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  1. Episode 1: File Corruption You are entering another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. You are entering... the Sparkle Zone. Picture an advanced spacefaring race; let's call them "humans". These humans are at the forefront of an empire much like our Equestria, but spanning not just one world, but thousands across the entire galaxy. After centuries of research and development, expansion and progress, their technology has reached the point where nopony understands how any of it actually works. Simple errors and malfunctions go unnoticed, slowly building up over time until reaching a form of critical mass and perhaps threatening to destory all that they have accomplished. For months, a scouting craft from the human empire has been surveying our planet Equestria for possible development, gathering data, collecting samples. They know more about us than we know about ourselves. So far, their presence has gone undetected... but a small file corruption in the database, unseen by the crew, has set up a chain of events threatening to end the survey mission altogether, and perhaps bring Equestria down with them. Like a row of dominoes waiting to be pushed, setting off a chain reaction leading to the eventual fall of the last domino, all this file corruption needs is a small push... a push into the Sparkle Zone. Does anypony here remember the Twilight Zone? Well, I've been considering doing a series of Crossover RPs based on the TV show, but set in Equestria. If anypony would be interested (the premise of the first "episode" is described above), let me know. Assuming I get enough interest, I'd need at least one player to take the role of a human from the survey mission, and at least two normal ponies. I'd prefer to keep humans as the only difference from the normal RP in this episode, but if this works out, there'll be plenty of opportunity to play weirder things in future episodes.
  2. I'm currently working on a submission to Equestria Daily =) In the meantime, here's stats for Pinkie Pie, who's probably my favorite MLP champ so far: So Random (Innate Passive): Pinkie Pie gains increased dodge chance as she levels. Super Bounce: Pinkie Pie leaps to target location, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the area. Pinkie Sense: Pinkie Pie passively has a chance to avoid enemy abilities equal to half her dodge chance. She can activate this ability to automatically avoid the next harmful ability used on her. Follow The Bouncing Ball! (Toggle): Pinkie Pie's attacks bounce to additional enemies. PARTY TIME!!! (Ultimate): Pinkie Pie grants herself and all allied champions additional attack speed and movement speed, and reveals all enemy champions. Pinkie Pie can activate this ability again to teleport to the location of any one champion.
  3. Cinnamon continued to monologue: "Pinkie Pie asks me what a Gibberkin is. I ponder my response. Should I tell her of these hideous creatures, these beings of madness, darkness, and shadows? Should I explain to her their bloodshot eyes, their mouthless grins, their spindly frames? Should I warn her of their constant watch over ponykind in the name of some dark purpose? I shake my head and simply say, 'You don't want to know.' A lie, of course - she almost certainly does - but the lie is better for her sanity." "Rook looks at me and denies being a Martian. 'I... don't know what you're talking about.' I stammer. Has he been reading my thoughts? Certainly, a Martian would be able to do so, although telepathy is not out of the question for certain creatures of Nightmare or other, stranger things. I find myself growing suspicious of his denial. Perhaps he is, in fact, an agent of the Empire - then again, he could be using reverse psychology to send me down a false path of investigation. I continue to watch for clues as the the unicorn's true natura and motivations." "Suddenly, Pinkie Pie bursts into song and dance. I find myself clapping along to her singing; none of the other ponies do. Do they not appreciate a good musical number? Music is always a good addition to any story, whether to lighten the mood or add drama, and my story is no exception. As Pinkie finishes her song, I applaud, 'Nice musical number, Pinkie! It's good to see that somepony else here appreciates the value of a good musical.' Perhaps I could learn a thing or two from the pink one; my impromptu music skills have always been a bit... lacking."
  4. Well, Fluttershy, looks like you've. You've. You've. Violated. The. Law! Stop! You've. You've. You've. Violated. The. Law!
  5. "Uh... okay." said Irontooth, still not quite used to the Doctor's antics. She followed him, muttering to him under her breath, "Are you sure it's a good idea to turn our backs to Celestia and her guards like this?" She'd heard all sorts of rumors back in Talonopolis about Celestia's kingdom... the only thing they all seemed to agree on was that Celestia was a tyrant. Then again, that could just be propaganda put out by the ruling Griffon families, but she didn't want to take any chances. She kept careful watch on the Princess and her entourage as she followed the Doctor. Speaking up again, she asked, "So, if that wasn't a spiderweb, then what kind of web was it?"
  6. Well, here's some further notice: I need to get my RP fix somewhere, and since "leaving" I haven't found many other options. So scratch my last post, I'm staying =) You scared me there ;_; Yeah, I REALLY need to learn not to make snap decisions.
  7. Well, here's some further notice: I need to get my RP fix somewhere, and since "leaving" I haven't found many other options. So scratch my last post, I'm staying =)
  8. I'm done. Barring further notice, I won't be RPing here anymore.
  9. Cinnamon


    Oh. My. Celestia. I was just joking when I said I wanted a miniature Great and Powerful Trixie on my desktop, but this? This. Is. Awesome. Now if an Ursa Major invades my desktop, the G&PT will be here to vanquish it! ...Oh, wait. Nevermind. Sorry Trixie. Still: BEST. APP. EVER.
  10. "Chief Petty Officer Irontooth, senior engineer of the airship Indestructible," said the griffon, "Or at least, I used to be. You can call me Irontooth." She smiled; this opportunity was just too good to pass up. She had a feeling that this 'Doctor' was more than just talk. "Y'know, that does sound pretty fun, not knowing what's gonna happen next. Been a while since I've had that kind of excitement." She looked thoughtfully at the Doctor for a moment. She'd definitely seen 'eccentric' before. "Are you some sort of scientist? You kinda remind me of the ones back at Talonopolis, the griffons who designed my new arm after I lost my old one." she explained, idly flexing the fingers on her artificial claw, the gears ticking faster to perform the motion. Following the Doctor out the door, she noticed the strange blue box. "What is that? I've never seen anything like it! Is it... some sort of airship? It's too small to be steam-powered, and I don't see a boiler anywhere."
  11. Irontooth waved at Stormalong and walked over the the bar. As she approached, the constant ticking sound made by her prosthesis became apparent. The leg was clearly some sort of new invention; it moved just like an ordinary foreleg, albiet one that made a ticking noise that sped up or slowed down as it moved. Irontooth flexed the clockwork fingers - still getting used to the artificial movements, apparently - and gripped her drink, the ticking increasing in tempo as she did so. Taking a sip of the grog, she looked over at Stormalong and introduced herself. "Name's Irontooth." If Stormalong had been keeping up with the news of the Griffon Empire, he might recognize the name - the senior engineer aboard the airship Indestructible, honorably discharged after an accident forced the ship's medic to amputate her foreleg, and given an experimental replacement limb.
  12. "Thank you, ma'am." Irontooth reached into her pocket and pulled out a few silver - standard currency in the Griffon Empire. "Will this cover it? I'm afraid I don't have any... pony money." Irontooth just sort of stared at the Doctor, talking about "flying cacti". She sipped at her Talonopolis Twist as he continued to ask questions, not really having time to answer any of them; not that it mattered, he seemed to have figured out most of it on his own. As the Doctor tapped on her clockwork leg, she just said, "Um... thanks? Just something the scientists back in Talonopolis came up with after I lost my old one." "Wait... you want me to come with you?" Irontooth was sort of confused. First of all, she was pretty sure there was no such thing as a "flying cactus", but moreover, she's resigned herself to a life of retirement after the accident and her subsequent discharge... or had she? After all, if she were truly content with retirement, she wouldn't be traveling like this, now would she? She sighed and downed the rest of her drink. "Sure, why not?" Irontooth stood up, tipped Martini with a generous amount of silver (just in case silver was looked down on around here), and followed the Doctor. "So... where are we going now?"
  13. Cinnamon was starting to get light-headed from the blood loss, and it showed. She was having trouble keeping her balance. When she tried to look Rook in the eyes, her vision started to blur. She clutched her head in pain, then looked at her legs, the injuries finally starting to register. She stared blankly at Rook, then said, weakly: "I.. was... going to fight.. the Gibberkin..." Cinnamon fell to her knees, desperately fighting to stay conscious, "..but it seems.. now... the honor falls.... to you.." she collapsed, gasping: "too soon... not.. ready... you must... learn...." Cinnamon lapsed into unconsciousness. She wasn't dying, but unless she could be treated soon, she'd be in serious trouble.
  14. Watching that chase scene made me think... wow, these guards must really suck at their jobs. I mean, the bird ran right past them and they didn't even notice! ...Why don't royal guards in fiction ever notice that sort of thing?
  15. The door to the saloon opened, and a loud, rhythmic ticking noise, like that of a clock, resonated through the room. The ticking was followed by a griffon, who walked into the saloon and made her way towards the bar. Most notably, in place of her left foreleg was some sort of clockwork contraption, fashioned into a functional, if somewhat unsettling facsimile of a normal griffon foreleg, claws and all, with only a few gears sticking out at the elbow and other joints. As the ticking continued, it became apparent that this prosthesis was the source of the noise; the rhythm would speed up as the griffon gripped an object, only to slow down again as her grip loosened. She sat down at the bar next to the Doctor. She spoke to Martini, "I'll have a Talonopolis Twist, please." Turning to the Doctor, she smiled - or perhaps smirked, it was hard to tell - and commented, "Nice hat."
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