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  1. I wanted a group shot of my newer OCs 🙂 going to release some over the next few days. First up Reckless and Oblivion!
  2. A home for my new art style and the OC's I have on the site.
  3. From the album: RainbowFoxxy's New Designs

    My OC Reckless at the club!
  4. From the album: RainbowFoxxy's New Designs

    An image of one of my new OCs!
  5. RainbowFoxxy


    From the album: RainbowFoxxy's New Designs

    For the warriors event on eqd and of course for the medical professionals who are serving during these trying times. My Blue Bird all grown up and my Reckless 🙂
  6. Rarr! He's a hottie! *Lamp lifts a brow* A walk on the wild side 😉
  7. RainbowFoxxy

    Gift Pony Art

    An album for art made as gifts for friends on canterlot.com.
  8. From the album: Gift Pony Art

    A gift for Alivda of their alicorn OC Raven Shadowfire.
  9. @Alivda Here's an alicorn for you!
  10. I think I'm reaching a new point on my learning curve as I can't go to work ATM 😉 He may have to fight Cane for a piece of that. We shall see...
  11. From the album: RainbowFoxxy's New Designs

    A character sheet for Lamp Light, one of my newer OC's. He's one sexy stallion... *wink wink* Cane... ;)
  12. A little pony pic of one of my newer OC's Lamp Light! He's one sexy stallion 😉
  13. Aye, tis fine by me! @PyroBlaze
  14. From the album: Cast!

    Sometime in their future... so sweet!

    © Hasbro

  15. RainbowFoxxy


    Pics of the cast of FiM that I draw
  16. Glitter was walking down a path trough the woods. She could hear little fillies behind her. She turned, seeing herself playing with her friends. Spring Rain and Fizzlepop. She smiled, watching them tossing a ball back and forth to each. Her heart warmed as she saw their smiles. Their happy, carefree bounce. They were so young, so untouched. Life hadn't hurt them, not yet. And then her head turned. Ahead the road turned dark and faintly in the distance she heard a roar... "No...n-no..." She muttered. She'd passed out again after her first attempt to speak. But Koda had nuzzled her again and now she could hear the mare speaking to her. Don't move. She kept her head in place, face towards the warmth of the fire. "I-I'm ok..." She let out a little breath. "J-just so thirsty." She couldn't manage any more then that for the moment. She could hear Fizzy though, feel her body close to her side. That was enough. she would be ok.
  17. Lamp raised an eyebrow as Candy referred to him as 'lad'. It had been well, a loooooog time since anypony had called him a term usually saved for colts. He let it go however, and focused on the situation at hoof. "The name's," The cart creaked and groaned. He wanted to tell Cane to stop pulling but he didn't. What this stallion did with his belongings was of his own accord. "The name's Lamp Light. Most call me Lamp." Then he stepped back. The whole thing was gonna go! "Oh my Celestia!" He muttered as the cart gave out. Wood, smushed supplies, and tattered books mixed with mud. Lamp cringed and looked to Cane. "Cane?" The stallions expression was blank. Just blank. Then a smile. "A room?" Lamp's horn began to glow softly with an orange colored light. "Yes of course! As for the mess? I you don't mind the assistance?" The orange glow surrounded the cart and the things smushed around it. Books and other possessions lifted from the muck and shed their grime. Not all of it, but since Lamp's specialties in magic involved cleaning and mending he was able to salvage a fair amount. "I won't be able to save the worst of it," He focused a bit more, his horn sparking in the process. "But at least some of it," A bag of supplies came out and was rid of mud. "Can be saved." He was holding a fair amount of Can'es things by magic at this point. "Please, come right this way!" He trotted back towards the Honest Hearth, bearing a fair load in his levitation, as the rain began to pick up. By the time they had crossed the thresh hold and entered the cheery entry room it was pouring outside. Lamp set the salvaged goods down gently and poked his head back outside. "Looks like the rest is a wash," He raised a brow at Cane. "I'm sorry." A fire crackled in the hearth and the room smelled of sweet smoke and polished oak. Lamp came behind the counter and used his magic to open the registry book. "Now about a room. I have a small suite open if that would be to your liking? Offered at a discount to you sir, for your..." He glanced at what had been saved from the cart collapse. "Unfortunate occurrence." A moment passed and then he added. "Dinner will be in half an hour if you'd like to attend?"
  18. Her reaction was expected of course. They uh... well, they hadn't really gone about this whole thing the right way. The six might have been the saviors of all Equestria but they were far from perfect! Case in point, the beautiful pink unicorn sitting across from her. She listened as Moonlight let some of her frustrations vent, knowing there must have been a ton more than that behind those lovely eyes. She was actually pretty surprised Moonlight was taking this with as much grace as she was. Rainbow knew she wouldn't have had the same poise if this had happened to her... though she might have been happy with the outcome. As they stood to walk, RD dropped a few bits on the table and mad her way out. It felt waaaaay better outside. Space, cool air, it was refreshing. She made her way down the road, intent on making her way out of town and into the countryside. She flexed her wings absently. "You know I hadn't really thought about the shift in magic," She flapped her wings a little. "No way I'd want to switch out my pegasus powers for anything else!" She glanced at Moonlight's horn. "You uh, get any tips from Rares yet on using that thing?" She had noticed the allsource but being a pegasus she didn't really know what it was for. She'd seen fillies in her younger days wearing them but not much on anypony older. "Yeah, I guess it doesn't really apply to be as I'm not a unicorn...buuut I do get the magic part as it relates to the tribes." She found herself wanting to find a way she could help Moonlight. Celestia knew she'd need it! "So, you starting school soon? AJ told me Rares was fitting you for uniforms."
  19. As she continued kissing the bat, Reck couldn't help but feel the beat from inside course through her. Dusk had definitely jumped back into the booth! She kissed with passion, drawing Neb in close to her. Once they backed up a little bit Reck took in a small breath. She nodded to Neb's response. "I do have my skills," she smirked and came forward to nip Neb's ear. Not hard enough to really hurt of course. A small laugh. "Yeah, maybe we will!" Her heart was pounding out of her chest. She wanted to be alone with Neb right then and there but well, the night was still young. Her ears flicked back. "Sounds like your friend is back in the booth," Another laugh. "I'm not sure I'm cooled down after that but I'm totally ready for some more dancing if you are?"
  20. DT was oh so glad she and her mother had been able to come to an understanding. Even though they didn't see eye to eye on everything, she had always respected her mother and always wanted to be like her. She had poise, grace, and knew what she wanted! These were all excellent qualities and Diamond only hoped to emulate these attributes in her own ways. She of course, differed on how other ponies should be viewed, but that was a conversation for another day. Right now she would focus on the wonderful things about her mother and use those to help Spoiled become the leader Diamond Tiara so much admired. "Daddy!" Diamond giggled as she got smooched on the forehead. She blushed as he complimented her work. "Yes I made it daddy! Oh and to answer your question mother," She turned to Spoiled. "I have the town press churning out some right now. I did want to make sure you approved before I ran off enough for the whole town." She turned back to Filthy. "Now on to business daddy," She glanced at him as though she were in charge of the whole operation...which she had no inkling as to otherwise. "How did the research go? Were you able to dig up any dirt on our opposition?"
  21. "Oh my gosh!" The bat filly flitted through the freezing air above Ponyville. It was getting late and her breath was coming out in puffs of steam. Blue gritted her teeth and put on an extra burst of speed. Sure it was cold, sure her wings were freezing, sure she was aching all over from a particular hard workout, but she sure was going to finish this race around Ponyville with a burst of speed! "Done!" She crossed the imaginary finish line and listened to the crowds roar in her mind. Some day it would all be real. She was going to achieve her goal, she just needed to get a little faster. A little stronger. She could do it! Blue Bird swooped down to main street and lightly landed on the cobble stones. Her hooves made a merry clop and she trotted her way back to the Friendship School. She was a new student and the school was still taking a little getting used to. That was fine. She could handle it. She'd handled lots of stuff in her life and moving to a new town and going to a new school full of new creatures to meet was just fine with her! She glimpsed a filly trotting into the school just before her. She hadn't met the pink filly yet but she probably would soon enough! Blue took off her flight goggles and wiped them down on her Wonderbolts hoodie. She never, and she meant never wanted to be seen without that hoodie. Who knew when a true life Wonderbolt might see her! Plus she now went to the school that Rainbow Dash herself taught at! Blue knew she was really lucky! After a quick shower and a bite to eat the bat filly snuggled down for the night. Tomorrow was a big day! She was going to be part of her first Winter Wrap up!
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