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  1. Magnus frowned as the storm started picking up, weathering it as best he could until Ice called for them to just camp and wait it out. He was glad for the igloo and fire, but he was somewhat worried about it revealing their position. Then again, finding an igloo just meant there were other travelers about, it didn’t really reveal their capabilities or goals, and it was kinda necessary since they didn’t have time to look for natural shelter. Harle’s actions however, they were a bigger risk. Magnus immediately started suppressing the magic, trying to hide it from anything that could detect it. He was glad Hou had taught him about hiding his magical energy as well as better ways to hide his physical body. At the same time, he glared at the griffin and pushed her claw down slowly. “Do you not understand the need for secrecy and stealth here? I would rather not advertise our position to every hostile creature in the area, and shooting the clouds with magic beams seems a good way to do it. Plus, I don’t want whoever we are trying to prevent from accessing the mountains to follow us there or meet us on the way out when we’re tired from travel and sealing the place. No, I say leave the clouds alone and wait them out.” He said, watching Harle. If Ice wanted to just get rid of the storm, she probably would’ve requested it. Between the four of them, they probably could do it even without the glove. At least around themselves.
  2. It was times like these that made him wish he had figured out how to use his magic to see better in the dark. If you could see anything, it meant there was some level of light for him to manipulate, but he wasn’t sure yet how he could use that small amount of light to enhance his vision. This was definitely not the time to be experimenting with something like that though, so he would just stick with creating magical light if he needed to. Focusing on the matter at hand again, he followed Ice as they walked, briefly glancing back at Harle. He wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about her, even still. On some level, he thought he might care for her, but at the same time his past made him wary of anyone that got close. Part of him wanted to cut ties and move on before this crew could betray him like the others, but another part wanted to stay and give them the benefit of the doubt. Harle and her crew were not the ones that had betrayed him in the past, after all.
  3. Dox spotted the two puddles forming and guessed what was coming next as he lifted off the ground slightly. Through illusions though, Blizzard would see the ice catching him even though in reality he was safely above the threat. He touched back down after the ice dissipated, stopping the illusion as he got back into place. “Indeed.” He responded simply, walking back over to the unicorn. “That seems to be an impressive wall you’ve made there, very well done.”
  4. Magnus wasn’t sure why the other mare was in the back, especially since it looked like she was the least experienced one here, at least where traveling with the weight she brought was concerned. Usually, the weaker or slower members were in the middle, so the more experienced travelers could help keep them safe. Ice was the one in charge though, and he didn’t really care what happened to the other unicorns anyways, so he simply got into position as they set out, following behind the icy mare. He said nothing as they walked, focusing on their surroundings to try and catch things before they snuck up on the group.
  5. Magnus proved to be a diligent student, and an effective one for the stealth-focused spells. It helped that he already used many stealth spells and techniques, so it was fairly easy to pick the new ones up building on what he already knew. All in all, it was a good session, and he soon enough found himself sitting near a fire with Hou, pondering what he had learned that day until she spoke and he focused on her. “Well, you could tell me what your end game is. At least where I am concerned if overall is too much to ask. Also, how is it you’ve managed to survive so long?” Magnus asked, looking over her form for a moment.
  6. Magnus remained silent as he surveyed his surroundings, a little annoyed he let himself get dragged into this mission. When had Harle even joined this military outfit and took her crew along with her? In some ways, it made him regret joining up with her, but so far the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. “We’re not going to be scared away by some cold weather, I’ve survived through plenty of bad environments.” He said simply, rolling his eyes at Harle’s antics. At least this trip means he might learn something about this power they were sealing away, and possibly how to access it in the future.
  7. "Very well, elemental magic it is. The easiest way to learn these spells is to attune yourself to the element you wish to learn. Of course the process of attuning is easier for some than others, not everyone can change their body to better match the situation." Dox shrugged, a floating notebook and pen working away in the background to make the requested list of things he was confident in teaching others from memory. "Of course, it's not necessary, but I've found it brings better results."
  8. “Well, it would take quite a while to demonstrate all the magic I know, so maybe it would be best to be a bit more specific about what kind of magic you want to learn.” Dox shrugged, though his horns glowed as he started up a demonstration anyways. Various frozen orbs began forming around him, floating there as they finished. Each contained different elements inside them, one a fire, one some water, and another a rock formation. “As you can see, I am adept at using multiple forms of elemental magic, but that is by no means the extent of my abilities.” He smiled a bit, leaving it off there for now.
  9. “Yes, I am aware, but those sounded like the most promising subjects.” Dox sighed slightly, falling silent as Sombra moved on and kept talking. He smirked a bit at the talk about the dangers of dark magic. “Well, I don’t have this extended life due to what I was born as, I know the dangers. As for what I can tell you in return, I am sure I have multiple fields of magic I could assist your growth in. One benefit of living so long, I have had plenty of time to amass a large store of knowledge. I would be more than happy to share some with you in return, broaden your magical arsenal and make you stronger.” Dox said, debating wether he should return to changeling form so Sombra had a better idea of what he was capable of. Then again, he didn’t want to put all his cards on the table.
  10. Tehengu looked over the opposing team, taking note of their weaponry. One long-range fighter, it seemed, he’d have to focus on her first. And bonus, there was little to no cover on the beach side for her to hide behind. He glanced back towards the trees behind his team, appreciating all the cover from that rifle. “Agreed. I’ll focus on her to start. It might be a good idea to draw them closer by hanging back, hiding amongst the trees.” He said, doing his best to assess the situation. ————————— “Matching flowers? Sounds fun, Kat. I’d be down for that.” Terry smiled at the girl before moving his focus onto the fight ahead again. All this open space on their side might be a better arena for melee combat, but that bowman might cause a problem with all those trees to hide in.
  11. “Hmm, crystals and curses, you say? That sounds like as good a place as any to start out. While it would be intriguing to learn about your innate abilities, perhaps we should start with something I know I can make use of.” Dox nodded to him, floating out a notepad and quill to write down the specifics. He also had to figure out how much he could give in return, especially without getting on Hou’s bad side should things lead back to him.
  12. “What do I want to know... Well, that largely depends on what you have to teach, so perhaps we should start with the field you’re the most knowledgeable in. Or any that you have made discoveries in that are not recorded anywhere.” Dox hummed slightly, rubbing his chin as he tried to figure out where to start. Sombra likely knew many types of magic, so it might be hard to find something that he knew but Dox didn’t. After all, a jack of all trades tended to be a master of none. Unless they had as much time as he did to master them.
  13. “Actually, perhaps you know me better as Hei Xue. Being a villain did seem to bring more fame than being a hero.” He shrugged, watching Sombra for the moment. “It certainly helps that I am probably one of the few she considers an equal, and I’ve been around for a very long time, just like her. Like you, except for that long stretch where you were sealed away. She is welcome to try, I could do with a good fight, but she is not likely to succeed. As for what knowledge I seek, I am primarily looking for magical knowledge. You can keep your plans and such to yourself, I am a scholar, not a spy. At least right now.”
  14. Magnus rolled his eyes at the joke, but didn’t really say anything about it. For now he watched the dot get closer, offering no argument to the statement about her foolish crew. There wasn’t much more for him to say at the moment, so he figured he’d simply be here in her time of need.
  15. “Well, I would guess they want you regardless, that crew of yours looked like they cared for you.” He sighed slightly, his tone perhaps hinting that he did too on some level. Why else would he be here, after all? “As far as this Felix, it sounds like you just need to move on then. Forget him, he’s not worth dwelling on if all it brings is pain.” Magnus said, staring out at the view. “You can’t change the past, no one can. All you can do is decide how to spend the present and future. By all means, learn from the past, but there is no point in dwelling on ‘what if’.”
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