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  1. "Well, that sounds lovely indeed, Sugar. Travelling around has taken me to a coast a few times, living on one seems nice." Moonage smiled at the earth pony before things seemed to start up again with Pipp. The pegasus seemed to start off strong enough following Sunny's prompt, though it was pretty clear she was having trouble as she tried to avoid certain topics. By the end, after Pipp returned from a phone call, she was getting kind of tired about the whole avoiding the past thing, though apparently not as tired as Sugar had gotten. Moonage hummed a bit at Sugar's words, nodding in response before she added her own response. "I agree with Sugar, ignoring the past does nothing to help us move towards a future that learns from it. Unfortunately, I cannot shed much light on what the unicorns believed, as I was raised on the road. We never went that close to earth pony or pegasus cities, of course, but we would travel close enough to attract the more adventurous ponies to our shows. Nowadays I travel alone, working as a medium for all your ghost-contacting needs." She explained, looking over at Allegro next. "I for one would love to hear you sing, Allegro." She smiled at him encouragingly.
  2. Well, this invitation was quite the intriguing one. He remembered his time in Rose’s secret lab, and it was something he’d be more than happy to repeat. The location the letter led him to wasn’t one he remembered seeing her at, but he could tell her magic permeated the area, so he was pretty sure he was in the right place. As he waited for her to show up, he poked at the magic in the area, dissecting and reconstructing the spells, occasionally adding in little improvements or hiding little spying spells in it. He was excited to see what Rose had in store for him, and was hoping it would be some new discovery, though he was still on guard against threats.
  3. Well, all this talk of the moonrise was making him actually excited to see it. He smiled, nodding to Toboe’s question before talk turned towards where the base camp should be. There were good points brought up about his cave idea, and the consensus seemed to settle on making camp in a clearing. “Well, that works too. Just follow us, we’ll show you the clearing.” He said, turning around and starting to walk towards the clearing they had found earlier. It seemed like it would be a good place to see the night sky from, though maybe higher ground would be better for the moonrise itself. —————————— Feather smiled slightly at Myth as she said she was fine, about to nod and remove her wing when the whispering started. Her ear twitched at the sound, but as it ended she just smiled at Myth again and gave her a squeeze with her wing. After that, she let go and focused on Icy and the others. It seemed they were going to set up in a clearing, which was fine by her. Having more options for maneuvering was a good thing for her especially, since up was an option. She decided to stick with Myth and Nira as the group made their way to the location of the base camp, keeping an eye out for any threats from behind or the sides.
  4. Moonage looked around the boat as they set off into the bay. Sunny was the main one to respond to her introduction, though at least Sugar also introduced herself without Sunny's prodding like Allegro. Ah well, no big deal really. Now she was on a boat surrounded by strange ponies floating around in the water... Hmm, what to do now? "A pleasure to meet you too, Sunny." She said before the pegasus seemed to address the group as a whole and head below-decks. Taking a peak down the stairs, she spotted the food and floated one of the items over to her, as well as the pretty earth mare that was next to her. Sugar, was it? Probably. "Apple?" She asked, offering the fruit to Sugar. "Do you live around here? I've been near the city before, but this is my first time actually in it. This is a nice coastal town, it looks like a good place to live."
  5. Well, this was a new experience for her. Moonage had been nearby the city/town before, but never in it. Her father had told her about the dangers of being in an earth pony or pegasus city, even if she hid her horn, so she had avoided going into them once she was on her own. Now though, that wasn’t an issue anymore, so here she was wandering the streets openly, exploring the city. Eventually, she came upon the docks, stopping at the sight of two mares at a boat. They seemed to be friends already, despite being an earth pony and a pegasus. Perhaps she should go introduce herself. After a bit of deliberation, she headed over to the pair, giving them a friendly smile. “Hello there, you two. Nice day today, huh?” She said, stopping nearby them. “My name is Moonage Daydream, a pleasure to meet you both.”
  6. Roleplay Type: A New Generation Name: Moonage Daydream Gender: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Magenta Coat: A light green-blue in color Mane/Tail: A fairly large mane, somewhat wild, with a tail to match. The mane is mostly purple in color, with a light purple section up front. Conversely, the tail is mostly the light purple with the darker part underneath. Physique: She is of average height, fit in the way of someone getting regular exercise but not trying to build muscle. She is thin, a kind of natural beauty to her. Residence: Traveler Occupation: A fake medium, allowing others to "visit" spirits Cutie Mark: An open eye with three eyelashes. This represents her ability to trick others and see through tricks herself. Unique Traits: Magic; Since the return of magic, she has developed the ability to project illusions. Sleight of Hoof; Before magic returned, she had to do her tricks by hoof, with the help of other tools. History: Growing up, her father always enjoyed his job as a stage performer, skirting the line of magic tricks due to unicorns’ general dislike of the word itself. Still, he knew how to do many tricks, and he taught his secrets to his daughter. Living on the road had its ups and downs, like not really being able to set up any kind of friend groups, but she liked it overall. She developed her skills, discovering her affinity for misdirection and illusion. In fact, her cutie mark showed up after her first successful show. She performed multiple tricks, the finale being when she disappeared in a cloud of smoke, revealing herself behind the crowd a minute later. As she got older, she drifted away from stage performances and towards more intimate settings. She’d interact with four or less at a time, using her tricks to make them think she was contacting the spirits. These tricks only got more convincing as time went on, especially when magic returned and she started to develop the ability to conjure illusions. Personality: As a con mare, she’s fairly secretive about her abilities, possibly only telling some close friends. Other than that, she’s friendly and welcoming, which helps to draw in customers and have them trust her. Summary: A friendly con mare, she’ll take your money in exchange for letting you visit the spirits.
  7. Nensho hummed slightly as he listened to the others talk, thinking about what he was hearing of the target. He would help, of course, especially when he noticed that the description made Toboe kinda upset. She did a good job hiding it, but he grew up with her, he could tell. “A hidden basecamp? Yeah, I could probably search out a cave nearby or something.” He said, looking around the area. “Sharing a moon rise with my packmate sounds wonderful, thank you Luna. I’ll be back soon, once I find a place.” He added, bounding off to search the area. ————— Feather had been watching the scene, though as Myth failed to respond to Nira, she looked over at her to see what was wrong. Myth looked lost in thought, making Feather tilt her head as the time stretched on. Eventually she seemed to snap out of it, and Feather draped a wing over her back briefly. “You ok, Vis? What’s on your mind?” She asked quietly, looking over Myth a bit.
  8. Kojo had been taking a nice walk along the forest’s edge, partly to look for more potion ingredients and partly just to enjoy nature, when he heard the thunder. He looked towards the sound, waiting to see if there were any flashes of additional lightning bolts. It was weird that there wasn’t even a cloud in the sky, that he could see, but he had heard about unicorns summoning electricity, maybe it was one of them. The glow that emerged was strange, but he wasn’t exactly a magic expert, maybe that was still a unicorn doing magic. “Huh, mighty strange, that.” He said to himself, the small dragon shrugging before continuing the walk. Eventually, he came upon a mare that looked like she was freaking out. “Howdy there, what seems to be the trouble?” He called out, approaching her with a friendly smile.
  9. Those both sound like good options, I'd be down for either.
  10. Sorry for the broken html, but there’s Flora. And here’s Kojo.
  11. Magnus sat nearby the two mares, listening to their conversation while scanning the crowd for any other eavesdroppers or watchers. He wasn’t entirely convinced that there was nothing else watching them, so he was going to stay vigilant for now. As far as the conversation was going though, it seemed they were both interested in ancient magic, which might be a good thing for him to use as well. Perhaps there were better ways to use his magic that he could discover in there, he wanted every advantage to completely crush those that crossed him.
  12. I’ve got a few I can throw in here. Like Flora my plant pony, though she’s not from Ponyville. Kojo, my little alchemist dragon, is in Ponyville though.
  13. Magnus listened to the two mares conversing as he surveyed the area. He could feel eyes on him, but they could just as easily be on the two mares nearby. Of course, there had been eyes on him for a while, but he had no reason to call them out. For now, he remained wary, his eyes drifting towards a mare that seemed to be pretending to browse at a stand. And it seemed like this Amber was interested in some ancient magic book in the museum. Well, perhaps that could be useful to his own ends, either directly or as a bargaining chip.
  14. Magnus wasn’t entirely sure what these two mares were doing, but he had been following them since the museum and neither seemed to notice. It seemed his stealth skills were still sharp enough even without his invisibility. At least against two ponies not paying attention. For now, the stallion found himself sitting in the shadows of the alley, watching the two introduce themselves. It seemed neither of them knew each other, which was interesting. He decided to get closer, his horn lighting up briefly before he faded from view and he walked closer to the two to hear them better.
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