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  1. Another fella I miss...Wonderful RP'er and very cool artist. Hope you're doing well purple guy!

  2. "Sounds good," Fire said wondering why the pair didn't think about their names in the first place, "It's nice, simple, and won't confuse anypony."
  3. All right, I think it's time to dust off my Twilight Sparkle.
  4. (Sorry about the Delay) "Obviously the name of the Casino should be Frozen Delights and Molten Treats!" "Uh, those sound like a good name for a restaurant in the Casino, but the Casino itself? Then again, I'm at a loss for names or theme other than it has to have fire and ice. Ooo! Maybe two giant orbs, one like a snow globe and one like a fire ball? Anyway, put several levels, say seven. Each one has rooms, restaurants, and shops. And the two would be joined in the center by sky bridges." "I honestly don't know. I was told that she would be here at some point tonight and that she always made it a point to meet with new business owners. From what I'm told, she has a hoof in everything here and can be a very powerful backer here. Having somepony like that helping us here... might be a good thing. I don't think we'd have an issue with it ourselves, but having somepony else hoofing part of the bills never hurts," "So she is helping out hoofing the bill? Will she have a creative say in our hotel?"
  5. (Sorry about the delay.) "Huh?" Night said as she sat bolt upright. Shaking the sleep from her mind, she was told by Swift that there were Timberwolves nearby. "Right, I'm ready." She said grabbing a flaming branch from the fire and holding it aloft in her mouth.
  6. Jijing Fengbao flipped open the folder and leafed through it. The papers contained within were very thorough, chronicling his entry into the martial arts school, followed by news clippings of his deeds in Long Guo such as defending a town from marauders and setting up his own martial arts school. He winced at the next paper of how he defeated a notorious robber, only to have the entire town burn in the process. He shook his head as if to forget the memory of his failure. Lastly, there was a map where a red X appeared over where his hut was. What surprised him was that it seemed, at least to Black Ice, was how much Equestria was not protected. "What about the Equestrian Army? I don't know of their training methods, but surely they are capable of defending against minor threats. Or am I wrong about this assumption?"
  7. "So...this is the place," Jijing Fengbao said as he glanced at the paper he had rolled into a scroll before staring at the ice cream shop? He was expecting something else, perhaps a warehouse or something secretive. Still the main question on the elderly Qilin's mind was...why him? He knew it was because of his past and yet, he was surprised by the offer. His goal was to remain a hermit and a teacher, escaping his life as a warrior due to his age. But it seems that his reputation followed him to Ponyville. He could have easily discarded the offer and went back to the safety of his new life. But something stirred him, his desire to right the wrong surfaced. "There is great evil in this world, and I can't sit back and waste my talents while the world is in peril. Nor can I simply let the past dictate where I am I might not be young, but I can still fight." She entered the ice cream parlor and immediately began to wonder why was here. Was this a group for merely mercenaries? Clearly there was a powerful unicorn with a chip on his shoulder and some mare with armor and asking what the pay was and who to kill. He held his tongue merely shaking his head. Instead he made his way towards the desk/ counter and faced a mare with orbs rotating around her body. "Black Ice, I presume?"
  8. "Twin Towers huh?" Fire said letting the thought run through her mind, "Yeah, I can see that. Maybe having the two merge together at the bottom. Oh, maybe yours could be a swirling ice storm. It does fit your name." With that she did giggle a little although quickly put a hoof over her mouth so as not to sound. The waitress came over and took their orders before departing for the kitchen. "So, who's this mysterious pony we're seeing? Is he like some backer or something?"
  9. Name: Jijing Fengbao (Silent Storm) Bio: Skills and Combat Experience: I have trained under the best masters in the Fenghuang Valley, fought single-hoofed to keep the peace in the region, taught students the secrets to martial arts, and even opened a school in the region. Yes, I am aware that I am older now and my moves are not as fluid as they had once been, I can still fight. I see now that despite separating myself of the past and settling down, I am bound to it. So once more I will take up my arms against the threats of Equestria. Other Skills: I have mastered the arts of Quigong, a technique that allows ponies and Quilin alike to heal faster and increase their stamina so they can fight on. This skill can also paralyze parts of an assailant's body to weaken their attacks and immobilize them.
  10. "Yeah, I can imagine how easy it is to get lost. I think that sometimes the casinos intentionally do so to make you stay and gamble. Oh, the hot water wasn't bad, just a surprise that's all. I made do." It was a surprise that Ice being a unicorn with strong ice magic that she loved hot showers. This same thing couldn't be said for Fire. The freezing cold could bother her, making her feel dizzy or even causing her to pass out. Thankfully, it was a prolonged cold that affected her, not some jolt of a hot shower. With her wife mentioning that the place was fancy, Fire looked around. It was indeed fancy with all the waitresses or waiters in dressed or tuxes, but the guests were a mix of fancy and regular. That put her mind at ease as there were some places in Canterlot that the staff would scoff if you weren't dressed or acted a certain way. She too wondered about the prices. After all, if you could stay in a fancy hotel with bits to burn at a casino, maybe the restaurant. "Alright, we open our menus together on three. One...Two...Three!" The menu wasn't all that bad, maybe a little more expensive than Fire imagined, and surely more expensive than say the all you can eat buffet she passed by on her way to the restaurant, but not a shock. Many of the choices, however, were foreign to her. "Hmm...I'm kind of leaning towards the Fettuccine Alfredo. What are you thinking of getting?"
  11. "That's right, he is Stormwing," Night Watcher said, "Yeah, I guess that it's true. I mean, we get to a point where we think we know what we want and we don't want to listen to what others." The Pegasus listened to Swift as she pondered her own path towards her cutie mark. She too looked at her flank at the kite shield cutie mark. "You know, I wonder something similar. If I didn't rebel, if I didn't defend that colt, would I get this cutie mark or something else? I'm fishing with the What Ifs, but I don't think that it's fate but more of a compass telling you what talent you have. I mean, I could have been a bouncer at a club with my mark rather than a Lunar Guard. That would be kind of odd I admit." She shook off the notion as Swift agreed that they stop the fatalism, and that Night Watcher should go first to sleep before her shift. "Alright. Let me know if anything appears." With that she retired to the lean to and settled down with her one eye open. It was a trick she learned while in the military to keep alert and served her well, although it did tend to freak out a few ponies not accustomed to the military.
  12. Fire Heart was over the moon excited as she woke up in Las Pegasus. The red unicorn heard about so many fantastic places such as Las Pegasus or the Crystal Empire that she really wanted to visit, but for one reason or another she always ended up in Canterlot. That wasn't to say that Canterlot was bad. In fact it was really nice being the capital city. But she had an urge to explore beyond the comfort of her home city, and it seemed so did Ice Storm. The train ride to Las Pegasus was nice, but when she got to the hotel Ice Storm decided to freshen up a little. When she was done the mare told her to meet Fire at some fancy restaurant. But just as Fire entered the shower, she was shocked by the cold water! It wasn't as painful as it was alarming! Weren't hotels supposed to have a steady supply of hot water? Well, Fire wasn't going to let that stop her! If she just heated up the pipes leading to the shower a bit then everything would be fine. She focused on the pipes coming down with her magic, taking care not to melt them, as the cold water began to turn hot. "Aah! That's better! Now to find that restaurant. I hope I remember where Ice told me it was." Fire then made her way outside, amazed by all the lights and sounds and joyful ponies around her. She didn't know what to look at or hear first. But she had a mission, get to the restaurant. After a little bit of searching and asking a few ponies, she reached it. To her dismay, this one had a volcano, something she was sure that Ice noticed. She was certain that there could be something else fire related. Maybe just a two towers, one with a flame design and the other with an ice design? The rumbling of her stomach didn't bode well for her thinking clearly. She entered the restaurant and spotted her wife sitting at a booth. "There you are," Fire said kissing her wife on the cheek, "I thought I was going to get lost in this city. I hope I wasn't too long."
  13. Fire Heart hoped that this was the right answer. Well, it was right since it was from the heart, but was it right for the job? She knew that there was some purpose to her fire magic beyond cooking, but all she could think about was teaching magic. Gone were the days of lacking control. Now she had the power and the control. That, my love is the best answer that you could have given me. I will speak to my CO in a few days. For now though, We need to start packing and getting ready. We have a trip to Las Pegasus in a week, and we should remember to have some fun while we're out there." "Oh, wow. I didn't know if that was the best answer! I mean, I didn't know how to really answer that. Thank you for asking your CO. I guess we'll see what happened. Anyway, you're right. Let's get packing. I can't wait until we get to Las Pegasus!"
  14. The duo decided that it was best to continue on with finding Squish Cover and the unicorns. They quickly set up camp, courtesy of a tree with large roots. It was a perfect shelter, one that could at the least guard them from the cold or some of the smaller creatures. "This will do. It will serve as the good basis for wicki-up. Now we need to get the resources and materials. I get the wood Night and do the building. You get the stones and chestnut leaves. Try to get bay leaves, lavender or wild mint while you at it." "Got it," Night said as she searched the area for certain herbs. While she is not an herbalist, being a soldier offered her some experience with survival skills like constructing huts, starting a fire, or gathering edible or useful plants. It didn't take long for her to find the herbs as well as some aloe just in case one of them would get hurt. "You did well. These will repel the bugs and other crawlies from us for the night. While soldiers are expected to endure discomfort, I say prevention is even better solution." "I agree. We have to endure the elements and harsh conditions, but that doesn't mean that all encounters have to be uncomfortable. She was amazed at the fact that the unicorn was very well prepared, bringing with him a grindstone and several tools. "By the way Night.... We know each other for a while now, but I never got to ask and I am simply curious. What spurned you to enlist into military in the first place?" "Well, at first I didn't want to be a soldier. My father was a soldier, a captain, but now he's retired. I as a filly was a little of a rebel, not wanting to do what my father or anypony told me to do. Then one day there was a colt who was being bullied by two older colts. I had to stop them, to protect him. Nopony should be bullied like that. So I stood up against them, and I got beat up for it. It wasn't bad, but it still hurt. The bullies, however, backed off after I faced them. When I returned home, I was sore, but the colt was saved and I had my cutie mark. But it was then I realized that sometimes defending others meant having to listen to authority. So after that I listened to my dad and mom, but then I realized that the best way to use my talent was to join the military. It was tough, but my dad prepared me for it. The rest, they say, is history."
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