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  1. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here!! 😀
  2. RD shooved the crumpled paper around on the counter in front of her. The Apple family had set up an armoire in the silo to help the bride get ready. The mare couldn't imagine herself primping in front of the mirror, dabbing on mascara and blush and whatever else a pony like Rarity would do. As it was she did lean forward the quickly use the mirror to adjust her bow tie. "So, um," She glanced at Pinkie as the energetic mare came up next to her. "Are we forgetting anything?" Pinkie thought for a moment. "Hmmm, nopsie wopesies! You have your vows, Fluttershy has the hoof bands," She peeked her head out the door. "The guests are here! You got it all Dashie washie!" Dash gulped again. She'd all but forgotten all their friends and family would be there to watch her preformance. She better not mess this up! Dash found herself wishing she'd asked AJ to do this in private and not with like every pony and creature in Equestria along for the ride! "AJ you're the most special pony to me in the whole world. I um... I remember the first time I thought of you as more than a friend. It was after the Running of the Leaves. It was like the first time I ever admitted not winning to someone and you.... and you were right there with me, we lost together!" Dash smiled, happy she could at least remember the beginning of her vows without looking at the paper. The vows actually helped relax her, remembering all the great times they'd shared. She really just wanted to be done with the wedding and be snuggling her amazing AJ on the couch in the farmhouse. Glitter batted playfully at her nippy mare. Temy got her ear and she flinched a little as she gently closed her teeth. Then she moved forward and nuzzled the stalwart and moody mare that was the love of her life. "You get a nuzzle for every nip!" She giggled and flicked her ears back and forth once. "Come and get em'!" She wouldn't be so playful but for the fact that they were far from the attention of others on their haybale in the field. Glitter watched every new arrival with intrest, focusing on the Chaos God as her mare did. "Yeah, leave it to Discord to choose now to show up." She mused noting that it appeared he intended no harm. She shifted off the bale after a little longer and glanced at Temy. "I need a drink." A little smile and then a wink for her nippy mare.
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  4. Hi! Checking in to see if you're still working on this app? No rush, just a check 🙂
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  7. His aggression at the question was if anything expected. Sombra was guarded as he should be and Luna had been around long enough to know what sorts of inquires might rub a pony the wrong way. Twilight in her usual fashion has jumped straight to business on the end of their empire and it was admirable. Luna was glad to have the purple alicorn at her side for this interaction. The Princess of the Night had been around for many battle and power struggles and a fresh sense on things was much needed. The Princess allowed for Sombra to sit before them on a bench that was swiftly carried in by wary guards. She levitated her water and took a sip, leaning towards Sombra to take his response.
  8. Glitter sat on the hay bale next to Temy. She smirked at her mare at her lofty plans. "Oh, I've heard of AJ's famous cider and that's not the kind of stuff you leave just laying around!" She winked at Tempest. "But if anypony can swipe a whole keg...it would be you." She glanced about, noting their distance from other ponies and then leaned in to nuzzle her friend. "Thanks for letting me come with you Temy," She giggled. "To this oh so romantic occasion!" She couldn't help it, she loved to play with Temy and her supposed "dislike" for all things mushy and/or romantic. Glitter sat back, resting herself on the bale and watching the proceedings. She supposed the mares of the day would make their appearance soon enough but for now things were still getting under way. Numerous guests were arriving and moving to the closer seating in the roped off area. Neither her nor Tem had any interest in that. The two of them usually kept their distance from others, spending lots of their times living and working out of their cabin in the far north. Coming to Ponyville was cetianly a change. She'd not been to the little town for Celestia knew how long! "You know, I could just go get us some cake and drinks," She smiled again. "You turn everything into a raid or adventure of some kind don't you Temy?" They both did that sort of thing, all the time actually. She loved that they could sit in the outlying area, not having to dress up all fancy or deal with small talk. It was better to live the way they did. At least for Glitter and Tempest anyway.
  9. Glitter blanched and placed the tin with her oats to the side as Temmy mentioned eating rats. The unicorn had been in her fair share of situations as well but...eating rats?! She had to hoof it to Temmy, that was some true survival grit! Glitter had never eaten meat and she doubted she ever would. She'd certainly go for frozen bark and snow melt or basically anything before eating meat! "Yep! I'm sure a moss, fungus, bark sandwich will be much better than a rat-cicle!" She raised her lip in disgust and then smiled. "You're showing me up with eating rats. I mean, I've survived a lot of bad situations but never something that would press me to do that!" She winked. "I like an outdoorsy mare that can take care of herself." She liked that Temmy was opening up around her. Even jesting with sticking out her tongue and laughing a little. She could see it was good for the unicorn's soul, it was certainly good for her own soul. She wished they were somewhere safe and warm where they could laugh, and snuggle, and maybe... she shook her head as a blush crept onto her cheeks. Whoa there filly! Keep your head in the game! She wanted to ask more from Temy. She wanted to hear where she'd been and what she'd endured but, best not go there for now either. "Yeah, I'm good to go." She felt a little weak but the offer of a ride and the thought of being back safe to her cabin was a driving force! She reached up and touched the bandages with with a hoof. "Yeah, I have no idea what's going on under there." She felt good having Temy care for her and look after there. There's no way she would accept it from anypony else. But this mare was different. She felt like they'd never had a time apart. She'd never felt so whole.
  10. Hello! Loved reading your introduction! Hope to see you on the RP boards soon! You are welcome to app any cast, lots of us play multiple characters so you wouldn't be toe stepping Have a great time and let us mods know if you need help here.
  11. Obviously I've lost my posting groove...however, this wedding will win me back for sure! ^-^

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  12. RD raised her brows at the two students responded. Honestly their answers were better than anything she had prepared for the class! That was awesome! She was proud of herself for hosting such a great lesson and even more proud of her students for their learning! "Totally agree with both of you!" RD flew slowly around her class, eyeing each of them to see if anypony had anything to add. It seemed like Remington and Moonlight had summed everything up. "So!" She smiled at everypony. "Looks like all of you have passed my first lesson! Don't worry," She winked "They get much more exciting than this!" Then she smirked and began to fly back towards the classroom. "Two page hoof/claw written summary on this activity due tomorrow at the beginning of class!" She called over her shoulder and giggled at what their responses might be to this homework announcement!
  13. The food tasted really good. Way better than it had any right to taste. Perhaps it was the honey and dates. Perhaps it was that Glitter was way more hungry than she realized. Probably it was both! Either way she levitated the oats up to her muzzle and blew on them before another mouthful. After this she sat back, wincing a bit in the effort. Her desire for food and the closeness with Temy had made her feel good but her injuries were singing through again. It would be some time before she was completely mended. She was good enough to move, but it would be slow and she would need Temy's help. "I don't think we'll get lost," She'd been out in this area numerous times and knew the trails decently enough. "But you're right about another storm." She took a breath, weighing their options. "We should get going though if we can. This food will only hold out for so long." She laughed. "Ice sculptures or starving in a cave. Gotta love those options!" Only a pony that had spent plenty of time in dire situations would be able to laugh at their options. She knew Temy would take this in stride, she'd been in worse conditions for sure. She knew Temy wouldn't allow them to leave it she didn't think the way would be clear enough and the storms would stay at bay.. She felt safe with the unicorn. Her voice, her scent, her way of moving were all comforting to Glitter in ways she couldn't quite place. Well, maybe she could. She felt she was home with Temy by her side. Her heart felt warm at the thought. She took a sip of water. "I think my cabin is closer than the city." She thought out loud. "A few leagues at most." She patted Koda as the dog came to rest by her side. "Plus, Koda knows the 'home' command so he can help keep us on the best path." She glanced towards the cave entrance, noting the sunlight streaming into their dark abode. "At least the weather is going to allow for a look around."
  14. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Rainbow zoomed around the silo that had been cleared out to make a pre-wedding prep room for her. She kinda wished she' just been allowed to get ready in the same place as AJ. It would have been nice to have her practical nature around to calm her down. Everything swirled through her head in a giant rush. Since the first day she' d known AJ the mare had sparked Rainbow's interest. It hadn't been romantic right away. Nope. Anything but that. RD was a competitor as was her farm mare. Back in the day they had really kicked their heels up trying to out do each other. This only lasted for so long in a platonic fashion though. She remembered vividly the first day she'd noticed AJ in that new a special way. How her heart had skipped a beat and made her feel kinda light headed. After that RD had gone through a shift in her life. Sure she'd liked looking at mares but not wanting them the way she wanted AJ. She didn't want to just know about her, she wanted to be the closest thing in the world to the farm mare. "Take a breath filly!" Pinkie squinted up at her friend. "I mean I get excited too but you gotta get your head on straight before we head out there!" Pinkie Pie was not usually the most calm of ponies but she had the sense to know what would make a party go off right. That certainly did not include a certain cyan pegasus going batty during the biggest moment for her life! "You're right!" RD zoomed back to the hay covered ground and folded back her wings. "It's just," She huffed out a breath through her nose. "This is a lot!" "Yeah, but it's a good a lot right?" Pinkie giggled and reached for a cupcake. She'd been sure to bring some of the confections with her to help prep in the silo. Who wouldn't? Cupcakes were like super duper important for this kind of thing! "You want a bite?" Pinkie stuffed a treat into her muzzle and gulped it down. "Yum!" "Come on Pinkie, you're supposed to be helping me go over my um," Her eyes bulged. "Where's my vows!" "Relax silly!" The pink mare hoofed a crumpled paper towards her friend. "You know you can just read them off here right?" "It wouldn't be as special though." RD looked at her incredulously. "Right?" "I'm sure what's most special will be what makes you most comfortable!" She gulped another cupcake. "But if you want to try from memorized it's up to you! Want to practice again?" RD shook her head. "No, the last time was a disaster. Maybe I should just wait until I'm up there." As she spoke her stomach dropped. She was really doing this! It wasn't about AJ at all. She loved the farm mare deeply and truly. Loyally just like her element. They had a colt, the perfect colt. Zappers was amazing and just the best guy and she was so so so proud of him. And, they had another on the way! Rainbow couldn't help but wonder what Ambrosia would be like. She wondered if she'd be a little tom colt just like RD had been. The thought made her smile. "There you go! That looks much better!" Pinkie commented on her friend's smile and reached up the straighten the bow tie that brought her friend's dapper tux together oh so well! "Is it time yet?" Pinkie cocked her head and listened. "Not quite time yet..." She grinned hugely. "I'm so excited fr you guys!" Rainbow's smile dropped away for the time being. This whole thing was making her more nervous than any Wonderbolts race she'd ever been in!
  15. Hi! Welcome to canterlot!! I hope you have a great time here feel free to message mods if you have any questions.
  16. Welcome! I hope you have a great time here! 🙂
  17. After a few round of the 'Snap' Rarity and Twilight glanced at each other. They could feel the sugar laced drink coursing through their veins and hoped AJ would be feeling ready to party! "Ok AJ! The honkey tonk awaits!" They trotted their friend out of the boutique and down the road to where a dance was getting ready to go into full swing! "So," Rarity spoke quietly to Twi as they made their way towards the entrance. "They'll be there when we get back right dear? I wouldn't want that part of the evening to be spoiled." "Yep! They'll be ready to go in a couple hours from now! AJ's gonna be," She giggled. "Super surprised!" "Ready darling?" Rarity turned to AJ and grinned. "We thought you'd like a traditional farmyard themed honkey tonk!" Twilight had gone all out with her Princess powers! She'd hired a band, there were refreshments, dancers, and basically the whole shebang! "Time to kick the dust up!" Twilight ushered AJ inside. Directly on the other side of the entrance a pair of rather stunning mares awaited them. "So!" One of the mares trotted around the farm mare. "You must be the famous Applejack?"
  18. Glitter held onto the moment, savoring the feeling all over. She felt whole for the first time maybe ever? When Temy pressed her muzzle into her forehead and breathed deeply with the other unicorn, taking in the air like it was love itself. She could feel her heart beat, warm and strong. It was right. It was all right in the world for that one moment in time. "This doesn't feel like pain to me," She spoke softly, responding to Temy's warning. She pressed herself in closer, if that was possible, feeling a connection like she'd never felt before. It was like the broken pieces of her heart were picked up off the floor. They hovered there in the air, not put back together but just held there. She never wanted this time to end. Temy spoke again, her words like balm. She didn't want to leave. Glitter didn't want her to leave, not ever. She smiled a small smile at the words. "Yes," She nuzzled Tempest one last time. "I do have a thing for strays," One more soft kiss into the mare's crest, where mane met neck. Then there was space between them. As Temy spoke of food Glitter's stomach rumbled. The mane stood, the movements somehow easier after their shared time together. "Let me help." She spoke as she went for the bag of oats. "Boiled oats. Not the most exciting thing but they sound good right now." She sorted through the supply pack and came up with a small vile levitating in her magic. "Honey! I knew I brought some." She went for the cook pan in the bag and soon had it levitating above the flames with water inside. "What else should we have?" She glanced at Tempest and then out the cave entrance. "Is that?" She looked closer. Was that sunlight? "I think the storm might be clearing."
  19. Alrighty then. It seemed like her idea of a simple little game was really not so easy for the class. Well some of the class. Well, specifically a certain pink filly and maroon colt. Oh well, thankfully everypony finished without too much indecent. As Remington and Moonlight crossed the finish line Rainbow clapped her fore hooves together while she hovered in the air. "Great work everyone!" She glanced around. "You all made it, and thankfully nopony got hurt this time!" That was a success right? Sure! Wow, she was such an awesome professor! "So," Rainbow glanced at the group. "Who can tell me what the exercise has to do with loyalty?" She gave it a moment and then pointed her hoof lazily around, landing on Moonlight and Remington. "How about you two? Learn anything about loyalty?"
  20. Rainbow smiled, her tears drying up at the idea of getting to spend some more time with Zap this afternoon. She knew she was in trouble though. She knew deep in her gut that what was to transpire between her and AJ later would not be pretty. RD deserved it though and she knew it. It would actually make her feel better to get the verbal thrashing of a lifetime from her mare. Of course she knew what AJ was going after at the western silo. Perhaps she'd work off some f her steam before they met up later? For now though she would focus on Zappers. She smiled. "Yeah, of course Zappers! I know just the right Daring Do story for us to read!" All the talk of apples, cookies, and pie had her stomach rumbling a bit despite the sinking feeling she had. "I think Granny Smith made a pie this morning!" She turned to trot towards the farm house, motioning for Zap to follow her. "We're gonna have a great time!" (OOC: I'm good to end this one here unless you guys want to keep going?)
  21. Glitter stayed there, unmoving as the unicorn tried to pry open her door. She continued to rest her muzzle on Tempest and breath her in. She continued to hold them both in the warmth of her magic. She listened to the words. They washed over her like a pain filled torrent. She allowed it to happen. She did not stop the words from coming. The only way to mend the broken was to let it out. She'd tried to deal with her own hurts. They only mended fractionally when she spoke of them. When she confronted them for what they really were. If Tempest wanted to do that now, Glitter would not stop her. Of course the words took her back over the years. She knew how Fizzy must have felt about her. She could somehow always feel it deep in her heart. She'd felt the anguish most of all. It was her own but it was also shared. There was no going back. No stopping what had happened. Only time to look down the road ahead. A road she wanted to walk with somepony else by her side. She did not want to, could not, walk this road alone. Not now. Not after spending even this short time with the unicorn beside her. She glanced at Tempest and then away. Her words were ending. And a question rose. She sucked in a breath, burying her muzzle into Temmy's neck in something akin to a kiss. It was more than that though. Her broken heart was seeking solace. "How could I not have done it?" She moved, pressing her injured face into Temmy for just a moment. It didn't hurt, it felt comforting. The sharing of so many emotions, pains, and griefs. At the same time a light of hope was blooming in her heart. She would have done that and s much more for this mare beside her.
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