall, but he wasn't quite sure tho. Glancing back Heart shield looked to see where Sombra had gone. Turning his head around it came to surprise of the gray pegasus when his head almost bumped into Sombra's seeing as he was almost directly over top of him. To be honest he gave a little bit of a surprised jerk before he realized who it was. Ruffling the feathers on his wing a second, Heart shield gave off a embarrassed smile. Stepping away a little to get a little room to breath. "Well who really knows?" Heart shield asked casually. "I'm just assuming, i have no idea how things where back then. I just would have assumed that a Library in such a place would be kept some place where it could be easily guarded from just any pony who would just wander in. It seems to me like a library in a Castle would hold vast knowledge. Who knows tho? Maybe its all mostly common knowledge that is stored there? At least for what it was at the time. Or could it be like the Canterlot Archives of its time?" Heart rambled off as he took a few steps down the long hallway off to the left. Half round pillars stood on either side of the hallways place every so often which helped support the vaulted roof over the hallway. Each pillar jutting out in to the corridor, providing a good place for something to hide behind at every step. Heart shield found that a little unnerving, Walking past every pillar he felt like something was going to jump out at him. His blue eyes glanced around the corner of every pillar as he neared them. Preferring to hang around the middle of the hallway, just in case something did decide to jump out from behind a pillar so he would have time to react. "Well as you wish." Heart Shield simply replied to Sombra's plan.
  5. Heart Shield Glanced around the room as he awaited to be served. His blue eyes roaming around the room watching to see what everypony was doing out of boredom. He hadn't been waiting but a couple of minutes, when one of the hosts approached a table near him, Seeming to show a Stallion, and a diamond dog to their seats near him. Snapping out of his daze, The gray pegasus lowered his hoof that he had propped on his chin, Glancing in the way of the stallion , as he greeted him. "Oh, Good evening to you too. I suppose they do. Its my first time to this" Heart Shield said in an enthusiastic tone. "Its nice to meet you Licorice! I'm private Heart Shield, But you can call me what ever you like." The gray stallion softly smiled returning the greeting, nodding to Sparkles as he introduced him, As He sat up in his chair now focusing his attention on the two know that he had somepony to talk to.
  6. Setting the menu down on the table a Tan colored unicorn approched him bowing, must have been part of the staff he though as he approached. Taking a moment to think the offer over Heart Shield began to respond. "I. Um, I guess I'll try the pasta first?" The gray pegasus answered unsure if he would like it or not. Just then a loud booming voice echoed over the crowd introducing Shining armor, and Cadence. Glancing up he saw them entering from the other side of the room. He had never got a chance to meet them before. Being a Royal guard in Canterlot meant he had heard much about the two. Granted he had seen Shining armor on occasion, but never had he actually get to meet him before. Glancing around the room Heart shield eagerly awaited on his dish of pasta. The gray pegasus had kind of zoned out at his table for a moment as he gazed around the room when suddenly someone shouted 'Fire!' Heart Shield snapped his head up wide eyed for a moment before realizing it was just one of the guest seeing someone they knew. Resting his head on one of his hoofs he lazily glanced around the dance floor with his blue eyes, Absent mindlessly playing with the menu card that laid on the table with his other hoof.
  7. Trotting along, Heart shield glanced around the dark corridors as he followed Sombra. Its dark and damp atmosphere was a rather bit eerie if he could ask himself. At the end of the dark hallway was a door which led to the outside of the Castle, Rays of sun poked through the cracks in the wooden door. Stopping for a moment as Sombra peered into a room within the Hallway. Passing by Sombra the gray pegasus trotted to the end of hallway. The halway took a left at the end, glancing around the corner Heart shield could see sevral more hallways that branched off to left and right. He had to keep his wits about him in here. It would be easy to get lost, especially with the company he was keeping. "You know, Its a shame this place has to go to ruin." Heart Shield commented out loud as he glanced over the dark Castle. Taking a moment to think, Heart Shield wondered where the Library might have been. From his time being a guard in the Castle at Canterlot he figured he might be able to find the Library in here. That is if they kept the same general layout in Canterlot "From my time being in Canterlot Castle, I think the library might be upstairs somewhere, that is if they kept things generally the same in Canterlot as here." The gray stallion idly commented. He cringed at thought of heading upstairs, with the castle crumbling in ruin the way it was. All tho come to think of it. He did have wings, what was worried about?
  8. Glancing around the room with his blue eyes He searched for any pony he might now, Heart Shield spied a table where fellow guard members where dining on the far side of the room. With a awkward growl of his stomach He remembered that he hadn't ate much today in anticipation of the ball. Gently making his way through the crowd the Gray stallion softly walked up to the tables to find a seat. Walking along Heart Shield noticed a Red mare at one of the tables reserved for the guards that looked vaguely familiar, He felt like he had seen her somewhere before. 'Ahh yes, She was in the running of the leaves last year.' The gray pegasus remembered briefly running amongst her during the late stages of the race, which he had joined in lately. 'What was her name again?' Heart shield thought to himself, he wasn't even sure if he had gotten to learn it. Glancing around at the tables it appeared everything was organized and tables where assigned to each member by a little ornate card laying on the table in front of all the chairs. Searching around awkwardly for a moment. The gray Pegasus finally found his table. Pulling the chair back, Heart shield sat down sighing for moment as he finally got to relax. He had spent most of his day on his hooves, and it was finally nice to give his sore hooves and back a rest. Taking a moment to relax he glanced down at the menu which was laid out on the table. Picking it up with his hooves he glanced it over, Looking it over with a odd gesture in his eyes he stumbled over all the items on the menu, He might as well been looking at some ancient script written in some foreign language that he didn't understand. Thankfully for him there was a description of each dish below each name. 'The portabella buc- portabel- Uh how ever you say that looks pretty good' Heart shield said awkwardly to himself. Sitting it back down again he glanced over the room once more. More and more ponies seemed to be piling in. To be honest with himself he wasn't much into formal parties, But he was rather much excited to get to know some ponies.
  9. Heart Shield had been so excited to attend tonight's ball, He was most looking forward to being able to chat with other guard members. Sure he had been around them often enough, but he had never gotten a chance to chat with them. he had thought about it all day while on guard duty. Heart had to work that day but was given off early enough to attend. After the day was done. The gray pegasus trotted swiftly down the streets of Canterlot to his little home. It had been a stressful day but he could now finally relax. Relaxing in his home for awhile awaiting the time to get ready to go. Heart Shield trotted over to his closet, and opening it pulled out his Formal attire for the night. It was the typical guards red dress outfit. Slipping it on, the bright red of the coat stuck out among his dark gray fur. Glancing himself in the mirror for moment he made sure his mane was in his signature ponytail. Trotting downstairs he grabbed his invitation from the table by the door, He couldn't forget that. Sticking it in a pocket of his coat he trotted out the door closing it behind him. Stopping for a moment Heart shield remembered the way to the Royal Grande hotel. Trotting excitedly down the street, He made sure he was careful not to mess up his suit before he got there. It was a little ways walk from his house but he made it soon enough. Stopping for a moment he gazed up at the Grand hotel to take it in. walking in through the main lobby door the gray pegasus glanced around the room. It had appeared there was security watching over tonight's party. Approaching one them he pulled out his invitation, and Identification. After going through registration, Heart shield headed up stairs to the top floor where a orchestra was being played. The rooms atmosphere was warm and soft. There had seemed to be plenty of guests already in attendance for tonight's events. Glancing around Heart shield calmly walked across the floor to take it all in. Glancing across to one side the room, A table was laid out with various types of food displayed in a decorative fashion. Looking around Heart Shield tried to determine if there was anypony he recognized here yet.
  10. Standing for moment at the end of foyer Heart Shield glanced around at the various hallways branching off from the main foyer. "That sounds like a start i guess" Heart softly replied to Sombra's mention. Heart shield had no trouble navigating the Canterlot Castle, but of course this one was completely different from the new one in Canterlot. On top of that it was in ruin making physically navigating the Castle dangerous, Not to mention it was dark enough inside that one could hardly see. Walking towards Sombra as he seemed to have a hallways in mind, Heart Shield followed behind entering the dark hallway on the right nearest the entrance. "At your own pace." The gray Pegasus remarked. "I wouldn't mind doing a little bit of sightseeing myself here. I suppose not many ponies can say they have been here after all." Heart shield thought for a moment. Stopping just inside the dark hallway, Heart shield opened his saddlebag with his wing, and reached around with his head to pull out his lantern. Setting it on the ground before him he lit, before picking it back up and hanging it on the side of saddlebag, so he wouldn't have to carry it with his mouth seeing that he lacked a horn. It wasn't much of a light, but it illuminated a small portion of the hallway around him. The yellow flickering light cast an enlarged shadow of him on the wall beside the gray pegasus.
  11. The old castle doors creaking open with the push, almost like they where going to fall off their hinges, but somehow stayed on. Stepping in Heart Shield glanced around the foyer. There where hallways leading in almost every direction. Up ahead was a grand stairway, or once used to be that lead to the upper parts of castle. To be honest from what he could see the upper levels looked a little sketchy. Trotting down the foyer the gray pegasus glanced down each of the long dark hallways , and then up the stairway. He honestly didn't know where to start, and it seemed all to easy to get lost in the castle with its labyrinth of hallways, and rooms. "So where do you suppose we start?" Heart Shield questioned curiously as he stood at the base of the crumbling stairs. "It looks like it would be all to easy to get lost in this place." He commented looking over all the hallways, before noticing Sombra eyeing up the old banners hanging above the foyer. Taking a glance around the room Heart Shield imagined just how lively this had to be at one point in time.
  12. I guess I'll add my Guard oc if you don't mind He wouldn't mind a little bit of socializing Name: Heart Shield Role: Guard Branch and Rank: Private
  13. Making i through the last of the forest Heart shield trotted into the clearing. The darkness, and shade of the heavy forest gave away to the bright warm sun. Walking for a bit into the clearing Heart glanced around at the scenery, The old castle now stood before the two. dominate over the landscape with its dark and jagged silhouette. Being surrounded by a deep chasm, only bridged by that of an old rope bridge that looked just about as old as the castle itself. Slowing down just before the bridge the gray Pegasus stood for a moment to take it all in. "Wow, I can only just imagine what this place looked like in its prime." Heart said thoughtfully studying the place over. "They weren't?" He asked in a surprised and curious tone at the mention of the Princesses always being royal. After the long walk to the Castle, Heart shield was excited to see what was inside, or see what was left of it anyway. Watching as Sombra teleported across the gorge, Heart shield approached the ledge spreading his wings as he lept to fly over the chasm using his wings to help himself across. With the saddle bags around him, It was a bit of an extra weight but he manged to fly across the gap. Landing front hooves first he folded his wings against his side again. Trotting up the path from the bridge Heart shield climbed the steps leading to the very large main door, before turning to wait on Sombra. Up close now one could see that the castle was being reclaimed by the forest, by its vast overgrowth with its occasional tree growing in the midst of the rubble that laid about.
  14. "No, that is not at all what i meant!" Heart shield tried to explain frantically. 'I meant that if Luna was feeling isolated, Then why did Celestia banish her to the moon to be isolated even more?" He tried to explain his view as clearly as possible. Noticing now that Sombra had been walking right beside him, glaring down at him. Glancing back ahead as he strolled along the path nearing the break in the trees. Heading off the path back into the forest, Sombra quickened his pace. Trotting along, Heart shield tried to keep pace. "What do you mean they have no say?" Heart shield asked surprised. "they are the princesses after all? I'm just a mere guard, while they are the leaders of Equestria!. What say would i have? I just follow as i am ordered." The gray pegasus tried to humble himself, as he explained in between breaths while trying to keep up With Sombra. Looking ahead now through the forest, and the bright blinding light of the sun compared to the dark forest, He could see a glimpse of a jagged structure standing in the midst of the clearing. That had to be the castle! To tell the truth he was rather much eager to see it for himself as well.
  15. Tilting his slightly in wonder when Sombra seemed to stop for a moment. Heart shield could only think to himself as he trotted along listening to Sombra's explanation. He trotted a long in silence for a bit thinking over what all he had heard. Following the river for awhile as it wound through the dark forest, Heart shield finally spoke again. "I just kind of don't understand. If She was feeling alone and isolated. How was a thousand years of even more isolation going to help." The grey Pegasus tried to think logically. As a royal guard heart knew he had no place questioning the princess, but he couldn't help but wonder. "I mean i have no place to ask such questions, being as i am." The Pegasus guard tried to explain. I guess i can't say much, as i was not there." He added. Heart shield had a little bit of surprised look on his face when Sombra mentioned asking Celestia. He knew, or at least thought that asking such questions would get him in trouble, or even worse! After all being a guard meant not questioning the princess. Following the river for awhile more it soon turned away in different direction. Looking ahead one could see a break in the trees a way off in the distance. The sun seemed to make the area glow like that of a beacon in the dark forest. Could that possibly be it?
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