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  1. MLPZero? Eh, prob. my memory acting up, but I don't remember that. Anywho, could anyone fill me in on what I missed since last November? I wanna see if anything important happened, or if any new, good RPers joined since.
  2. About Myself: Just a guy that used to be on here a year ago but left for Tumblr. But now, here I am. How I found Canterlot.com: Used to be on here before. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Found out about it from another forum's topic in a youtube vidja. Watched it, and from then on was a fan. My favourite main cast pony/s: AppleJack Hi there again, guys. It's been.....what, about a year since I last did much of anything on here? Wow, time sure flies, don't it? XD Still, I feel like this has become like an entirly new forums since I last came on. Dunno if some of the guys like Bannhammer, Robbiku and so on are still on, but perhaps if they are we can still chat for old-times sake. So yeah, sorry if this is the wrong place for me to post for such, but I've so out of the loop with this place, as ya prob. can tell. XD
  3. Basically, i've been discussing it with the guys in irc for a couple days now, and I thought it'd be a cool idea to do an RP thread or two where characters have ended up becoming greyscale'd and stuck with their most negative traits in full-blast, and the mysterious of what happened and if anyone could even fix this mess.....and of course, what'd happen with this many change'd characters. I'm not exactly the best at plot creation, so if ya got suggestions and stuff on how to flesh it out and be awesome to do, then i'm all for it. Well then, hopefully this kind of idea could be done (likely in Canterlot, perhaps) and enjoyed.....that is, if anyone's up for it, that is. :U
  4. It was quite a hectic and crazy race for Clutch since he started. Unlike most of the others, he kept on going without much of a break at all. Sure, he had a rest once near the start and he had a couple of nasty falls here and there, but for the most part he just wouldn't stop for anything. Some of his decisions for making up time like jumping over the bridge seemed crazy and stupid when he looked back, but they seemed to help him out a lot when it came to catching up more and more with those ahead of him. Even with his poor body on the brink of collapse, he was determined to cross that finish line as fast as he could. This was all going through his mind as he finally got out of that stick forest he recently almost ended up permanently stuck in. "Welp, I guess momentum save my flank for once" he said with a smirk as he entered the clear path that was ahead of him. He breathed a simple sigh of relief when he saw what was also ahead of him: The finish line, and all the stands filled with Ponies. He had been able to make it pretty far considering where he had started at, and had overcome a lot of crazy stuff. Still, there was only one thought in Clutch's mind now that he saw the finish line at long last: Get there as soon as possible. He saw several competitors that were gaining ground closer and closer towards his location, so he knew that this final stretch would mean he'd have to give it everything he had left in him in order to hopefully claim victory. As such, the Diamond Dog lowered his body a bit and began running faster and faster, until his legs and feet almost became a blur, as did almost the rest of him. The strain on his body this was causing was almost enough to make him cry in pain, but with the end of the race being so close, he was willing to put up with it for one final burst of speed. All he could see with how fast he was moving was the path ahead of him and a blurry checked flag. Everything else was too blurred for him to be able to see. That checkered flag grew closer and closer very quickly, until finally his body passed it, having finished the race. Clutch was glad to see that he managed to finish the race, but he still had a problem: He was going too fast to slow down on his own, and a tree was right in his direction. As such, all he could get out was "This is GONNA HUUUUUURRRRR-" before smacking right dead center into it. That was definitely going to leave a mark later on. For him though, that collision knocked him out cold. For now, he could rest with the knowledge that he finished the race....but when it'd come time to wake up, good FATE will he be feeling pain everywhere.
  5. As Clutch reached the bottom of the path he took, his speed was at an alarmingly fast rate. He was blurring down the path in front of him, and didn't even see exactly what was on the ground a bit away from himself. As such, he ran directly into it as he dashed into the forested area which seemed to him like the next part of the race. Unfortunately for him, he ended up finding out a little too late exactly what was on the ground: Sticky tree sap which had seemingly ended up on the path for the course for some reason. The second his hind paws touched that sap, he ended up being stopped almost dead in his tracks. Now the poor Diamond Dog was seemingly stuck on this sap, having trouble moving his legs. This seemed almost disastrous to him, as if he couldn't get himself free from this.....'stick' situation, so to speak, he'd never be able to catch up with those ahead. Thus, Clutch spent the next couple of minutes thinking of a solution to his problem. Eventually he came to his solution, but to him it seemed almost too crazy to work. Still, anything is worth trying if it'll get you possibly free from this stuff. So Clutch then, in a maneuver that seemed almost cartoon-ish in nature, began moving back a bit. This stretched the sap on his feet a bit, straining his legs as he tried to resist the pull the sap was causing with its stickiness. Clutch looked for something, anything he could use for his plan. Thankfully he saw a tree limb hanging low near his location. Thus, straining hard against the pull of the sap, he slowly walked towards it until he was finally able to reach it. Feeling his legs about to go out on him from all the strain, he made a desperate lunge for the limb. Thankfully he was able to grab it. With limb in hand, he proceeded to begin to pull himself farther and farther away from the spot in which he ended up getting stuck to the sap. Eventually he could pull no farther, and he was ready. His plan wasn't to simple pull til the sap broke off from his feet, oh no. This plan was much crazier: He was going to use momentum to do the dirty work for him. This would either lead to escape, or to being covered all over by the sticky stuff. Still, a chance is a chance, and he was willing to take it. Facing towards the correct direction of the path he was supposed to take, he pulled a tiny bit more on the limb he was holding on.....and then let go. The second he let go of that wooden branch, he went flying. The sap stretched as far as it could, but eventually even it would have to give and it definitely did. The sap broke off of his feet, and away did Clutch go.....right across the path. He ended up flying past the entirety of the sap-covered path, and eventually landed on the soft, dirt path at the end of it. The poor Dog was a bit dazed, but he was able to dust himself off from that......'interesting' experience that he had just went through. "I hope nopony noticed that" he said to himself as he started running again on the path, "I don't think even I could believe that just happened...." Still, strange or not, it allowed him to cross the sap-covered area relatively unscathed, and even allowed him to pass a couple of competitors still stuck in the sap. As he ran away from that section, all he could say to himself was "I do hope those guys know how to escape this stuff, cause I sure ain't gettin' 'em out!"
  6. ((OoC: Motherofgod.jpeg, I really need to realize when things are getting close to finishin' up...)) Clutch was running his flank off, pushing himself harder and harder as he finally cleared out of the Everfree Forest. Ahead in the distance was a rocky path that connected to the regular dirt path he was running on, most likely the next part of the course. Going up this new part of the path, the trail began to climb into an upwards angle. Slowly at first, but soon he was running up a 45 degree slope, and even he couldn't keep that up for long. The strain and the fatigue was getting to him, and finally when he reached the top of this hilly incline, he decided now was the time to take a short rest. After a moment to slow down, he sat down next to the sign that was in front of him. "That's quite a crazy race i've done so far" he said to himself as he tried to catch his breath, "Hope that this doesn't go on for too much longer. After all, even I can't keep it up for that long!" He was ready to hopefully get close to the finish line, mainly because this sort of event was beginning to strain on him, and as such he was ready to be done as soon as he could. Once a few minutes had passed, Clutch got back on his feet and took a closer look at the sign. A simple wooden board attached to a metal pole, with an arrow painted on the board. The arrow was pointing to the right, most likely to the path to the right of where he was at right then. Figuring that this was the way they were supposed to go, Clutch bolted to the right path, hopeful that he could still catch up with those in the lead....or at least with those who were still having trouble keeping up. The trip down the rocky right path was actually a pleasant one, not hard to navigate and a gentle slope downwards. Clutch knew that if there was a single chance to be able to really catch up and possibly even pass some of the faster runners in this race, this would be it. As such, he leaned himself downwards and began running faster and faster. He didn't care who or what was in front of him, because once he started he wasn't going to stop until he either made it there or passed out on the ground. Hopefully the latter of the two wouldn't happen to him. As his speed got to a breaking point, he saw several Ponies walking down the path. The only thing he could let out from his muzzle was "OHFATEWATCHOUTCOMMINGTHROUGH!" as he ran right into their path. He didn't know how he managed it, but he was able to run right through them without bumping into a single Pony. Good Fate I can't believe I didn't crash into 'em.... he thought to himself as he continued. He was glad that he was able to continue his momentum without it ending on a.....rather painful note, so to speak. Still, he had to still make it down the remainder of the rocky path. Still, it didn't bother him much at all, since all it meant to him was a more likely chance to passing more competitors. To him, the only thing that mattered to him was winning, and if it took both pushing his body to the limits as well as even accidentally bumping others out of the way to be able to get past them, that would be exactly the kind of thing Clutch would do. If only to get a better chance to victory, of course.
  7. Clutch was starting to feel a bit tired as he ran past the trees that made what seemed to be the entrance of the woods. "I swear it's like it never ends!" he said to himself as he started to feel the effects of so much running in his legs, "I'm just hopin' that i've managed to get far enough through this thing..." He looked at each of the trees that were standing tall as he ran past them, old and yet strong. The leaves on the trees fell as he past them, in shades of green, orange, brown and other coloring that were there. As the leaves fell, they caused the path to be covered with them, making it to where the path started to give a crunching sound with each passing step the Diamond Dog made. It was actually a pretty pleasant noise for him to hear, it being the first time in which he had ever heard of such a sound. He was able to run past a few Ponies through the next several minutes, most likely starting to feel the fatigue from all the running in which they did. "Gotta be more careful when ya run!" he jokingly sneered as he dashed past them. He was a pretty good sport sometimes, but he had a nasty habit of rubbing it in his opponent's face when he was doing well at whatever activity or event he was in. Cocky, thy name was Clutch. He panted a bit as he continued, feeling the strain on his legs and on his lungs amplify by a small amount as he continued on the path. He was indeed a bit tired, but unless he could catch up with the faster runners in the race, there wasn't much point at all in him trying to rest. He was determined to win no matter what happened, and if that meant no resting until the end, even if it'd likely be the end of him if he did, then that's exactly what he planned to do. Clutch was focused on the path, and the crunchy leaves that had fallen on it. Anything else, unless it affected the path or was another competitor, didn't matter, and such he ignored it. He was here to race, not see the sights, after all. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long to get through these woods, or else not even he could go onwards for that long.
  8. As Clutch continued running on the path he was on after his short breather, he saw a few other competitors still trying to catch their breath from so much running. Knowing that an opportunity as such very rarely ever comes to be available for the taking, he ran past them without even trying to slow down. If he was to win this thing, he'd have to keep on going and only stop when he absolutely had to. That way he'd be able to plan out his periods of rest well so he wouldn't waste too much time. Otherwise he'd end up with competitors catching up and trotting past him. As such, he knew that he'd have to watch where he rested at, and when. After some more time had past, a calm, bubbling brook was cutting into the path that Clutch was running on. The water was flowing slowly, seemingly as tranquil as a quiet summer's day. A bridge was connecting both sides of land separated by the river together. It was made of wooden boards that were connected to two side supports to keep them from being moved about too much. Mahogany, he assumed the boards were.made of. A somewhat sturdy wood that would be able to handle a river such as this without much problem. The sidings were painted white, whilst the boards themselves were of a more dark-red coloring, possibly to contrast between the two. For the diamond dog looking at the river whilst running towards it, it was either swim through the river, or run across the bridge in order to cross it. Unsurprisingly enough, Clutch chose the bridge to get over the river. Turning his body to face the bridge, he dashed towards it. He lowered his body a bit and moved his arms behind him, straightening his body to face right at what he was running towards. He ran and ran, until he was right at the bridge. Once he reached it, he did a daring move: He grabbed the sidings whilst still running, put his body into it, and swung himself forwards as well as his arms would allow him. His body propelled over the bridge.....and right to the ground. With a loud thud, he hit the ground hard. It took him a minute to be able to recover from that painful landing, and a couple Ponies ran past him during that time....as if karma itself was punishing him for such a foolish mistake. He still had a race to get through, so after dusting himself off, he continued to run on the path, hoping he could be able to make up time for that....silly mistake that he made there. If things went well, he could still have a chance of winning.....if he could pull it off, that is.
  9. Ah, the excitment of the race, what a way to get your adrenaline pumping and to give your legs to good workout......or at least, that's what Clutch thought as he was running through the path that was set up for the Running of the Leaves course. The fresh breeze blew into the Diamond Dog's face as he slowly but surely passed a couple of Ponies, doing a fake-salute as he passed them. He wanted to get to the first resting area as fast as his legs could take him, so that way he could be able to both catch his breath and get back to racing without the worry of so many other competitors running past him whilst he was doing so. The path that they all were racing on was definitely a long one: It seemed to go on for hours, as he ran through it. The leaves blow off of the trees and onto both the path and the ground below, leaves that were in all different colors. Orange, brown and other fall colors were seen on the leaves as they slowly fell from the trees in which they once were attached to. The path itself was a simple one, a dirt path that many a race has taken place on. Unlike most things, time actually was somewhat kind to it, and the path looked almost as good as the day in which it was first made to be able to cross it. With the leaves falling onto this path, it not only gave the path a colorful appearance but also gave it a sound as well, a crunchy sound as Clutch and other Ponies ran across. It was actually a pretty pleasant sound to him. Not too loud, and in his opinion it gave the path a more lively atmosphere to it, a fitting one considering the race that he was currently in. He definitely felt his legs getting a good workout from this running as he continued along the path, his muscles feeling a tiny bit strained.....but not by much. Clutch continued to dash across the path, bobbing and weaving slowly around a few more in front of him, until he saw it: a small farm, not that large in size but made sturdy, surrounded by apple trees as far as the eye could see. The glimmer of light protruded by some of the red apples as the sun shined down upon the trees gave the area quite an amazing look to it, as if they were ruby gems found shimmering in the darkness of a well-dug mine. "Wow, didn't think i'd ever see such a sight by now" he said as his pacing slowed down, "I gotta remember to come back here sometime!" He seriously considered coming back after the race was over with, if only to get a good sampling of those apples that shined brightly on such a sunny day. After a few more minutes of running, Clutch slowed down to a stop, trying to catch his breath before continuing onwards in the race. "Not bad....so...far...." He wheezed as he bent up and down, over and over again to try to catch his breath. "Hopefully....it doesn't take.....too much.....outta me...." As he rested for the next few minutes, several Ponies passed him, causing Clutch to feel a bit of annoyance that he wasn't continuing right away. Soon enough though.....or a few minutes, either or, Clutch was back on his feet, going back to his pace from before, using his legs to sprint once again through the path. His short break may have slowed him down, but Clutch was not going to let that stop him. He was prepared to push himself to as far as he could if need-be in order to win this race.
  10. Basically, I dunno if anyone will ever drawn this, but I gotta finally get it out of my head, so yeah. :U The basic idea here is "Rainbow Dash watches Wonderbolts do awesome maneuver in air, wings grow larger in size whilst watching, then blushing after seeing what happened." I dunno why I even thought of this, but I feel it might as well be gotten over with right now. Whoever decides to draw it and stuff, thanks a lot for doing so. Now then, Imma leave this topic be.....since I guess I doubt anyone will ever draw it. Still, ya never know. :U
  11. Clutch Vibrafang, better known as DJ SOUNDBYT3 in clubs, had decided to join in this strange event called the "running of the leaves". He hadn't been outside, away from his old home for very long since his.....'banishment', so he had no idea what to expect with such a thing. Still, a race was indeed something he could easily understand, as Diamond Dogs were trained from when they came of age to dig fast and move fast. If he could pull off what he knew from back then here, it'd be a cinch for him to become the victor in all of this. "So, this is the big compo we gonna race in, huh?" He said to himself as he walked passed various Ponies with numbers on their sides. "Not bad. Methinks i'm gonna have some fun with this...." The Diamond Dog DJ walked up to the registering table and looked at the mare sitting there. "I'm gonna enter this thing, so yeah" He said, looking at her. "This is quite a surprise " Said the mare as she pulled a piece of paper from under the table, "But anypony who's willing to join in is welcome to at least participate." She handed it to him and then told him "Now then, good luck with the race, and remember that it's all in good fun." Clutch took the paper, a 65 written on it, and placed it on the side of his shirt/vest. He then walked over to the starting line, ready to show them all what a Diamond Dog can do when you have him run his fastest. He reached his destination after a few seconds of walking and then positioned himself, waiting for the start of the race to begin. On Your Marks! Clutch looked to each side of his current position, seeing the Ponies and Stallions that were ready to race and give it their all. He knew that this was not exactly going to be as easy a race as it would seem to be, but he was ready to give it one hundred percent of his all. At least to prove what a Diamond Dog was capable of, of course. Get Set! He lurched forwards a bit, left paw pushing into the ground, while his right paw in the air behind him. He was ready to move the second it was time to start. His right leg began sliding a bit while pushing into the ground, trying to be ready to move at any moment, but he quickly corrected his posture. He wanted to be able to be fully ready to run as fast as he could when it was time to begin. His poofy tail wagged as he became more focused on what was in front of him, feeling excited about what was to come soon. He was ready, and thus was about to move. Go! Clutch then sprang into action, quickly. He moved both his legs quickly, quickly overtaking a couple of slow-movers before bolting away from the starting line. The rush of adrenaline was amazing to him, feeling the wind on his face and the ground almost feeling as if it wasn't even there. His body wasn't exactly made for digging or for burly tasks, but his legs on the other hand were in peak condition. He had no idea where this was going to end, but he was at least give it the full effort, hopefully for the chance to win. and for him, that was the best thing he could hope to try to do.
  12. Once all 32 of the competitors stepped forwards, Zandare looked at them and continued. "Now that we know which of you will be moving on, let's get on with the next event: The Battle Round Tournament. The rules are simple: this is a brackets-styled tournament where you are all paired into groups of two. Each group of two will try to play a tune together, trying to out-do the other competitor. You must use your skills and musical ability to manage a favorable result for yourselves. Once the tune ends, we shall decide which of the two deserves to move on. The winner of the battle moves on to the next round, and then the next match will begin. This'll continue until we reach our final two competitors, where the rules will change a little bit.....but we'll save that as a surprise for later on." the Zebra colt chuckled and then looked at the 32 with a good stare. "Now then, let's get this started, shall we?" With those words, the tournament began. The first two matches were indeed interesting, with match one being between a Sitar-wielding Earth Colt and a Pegasus Acappella trope, and the second match being a Griffon with a huge drumkit versus a trio of violinist Unicorns. Clutch clapped as the second match ended. "That was some pretty good stuff there. I didn't even think it was possible for a violin to be played that fast.....welp then, looks like it's time to truly show my stuff now...." He said this as Zandare called his name up to start the third match. He grabbed his tabletop, still having a thing of chocolate doughnuts on it, and then wheeled it up to the stage. He moved to the left side of the stage and saw quite a sight indeed: A huge organ was placed on the other side, a wooden one with all sorts of pipes and other attachments on both the top and sides of it. A Grey Pegasus Pony slowly flew down from the top of the organ, wearing a fancy dress and everything. "It's now time for match three!" Zandare said as he pointed to the two, "and this'll be quite an interesting match indeed." Talon then pointed at Clutch and said "Ya got that right bro. On the left side's a D-Dawg that certainly surprised me with what he did. DJ SOUNDBYT3's def. got a wicked beat goin' on, and his style's a new one i'm already likin' a lot." "He might be quite a musician as we saw" Said Treble as he pointed to the other competitor, "but so is our other competitor. From Clousdale, Pipe Reed had built this impressive organ that she custom-made to play all sorts of amazing sounds, all from different types of organ. I wouldn't be surprised if she has this one in the bag." After Zandare giving them both a stern glare, he spoke up again. "Well then, I believe it's time that we got this started then. Whenever you both are ready....." Clutch grabbed a new record and placed it on his tabletop, and then looked at Pipe. "Good luck, ya gonna need it!" he said as he prepared to turn on the power to his tabletop. "I assure you that you'll need it as well...." Pipe Reed told him as she sat down in front of the organ she built. and thus began Clutch's first truly difficult battle. Clutch turned on the power and immediately got to work with his new tune. Pipe Reed, on the other hand, started before he could. The sounds of the organ, so intense, yet so relaxing......until they both were on the same page with their rhythm. They both played on the other player's previous moves, trying to out-do each other on a musical level. Clutch had never felt so alive as he did his best to keep up with Pipe's playing. That Diamond Dog used his atmospheric notes to try to keep in the lead, and his kalimba-playing skills were almost put to the limit from using them as a bass. But the thing that was most exhausting for him was how much he had to time his crystal sounds, and how fast he had to go. Good Fate..... he thought as they reached the final part of the tune, does this Pony ever TIRE? The song did end finally, and the two took a bow as the crowd cheered. Zandare, Talon and Treble all clopped at their performance. "That was quite a performance" Treble said as he continued to clop, "The way you both used the other's melodies and sounds to complement each other was grand. I'm not sure which of you to choose for!" Talon was the next to speak. "Wow, now THAT'S an awesome beat ya got there. I would've loved to hear ya do that in the freestyle round dawg." Finally came Zandare, serious and focused as always. "You two definitely did well. You performed much better than I had heard when this started, and for that I give you an applause. But now comes the time where we decide which of you move onwards to the next round....." The judges spent the next 2 minutes talking to themselves. When that time was up, Zandare looked at the both of them. "It's time to announce the winner. The competitor to move on to round 2 is........DJ SOUNDBYT3!" Clutch actually had a look of surprised hearing this, watching Pipe Reed slam down on her organ after hearing the news. "I can not believe I lost!" she said as she flew away from everypony, leaving the organ sitting where it stood. The only thing Clutch could say then was "......okay...." as two Earth stallions pushed the organ away. With that bit of confusion having passed, Clutch wheeled his tabletop away from the crowd, knowing that he managed to somehow actually make it passed the first round. "I dunno how I managed to keep my paws from fallin' off from that intense playin' I did" he said as he felt the cramp in his left paw, "But I made it to round 2. That was actually kinda fun, and intense! I hope the next couple rounds get that excitin'!" He then sat down and began to eat another doughnut. "I really need to plan out the next tune for some truly epic stuff, so as to wow the crowd.....and I'm thinkin' that I know just the one...."
  13. Oh joy of joys, I can post mine here as well! It's more of a "Ask a Diamond Dog" thing, but still. I got nothin' better to do (at least until college classes devour my soul later on), so yeah. I plan on doin' some big stuff soon (if I ever get to finish what i'm currently doing in it), so expect that.....I guess. :U
  14. After Dubstep's turn, the rest of the competitors went. Some were decent, like an oboe-playing Zebra who did reasonably well. Others.....not so much, like the duo of Kazoo-wielding Earth Ponies that did terribly. Eventually the last of them went and got their score from the judges. After that final performance, Zandare stood up again and spoke. "Now that we've seen how the whole lot of you perform and where your skill levels are at, we'll decide which of you will move onto the battle round tournament. We shall take a five-minute break, and then we'll reveal who will end up advancing." He then sat down and started to chat with the other two judges, trying to decide who would advance onwards. Clutch looked back at the performances that had happened and chuckled a bit. "That was def. an interestin' freestyle round there." He grabbed another doughnut and began to eat it. "Little miss showoff certainly did pretty good. Something calm and relaxing, wasn't that bad at all. Still, I've heard that kind of stuff before during a compo a while back. I'll give her 'til after round 1 of the battle round to show what she's really got. If the judges say she holdin' back, then that means she's got somethin' planned for later on. I'll keep an eye on her whilst I go through the motions, see what she does." "As for that Dubstep kid, I actually kinda liked the tune he did" Clutch said as he finished his doughnut, "Now that's the kinda challenge I like to hear. Somethin' fast, somethin' brash and somethin' truly big. Methinks I should keep my eye on him. Might get to go up against him, so that's a possibility. Could be fun indeed." He then wondered about the other competitors. "I definitely saw some interestin' opponents durin' that round. I dunno which among 'em are gonna make it onwards, but if they as good as they showed right there.....methinks this might actually be a fun compo after all....." The five minutes passed, and the judges had finished their discussion with each other. Zandare looked at all of them and then cleared his throat. "We have made our decision, and will now announce who among you will go on to face off in the battle round tournament." A unicorn stallion was brought over to where Zander was at, where he whispered into his ear. The stallion then let his horn glow, and a shining light shot out from it. It hit the wall behind them, and a picture began to form. A tournament bracket was shown, with pictures of thirty-two competitors placed among the spots at the bottom. Of the thirty-two, they were split into four sections, eight competitors to a section. "If you are among those in this bracket, step forward now and show yourselves. Otherwise, step back." Clutch saw his mugshot in the tournament bracket in section 1, paired with an organ-playing Pegasus Colt for match three. The Diamond Dog DJ wheeled his tabletop forwards, to where he could be easily seen. Others who were in the bracket began to step forwards, each bringing their tools of the trade with them. "Looks like both little miss blue hair and Dubstep got in as well" he mused to himself while having a sly smirk on his muzzle, "This is gonna be fun indeed." It seemed as though everypony there had gotten a 90 or higher with their score, save for one contestant. If these musicians were as good as they showed, it was gonna soon get to be one hell of a show tonight!
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