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  1. Well, that was an... interesting story. Caramel wasn’t sure what to say in response to Chipper’s tale, but it was taken out of her hooves anyways as Morning Glow proceeded to faint. Caramel blinked a couple times after Spearmint lowered the filly to the floor, then sighed and moved over to pick up Morning. Carrying the other filly on her back, Caramel went back into her room and carefully deposited her load onto her bed. Thankfully they had been pretty close to the room, she didn’t want to move Morning that much right now.
  2. Scarlett wasn’t really sure why Rose had called her ‘cardinal’, but after receiving the message she got her crew into action on the lift, bringing up the ponies that couldn’t fly up themselves. Once that was done, they went back to their general tasks while Scarlet looked over the group again. “If you know your way around a ship, feel free to help out up here. Otherwise, try to stay out of the way. Anyone helping with navigation should set up in there.” She said once Rose had finished going over the plan again, pointing towards a door underneath where the wheel was. —————— Tiger nodded to Rose’s announcement, riding the lift up and listening as Rose and Scarlet talked.
  3. “Yes, especially if said pony has no artifacts on her and did not drink any potions. Most unicorn spells I’ve seen take longer than that to cast.” Vera said, looking over at the mare. “No need to worry though, revealing your secret wouldn’t benefit me at all, so I have no reason to tell anyone.” ”Somewhat, since building something sometimes involves lifting heavy things. My main strengths are physical, and I like to think I’m good at talking too.” He explained, rubbing the scar across his throat idly at the end. “It would appear so. Where should we go so I can show you how I build underwater?”
  4. Vera raised an eyebrow at the mare’s words about not needing assistance, watching as she dove into the water and changed into a more aquatic form. “A changeling, huh? Interesting.” He mused, nodding at her explanation of the potion’s duration as he looked her over again. “Sounds fair, I suppose. I am no alchemist, my strengths lie elsewhere.” He shrugged again, diving under the water to see what kind of materials they had available for a demonstration.
  5. Vera hummed a bit at the taste, looking down at his body as the changes started. It was all rather familiar, actually, but slower than with the shard. He hopped into the pool before he lost the use of his legs, popping his head back out as it finished. “Well, I didn’t expect to be able to do this without a shard, but the end result seems about the same. In the end, I’d rather carry around a reusable shard than consumable potions to achieve this.” He shrugged, looking over at the mare.
  6. A potion to breath underwater? He supposed that made sense, though he had to wonder what this other potion would do differently than that. Seemed like it might invoke the transition into an underwater form, so it probably wouldn’t hurt to try it. Vera nodded, setting the item he had been examining down before walking out to approach the pool. “Wouldn’t hurt to try, I guess.” He shrugged, picking up one of the potions. After a bit of examination, he popped the top and drank it down.
  7. Vera nodded to the mare's words about hippogriffs, as they were mostly true. True enough, at any rate, so he remained silent as she began explaining about her homeland and what she planned to do at the nearby lake. He tilted his head a bit at that, wondering how that was supposed to work for them, if she actually meant in the lake. "How would an underwater home work for two ponies? Last I checked, you didn't like having water in your lungs." He hummed slightly before continuing. "Also, you're almost right, but we need shards of an old artifact to switch forms, it's not really an innate trait. In fact, I've heard the artifact actually works on ponies, and assumedly other races as well." "As for construction, I wasn't ever a part of any actual construction projects, but I have made little clubhouses or hideouts before, so that's better than nothing." He shrugged, still not sure why two ground-bound ponies wanted a house underwater. "Aloe is that earth pony at the spa, right? I think I recognize the name, but I can't be sure."
  8. That confirms that then. Not only is she new in town, she hadn’t seen one of his kind before. Fair enough, he supposed, though it was unfortunate that she hadn’t said anything about her identity. Oh well, no big deal, they could dance around giving their names all day for all he cared. “Yes, yes I am a hippogriff. Strange land, huh? Guess you’re not from Equestria at all then. Anything you wanna know? I’ll answer if I can.” He said, looking at a bottle with a rainbow liquid in it.
  9. “Nah, just browsing. I take it you’re Rose then? Or working for her at least, I don’t see anyone else in here.” Vera said, setting the bottle back down to turn towards the mare. He examined her in turn, not sure why she was seemingly doing it so closely. Maybe she just didn’t see many hippogriffs? “New in town? I don’t think I saw you last time I passed through here.” He asked, trying to make small talk while he went back to idly examining the products on display.
  10. Well, that could have gone better, he supposed. Coulda gone worse too, so he had to count his blessings. The hippogriff touched down on the edge of town, shaking out the coat he had been wearing and glancing back over his shoulder. It seemed they had given up the chase, or just lost him, but he should probably lay low for a bit still. Heading off into the town, Vera looked around, his eyes landing on an interesting looking shop. Potions and magical trinkets, huh? Seemed as good a place as any to hang out for a bit, so he made his way inside, starting to browse the shop. “Well, let’s hope they weren’t as interested in this place as I was if they make it to town.” He said to himself, picking up a bottle to look at the colorful fluids inside. This pink fluid was supposed to help with stomach issues? Interesting.
  11. “I dunno, Candy’s pretty pointy too.” Caramel chuckled before nodding to Chipper’s words. That made sense, she supposed, growing if they could steal the matter from other plants. “Still, kinda defeats the purpose of immortal plants if you still need to grow other plants to get them to do any growing.” She added with a shrug. “And sure, Chipper, you seem nice. We can be friends if you want.” The talk of the pony in charge switching genders back and forth seemed a little strange, but as long as they were happy and weren’t hurting anyone else, she didn’t see any issue with it. Live and let live and all that jazz. It did make her curious about the mechanics of that though, did both forms have the same amount of mass, just moved around?
  12. Well, that settled that it seems. Ishi nodded to Shiroi’s words, gesturing to the guard to bring in the rest of the reports. As per Ice’s request, he started by sliding the more recent reports over to the mare, letting Shiroi take a look at the ones after the naval change first if she wished. Ishi was willing to trust this group, but there was only so far blind trust should go, especially when Shiroi was in the room. ———————— Feather had started this flight as just exercise, which had turned into training, but now it was turning into more of a show. Once she realized her flight had the attention of both the unicorns, Feather smiled and made her moves more flashy as opposed to just practical. A simple stop and turn turned into a flip to push off the wall, a sharp turn became a spin, and she even started stalling out in midair occasionally after a climb to strike a pose before continuing the flight. At the end of the impromptu show, she realized she had a few loose feathers, which was perfect for a finale. As she went for one more pass, she went into a spin that dislodged the feathers while she got into position. After a second of them floating normally, they moved on a gust of wind from Feather’s wings and a couple tucked themselves behind Myth and Raven’s ears. After that, she came in for a landing, the rest of the feathers that had been dislodged floating to the ground around her. “So, what’d you think?” She asked, suddenly looking at the two hopefully. She may enjoy her position here, but that didn’t stop her from aspiring to a Wonderbolt position too.
  13. “I dunno if it’d work like that, Kettle. I don’t think dead stuff would grow, no matter how animated it was. Might be cool for Nightmare Night, though, having an undead corn maze.” Caramel hummed to herself, sitting down as she rubbed her chin in thought. Necromancy could be really bad, obviously, but so could basically everything. It all depended on how you used it, she supposed. While lost in thought, she idly munched on the treat Kettle was sharing. “Caramel is good.” She nodded idly, enjoying what Kettle had made for them. No bias here as far as liking caramel, clearly. None at all. “I wonder if I could make fake corn that looks undead, if we couldn’t get the real thing...” She added to herself quietly, already trying to figure out the logistics of that and any devices for scary noises and such.
  14. I’ve been distracted, so I’ll try to get something out soon.
  15. Caramel was used to Kettle jumping on her, so she barely gave any indication that anything had even happened on that front. “Nah, I think your corn is safe, Kettle.” She hummed, watching as the bits fell right through the creature and back onto the floor. The mouse was interesting to try and figure out how it moved, aside from the obvious answer of magic. She looked up when a couple of colts came out, the disheveled one apparently the one that had cast the magic. “Physically, I’d say we’re all fine. Looks like the only loss was that corn there.” Caramel shrugged, giving Chipper’s offered hoof a shake. “I’m Caramel Corn, and this is Kettle Corn.” She said after the other filly’s tirade had finished, gesturing to her little sister as she introduced her. It didn’t seem like anyone else was introducing themselves, so she had to take it upon herself.
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