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  1. Rainbow hiccuped a couple times as AJ commented on her sweetness. She meant what she had said but it was probably coming out as garbled mush due mostly to the amount of cider she had consumed. It really wasn't a surprise that Applejack had quite the handle on herself still. The farm mare most likely had cider in her blood after all her years being raised around it. "You won't tell anypony will you beautiful?" She smirked back and snuggled deeper into the covers. It seemed as though AJ wasn't in the mood for anything serious tonight. Rainbow wondered why as for the moment her recollection of the nights events was surrounded by a warm fog. That was ok. The room was nice and she was pretty sleep... "Night AJ," The pegasus muttered softly as she began to doze off. Oh what a night...
  2. I recently got Braeburn approved and I'm thinking of getting him romantically involved with someone else's character. Could be cast or not, just needs to be a stallion. Be willing to write longish posts and build a friendship that turns eventually to hearts and hooves *blush* If interested please PM me and/or leave a message here.
  3. Male Earth Pony Braeburn PROFILE Role Play Type: World of Equestria RP TEXT COLOR: Vivid Yellow -threads- Not yet active...
  4. Name: Braeburn Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth pony Pelt Color: Golden Mane/Tail Color & Style: Peach and golden/tan in large swaths in his mane and tail. Being a rough and tumble kind of pony has lead to his mane and tail being somewhat of a huge mess. Mostly he can hide the mane do under his Stetson but his tail is left to tangle in the breeze. Eye Color: A gradient of granny apple green. Cutie Mark: A red and ripe braeburn apple a'course! Physique: He's a bit on the lean side but muscled well enough to get the job done! He's determined and tough to the core which makes up for the fact that he might be a bit more willowy than some ponies with his occupation. Residence: Braeburn lives in the same farm house that he did when his parents first brought him to Appaloosa. He keeps it up as his parents retired and moved to Ponyville for a more clement environment. Occupation: Braeburn works on one of the oldest apple farms around. An original fixture from which Appaloosa sprung. History: Braeburn came with his family to AAAaaaapaloosa when he was just a little colt. His ma and pa brought him with them when they took the offer to help settle the lands out west. They were offered a sum of bits and their pick of land on which to farm. Since both his parents had been struggling to make ends meet they quickly jumped on the train as soon as the tracks were laid to this new settlement! Little Brae was soooo excited to get to his new home! He loved the dust, and the cactus, and the ranges and plains. So much more room than the little apartment he had been raised in in Vanhoover! This was going to be such an amazing adventure. He took to his new life like a duck to water as did his parents. Brae worked the apple farm with his parents, planting trees from seedlings of the first apple trees planted out west. He worked hard and became quite strong in the physical sense and in his nature. His pride for his work grew as their farm grew and soon they were exporting far and wide with the the sweet braeburn variety their farm was known for! His parents are now retired and Braeburn is the full heir to the farm! He hires ponies when needed to care for the modest orchards. Braeburn loves his family and his farm and hopes to someday have a family of his own! He's been known to give various ponies the eye but so far he hasn't found the stallion of his dreams... Character Personality: Brae is a fairly laid back pony unless e's crossed on anything to do with family or farm in that order. He's is loyal and true once his loyalty is won. His is an Apple so family ties run deep and true. He is fiercely protective of his farm and his way of life and can get rather ornery if anypony disagrees with him on pertaining issues. Brae loves to have a good time and can often be found at the cider saloon in his home town. He also has something of a singing voice and is a regular at song and dance nights. This stallion is not afraid to be up front of a crowd or to champion a good cause. He's up for adventures and though he'd hate to be gone for too long he does wonder what it would be like to get away from Appaloosa jut for a while and explore a bit more of Equestria. Character Summary: Loyal and true to the core Brae is a good son and a good friend. He puts others before himself and at the same time has great pride in his accomplishments as an apple farmer and resident of Appaloosa! He's got that wild west spirit inside and in most situations he's ready to willing to do his part to make his friends and family proud!
  5. Twi had no problem doing as advised on the breathing. She sucked in huge quantities of air. So much so that she almost forgot the flap her wings a couple of times. She pressed a hoof to her chest and panted. "I knew you would work me over...pant pant...w-when I asked you to...train me...but..." She quickly wiped her forehead to clear the sweat that had built up. "this training session sure escalated quickly!" It wasn't that the alicorn was out of shape and she had fought her share of battles in the past. She'd taken down true horrors all on her own after all! But she was looking for more... more of herself, more of her power and ability, and perhaps more of the pegasus flapping her muscled wings and hovering. It was so hard to focus! Her brain buzzed with thoughts of Rainbow Dash that made her feel like blushing! She couldn't though. She had to get this done and done right! The princess nodded at the commands in flight and attack methods and watched with as much focus as she could as the pegasus preformed the maneuvers. Soon enough it was her turn! Twi felt pretty confident in Rainbow's requests. These were moves she had practiced before, and used before in a particularly gritty battle between somepony who was now a very close friend. "Quarter loop, spin and fire! No problem!" She tried to put on her cool and confident air but came off just sounding awkward. At least it was cute Twilight Sparkle book horse extraordinaire awkward! BANG! BANG! CLANG! The targets were smashed in a clock work order and the the quarter loop preformed well...to a meh level. Twi was tired and it was showing! Perhaps she needed a swat on the rump to get her to full action mode? She flew back towards her trainer panting heavily after preforming the moves. "So, how was that coach?" She gave Rainbow a sly wink before she could stop herself! What in Equestria was she doing? That blush she had tried to stop earlier return with a will to her cheeks!
  6. Woo-eee, Rarity sure did know a thing or two about Canterlot! Though AJ was a pony with a proper respect and knowledge of business sense, she didn't carry a carrot to a corn field of what Rarity had under her belt. Some ponies night get offended to be offered such a hoof load of information on running an apple stand as she was just given, but not Applejack and certainly not from Rarity. The farm mare knew good common sense when she heard it and everything just mentioned was on that plate. Applejack nodded along as Rarity listed off the advice, ticking it all down in her head. She would be sure to stop Apple Bonnet before she left tonight and pass on the indicated safety measures and tips. She certainly didn't want anything unforeseen befalling her cousin, it was her first time selling in the big city afterall. Up until tonight she had only worked in Appaloosa. Sure, there were thieves there too but Apple Bonnet knew Appaloosa and she didn't know Canterlot! "Whew! I'll be sure tah let 'er know Rarity," She winked at her friend. Feeling more at ease than ever. "Thanks fer the heads up, Hi'm sure cousin Apple Bonnet will but overly obliged to yah!" Then the unicorn made mention of her baking abilities! She had to turn and look out over the city once more as a hint of a blush came to her cheek at the praise. It was true of course, no pony couple bake em; and sell em' like AJ but far be it from her to start braggin' it up right now. "Learned from the best on that front," She smiled and nodded in the direction of Ponyville. "Granny taught me the basics and Hi just sorta took off from there!" Usually AJ had the appetite of a full grown stallion but she didn't tonight. She may have been loosening up, but the knot in her stomach wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. "Yeah, they do have good ingredients 'ere. Tha best Hi wager since Sweet Apple Acres regularly sends apple shipments, an' zap apple jam, an' cider too on occasion. In fact Hi guess Hi wouldn't be surprised if that apple turn over on the table wasn't made from this year's crop." AJ was thrilled to see how Rarity lit up at the mention of her duds. Sure it had been a reach for the farm mare but it had obviously paid off in spades. Though she mocked her new found interesting in fashion, AJ knew Rarity appreciated the gesture more than she was letting on. "Heh heh," Typical easy going laughter escaped AJ's muzzle as Rarity mocked utter horror at an Apple taking interest in clothing. "Well, that interest lies mainly in the orange side of the family," She winked at Rarity obliging her work with Valen. "But I've come to know when somethin' looks right good on somepony," She gulped lightly. "Or when somepony looks right nice i-in somethin'..." Her voice trailed off and the previous blush was nothing akin to the pink that now covered the mare's cheeks. She sucked in a breath and spun towards the table and their friends. "Uhhhh, sun's set... let's go find out what's gonna happen next!" AJ trotted quickly to the group of friends only to notice Twilight and Rainbow Dash were gone. Spike made his way to the group as well. "Come on everypony! To the balcony!" Spike led them up a set of steps on the side of the upper terrace that spiraled around a turret and ended at a comfortable sized balcony. It was about as high up as one could get on the castle without being a pegasus or other winged creature. AJ wasn't one for hieghts but the railings were firm and the balcony quite large so she wasn't unsettled. "Twilight said to take a seat, wrap up in the blankets," He gestured to a pile of neatly folded warm blankets that had been left for them on some rather comfy looking love seats. The seats were set fairly far apart from each other, one being up on a higher landing of the balcony and the other on the lower. There were about fifteen more spiral steps between them so each seat was pretty much private. "...and watch the show!" Fluttershy and Pinkie took the seat further up, wrapping up and gazing skyward. Pinkie munched away on treats she had brought up from the terrace and there was a dispenser of hot chocolate set up on the balcony as well. "OOooo, cozy!" The Ponk pronounced cheerfully as she snuggled down in the blankets. She spoke rather loudly and if not for that wouldn't have been heard. AJ looked towards the other seat and swallowed lightly again. Her heart started to beat a bit quicker at the thought of sharing the seat and the rest of the evening's events alone with the beautiful unicorn. "Uh, after you Rarity!" She smiled and gestured towards the cushioned seat.
  7. Rainbow felt the evening breeze as it wafted in smelling of apple trees and freshly churned soil. She loved being on the farm with AJ partly because she really did have a good time here but mostly because of what it did to the mare next to her. AJ's countenance always seemed to change the longer they spent in the place of her birth. She softened but at the same time became even more sturdy. It was hard for Rainbow to explain. She supposed it was just that this place was the heart of where AJ acquired her pride and sense of duty. Both made sense to the pegasus. It was similar to the grounds of the Wonderbolts training facility for RD. No she hadn't been born there, or raised there, but her dreams and goals all culminated around those barracks and flight practice fields. Well, her goals for herself... her goals for her family? Perhaps she tried her best to pull from Sweet Apple Acres for that. No place in Equestria radiated family like the Apple's farm did! She snuggled down next to AJ after planting a smooch on her and leaned her back on the wall in the same manner. "Tastes good to me. You?" "Cheers AJ..." It wasn't the happiest response of all time but she was becoming more content by the second. "Yeah, it's a great year for cider. But that's nothing new," She winked at her mare. "You always taste good to me," She moved in closer and gave AJ a nuzzle under her cheek. She leaned back and finished off her cup in one gulp. "I just don't think I'll ever get how you do it..." She mused, swirling a tiny dreg of cider she had missed in her cup. "You're the strongest pony I've ever know Applejack," Another nuzzle. "And the prettiest..." She wasn't saying nice things to make AJ feel better about what had transpired this night. She knew well enough to know words weren't going to fix any problems. RD was speaking from her heart. She wasn't good at it and never even tried with anypony but AJ, but with the farm mare she would try her best.
  8. Rainbow listened while she leaned in on AJ and close to her little Zappers. Tears still fell unbidden from her eyes though she was no longer actively crying. It just felt good to have Applejack at her side again. She didn't feel strong at all, not unless she had AJ by her side. Rainbow was weak, she always had been. Not physically of course but everything else...well... when her mare said they had some things they needed to 'solve' RD agreed for sure. "Yeah..." She took a deep breath, her eyes moving to the dying embers o the fire. She shivered them and immediately felt terrible for keeping her loves out in the cold. "Can we stay in the farm house tonight AJ? I just want to be next to you." The thought of the warm and safe farm house made Rainbow feel better. It was almost a symbol of what AJ stood for in Rainbow's life. Everything that was solid, good and warm. Stable, sweet, and honest. Celestia! She loved Applejack so much and it just ached to think about what had transpired this night. Maybe she could heal htough? Maybe she could do better? AJ was right, they needed some help. They made their way through the fields by the light of the moon. It was late before they got back and the rest of the family had long since turned in for the night. The kitchen still smelled like the oatmeal and carrot pie Granny Smith had made earlier that day. She wasn't hungry but the smell was comforting. "Want me to help you put him to bed?" Rainbow asked meekly.
  9. AJ had a knot in her guts the size of a raccoon after a night in a corn field...or somethin' like that... She wished fervently that she could just relax and have fun like her closest friends were all doing. They chatted, sipped fancy drinks, munched yummy foods from the Canterlot Castle kitchens. Yet Applejack found herself still standing, hooves up on the railing gazing out over the city. She just had to get these feeling wrangled! The only way she knew how was to just let it all out....but she couldn't! Deep inside she felt ashamed. Twilight had done so much to arrange all this for her to do what needed to be done and she just couldn't get herself to do it! The earth mare had achieved so many wonderful goals in her life. But this one, telling the mare of her dreams what she really thought.... it was different. Of course there was always the looming fact that Rarity wouldn't feel the same way. AJ wasn't even sure if the unicorn would even want to be with a mare. She thought perhaps she would considering the heart melting looks AJ had spied Rarity give to stallion and mare alike. But perhaps that was just Rarity being well, being nice? A sigh escaped AJ's muzzle as she thought of a night with just herself and Rarity with all the truth out on the table. She'd romance the unicorn something wonderful that much was for sure. Nopony would treat Rarity the way Applejack would! AJ was more than genial with friends and family alike...but with the mare of her heart's dersire? Well... it made her heart speed up just to think of it. Applejack, dear, come here. I think I spot an apple merchant down there. I wasn't aware your family had been contracted for the festivities tonight!" The farm mare's blush deepened as Rarity suddenly appeared just down the balcony from her. She sucked in a breath and adjusted her stetson betwixt her ears. Time to be regular Applejack. Calm Applejack. Level headed Applejack... anything but the mushy mess she could feel herself becoming even as she tossed her hooves up next to the unicorn's. "An apple merchant yah say?" She squinted and tried to find where Rarity was gesturing to. "Oh! Ha ha yep!" How could she be so silly to forget about cousin Apple Bonnet! "That's cousin Apple Bonnet alright. She's spendin' a few days gettin' used to the apple sellin' buisness. Came into Canterlot two days ago to get used to the big city." She glanced again and smiled as the mare she was speaking of hoofed a small bag of apples to an eager client. "Looks like she's doin' jus' fine! Even these city ponies can't deny themselves good honest apples..." She glanced over at Rarity, feeling better to be talking about something she knew all about. It felt good to have a little confidence back since she'd spend the past day in nothing but worrying and mulling over areas of her life she had no practice in and no control of. "How's the food?" AJ asked freely. Suddenly feeling more like her usual self. "That oat bake looks right delicious!" Oh, an' don't forget to throw in something Rarity felt good talking about! "I-i like yer uh outfit Rares. Looks really nice on yah!" The sun finished setting in fire red glory as AJ enjoyed spending time with her friends but particularly Rarity on this evening. It wouldn't be long before the show would begin!
  10. Rainbow braked and banked just when Twi was beginning to close in. The Princess certainly didn't mind. As the pegasus asked her how she was feeling all she could do was nod in agreement. Heart pounding? Yes. Wing muscles burning? Indeed! Breathless? Mmmhhmm! They flew wing tip to wing tip for a moment and Twi used the time to try to regain her composure. It would help if she could at least get her head into this workout. As it was now she was spending waaaay too much time trying to clear her thoughts of the athletic mare beside her. It was hard to focus on thoughts of Rainbow beside her in other places than in the air and also keep her mind on track for what was fast turning into the workout of her life! "T-the city limits?" Twilight gasped out as she fought to glide and not use her wings so much. She glanced at Rainbow again, her face looking nothing less than helpless. Her trainer looked so totally pumped up for this though and the thought of continuing on with this activity that hyped Rainbow so much gave Twi a boost as well! She couldn't help but see how even what must be a light workout for RD made her muscles pop in her shoulders and gaskins. That fine line that ran from her cutie mark to her hocks stood out in fine tuned sexiness... Twi shook her head, causing a drop or two of sweat to go flying. Game face, try to at least hold onto some form of game face... Rainbow flashed that wolfish grin of hers and the Princess' heart tripped in her chest. It was already hard at work providing much needed oxygen and the extra umph from all this Rainbow made her feel light headed and almost giddy! The pegasus was off once more, taunting the alicorn to really pour on her speed. Well, she'd try... she'd never catch up...but she didn't mind the view from behind as she pressed herself further into her athletic if not romantic endeavors. They rounded Sweet Apple Acres what seemed to Twi to be ages later. She was literally pouring sweat now and her wings were starting to feel like they were going to fall off! "Rainbow?!" She panted. "H-how's this for sweat?" She gasped for breath yet again.
  11. Twi eyed the bits that were tossed onto the counter. It was far more than enough to pay for both of their orders. She wasn't surprised in the slightest. Both mares were more than wealthy in their respective roles. Still, it was a nice gesture of Rainbow to pay the tab. That thought of course sent her mind flitting to thoughts of the rituals of dating. She hadn't had any romantic encounters that went as far as dating with any mare and thus really wasn't sure of the rules. Traditionally the stallion laid down the bits but when it was two mares? Nope, no idea. She let her mind roll even further to if it really had been a romantic date between herself and her newly appointed flight trainer. They would pay and go back maybe to Rainbow's place? She had always enjoyed Cloudsdale and Rainbow had what most would consider a "sick pad". Rainbow's place has a sexy appeal to it that of course she would never let the mare know about... of course she wouldn't right? She shook her head. Nope. Not going any further in that direction. The blue pegasus was speaking and of course Twi had missed most of it in her reveries. But she had heard the try and catch me part. Rainbow took off like a shot as always and Twilight spread her wings wide. "Here I come!" She shouted and did her best to blast off into the sky. To be fair it wasn't a bad take off but flying with Rainbow made most ponies look like absolute amateurs. Truth was Twi was no amateur. She had had more than her fair share of flying and even flight battles. Time jumping on the wing was thrown in there to boot! But even with all this, she still had numerous techniques o gather of the athletic pony that was still in eye shot ahead of her...well above her. She had to keep her head! No more staring weirdly at those flanks, that lithe neck, those captivating eyes. It was just so distracting how a fine sweat sometimes built up in Rainbow's hind quarters and how it made the lines of her well toned croup stand out. Twi would love to nuzzle Rainbow just there above her tail... "Ummmmm, concentrate?" The Princess spoke to herself as she winged her way after the ever receding form of Dash in front of her. She pumped her wings up and down rhythmically, trying her best to gain so ground. She knew RD wasn't going to be flying all out if she wanted to give Twi any chance of catching up. It wasn't long before Twi herself had worked up a good sweat. She was feeling good and warmed up! Her legs picked up a canter in the air underneath her as she strove to pick up the pace. Thinking better of this, she pulled her legs in closer to her body to become more aerodynamic. There we go! Her pace picked up from this adjustment and she hurtled forward! "I've got you now Rainbow Dash!" She called out triumphantly if a bit breathlessly.
  12. Super cool lightening tail! Great work!
  13. This is a beautiful app! Have a great time with your new character!
  14. Hi! You can either set up a scenario and ask people to join in ooc sections or enter an open RP.
  15. AJ gulped quietly as Rarity made her entrance to the promenade. She looked even more stunning than usual in that fancy get up. The farm mare couldn't really understand why the unicorn liked the dressin' up stuff so much, but hay, if it made you look that good then why the heck not? She cleared her throat and rubbed up under her forelocks for a moment. She had to stay calm and strong. That was who she was and who she'd always be! Nothin' a pretty unicorn was gonna do to change that! Even as they interacted with their friends AJ's nerves failed her yet again. As she was pulled in for a hug the scent of Rarity's perfume filled her nostrils. She couldn't help but inhale deeper before they stepped apart. Being close to the unicorn made her weak in the knees to say the least! "Well, Celestia and Luna promised me a special display for the sunset of the longest day of the year!" Twilight spoke enthusiastically. It was true that the other Princesses had promised something special for this year and asked Twilight to invite all of her friends to see it. It just so happened that AJ had asked for her help not long after she had been told that something special was already being planned. Everything had worked out too perfectly! "That sounds like it's probably somethin' really good!" AJ trotted over to the Princess. "I wonder what it is..." The girls spent time talking and and relaxing on the promenade. It was a glorious evening, if a little on the chilly side for this time of year. Applejack gazed out over the crowds of ponies in Canterlot, her eyes resting on the slowly setting sun. She had know Rarity for such a long time. Much longer than the others. They had always been close friends. They understood each other. When just the two of them were together things just naturally clicked. It had taken a lot of years for the feelings she had to build up. AJ knew that part she loved the best about Rarity was that they just felt right together. Natural and free. However, bottling up her feelings was taking that away from her. That's why she had resolved to let her feelings show. She had to tell Rarity. Sure it would probably mess with their friendship some if the unicorn didn't feel the same way. At this point it was a gamble she was willing to take! A short while later members of the royal guard starting setting a table on the promenade. This was soon laden with food and drink for Twilight and her friends. "Looks yummy!" Pinkie proclaimed as she popped a candied apple slice into her mouth. "It is yummy!" She giggled and dug into the food. Soon all the friends were eating and laughing together. AJ would have loved the time if not for the knot in her stomach. Soon it would be up to her... to let her feelings be known...
  16. Hi I'll be happy to help you get this app ready for approval for use in WoE! You have a few things you will need to edit to fit WoE and then you'll be all ready to go: Age: Young Mare will work here as we don't go by numbers for this section. Species: I suggest changing her to perhaps a changling background so she will be able to morph into the forms you have listed. Alicorns aside from the princesses are not available for play in WoE. Cutie Mark: The story you presented for the cutie mark includes factors that won't be able to be used in WoE, mainly her coming from a place that is not used in FiM universe. This section is meant to fit the FiM show and thus characters come from the world presented in the show. The story kind of sounds like an Equestria Girls reference so she could be played as is in the Multiverse sections. If that's what you'd like to do, I'd be happy to move this app to that section for you. She would need to have a backstory that fits the FiM series to be accepted for use in WoE. History: Provide a history that fits FiM as mentioned above. It's ok to make the history and cutie mark story similar but the history should contain information that gives the reader an idea of why the character behaves and thinks as she does. Summary: Can be a pared down version of the history. This is the section someone might read before stepping into an RP with your character to get a basic view of who they are. Do a quick read through for spelling and grammar. Part of presenting an app and having it accepted is making sure those who enter our WoE have a good grasp on writing clearly and cleanly in RP settings. You have a good character here. Choices for you; make some edits and soon she will be ready for use in Woe, move this app to the Multiverse section if you'd like to play the character in an Equestria Girls setting, leave the app as is and RP her in the Free for All sections as much as you'd like.
  17. Rainbow didn't know what to do when AJ materialized out of the darkness. Would she still be fuming? Would she be upset? The pegasus didn't know what to expect and she found her heart at a loss. She already felt bad for the things she had said and done. She wasn't one to think before she acted but, she knew... even brazen Rainbow Dash knew for sure that the way she had gone about things back at the restaurant was just plain wrong. It broke her heart because she loved Applejack with all her heart and it pained her that she had done what she had done. But there was no rewinding life. Though she wished she could. She wasn't even sure she would have done anything differently. She had little check on her emotions and she doubted she would ever gain much more than she currently had. She of course also felt bad that she had pulled Zap out into the cold dark night without even trying to explain what was going on. When would she ever stop hurting the ponies she cared the most about? "A-AJ?" She didn't know what to say but it did relieve her to see her mare picking up Zappers. The poor guy was so confused and even as she watched he started to cry. More relief flooded in as Applejack assured her fickle mare that their little family wasn't going to be breaking apart. That was all it took for more tears to roll down RD's cheeks. She felt so much better in that moment, just knowing AJ would be by her side and not toss her aside for being the jerk she so obviously was... waaaaaay too often. It still hurt her pride a little bit and she certainly was not used to letting ponies get away with saying it, but she was scared. For some reason, in that moment, RD felt herself pulled closer to AJ than she ever had before. She had never been with a pony in her weakness. She always ran and hid her imperfections from the world. She never shared that with anypony... and now she was, for the first time in her life, with the love of her life. "I'm so sorry AJ..." She couldn't speak, and just cried. She moved closer until she could put her muzzle up close to AJ's neck and breath in her earthy scent. "You're right, I'm scared. But I feel better knowing I'm not going to loose you or Zap," She patted the little guy's head. "I shouldn't have done any of that back there... I'm ashamed AJ... you deserve so much better than that..."
  18. "Well then I can't wait to introduce you to the things that ponies like to eat!" Pinkie answered a boisterous answer to the magic deer's statement. "What do your kind enjoy? I've never had tea with winged deer, or brunch, or ever a snack!" Pinkie bounces up and down around the room and then back to Lockheart. "Oh my gosh! Those look good on you!" She bounced up, tipped them off his antlers with a hoof, and gobbled them up before anypony had time to blink! "But they taste better than they look!" "Heh heh heh..." Rivulet chuckled dryly at the antics of his pink ponk friend. She certainly made him feel at least a hundred years younger. "So about my usual?" He eyed Pinkie with smile on his muzzle. "Oh yeah!" Pinkie bounced back behind the counter. She was back up in flash, pointing towards the bar stools nearby. "You two take a seat and I'll fix you up the special of the house!" Rivulet glanced at Lockheart. "You ready to try pony sweets my friend?" She grinned. "Because nothing is sweeter than what sh'e about to serve us..." As if on cue the room filled with a distinctly sugary smell, cotton candy, fizzy soda, and bubble gum were just a few of the fragrances. Pinky giggled as she put a bowl full of what looked like bubbles onto the counter. "Sugar bubbles!" Pinkie couldn't help but grin! "Get poppin' Rivulet!" The dragon took his front claws and as daintily as he could moved a blue bubble out of the bowl. It floated in front of him and he chomped down! "MMMmmmmmm..." He sat back, savoring the flavor.
  19. Sorry for my posting delay to those I'm in threads with... I'm making a come back now!

  20. Twi continued to stare at the fruit display. Stare... and stare...and stare... until it was super awkward. She could feel it in the air. The stomach churning that came with putting oneself in the worst of situations. It had happened so fast! She really needed to get herself under control! She moved her muzzle down for a sip of her smoothie as Dash got the the part about being... ...worked hot and sweaty... Her muzzle missed the straw and wrapped around nothing but air. The Princess glanced over to see if RD had noticed and caught a view of the athletic pegasus' flank for her efforts. She tried to look away as quickly as she had looked but her eyes couldn't help but lunger. She felt the aforementioned sweat begin to form under her forelocks. This was too much! "Ah heh heh heh..." *trademark book horse awkward giggle* Rainbow sipped and sipped at her drink until the contents of the glass were gone and she made a sucking sound at straw hit bottom. Twi's lip turned up in a half grin at the noise. RD continued on about yaw and pitch and wing tip flight patterns. That for for sure interesting information for the purple mare. She lived for technical stuff... the praise the Rainbow interjected in at various moments not so much. She had never been good at taking compliments and a blush found its way onto her cheeks. The Princess nodded as Rainbow finished, challenging her with the ferocity of the training to come. "Yes!" She spoke with a bit too much enthusiasm. "I mean... yep! I'm ready!" She found herself eager to get out of this situation and into the air. "I think we've got some time to start training if you want to now?" Why not now? Maybe she could invite Rainbow back to the castle after for dinner if they spent some time in the air together now... her insides raged. Why was she so intent on spending time with her friend? Close, uninterrupted time.
  21. Hi Please put (WIP) or (Ready) in the title for this app so we can know when it is ready for a review. Thanks!
  22. Howdy! I like your art style! Hit me up for shippy type RPs any time
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