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  1. Xactly! You guessed it correctly! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Aw, I could just give you a big hug in thanks! But no time for that now. 'Cuz I have to go and watch the next few episodes and prepare the next segment of "Haiku Reviews!" Double-feature pony-thon is on the list and ready to go. Episodes eleven and twelve are on my list to be watched. Fun times ahead for all! Go ahead and laugh, but I'm going to enjoy this. Have fun figuring out the rest of the curses! I'm going to enjoy my freedom of wordplay and get back to writing like a normal some pony. Just to make things interesting, though, I may have to write the reviews in something other in haiku... Kidding! Let's just pretend this never happened and go back to the way things were. My mind will never be the same after such a harrowing experience though. Never mind that I was subject to horrifying compulsion to write the way I was, my reviews were negatively affected! Oh well, that's just one bad review, and we have more than a few weeks left to compensate for it. Promise me you'll all stick with me, and I'll promise to continue on my journey. Questing to bring you all not just information, but entertainment. Rarely have the two been able to live side-by-side for long, but that's my cause. Similarly, you don't see peanut butter and bananas side-by-side that often except in sandwiches... Too bad. Vocational work aside, though, I have to give my thanks to you, Rosewind. You saved me from a terrible, terrible fate.
  2. Really? Surely it couldn't be that simple, could it? "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." Um, I'm not sure how that was supposed to work. Very good guess, but my joke-flower curse isn't a simple cypher.
  3. Goodness, yes! Haven't you heard that some of us have been harassed by the horrible work of joke-flower exposure? I haven't been able to behave normally or give a well-written review ever since this topic has started because of it. Joke-flowers are no laughing matter, when all is said and done. Know what you can do to help? Let's figure out what's wrong with me so I can be free of this nonsense! My hair hurts, my teeth itch, and that's not even the worst of it! No one seems to know what kind of curse has been put on me! Of course, if someone were to figure out what the issue is, I'll be free of the curse. Problem is, I can't tell anyone what it is. Question away, and let's see if anyone can solve this doozy.
  4. Applejack has been cursed to G1 proportions and attitude! Beings such as that shouldn't be allowed to exist! Can we truly call ourselves loyal fans if we allow such abominations to exist? Don't be led astray by our mantra to love and tolerate all things when such items clearly have such malicious intent. Evils such as these can not, and must not, be allowed. For heaven's sake, why isn't anyone trying to free me from this horrible joke-flower curse???
  5. Very true for me, as well. Why would ANYONE post something that horrifying? Xerox copies of this will plaster my nightmares for weeks. Youthful joy will be replaced by full, underlying horror for years on end... Zecora, I need you to end this curse that's been placed on me.
  6. Ah, welcome back to SilverMint's Haiku Reviews! Bridle Gossip! Can anypony Deal with Zecora's mighty Equine sorcery? Far from being my favorite episode, "Bridle Gossip" ranks pretty low on my "favorite episodes" list. God forbid that anypony think that this is because I don't like Zecora, because it's simply not true. Her character is a fantastic addition to the series, giving Equestria a grander scope than being simply "a world of ponies." I think that this episode doesn't rate high on my scale because the story is overly done and predictable in the sense that almost every children's series has a character who is feared at first, be it a scary old man or the like, and is found to be loveable at the end. Just saying... Kid's shows have done this before. Love it, though. My favorite of the two: Swarm of the Century New critters in town? Multiply themselves anew; Overwhelm the town. Parasprites are my favorite original critters that MLP has come up with. Quite the little rascals, they seem innocent enough, until they attack the town by consuming everything in their path. Really, though, don't they remind anyone of something from a famous science-fiction show? Star-Trek, maybe? Tribbles, the little furry creatures that multiply and overwhelm the crew of the Enterprise, are what the parasprites are based on. Unsurprisingly, this isn't one of my best reviews.
  7. ((My apologies for the late reply as well. Saturday and Sunday are full work-days for me.)) Silver Mint "...True omniscience is a fallacy." Arcana said. Silver Mint wasn't sure he believed her. No one knew about the worries he had about the true nature of his dual-mask cutie mark, except his sister, Crystal Pedigree to whom he had written letters, and she wouldn't have told anyone, much less some unknown pony calling himself The Archivist. "I just want to know why we were brought here, and what this Archivist intends to do with us. There has to be a way out of here, and that's what we need to focus on... however, if we find the information we're looking for on the way, I certainly won't complain about that." he looked over the small group. It was an odd collection of ponies to say the least. "C'mon, now that we're all together, let's follow Stardream and get to the Guardsmare; see if she found a way out. Hopefully she's safe, too." They followed behind Stardream, their hooves echoing in the dark, stone chambers. Silver Mint was never one for awkward silences. "Arcana, is it? I understand that you're looking for power, but what do you hope to achieve with it?" he asked, as kindly as he could. While there was some deal of suspicion behind the question, he was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. However, if this Arcana was a dangerous character... it may be best if she was left behind when the others found their way out. If they found their way out...
  8. Jupiter Nexus Jupiter smiled when he saw the small chick emerge from the curly hair of the white and lavender filly, and shuffled his way to the front of the group next to her. He had never seen a creature as small as the chick before. It looked at him, and gave him a quizzical "Tweet!" He turned to the filly beside him, who was walking along as carefully as possible to keep from disturbing the chick. "Do you think it has brothers and sisters? I hope they like me as much as this one likes you!" he said, trying his best to imitate the smooth, graceful cantor of the filly without much success. He stumbled on the bumpy dirt road leading to the chicken pen, and gave up trying to be graceful.
  9. The Archivist The Archivist observed as Strife continued to buck away at the brick walls. The exhaustion was apparent, and now was the time for the coup de grace. The wall cracked and collapsed, sending up a billow of dust, revealing a darkened room with a single shaft of light coming down from the ceiling onto a small podium, on which sat a small golden trinket, oddly shaped, and able to fit in one's hoof. "The knowledge you seek is this: We all put up walls to protect us from those who would try to harm us, but those same walls would keep those out who desire to care for us. Bring down the walls, Strife, and allow yourself some vulnerability to those you would trust. Take the object. It will help you on your way." --- Silver Mint They galloped on, into the darkness, where they found Midnight Read, "Midnight! Are you alright?"
  10. When Trixie ran off, Taking our friends with her cart! We must rescue them! You, SirShadowdeath, Must hasten to the rescue! Or no Session 4!
  11. Oh, mighty Trixie! Do you have Weesh and Rosewind? You should set them free! Come, my loyal friends! Let us liberate our pals! Or we may lose them!
  12. [ spoiler ] "Text to be hidden" [ /spoiler ] Use the tags without the spaces.
  13. Silver Mint Silver Mint noticed Stardream's hesitation. "Hey, we can't let this Archivist character get to us..." he said softly "Whatever's going on, we're just going to have to stick together. Right now, we need to get regrouped and try to get ourselves out of here." he gave her a reassuring nod, and headed off towards the entryway. "Midnight! Midnight? Can you hear us? Where are you?"
  14. Jupiter "Jynx" Nexus Jupiter did his best to look over the heads of all the foals in front of him. He was one of the smaller foals in the group, and had the misfortune of being in the back of the group. He heard the group moan as the teacher from Ponyville (Ms. Cheerbaby, was it?) announce that there would be homework about the field trip. He didn't mind, after all, homework was just like schoolwork... only you did it at home! Jupiter did his best to try and wiggle his way to the front of the crowd, but the other foals were too tightly packed, listening to Ms. Cheerbaby and one of the Farmers (Jupiter missed her name as well) talking about life on the farm. Several foals raised their hooves to ask questions, but there was only one question on Jupiter's mind. "How many stars are you able to see all the way out here?" he asked enthusiastically. Without thinking, he looked up into the bright-blue daytime sky, half-expecting to see stars twinkling down at him, even with the sun high in the noontime sky. He heard several snickers from nearby foals, and his cheeks turned a darker shade of orange as they flushed in embarrassment. He dug at the earth with his hoof, he had almost forgotten that he didn't know any of the ponies in this class, and none of them really knew how much he enjoyed talking about the night sky and learning about astronomy. He smiled to himself and fought back the embarrassment. So who cared if a couple foals he didn't know thought he was weird? That didn't make him so. Like his father would say: "Many ponies thought our world was flat until it was proved otherwise," so all Jupiter would have to do was prove that he was a normal pony, just like everyone else, and all these new ponies would accept him as a friend! Jupiter's smile grew even bigger at this thought, and in anticipation of the answer to his question. This field trip was going to be excellent!
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