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  1. I don't even know why some you were disappointed by this episode: this was easily the best of Season 4 so far for me. The CMC deliver such amazing episodes despite this show's long run it's amazing! I cried tears of joy. I could nitpick some things but the main message was delivered well. 10/10. 5 stars! BG PONIES GALORE! Totally not over-rating based on first viewing! Loved it! I want more from this new writer. MOAR!
  2. While I liked some things about this episode (largely the second half because of the humour and faster pace, and overall the lack of a controversial topic that Polsky tends to bring up in most of his episodes...), there's a few things I didn't enjoy. Dash's behaviour seems to have been handled in a manner similar to Sonic Rainboom here, except this doesn't work as well due to the fact this is now Season 4 and I'd think Dash would have a bit more control of herself at this point. The over-the-top fangirling was entertaining at some points but I feel it was also regressive in some ways. What I'm mostly disappointed in is how the finale was handled. Twilight herself said she was just as big a Daring Do fan as Dash, and the first half spent quite a bit of time showing this. However, the second half is practically spent on DashxDaring Do, with the latter personally thanking Dash for helping her in the end. I feel it would have been great for Dash to then notice an enthusiastic Twilight wanting to spend a few moments with Daring herself, as she had less opportunity to do so, but instead it simply pans to Dash hugging all her friends equally. It's one of those moments that really would have improved the episode to me, giving Dash a moment to really shine her development as a character by having her spare an opportunity to give someone else some time with her own hero, much like how in "Hurricane Fluttershy" Dash gave FS a lot of credit in the end. Admittedly, there was roughly 30 seconds left before the show had to cut to credits, but even something tiny like Twi flying near Daring and Dash with hope in her eyes would have helped things a lot. Bottom line is I don't like how the episode showed Twi as a Daring fangirl for the first half, then suddenly forgot all about it in the second (likely to focus on 's perspective). I also don't know how to feel about the fact Daring Do is real, along with everything else connected to the character. It raises a lot of question, and I'm certain NONE will be answered. I was actually fully expecting the ending to pan out to a movie setting with a camera crew, but in retrospect that might have actually been a worse finale. Finally, "I guess having a little help can be handy sometimes". Well, overall, a better Polsky episode, but it's still got a lot of things to work on. NOW WHERE ARE THE BG PONIES?
  3. This episode had a nostalgic feeling to it. I think it's because the new writer tapped mostly into Season 1 dynamics while writing it. I was even expecting a letter to Celestia near the end. Given this, it was mainly written for humour, although some new elements were added to the lore, as well as that foreshadowing thing near the end. The downside, I feel, is that this new writer had trouble making distinctions between some of the ponies. I like that Rarity was determined on fulfilling her goal to the end amidst her fear, but AJ and RD both reacted almost the same way to every scare, and I feel that ain't right. Moreover, what's with the star spiders? They were foreshadowed a bit in the beginning, but never came back. Lost in production? Deleted scene? There's also the scene where Rarity, FS, RD and AJ all panicked at the same time for the sake of laughs. It went on for too long for my tastes, and I would have preferred them to find out by themselves how silly they were acting instead of Twilight pointing it out. But it's the writer's firstie, and I only viewed the episode once so far, so I'm not gonna think on this too much. I'm kinda hoping the next episode has more background ponies. I'm missing Ponyville's citizens.
  4. Oh hey, this series is finally over. At least, I think it's over. Gotta watch all 2 hours of it first. :!: Start from the first video in this if your're new to this series!
  5. I'm going to assume this hasn't been posted anywhere else. :!: and GOGOPOWERPONIES
  6. That really depends on which kind you speak of; average video of a compilation will take a few hours at best. My Little Bloopers videos take a lot of planning, but the video themselves take only a few days to be completed. A season set takes roughly a few weeks. It's really all over the place, honestly.
  7. 1 hour for a full assessment, although there are cases were I'll have nitpicks by a non-stop viewing. Hi Rosie.
  8. Right, I kinda fell through the wayside a while ago (sometime in February) from this forum due to real life. The plan was to get back into it around the end of June, but real life said: "NOPE!" So it took a bit longer to get my act together. Also, I was having trouble logging back on. :!: Anyway, jumping on the bandwagon here, so ask away!
  9. The fourth episode is finally here!
  10. Surprisingly, Sibsy gets to explains to us what happened with Wildfire (and other OC's) this episode.
  11. That has to be the biggest post I've seen in some time, Ginger Mint. After a second viewing, I still feel the conclusion was lacking. The animation, side gags and pacing were better than I remembered them, though, so I'm bumping it to a "good" rating.
  12. It was an OK episode, better than the previous Spike one to me. However, it felt lacking, especially since we weren't shown Spike taking responsibility for his actions. I did like the return of the secondary/BG ponies. It feels like FOREVER since we've seen them. Also, Peewee got retcon'd.
  13. Extended synopsis: [colour=#333333]In the hopes of proving that the Crystal Empire is more than worthy of being selected as the next venue for the upcoming Equestria Games, Princess Cadance commissions Twilight to work her magic with the deciding Games Inspector.[/colour]
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