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    Roleplay. Lots and lots of Roleplay~ And glucose. I love sugar. Specially chocolate.

    And apples! Lutsa apples.
  1. One hundred and seventy five centimeters. Not sure how much that is in feet measuring.
  2. How art all of thee faring in this great mor- Bah, you know what? To the hell with Ye Olde English. Gooood mornin', everypony! How're ya'll, uh, uh?
  3. Polly and I hath known each other and shared ferehood for quite some time... alas, that's an altogether different tale. Thanketh thou for thine reception.
  4. Exactly my point, why, for the fact that it is very challenging.
  5. Single greatest pastime in all of Equestria.
  6. Currently pondering on the best course of action to convince my dearest five year old niece to let me grasp her pony figurines to my possession when we meet again...
  7. - When thou start calling thine Global Positioning System "Luna", and referring to the atuomated voice as "The Traditional Royal GPS Voice".
  8. Conversating in aleatory dialects, art we? Ora, isto não é lá muito diferente do nosso "O úlitmo postador ganha!" do fórum de onde venho, para ser honesto... já fizemos a mesma coisa poucos dias atrás. :T
  9. Thank thou verily much; not to worry, for, already I am doing so.
  10. Judging by how disputed FiM Cast character applications seem to be, specially when it comes to the Mane Six and Tier One characters, I wouldn't give it a great amount of time before she is taken to be interpreted.
  11. Half of one my teeth is but a mere recreation, for the original? It's remains lie sprawled across the grounds of one of my colleges, lost in time and never to be recovered.
  12. I hath walked upon such lines diverse times before, so creating calumnies would I be not, were I to claim I can relate to thine position.
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