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  1. Hi there! Welcome to Canterlot! I hope you have a great time here
  2. Rainbow let her wonderful wife pull her in for a big old smooch. Her heart was full indeed! This was more than she could have ever asked for or dreamed of. She had the perfect wife, the perfect family, the perfect pretty much everything! She smiled after the smooch, wiping a little hint of a tear from the corner of one eye. RD glanced around, noting the Amby was loving her gifts and nomming away. Abby seemed plenty happy with her gift and Rainbow really hoped it made her feel like the grown up mare she was becoming! She could tell by reactions all around the room that her presents had been a hit! "Yep, Ah think you knocked it right outta tha park this year, RD," Rainbow smiled again and looked lovingly at AJ. "Only the best for the best family ever!" She spoke softly, loving every moment of this.
  3. Her 'last minute details' as she'd so eloquently put it were done at the cabin and she'd started her way to the Imperial city's out lands with a spring in her step and a full heart! It had had been a while since their arduous trek across the frozen lands and Glitter's eye had healed. She could see through it, not totally clearly, and it had changed to a glassy color, but it didn't hurt her anymore. In fact so much of what used to hurt her had been lifted. Glitter felt like a new mare through and through! There were of course scars, on her face and in her heart but they were of little matter considering how much better she felt! She thought perhaps Tempest was feeling that way too. Temy had had lots of time both with Glitter's company and alone to heal and grow strong. She knew the mare of her heart was healing! Temy had invited her guests, and set up planned, and thrown her own birthday party! Glitter could have helped but she had decided it would be better for Temy to do this on her own. It was the way Temest had wanted it anyway, and there was no changing things once she'd made up her mind! Glitter started through the field towards the sounds of metal music and the smell of a bonfire beginning to burn. She had full saddle bags on her back which she levitated off to set on a bench when she arrived. There were two guests there already! So much for a few minutes of alone time with her special mare. She smiled, there would be time for that later! She smiled broadly and trotted up to Temy. She raised a brow as she neared and slowed to a stop. "You don't need to dress fancy to look hot do yah?" She spoke quietly and chuckled under her breath. Then she trotted up and planted a kiss on Tempest's nose. "Happy birthday Temy!" After this she glanced at the others. Ice Storm and... Shining Armor! So far the guests were pretty powerful ponies! Seemed fitting, they were guests of Tempest after all! "Hello Ice Storm!" She greeted the mare. Then she inclined her head just a touch. "Shining Armor! Welcome!" She smiled to them both. "So glad you both could come to the party!" She didn't introduce herself, figuring that Temy would want to do that.
  4. Glitter heard the gurgling of the stream as they neared it. She lifted her head a little and shushed Koda. They didn't need to draw any attention to themselves. Who knew what else could be lurking out here... things they certainly didn't need to contend with! She glanced over the scene, her mind working try to figure out a workable solution. "Close your eyes." Tempest told her and the mare complied, not asking why. She didn't need to and she realized with that simple move how much she really did trust Temy. Enough for her to do something just at the asking and with no thought of asking why. With her eyes closed, she used her other senses to figure her way through what was happening. There was that unmistakable crackle. The use of the broken horn. It grated in her ears, with the knowledge of her part in it but still there was some confidence. Temy could wield magic with it nonetheless. Burning, cracking, smoking. She could sense that Koda was moving away from the sudden chaos. it was a good choice for him. If she hadn't totally trusted the unicorn she would have done the same. After a few more seconds she was bid to open her eyes and stayed where she was as she was carried across the newly formed bridge. She glanced down at the cracked and splintered remains of the tree as they made their way safely across. Tempest's magic was still strong and she knew the slow mending of her heart would only make her that much more powerful eventually. With Koda now following at their heels the pressed on through the snow drifts. It felt like hours and her head had begun to throb. She tried to rest it up as high as she could on Temy's neck, to keep it from pounding as best she could. Then, much later she lifted her head. "I know this trail. We're nearly there!" It was a relief for certain! Her cabin was only a few minutes trot away now!
  5. Rainbow glanced at AJ and raised a brow. "Weeeeellll, I guess we can open presents tonight since you've been such good little fillies and colts this year!" It was of course planned that opening presents would happen tonight! Lots of families had their own Hearth's Warming tradition that were much more odd than opening gifts the night before. She thought about the Pie family for a moment. Pinkie was probably right in the middle of the oddities right now. But what was one pony's oddity was another pony's beloved traditions! Rainbow had learned much about finding the value in others over the past years and she'd grown a ton! Rainbow went to her bags and pulled out some specials boxes and packages. She placed them in front of each pony in the room that she loved. Then she sat back, sipping on some super delicious cider to watch their responses to her gifts. Abby was getting a fancy bits pouch with a fair sum of coins inside. She was a young mare now and would probably love being able to pick out her own gifts. Also there was a small framed picture of the whole family for her to set somewhere special. Ammy was getting a special soft apple flavored teething toy. It was shaped like an apple pie and everything! Yummy! She also got a sweet little super soft onesie with shooting stars and moons on it. AJ, the love of Rainbow's life. She'd had to think long and hard on this one! Family was AJ's first and foremost so RD had thought on that route. She'd spoken with Granny Smith and had been able to rustle up some very old photos that even AJ hadn't seen! RD had arranged them in a lovely and rustic album. There was lots of room to add new images of their family after the super old ones. RD had even added some recent ones of them. Zappers! It was a small package and inside was a collar. Not a large one but more puppy size. RD had asked AJ and they had decided he was old enough to start learning responsibility. It was the right time in his life for a furry friend of his own. Rainbow opened the carrier she had carefully hidden on the way in. Out came a puppy! Of course the whole family would e joy having a pup around but it would belong to Zap! RD waited to see how they would like their gifts! (I left the puppy details open so hippo can decide the kind of pup Zap should have)
  6. Hi! Make sure to add (wip) or (ready) to your app title so we can see when its ready for review
  7. Rainbow honed her dive out of sky to head straight for a warm sort of light in front of her. As she neared the farm house the pegasus lofted for a moment, savoring everything wonderful that was happening in her life. She had the most wonderful wife, the best son a pony could ask for, aaaand the cutest (if not a little princess-y) daughter in all of Equestria! The pegasus had undergone some transformation over the past months. A transformation of her mind more than anything else. She could think more clearly now and see further beyond her own thoughts and desires than she ever had before. It helped. It helped her and more importantly it helped the love of her life. "Thank Celestia you turned it around Dash." Her heart pained a little at all the sludge she had taken AJ through in their relationship. But after a few sound kicks in the rear and some honest to goodness truth that hurt way more than any kick, RD had straightened herself out! She had saddle bags on her back and as she landed at the door she reached back and gripped the bags lightly in her muzzle. Sje was careful for sure, there was something important inside after all She! She pressed the door open, meeting a rush a warm air that melted the cold of the night right off her. "Is that cinnamon cider I smell?" She called out as she trotted into the family room. There they all were. Her heart melted just like the light dusting of snow off her mane when she'd entered the house. Dash dropped the saddle bags softly by the tree and went to her wife. "Hey beautiful." She spoke softly, her eyes shining as she gave AJ a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then she looked down at Amby and smiled, her hoof lightly touching the foal's mane. "Where's my main man?" She glanced over to Zap. "There he is! How's the cider Zappers? You having a fun night so far?" She picked up her steaming mug and took a sip. "Who else are we expecting AJ?"
  8. Pinkie bounded down the road, the spring very much still in her step. Even after all the dangers and adventures of this year's ROTL she still had energy without bounds! Nothing, it seemed, could keep the number one party pony down! Gummy clung doggedly on, his purple eyes unblinking and fixed on that sweet sweet finish line. Once they crossed it he could get back to his kitchen. The gator had plans to make some brownies later today. "Aw! Its almost over!" She frowned largely, but then flipped it back to a grin. "At least new friends were made!" She spoke fondly of Copper. Even though they'd only had a few words, Pinkie of course had him checked off her friend list! She waved left and right, calling hellos to everypony she could meet eyes with! "Hee hee!!!" She loved this! The finish line was just another in her long lines of parties!
  9. Pinkie bounced her way into the woods. Leaves were falling from the trees thanks to all those pounding hooves up ahead of her! One particular leaf caught on the head of a certain gator as the Pink bounded on. "Nice hat you got there guy?" She giggled as the gator dangled on her mane to a level where she could see him. "Looking really festive!" The gator just hung there by his claws until the leaf blew off and he sprung himself back up onto the top of the pony's poofy head. "Hang on gummy...we got...a sticky situation up ahead!" Pinkie started trying to avoid puddles of sap. It was flowing from some of the trees and was making the trail a little less than easy to follow... Would she get stuck? Time would tell...
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