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my little pony new generation

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On 7/3/2016 at 0:34 PM, starlightchaser said:

3: You must be an Canon characters too.

4: No other races of people only pets or ponies.

I'm going to be a horrible person and challenge you.


In rule number 3, you said that Canon characters are allowed.  Canon characters include Caribou, Deer, Ponies, Griffons, Minotaurs, and any other characters you've seen in the show.  But in rule number 4, you said only pets or ponies.  They contradict.  Clarify please?

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Just now, starlightchaser said:

only pony OCS

So basically disregard rule #3, then?

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Just now, starlightchaser said:

canon and the must be ponies

That makes no sense.

Minotaurs are canon.

So if you're saying 'canon and must be ponies', then it's basically must be ponies.


Please clarify.

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Name: Pyro Blaze 

Age: Adult


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Straight


Child of: His parents? 


Race/species: Unicorn


Appearance: He is slightly taller than stallions his age, with a well-developed musculature. His coat is white, while his mane and tail are red and orange and styled to look like flames. His eyes are red, but he often wears sunglasses over them. His cutie mark is a red and orange fireball. 


Personality: Pyro is fairly laid back when he's not on duty, happy to spend time with friends doing whatever. Even when he's on duty, he is still friendly, though he is much more focused on the job and more stern. He is also very determined, often never giving up on something until he achieves it. Despite his friendly nature, he can be easily angered at times and anger is not a good thing for him. 


Family: Frost Wind (Wife, not my character), and two kids


Children: Justice Blaze (Male) and Hope Blaze (Female)

Pets: None


Job: Guard


Bio: Pyro had always had trouble with his temper, but the worst case was the day he got his cutie mark. He was on an adventure with his two best friends, and through a combination of different things, he lost it and discovered his fire magic as it lashed out, destroying the grass around him and hurting his friends. Thankfully, the wounds were minor and they both pulled through fine, but he has been blaming himself and seeking control ever since. As he grew older, he was drawn towards the guards, wanting to protect that which was important to him, and he eventually did after getting a better handle on his magic. It was far from perfect, but it was more than before, which was good. He met his wife while on duty one day, and he had been in love ever since their first date. He is determined to keep his family and Equestria safe, even if that means giving his own life for theirs. 


crush: Frost


Others: Weilds fire magic that can go out of control if he gets too angry, as well as a sword. He also wears the typical guard armor when on duty. 

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