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  1. Pinkie bounced ahead as they made their way to the chosen restaurant. "Won't hurt to have some company today." RD ventured. "I wonder how the others will respond." He thought through how they might respond. Worry, concern, attraction to her new masculine form? He supposed anything was possible. It was only Flutters and Rares tho so how bad could it possibly be? As they took seats RD found his stomach rumbling louder than it ever had before. He grimaced and then shrugged apologetically. "Guess I worked up an appetite." "I'll say!" Pinkie giggled. "Thought that might have been one of Fluttershy's creatures growling for a second there!" Soon RD had a stack of three Daisy sandwiches and a giant pile of hay fries on a plate in front of him. He tried to hold back but quickly plowed his way through half the food. "That's better." He sat back, the strange and powerful hunger finally subsided. It was weird. In the past, when she was feeling awkward or upset her appetite disappeared. Now it seemed to ramp up in the face of apparent distress. RD turned to AJ, she seemed, he wasn't Sure... closed down maybe? Like everything that was happening was washing over her in waves and she was just going with it? A very different AJ than RD was used to. She hardly seemed flustered. It worried RD. "Hey Pinkie?" RD ventured. "Yeppers?" Pinkie responded as she noisily Sucked through last of her shale through her straw. "AJ and I are gonna head out. Catch up with you later ok?" "Okie dokie lokie!" She glanced at them. "Should I tell Fluttershy and Rarity about this?" RD glanced at AJ, not entirely sure of what answer to give. Eventually he shrugged. "I guess do what feels right. We can all meet up and talk it through later." After setting out bits for the bill RD motioned to his wife. "Thiiiiis is a lot." RD reached up and absently scratched the back of his neck. "Want to walk back to the farm? It's more quiet there. Might be a better setting to help us process?"
  2. "Hmmmm," Pinkie stared closer at Rainbow as AJ told her that they weren't exactly 'happy' per say. "Well, if Twi did it I'm sure Twi can fix it!" A look of concern passed over her features but she quickly shook it off. No reason to upset her friends if she didn't need to. She was fairly sure Twi could do something about it. She was the most powerful alicorn around wasn't she? "That is gonna take a bit of getting used to." Pinkie bounced closer to the pair. "But, I'm sure me and the girls will support you however you need!" "Thanks Pinkie," RD offered. She was feeling a bit awkward. Not knowing how to make her way through this. She of course knew it wasn't actually by accident that this had all happened. She was starting to rethink not telling the truth about the whole thing. How long was she going to have to keep this up? Lying to her friends, lying to her kids, lying to AJ. She should have just been honest. She should have just told Applejack she wanted to take a walk on the stallion side. How could she even start going there now though? The lie was already rolling and they were telling it more with each pony they came across. "So, where's lunch?" Pinkie asked, trying to keep things light. "We were thinking about Delilah's." RD offered, his voice it's new low tenor. RD blushed, it was her first time thinking of herself in the masculine. She had thought about her voice and it coming from a stallion. That felt good actually! Maybe she could get used to this!
  3. And just like that is be ame clear the AJ was going to rely on her good ol' element of honesty! RD felt her stomach drop as her wife told Pinkie the absolute and undiluted truth! "Rainbow?" Pinkie bounced in place, looking over the masculine specimen that was Rainvow Dash. "That's funny! I have a friend named Rainbow Dash! Your name is a lot like hers!" Pinkie took yet another look. "Acutally, her cutie mark is just... like... yours...too. Wait!" Pinkie gasped. "Rainbow! What in Gummy's great grandma's gum drops happened to you?" "I uh..." Rainbow's voice cracked under the strain. "T-Twilight mixed up a spell and... well, it's still me Pinkie. Just a different version." Pinkie shrugged. "Okie dokie lokie!" She smiled. "Whatever makes you happy!" She glanced at Both of them in turn. "You are happy with it right?"
  4. Rainbow felt her body moving as they walked out of the castle and onto the path. She had never been so aware of herself before. She was still inside her brain somewhere, unable to let go of the fact that her form had completely changed to something entirely masculine. She was trying to embrace it, but obviously it was going to take a few hot minutes. As she trotted up next to AJ, Rainbow's nostrils tingled with her scent. She had always enjoyed AJ's scent, pleasant like the hay fields with just a faintest hint of hard work around the edges. Now the smell was making her feel all kinds of ways in all kinds of places. As Applejack mentioned food RD's stomach rumbled. Like literally roared. She had been hungry before but not hunger like this. It was probably al that new muscle mass and the metabolism it brought. She cleared her throat. "ah, yeah I could eat." She was having trouble holding herself back. Her feelings for her wife, her feelings for food. Those two things had just increased in a way she was not used to. Almost animalistic and not in the regular pony way she was used to. "Handle this...." She mused, turning the phrase to her thoughts and drive for a moment. Then she shook her head to clear it. "Ah, right! How do we handle this? Um, tell the truth or am I Rainbow's cousin from Fillydelphia? Or something to that affect?" There, that was a solid answer. Well, solid if you considered sponges solids. AJ would figure things out though. She always did. As if on cue a particularly bouncy mare appeared on the road coming their way. "Oh oh oh! Just the mare I was after!" Pinkie's ever cheery voice rang out. "Applejack, do have have any super sweet apples I could borrow? I'm making a special cake today and I need-" She stopped short and cocked her head. "Wait, I don't think I know you!" Pinkie bounced around Rainbow. "Nope, definitely not! You must be new to town! I'm Pinkie Pie and you are?" Rainbow looked to AJ for her ever enduring help in hard situations.
  5. Rainbow felt a blush creeping over her face as AJ exaggerated about certain aspects of her new body. She cleared her throat and stood up, making sure to keep herself presentable. It felt good to know how much power was coursing through her body. She'd never felt like this before. Sure, she was strong on the regular but this? This was something new! The pegasus glanced at Twilight out of the corner of her eye when AJ's head was turned. The knowing look that passed between the two mares was as good as a high hoof. Twilight certainly was clumsy with her magic sometimes. RD stifled a triumphant giggle and then began walking towards the door. "Well, there's no use staying here all day when Twi obviously has her work cut out for her. Better to give her some space to find a counter spell right?" She nodded to Twilight. The Princess gulped nervously. "Yeah, um, yes! Yes, that would be best. You two go out and get some fresh air. Try to enjoy the day. I'll see what I can get done here!" She hoped she sounded encouraging enough. She wasn't a huge fan of lying to AJ and now Rainbow owed her. Like really owed her. This was not the first time she'd pulled something like this for her friend. Once they were outside, Rainbow turned to Applejack. "Well, I guess we might as well, I don't know...make the best of this?" Getting used to this new voice would take a while it seemed. The voice along with the other aspects of suddenly turning into a stallion. What were their friends going to say? Would anypony even know she was Rainbow Dash? Maybe they wouldn't. The possibilities opening up around her were immense!
  6. Twilight looked extremely apologetic. Her ears laid flat, embarrassment blush taking over every inch of her face. "Oh my goodness!" The Princess ran over to her closest spell book, instinctively turning the pages to find something to reverse what had happened. The only problem was that she didn't know what had happened. Or, how it had happened. How could a spell have gone this wrong? It was all that extra power she had of course. She would never really get used to all of it, no matter how long she was the Princess of Friendship. "Um," She blew out a breath. "I can fix this?" "Is that a question Twi?" Rainbow blustered. "Tell me that's not a question. Tell me you can change me back." The tenor of her voice was so different it was hard to know whether she was talking or somepony else. Rainbow watched AJ in all her frustration. She knew it would come to this. She knew she shouldn't have sought after magic to give her an edge. She already had an edge. Rainbow stood, her figure now taller than AJ's by a small margin. As she stood she could feel her muscles flexing underneath her. The power there was nothing she had ever experienced before. Rainbow flexed her wings, giving them an experimental flap. The gust of air produced was astounding! "Well, maaaybe this isn't all bad?" Rainbow raised her brows while she inspected her body once more. The muscles were more pronounced than before, corded and twined. Her legs longer her neck thicker. She could get used to all of it quickly enough, except for that one set on things between her hind legs... "AJ," Rainbow tried to reason with her wife. "It's going to be ok. We'll figure this out." Was it just Rainbow or was AJ looking hotter than ever right now? Rainbow gulped, that was a new feeling. "Well, let me take a look at my books and I'll have you come back in a few days," Twilight managed to say as she turned page after page in a huge tome. "See AJ, it's only going to be a few days!" Rainbow plastered a grin on her features. How bad could this possibly be?
  7. The morning dawned bright...too bright! Twi did what she could to cover her eyes with a wing but discovered they were both engaged in holding a certain someone as close to her as possible. The alicorn was certainly tired from the experience she and RD had had last night but she had never felt more alive! Something in her had awakened that she hoped she could continue to kindle forever. Her heart beat with new fervor, her skin tingled, her senses felt fresh. It felt wonderful to have finally expressed something she had been bottling up for years. She rolled over, finding their position of hovering inches from the ground in slumber to be ever so comfortable. She had cast a spell that had lingered as they slept, keeping them warm and safe together. Twi let the spell continue, relaxing into the warmth and comfort. She blinked, shifting away from the light that was streaming from the entrance of the cave. "Rainbow?" She murmured while burying herself into the soft connection between her and the pegasus. "Are you awake?" As she spoke Twi used some magic to begin a breakfast for them. Sometimes she forgot just how useful her magic could be. She was the best in Equestria after all and conjuring the things they needed really didn't take much work. She soon had blueberry pancakes making themselves over the campfire that she had rekindled. The smell wafted around, helping to rouse her and hopefully the sleeping cyan mare alongside her.
  8. Rainbow was rocked back on her muscular haunches by the blast that emitted from Twi's horn. It was not at all what she had been expecting! The feelings of electricity that course through her made the mare wonder if her heart would stop. It didn't of course, in fact it was beating harder than it had since she last sprinted around the Wonderbolts training yard to show some new recruits how it was done. The pegasus sat up and rubbed her head, her vision blurred for a moment. She saw Twi rushing towards her, well, multiple visions of Twi. Then there was AJ. Her vision focused as she took stock of the look of concern on AJ's features. She moved her hooves quickly over her body, checking to see if anything was broken. "Twilight, what the hay!?" She stopped as her hooves continued their explorations. Something. was. not. right. She felt different, like her body was larger than it had been. Maybe that was the muscle enhancer spell's work? But no, it was more than that. Shew cleared her throat and spoke again. "AJ!" A hoof clamped over her muzzle. That wasn't her voice was it? It was too deep and mellow. It sounded like the voice of a... her hoof shifted from her mouth down to below her stomach. "Oh holy Celestia!" Rainbow looked down and then back up before both hooves went to cover herself. In an instant a blush flushed her features. RD stood, trying to get herself under control. "Um, is that was I think it is down there?" RD's eyes bugged out as she fixed Twilight with an expression of confusion and embarrassment. "D-did you just turn me into a-" "Yes," Twilight's voice was a bit shifty. She tried not to look at AJ. "I guess the spell gave you the strength you were asking for along with a bit extra..." "Yeah, I'd say a few bits extra," RD gulped. "You turned me into a stallion Twi, what am I going to do now?" She fixed AJ with a look of desperation. "I'm sure she can turn me back AJ,"
  9. "So, this won't hurt will it Twi?" RD asked while being ushered into one of Twilight's many experimentation rooms. This one was nice and appeared to be something of an observatory. The ceiling showed signs of where it could be pulled back to no doubt display the night sky. It was closed now of course seeing as it was still morning. "No silly! Now see that chair over there?" Rainbow nodded, her attention drawn to a cushioned festooned recliner. She trotted over, taking a seat. She was obviously still a bit apprehensive. "So, this edge?" Twilight nodded. "Yep! So this spell should give you a bit of extra momentum in the wings and spring to the muscle. I just wanted to try it out and you seem like a candidate that can effectively use it!" Rainbow sat back, trusting the princess of friendship would take care of her. Twilight brought out a couple concoctions and placed them in front of her. Then she began to focus energy into her horn. As she worked RD sat quietly in til a sneeze built up in her nose. She tried to hold it in but eventually... ACHOOOOO! The blast echoed around the chamber, momentarily distracting Twilight. She shook it off, continuing to work her magic. When she let it loose towards RD she knew something was not quite right... BOOM! The noise echoed about, bouncing of the castle walls as the spell hit RD square in the chest...
  10. "Welcome you two! Come on in!" Twilight seemed extra excited today. "Uh, thanks Twi!" RD tried to sound upbeat as she entered the castle and trotted along next to her friend. "So, you wanted to try something to give me a better edge in competition?" RD wasn't totally sure this was a good idea but what the hay? They continued to follow Twilight until they got to a nice sitting room. "You can wait right here Applejack," Twilight told the farm pony. "I'll have her right back to you." RD nodded. "Yep, this will only take a second and then we can get to the afternoon you had planned for us." Rainbow was excited but also a bit nervous to let Twilight experiment on her. "We'll be right back!" Twilight nodded reassuringly to AJ before usher RD into her private chambers.
  11. Rainbow gave AJ a snuggle, flapping her wings gently and smiling. "Honestly, you're doing amazing AJ! I can't even imagine doing as much as you have in one day when you didn't grow up with wings!" They made their way to grab hayshakes. Rainbow had to admit she'd never experienced a change so extreme as what AJ was up against. But who knew, a big change might be coming down the road towards RD faster than she could have thought!
  12. Flutters watched as Applejack bounded off after Angel bunny. There was certainly something odd going yes. "Y-yes, of course Rarity!" She lead Rarity back inside the cottage, quietly closing the door so they could speak privately. "Is everything ok Rariy? Applejack seems...different?"
  13. Twilight continued in her advances, moving with the tempo her body dictated to please Dash in as many ways as she could. It was years of pent up desires coming to fruition and Twi rivaled Candance in her display of love for the mare she was entwined with. When she finally felt exhaustion begin to set in the princess took a deep breath and looked softly into Dash's eyes. "That was," she blushed, a small nervous laugh escaping her muzzle. "That was amazing Rainbow." Twilight purred lightly, keeping her wings tightly wrapped about Dash. "Let me," Twi's magic lit up her horn and she quickly turned the cave into a soft and comfortable grotto for them to spend the rest of the night in. "Make things a bit more comfortable for us." She could have done it much sooner but it had only occurred to her then to make a comfortable space for them. The magic faded and they floated down to a large pillow of soft down. Dim lights of various colors danced on the ceiling above them as Twilight turned to face Dash. "I've never done that beforem" she smiled, a blush still lingering on her features.
  14. The Princess of Friendship felt the glimmer of the friendship that had kindled the relationship she shared with the mare in her embrace. It resounded deeply within her, enabling her to completely trust Rainbow in the moments they shared. She had never allowed herself to be this vulnerable with anypony. It was her deepest desires unfolded for only Dash to witness. The magic that blossomed between them held both ponies in its strong and safe embrace as they gave themselves to each other willingly. Twilight was completely swept away in the moments they shared, unable to stop herself even if she had wanted to. She entwined herself further with Dash, connecting herself with the other mare in passion. It was her first time with any of this which only goaded her to go further and take everything she could while giving of herself to extents she didn't know she could. She felt no shame nor embarrassment in her novice attempts. They were received willingly by Dash as Twilight quested for even more connection. Eventually she took a breath, gasping and panting from her passionate exertions. She wrapped her wings tightly around the other mare and nipped her ear. She glanced into Dash's eyes, her own half closed from the heat of the moment. "This is everything I always hoped it would be," She nipped Dashie's ear lightly. "And more so." She had grown bold over their time together. Now that she knew her desire was anything but unrequited she felt a confidence grow in her that she had never felt before. Twilight was strong, she had held her own against many foes and saved the entirety of Equestria on more than one occasion. She was strong with her magic and her ability to use it but this was different. Magic could not do what she and Dash were doing together. That had come from herself, her deep self that was more than just the magic she held inside. She pressed herself in close to Dash once more, wrapping herself tightly into their connection. Feeling the warmth between them she leaned in and kissed Rainbow again, slowly and sweetly. Though the words she longed to say hovered on her lips she could not say them yet, but she loved this mare and she hoped her actions were showing it.
  15. Twilight responded with something between a nicker and a purr, moving her body in time with Rainbow's explorations. This was what she had wanted for so long it was impossible for her to contain herself or hold back. She threw herself headlong into the cyan mare, feeling her feather slightly caressing her and her body wrapping around her. She positioned herself to get as comfortable as she could in their condition of being in a cave in the middle of nowhere. That didn't matter though, noting mattered except for the two of them together finally after all her time of longing. "Not crazy for doing this," She panted, searching Rainbow's eyes for a moment. "I'm crazy for waiting so long. I was so worried that you wouldn't-" she cut herself off, going back in for another kiss. She nuzzled into Rainbow, further entangling their heated bodies together. It was intense and beyond pleasurable for Twi. The best she had every felt was not enough to begin to describe the connection she felt to Rainbow. She was lost completely in this moment, all of her naivety falling away as her body told her where she needed to be. "Rainbow," She murmured softly as her wings traced themselves down the pegasi's lithe frame. "I've wanted you for so long." The blush that already covered her cheeks intensified as she admitted her deep secret to the other mare. Her horn began to glow then and the she used her magic to lift the two of them off the ground. Being together like this deserved a little more comfort than what she was experiencing now. It would be far better to continue their exploration while hovering in her magic away from the stony ground.
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