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  1. What a day! RD was pumped as also totally chillin'! She'd gotten the day off training the new recruits at the Wonderbolt academy to be here for this awesome event. AJ was way good at all sports but none more so than rugby. The elements of the sport were perfectly suited to the well muscled and level headed mare. She was ferociously competitive and had the stamina of an all day buffalo stampede! RD had of course spent the first like, at least twenty minutes of the match exclaiming to any other pony that would listen that the star player was her wife. The pegasus was super proud and happy to be coupled with pretty much the best sports pony in all of Equestria. When the first half was over RD had been on the edge of her seat, rooting on the final points scored by her mare in the first half. She had some idea of how rugby was played though not the finer points of it. It was certainly not a sport for a pegasus like her. She was strong yeah, but hardly sturdy enough to withstand the blows one would receive out there on the rugby field. She had snagged a couple hay fries and had elbowed Big Mac numerous time when AJ had made awesome plays. She'd ruffled Amby's forelocks (which she didn't t like but tolerated from her other mother) and of course spent time paling around with Zappers. "Nice moves out there hot stuff!" She winked at her flushed and sweaty mare. "No pony's got a candle to you on the whole field! And way to score right at the buzzer!" She wasn't sure she was using correct rugby terms for anything but that was ok, she was supportive and present and having a fun day with her family. "Zappers and I are totes impressed aren't we big guy?" She smiled at the bouncing colt in the light blue jersey.
  2. Glitter enjoyed the feeling of being wrapped up in a tight hug from Tempest. She breathed the unicorn in as they shared a moment. A moment that was for all to see...a rarity for her purple mare. She giggled softly, wrapping herself tightly around Temtem. They were so close that for an instant she could feel Tempest's heart beat against her chest. "I had to come," She glanced around. "I knew you'd hardly be able to handle all this cuteness!" She stuck out her tongue in squinted her eyes shut, mimicking disgust. She stepped back, glancing at a mare that was apparently lifting towards the ceiling! There was only so much time before gatherings a ponies tended towards the weird. "Do you think we should help TemTem?" She then glanced towards the door. "Or go find some alone time?" Either way she would get her along time with the beautiful mare at some point this evening.
  3. AJ purred softly as her belly was rubbed. She was reveling in this feeling of submission just a little too much! There was just something intoxicating about letting Rarity lord over her. She could literally have asked her to do pretty much anything. Applejack would have complied. She couldn't help it. It just felt too good, too right to be wrong. Too wrong to be right. All the feelings knotting in her gut made her shiver and she continued to enjoy their play. As she scooted up onto the log to sit beside the beautiful unicorn she tipped the glass of wine into the fire. It shot up, illuminating the scene. In the moment she could see that Rarity had indeed gone and gotten herself nice and tossed. The farm mare said nothing. She did scoot over, nuzzling against the unicorn, plying her for some intimate attention.
  4. Rainbow gave Appuls a few minutes to adjust. It would have taken any lesser earth pony hours to get used to what had happened within the span of a few minutes. But not AJ, she was as resilient as they came! RD still wasn't sure if this was a fun experiment she had brought upon them or a curse. She had no idea how long her farm mare was going to be a winged equine! "Ah," She joked half heartedly. "I think I did most of the chasing to win you over Applejack," She winked. "There were tons of mares and stallions out there that wanted you, it was quite a fight!" She felt uneasy watching the normally confident and strong AJ get used to having wings and apparently more than that. Something about her was definitely altered. Had she lost her earth pony senses too? "You gotta flap em' together!" She stood in front of Applejack and moved her wings slowly up and down. Soon enough AJ was getting a handle on things. Enough that her hooves were barely on solid ground anymore. "Just take it easy at first AJ, that's how all the new fliers learn. Don't want you getting banged up in a crash before we have a chance to race!" She lifted off a little, hovering and waiting for AJ to do the same...if she could.
  5. Twilight watched as Rainbow's attempt to defy the 'orders' of whoever was apparently guarding the bridge fell flat. Well, at least her nose was flat now, from running into some sort of invisible barrier. Well this was certainly an odd turn of events. Whoever it was must have some sort of magical ability! Twilight perked up at the thought. She could engage most creatures in some sort of discourse about magic if they as well could wield it! "Hello there!" She called out while trotting to RD's side. "We just want to cross the bridge to continue our friendship mission!" Twilight glanced at Rainbow as the pegasus recovered from running into the force field. She spoke softly to the mare. "You alright Dash? That was a nasty encounter!" "Friendship mission?" The voice lightened up. "Why didn't you say so!" An old and wrinkled unicorn appeared on the bridge seemingly from nowhere! "Teleportation!" Twilight spoke in recognition. "He does have a good handle on magic then. That and conjuring force fields?" The mare moved towards the unicorn on the bridge. "I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle and this is my uh," She glanced at the pegasus, wishing she could say they were more than they currently were. "This is my good friend, Rainbow Dash. Perhaps you've heard of us?"
  6. Izzy Moonbow!! Can't wait for the movie!!
  7. Random pon cause why not?
  8. Glitter could feel Tem Tem's energy running out. The cold, the snow, the journey. It was too much for any other pony and just barely achievable by the strong unicorn that Tempest was. As they piled through the door her pets swarmed around, eager to see their protector. Then she was deposited on the couch and the world went dark... Her dreams were a swirl. Falling snow, blood, the distant growl of a bear. She felt throbbing pain, deep hurt, untraceable memories. A filly laughed somewhere in the dark. She groaned in pain, her vision flashed red then electric white like lightening. Then Tempest came into her mind. Strong, solid, a pillar of solidarity. She was enough as she was, more than enough. Glitter's heart beat hard in her chest. She reached a hoof towards the unicorn, striving to pull her close. The door banged open, slamming back on its hinges. In plowed the doctor, the caretaker whom she had asked to care for her many pets. They jumped about him, clawing at his legs for attention. He shooed them away, dropping beside Glitter and opening his medicine bag. "Her fever...it's so intense...the wound is infected." the words came from far away, echoing in Glitter's ear. "Tem..." Days passed. The IV line dripped into Glitter's vein, coaxing her back to life. Drop by drop. A week went by before her eyelids flickered. "T-Tempest?"
  9. Smooching weather?! What the hay? Twi did a double take, her cheeks blushing pink. She looked away and giggled awkwardly. "Heh heh," she sighed. "Well, I did mention to Luna that I was hoping for clear skied for our journey." They moved away from the castle, onto a gravely trail that lead away towards the mountains. There didn't seem to be too many creatures around. That was fine, she was sure they would run into some sooner or later. She did hope they were pleasant but knowing she had RD's brawn to protect her made her feel safe. "So, this is basically the trail for a large part of the journey. It gets a little patchy later on but pretty much smooth sailing for now." After a while they came upon a bridge. A rather impressive one with golden gilded support cables and oiled soild planking. It was sturdy and as Twilight set hoof to it she could tell it was finely made. "Halt!" A voice called from up ahead. "Who goes there?" Twilight chuckled nervously to RD. "Did we just walk into a filly's fairytale?"
  10. RD was shocked! She hadn't expected such a dramatic change! She'd asked Twi for a potion to give her wife wings but this... this was something more indeed! AJ was now well and truly a pegasus pony! Rainbow gulped back an explication and went to AJ's side. "Sure," She cleared her throat as the word reached a high pitched and gravelly octave reserved for RD's moments of extreme panic and extreme pleasure. "Sure AJ, I got you!" She reached down, helping the once earth pony to her hooves. "Dang AJ!" There was that high pitch voice again. "You're almost as hot as a pagesus as you are as an earth pony!" A quick assessment told RD she'd have a run for her bits in the air and in the bedroom with this winged farm mare! "So, uh," She stretched out her cyan wings as she spoke. "You think you know how to use those things?" Thought it had certainly supplied the body type she wasn't sure if the potion had imbued working use knowledge or not...
  11. Applejack returned and spied the plates her mare had set up. Of course their little game was bound to continue. There was just something about taking on this role with the unicorn. She'd never stoop like this for anypony else. But putting off her strength and taking a role that made her cheeks burn with embarrassment, well, it really did wonders in the turning oneself on department. She nodded, doing as she was bid. The snacks did look good but they were down in the dirt. Down by the pedicured and pampered hooves of her mare. AJ came close, dropping down to lay beneath the log. She could get to her snacks from here and provide a place on her back for Rarity's hooves. AJ reached for a snack with her muzzle and chewed, wagging her tail as she did so. This was humiliating but somehow exhilarating. Thankfully no pony else knew they were here and they were so far out nopony else would see. After she finished her snack she looked up towards Rarity. She really wanted to sit on the log with her and kiss her but she'd have to wait until she was told to do so...
  12. "Oh, I agree," He whipped a claw behind his head after which cascaded a flow of sparkling green pink and blue mane, all too close in resemblance to a certain princess. "Let our hair down indeed," He giggled mischievously, shaking away the Celestian locks. He sniffed lightly,thinking this notion over. "I'm afraid it will have to be a very tame visit to the royal palace indeed to not upset our lovely pegasus. That is..." he looked one way and then continued swiveling his head until it faced the other way. "If she is privy to our little 'visit'. An oh so cunning grin whisked over his features as he felt a bit of his old self returning. "So me, and me," He glanced at one and then the other. "Are we in agreement of our plan thus far? If so, we only need to decide on the particulars."
  13. "Oh indeed!" He eyed the fish skeleton with a flash of irritation as it bumped into him before heading a different way. "Normal certainly does not suit us old chap!" Discord snapped his fingers, the lazy boy vanishing and an exercise bike appearing underneath him. He pedaled away, musing as he did so. "I think we may have finally learned a most valuable lesson," He bent down, really pumping those pedals! "We are best at being who we are, and who we are is anything but normal!" He sat back in the saddle, apparently finished with his bike race. "You'll forgive me for working out to keep our god like physique at its finest!" "I wonder if Fluttershy might notice that I've been working on our deltoid muscles lately," He gazed at his arms, giving them a flex. "And I suppose you're right, I did know where our dear Fluttershy was," He giggled and snapped a birthday cake into existence in front of them. "Surely she wouldn't miss our 'possibly it's our' birthday party!" He turned to the third Discord. "We were only sampling earlier of course! As you said, we're 'reformed' now," He smirked and air quoted the reformed bit. Sometimes he dearly missed the good old days...
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