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  1. Cadence's love powered up Shining Armor's shield so it could not only protect Canterlot but threw out the enemies that were already in the city
  2. Watch the episodes with the sound off while reciting my own dialogue followed by long crying fits
  3. I guess it would have been hard to cover the entire games in one episode and make a satisfying story so instead we get "The Awkward Cringy Spike Show" with a special guest appearance by an interesting scenario. I think we have enough episodes about Spike failing at everything that from now on out they can just be skipped. Seems like that will add at least two episodes a season for anything else. Next week is the last episode of the season. I predict Twilight and the others discover what is inside the box, but more importantly it turns out Spike is not very good at roller skating and ruins the roller skating birthday bash but then realizes its not as bad as he thought.
  4. With the attention the game was getting they could have easily turned it into a for profit venture
  5. elsporko

    Aoh no!

    We should throw a fundraiser to save the youth center Brony documentary distribution website I heard there is a big sporting event happening soon and there is one young member of the youth center who is good at that sporting event but suffers from low self esteem and a surly attitude not to mention the evil real estate developer's evil son is also competing.
  6. I was in a Pathfinder campaign that put open world to the test. Apparently there were tons of cool and interesting things to do but it was our fault for not finding the. At the same time the DM felt the need to take control of the NPC cleric we hired to be a heal bot and make sure he told us exactly what we should do when we did have a quest and make sure he suddenly had the skills to accomplish what we needed to do. He also didn't heal us very often.
  7. I forgot that Hasbro is the only company that doesn't mind people profiting from blatant copyright violations
  8. The problem with Fighting is Magic is that it got voted to be in a video game tournament which put it too much in the spotlight
  9. According to the show it is Fluttershy Thats canon you can't argue with that
  10. Rainbow said it is the only autographed first edition in the entire world. That is likely very valuable. I think the episode was pretty good. I think the non-Dash/Fluttershy parts while kind of pointless were needed because there really wasn't enough of that main plot to fill the episode. I think the Rarity/Applejack portion works well enough but the Twilight/Pinkie part didn't have a satisfying ending. I would have liked to see Twilight point out to Pinkie that what she wanted was to just get rid of the books and make Pinkie realize she wasn't helping.
  11. Scott at first appears to be the cliche hero he is a bit dumb and gun ho but is all together a good guy Then as the story goes on you find out that Scott isn't good at all He just has an incredibly biased view of himself and refuses to acknowledge his own flaws and constantly leeches off others The story breaks from the cliche because it becomes being about the characters overcoming themselves and only once they mature are they actually able to find happiness and love Neither Scott nor Romona are good people but by the end they are trying to be better
  12. Actually its more likely that masato Kato the story planner and script writer of Trigger and the main guy behind the sequels was working on Final Fantasy online and now it looks like he left the company Chances are without him being the main push for the story and sequels nobody else is interested I doubt it has anything to do with a guy who did designs for the first game But you haven't explained why Square should let people who don't have the rights to the franchise do something with it without permission What right does anybody have to use intellectual properties for profit or possible profit when they did not have a part in creating it or compensating the owner of the rights It sucks to not have some on the content but companies should be allowed to protect their holdings
  13. Why should they let anybody do something with Chrono Trigger What right does anybody have to the Chrono franchise
  14. Square-Enix has released two sequels to Chrono Trigger (One Japan only) and has released the game itself twice I wouldn't say the DS release was just for a quick buck since they added content and changed the ending to tie it in better with Chrono Cross While the series is not given enough attention Square still felt it was worth protecting as many fan sequels would hurt their sales if they finally did release something official If they really didn't care they wouldn't have taken the effort to go after the fan projects From what I've heard the real problem with getting a sequel is that the old team behind it are busy with the online Final Fantasy game They don't want other people to do anything with it because they may decide to do something in the future
  15. I was referring to Touhou more with the Japanese comment The understanding I have is that it is easier for third parties to be able to use characters and to give consent for their use This is how people can sell porn with licensed characters The reason for the Chrono Trigger projects being shut down is because they got too big and could have interfered on sales of games if Square chose to actually do something with the franchise The thing is just like the projects Hasbro goes after is that the sequel and 3D remake were ignored until they gained popularity Its actually a kindness of Hasbro that they aren't being stricter with their copyrights I think the Star Wars situation is sort of different because fan films predate internet popularity but also show how if a situation isn't controlled early it can be hard to reign in later There is an established culture of allowing Star Wars fan films which would make it hard for Disney to stop them now
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