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  1. Nensho hummed slightly as he listened to the others talk, thinking about what he was hearing of the target. He would help, of course, especially when he noticed that the description made Toboe kinda upset. She did a good job hiding it, but he grew up with her, he could tell. “A hidden basecamp? Yeah, I could probably search out a cave nearby or something.” He said, looking around the area. “Sharing a moon rise with my packmate sounds wonderful, thank you Luna. I’ll be back soon, once I find a place.” He added, bounding off to search the area. ————— Feather had been watching the scene, though as Myth failed to respond to Nira, she looked over at her to see what was wrong. Myth looked lost in thought, making Feather tilt her head as the time stretched on. Eventually she seemed to snap out of it, and Feather draped a wing over her back briefly. “You ok, Vis? What’s on your mind?” She asked quietly, looking over Myth a bit.
  2. Kojo had been taking a nice walk along the forest’s edge, partly to look for more potion ingredients and partly just to enjoy nature, when he heard the thunder. He looked towards the sound, waiting to see if there were any flashes of additional lightning bolts. It was weird that there wasn’t even a cloud in the sky, that he could see, but he had heard about unicorns summoning electricity, maybe it was one of them. The glow that emerged was strange, but he wasn’t exactly a magic expert, maybe that was still a unicorn doing magic. “Huh, mighty strange, that.” He said to himself, the small dragon shrugging before continuing the walk. Eventually, he came upon a mare that looked like she was freaking out. “Howdy there, what seems to be the trouble?” He called out, approaching her with a friendly smile.
  3. Those both sound like good options, I'd be down for either.
  4. Sorry for the broken html, but there’s Flora. And here’s Kojo.
  5. Magnus sat nearby the two mares, listening to their conversation while scanning the crowd for any other eavesdroppers or watchers. He wasn’t entirely convinced that there was nothing else watching them, so he was going to stay vigilant for now. As far as the conversation was going though, it seemed they were both interested in ancient magic, which might be a good thing for him to use as well. Perhaps there were better ways to use his magic that he could discover in there, he wanted every advantage to completely crush those that crossed him.
  6. I’ve got a few I can throw in here. Like Flora my plant pony, though she’s not from Ponyville. Kojo, my little alchemist dragon, is in Ponyville though.
  7. Magnus listened to the two mares conversing as he surveyed the area. He could feel eyes on him, but they could just as easily be on the two mares nearby. Of course, there had been eyes on him for a while, but he had no reason to call them out. For now, he remained wary, his eyes drifting towards a mare that seemed to be pretending to browse at a stand. And it seemed like this Amber was interested in some ancient magic book in the museum. Well, perhaps that could be useful to his own ends, either directly or as a bargaining chip.
  8. Magnus wasn’t entirely sure what these two mares were doing, but he had been following them since the museum and neither seemed to notice. It seemed his stealth skills were still sharp enough even without his invisibility. At least against two ponies not paying attention. For now, the stallion found himself sitting in the shadows of the alley, watching the two introduce themselves. It seemed neither of them knew each other, which was interesting. He decided to get closer, his horn lighting up briefly before he faded from view and he walked closer to the two to hear them better.
  9. “You can call me Kaen, nice to meet you, Luna.” He nodded, introducing himself. Under a false name, but still. Toboe did it first though, so he was just following her lead. Nensho looked over at the unicorn mare that was introduced as Ice, apparently the one in charge of the group. “No, not all of us. We weren’t all born at the same time after all. I’m sure there are some just as old or older than him though.” He shrugged at the question about Taira.
  10. Tiger smiled as he saw Berry was the one to catch the bouquet, though it seemed the peace was destined to be short lived. A mare sneezing was no big deal, it was allergies, if he heard that line right. The fact that ponies started floating was more concerning, especially since he was one of them. When Berry cried out, his focus snapped to her, and he pushed off the pillar he was next to to propel him towards her. He wrapped his forelegs around her, looking around for anything else to push off of so they could get to the ground. “Hey, it’s okay, Berry. I’m here now, I’ll figure out how to get us down.” He said, thankful that his momentum was carrying them towards another pillar. When he got there, he twisted around to push them gently towards the ground. “Can you help grab something when we get there? I’m a little busy holding you right now.”
  11. Tiger hummed as he watched the area from the roof, half listening to the ceremony and half listening to Nil’s conversation with Fluttershy. He was pretty sure he knew the answer to the riddle, but he was going to let Flutters figure it out for herself. When it sounded like the ceremony was concluding, he got up, hopping down from the roof and parkouring his way to the ground. “Sounds like the ceremony is over, Nil, so I’m heading in. Gotta give my congratulations to the newlyweds!” He waved to the Sphinx, heading inside just as the bouquet was launched. He blinked a bit as he saw Berry dive for it, though he was too far to really make a try for it himself. Instead, he walked over, giving Blueblood a wave as he stopped to wait for Berry to come back out of the throng. Also, waiting just in case he needed to break something up.
  12. Feather watched the wolf curiously, listening as the others talked about what it was. An okami? Wasn’t that one of those yokai things? Definitely didn’t look like a normal wolf, what with all its aether-like cloud stuff, and the horns. She wasn’t entirely sure what to do, but she was ready to jump into action if Luna’s attempts at making contact didn’t go well. —————— Nensho had been tagging along with Toboe, looking to help her out wherever he could. When the alicorn approached Toboe, she would see him standing nearby, though out of sight of the group. He decided to reveal himself fully then, walking up next to his fellow okami and humming slightly at the mention of Taira. He had a pure white coat, aside from the flames dancing across it, and a red ethereal scarf floating along just behind his neck. “Taira… I think I might’ve met him once during some kind of mountain tour…” He said, leaving the rest to Toboe for the moment.
  13. Caramel nodded a bit at Blue’s answer to her question, though she was partially asking for just a place to work on that stuff on her own time. Maybe it’d be the same place, she’d have to figure that out eventually. For now, it looked like Candy was leaving again and leaving Kettle under her care. “Sure thing, Kettle, you could tag along.” She said, patting her sister’s head.
  14. Name: Fengári Species: Aerion Gender: Male Age: Stallion Eye Color: Red Character Color: Dark gray with red markings across his body. Mane/Tail: While they largely just hang straight, they end in a more spiky look. Both are fairly long, starting out white and transitioning to pink near the tips. Physique: Fengari has a very fit build, surprisingly strong for how lithe he is. Being both the main guardian and leader of his temple left him needing to train hard to accomplish his goals. Residence: A temple nearby Hollow Shades, mostly traveling now. Occupation: Former temple leader/guardian, now searching for his place again. Cutie Mark: A stylized red crescent moon, sharper than typical crescents, showing his devotion to the goddess he ended up creating his temple for and his ability to fight when necessary. Unique Traits: History: Personality:
  15. Name: Loca Gender: Female, usually. Age: Adult Species: Hebi (Usually looks like a changeling mixed with a draconequus) Eye color: Emerald green, and the whites are a pale green Character Color: Black, with a green shell part along the middle part of the back. The front two legs start like typical changeling legs, transitioning into lion-like paws with tawny fur. Mane/Tail: A big, long, poofy mess, her mane is essentially left alone, not really styled at all. It, and the puff on the end of the tail, are both a solid blue-green. Physique: A long, lithe body, fairly similar to the Long dragons of the east. She has two large fangs and a snake-like tongue, as well as two horns of differing colors sweeping back. One is a sky blue, and the other is a pale tan-ish color. Residence: Las Pegasus based, but travels around for shows and such. Occupation: Part of a musical duo, usually doing singing and dancing. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Magic; They are very good at transforming themselves, as well as the intangibility known to the Hebi, and short-range teleportation. History: Her early history is rather uneventful, leading a safe, boring childhood with only her family as company. The island they lived on was largely avoided due to rumors of being haunted, even if the “ghosts” were actually her family flying around. It probably didn’t help that she would play pranks on the few visitors they would get, but she couldn’t help herself, she was bored out of her mind. Eventually, she left home, leaving to explore the world. She first few disguises were various pony types as she tried to figure out what she liked best, eventually settling on one that would allow her to keep flying and using magic, a changeling. She didn’t really know they weren’t a type of pony, they were the right general shape. She continued like that for years, basically just ignoring the ones that didn’t like her look, and eventually altering it when she caught sight of Discord around Equestria. The long body, the limbs mismatched from the body, the horns. All in all, it looked perfect to her, so she incorporated parts into herself and ended up with her current look. It wasn’t long after that she met her musical partner, a pegasus dj, and they set out together to bring fun to all. Personality: She is pretty friendly overall, bouncing all over the place at times. While she can be teasing or on the verge of mean at times, she tends to like making friends more than enemies. It’s more fun to tease others when they are willing to play along and/or less likely to get mad. She’s very outgoing, having no qualms about injecting herself into conversations if she wants to. Overall, she is just looking for a good time, which she often finds performing at clubs or parties.
  16. Feather was, by nature of her race and training, pretty perceptive. At least physically. She had been perched up high most of the trip, acting as lookout just in case something tried to come for them. She had spotted multiple things, but nothing worth mentioning. All in all, it was just a nice view. As they started landing, she strapped on the rest of her gear, pausing as she noticed how much attention Myth was giving to the new mare. Nira, was it? She had nothing against her, but something about that attention was making Feather jealous. Shaking herself off, she flew down, landing in the space between Myth and Nira as Icy spoke about being wary of possible dangers. “You got it, Boss. I’ll keep an eye out for trouble with the locals.” She said, giving Icy a salute.
  17. Caramel listened to the speech in silence, tilting her head at the mention of hardships and horrors. Oh well, she could probably handle it with her family if not by herself, so she wasn’t too worried over all. Wrapping a hoof around her big sister in a half-hug, she listened to the rest and the questions that popped up afterwards. “Oh! Is there a mechanic place here? I like working on those things.” She spoke up after the others.
  18. Sanda nodded at Wind’s words, walking into the maze and looking around as they went. After a few moments, there was a faint sound that might’ve been a voice, but she couldn’t tell. She stopped, listening harder to see if she could pick anything else up, but there was nothing. Probably just a random noise, she wasn’t going to worry about it for now. “Where you from? I’m from Neighponese capital.” She said, trying to start some small talk.
  19. “Don’t worry, we got it.” Scarlett said as she walked past Venture. “Unicorns are useful like that.” With that, she continued walking, heading towards the helm and shouting orders at the crew. Soon enough, they were moving as the ship turned in the direction of the objective and started moving. ——————— Tiger watched the crew at first, getting a feel for where he could help out, then jumped in when he felt ready. It was mostly moving stuff around or pulling ropes, but it was something.
  20. “[Things are built for comfort and various features nowadays over longevity. A castle is sturdy because it was made to repel attacks, a house isn’t because they don’t need defensive capabilities over comfort and livability.]” Dox shrugged, pausing as Hou stopped and mentioned getting an idea. ——————— After finally finishing the magic circles, he breathed a sigh of relief. While he appreciated the chance to practice creating magic circles, ones of this size in an outdoor environment were generally more difficult and time-consuming. Now it was research time though, so that was something to look forward to. ——————— Dox had been exploring the shelves after his minions had delivered relevant material they had found. Nothing that they needed, but it was still interesting, and he had found some new uses for weather magic that he had copied down. It took a while after that before he found a very promising book, looking it over as he walked back towards where Hou had set up.
  21. Caramel watched as Blueblood talked to the runners before they all entered the room. Taking a seat next to her sisters, she waited for the orientation to begin. This school already seemed interesting, and she’d only met a small hoof full of fellow students so far.
  22. Caramel chuckled a bit at Candy’s comment, leading her big sister through the halls until they came upon the scene of the crash. Of course it was the two that had been charging down the hall, though she wasn’t entirely sure who the stallion covered in popcorn was. At least not until Candy started talking to him. Was he in charge around here? Probably, he looked like the pictures. In any case, as Candy talked to Blueblood, Caramel walked over to Chipper and Kettle, helping them both back onto their hooves and looking over when she heard her name.
  23. Feather nodded to Raven’s words, walking over to the entrance with the other two to await the rest of their group. She blushed slightly at Myth’s proximity, glancing over and returning the smile. After a moment, she reached out with a wing and hugged Myth gently, letting go after a little bit.
  24. Well, things had gotten a little crazy since the hug, it seemed. Caramel looked around, trying to process that Kettle somehow knew how to teleport her popcorn, and Morning was capable of the more traditional self-teleportation, blinking a bit as Candy addressed her about the school’s layout. “Hmm? Umm, hold on.” She said, starting to dig through her bag and trying to find something. “I didn’t memorize this place, I was more focused on other stuff. But I’ve got this!” She said, pulling a map of the school out and opening it up. She seemed to twist it around a bit, glancing down the hall to orient herself before heading off and waving for the others to follow her.
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