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  1. ((Sorry i vanished guys... Other sites i do stuff in picked up on activity and i sort off prioritized them... Urgh, i feel like an ass.))
  2. Actually, i am the new Scootaloo. I really like your Celestia! Very fun to follow!
  3. Firecracker looked between the three, a little bewildered as he tried to keep track of everything they were saying. "First of all, don't get too close, i need to pick up this dud." He said, looking over the sand carefully and picking up a casings that had failed to go off. "No, no. Those were not firecrackers..." he said, holding the casing on his mouth with a nervous look. They had a habit of going off sometimes, though he could usually tell in time and throw them away, it was not like he wanted experimental fireworks going off around other ponies. "Most of those were rockets, firecrackers don't fly." He opened a metal case and dropped it inside, closing and locking it quickly. "They sort of just go off and make lots of noise. Was why my parents picked the-" Firecracker cut himself mid-sentence when he noticed that he was talking about his name and hadn't even introduced himself. "Oh, where are my manners?" he said apologetically. Walking back towards the group, not as nervous now that the dud was in a safe place. "My name is Firecracker, i do displays for a living. I'm afraid that what you saw wasn't a display..." he said, lowering his head a little as he felt it reflected poorly on him if they thought that was a demonstration of his abilities. "It was just a bunch of rockets going off. A real display is not as chaotic... or dangerous."
  4. Wait, you are who? Are you the celestia you linked to? Is anyone else from here there?
  5. OOC: Oh snap, this is alive? i had stopped checking the boards by now! Give me a sec, post is coming. Let me get my Firecracker on. IC: Firecracker jumped in place, startled by the pegasus and his guests. They must have flown in while he was cheering for... himself. This was awkward. - "Oh, um... hello there!" - he said to none of them in particular, lowering his head and taking a step back. - "I'm not causing any trouble, am i?" - he asked, worried that his experimental display may have caused them to drop by. He had tried to choose a secluded spot, but he hadn't strayed that far from the town just in case he had an accident. His nerves had caused him to pretty much skim over everything they had told him, he had completely ignored the fact that they were introducing themselves... Not that it was on purpose.
  6. Sorry, hard to get myself typing. coward here, you see. you know what i have been yearning for the longest time? to roleplay a normal day with someone. Back on the board i come from it was all grimdark and gansters and drive bys and- i better stop there. Amongst this storm of awfulness, i found another roleplayer who was willing to roleplay pages of what qualifies as "nothing". the characters talked, walked around, bought mundane items and otherwise had a good time. I lost my interest in roleplaying there not long after this roleplayer left. The experience didn't feel balanced when it was all salt. I really want something like that again. Something lighthearted and fun. With little conflict and action. Can we go from there?
  7. There's equestria daily, this site and tumblr. Combined they are a triad of pony content distribution sites of epic power levels. A little off-topic, but appledash's avatar is creeping me out. It looks like her eyes are producing pickles that she is then proceeding to eat. Just so her eyes can give birth to more pickles that she can eat.
  8. I came here with the intent of roleplaying. I now find that i am too much of a coward to talk to anyone about joining their threads or starting one. I am fail incarnate.
  9. There is usually a button somewhere in the blog's main page for asking questions. More often than not, they are labeled. The Tumblr user gets the question in his imbox and then chooses wether he wants to answer it. That is what you are asking, right?
  10. That's because you are not a fan of the mecha genre. And you are not alone, i know a lot of people who don't get it. I will explain it as follows: I find a scrap pile, ruins and junked vehicles appealing to look at. Ergo, i am weird and can't explain my fixation with mecha to anyone. My belief is that you are either: born with the "HECKYESROBOTS!" gene, or you're not.
  11. Oh, Megas XLR is an example of what a giant robot anime NEEDS to be. They should ditch all of the emo and pretentious filling and embrace the giant robots and the possibilities they bring. It was an awesome show, because it knew what was it that fans of the genre really want.
  12. Scootaloo and Marty WIN. The level of win is currently being examined. But i currently estimate it to be "EPIC"
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