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  1. Caramel was… tired. She had stayed up pretty late tinkering with a bit of machinery and as such she was just getting out of the borrowed bed as the conversation downstairs began. Rubbing her eyes with a hoof, the young earth pony started making her way down the stairs towards the shop area. Yawning as she came into view of her sister, she waved, sitting down next to her and also waving at Sky. “How’s it going, sis? You ready for this?” She asked, looking at Candy and giving a smile.
  2. I've got Caramel Corn, she could be there.
  3. “Well, any lead is better than nothing, I say we go check out that Prancing Pony sighting. Or at least some of us while the others go a different way like patrolling to cover more ground. Since we don’t have much to go off of, we kinda need to spread out until we have something to focus in on.” Tiger said, starting to move towards the door to head to the restaurant. It was as good a place as any to start out, even if it was likely to be a cold trail by this point.
  4. Tiger hummed as the others explained the situation, looking over the two newcomers. It wasn’t very often you saw a griffon using magic, at least he assumed that invisibility was magical in nature, so that was interesting. His thoughts kinda drifted while Firey laid out what chaos meant, the griffon’s body taking up the forefront of the thoughts. He shook himself out of that quickly, focusing on the task at hoof and turning to grab his spear. “Yeah, that definitely sounds like something to stop before it really gets started. It also sounds like we should get started as soon as we can, so let’s go do it.” He said, nodding to them to lead the way. He was ready to get going and find these changelings before they did something big.
  5. Tiger had been training when Star walked in on him. His movements those of somepony who was used to less than clean fights, of using what was available to enhance his attacks and fight off wild creatures and arena opponents alike. It was good practice for his sparring partner though, dirty fighting was pretty expected from criminals. After coming out on top, Tiger helped the other stallion back up and turned towards Star, smiling and tossing his head to shake out his mane a bit. “Hey Star, what’s up? Got a special assignment for me or something?” He asked, clearly not too concerned about being informal with his boss’s wife. One of them, at least. He raised an eyebrow as an unfamiliar figure walked in not long later, giving a quizzical look to Star about that one.
  6. “No need to worry, Ms. Beaker, I know my limits by now. And I know that I cannot do the same thing for too long without losing productivity or getting locked into certain trains of thought.” Dox chuckled, smiling at the two mares. “I appreciate the offer, Rose, but hopefully you will not have to try.” He gave a nod to Hou’s talk of an upcoming job she wanted his help with, kinda looking forward to that, though the thought of all the study ahead of him was overshadowing it for now. He gave the two mares a bow as a circular portal opened up behind him and all the floating books followed him through. The other side seemed to be what one would expect of a well-off instructor, a room surrounded by bookshelves with a large desk situated in a central position. As everything crossed through the portal, it closed behind him, leaving no physical trace it was ever there.
  7. Dox remained silent as the other two conversed, using the time to inspect the spell in more detail. Soon enough, he had various books floating around him, as well as a notebook being written in without him even looking at it. It seemed he was already hard at work, prodding the spell with different types of magic and documenting the results. He paused when he heard of the plan to implant this spell into an artificial body, noting that down for further exploration when he got back home. “Well, this has been a fun and productive meeting, thank you for the gifts, Rose. Here, so you can find me at my school if you wish.” He said, tearing off a scrap of paper with the address of the school he ran on it and giving it to Rose. “It may be in the wilds of Long Guo, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. My students manage just fine, after all!” He chuckled before continuing. “You as well, Hou. Feel free to contact me if you wish to compare notes on anything.”
  8. Feather smiled, not entirely sure what this surprise was, but excited to see what Icy had in store for them. She giggled at Myth's illusion kiss, eating some more of the salad in front of her. She didn't have anything to say at the moment, really, but she was happy to just spend this time with her marefriends eating this good food. It was wonderful, really, and she laid against Myth gently as she ate, draping a wing over the unicorn. "Looking forward to it, Icy. Whatever it ends up being, I'm sure it'll be great. Also, right back at you with the whole protecting you thing, you guys are basically the only family I have." She said, smiling at the mares around the room and giving Myth a peck on the cheek.
  9. Kojo had just finished up his work for the day when he discovered the note attached to his door, following it to a local landmark. He smiled as he discovered the gems, snacking on them as he made his way to his next destination. Ending up at Sugarcube Corner, he took the cupcake that was meant for him, giving the Cake family a happy wave on the way out. Next appeared to be going to Canterlot, so he headed to the station and got on a train. He finished off the cupcake and the gems on the ride over, exiting the train empty-handed but with a good filling in his belly. The little dragon smiled happily, looking around the Canterlot station before taking a peek at the instructions he was left.
  10. This had ended up being a last-minute thing, but that’s what he got for putting this off for so long. The small dragon moved around his shop, putting the finishing touches on the potion he was brewing. Eventually, he finished it up, looking at the liquid for a moment as he appreciated his work before filling a few bottles and packaging them up. Kojo kinda wanted to do this himself, but this would be fine. Plus, sending mail to a pony that carried it was kinda funny to him. He hoped Honeywing would enjoy those potions that would help him keep going on long flights. With that sent off, he turned his attention to the next order to be finished, sighing slightly. The season turned out to be a busy one this year, even with the competition in town.
  11. Tiger hummed slightly as Ice described her experiences with stallions. All in all it didn’t seem like she had great times with them, which was unfortunate, but not that big a deal. Thankfully it seemed like she appreciated the gift, and Tiger’s offer. The earth pony grinned at that response before responding. “Well, I am looking forward to it.” She responded, winking again. “By the way, if you want more of those chocolates, you can get them from Cocoa’s shop here in Ponyville.”
  12. Feather smiled at the other mares around the room as she sat next to Myth, marveling at how she had found herself with not just one marefriend, but four. Somehow, even after the mess her mother had made of multiple relationships, Feather still found herself in a similar situation. Not quite the same, since her mother’s relationships were more like flings, even the one that made her, but still. “Please, there’s no debts here. Your presence is repayment enough, let alone your contributions to STAR and Equestria.” She said, giving Myth a hug as she tried to assure her and Nira that there was nothing to repay. Being a pegasus, the cold didn’t bother her as much, but it was always nice to share the heat of another in a hug.
  13. The next one to come into the party was a brown earth pony stallion pulling a cart of chocolates behind him. Tiger smiled at the guests he saw inside already, looking back at the mare walking with him before he put his donation in for the same one she wanted to, one to help ponies with mental health. With that done, he entered the party fully, following his companion’s directions for where to park the cart and unhitching himself from it. “Well, here we are, Cocoa! I’m sure things will do great with your chocolates.” He smiled at her before turning towards the rest of the room. “Hey there, Blue, nice to see you here. How’s it going, Rose? I see you’ve got yourself a kid now.” He said, nodding to the two and giving Icy a wink.
  14. Feather had been pretty silent after Myth's response to her greeting, giving a bow to Twilight as the alicorn spoke to her. She smiled happily as Icy arrived and joined the two of them, though it made her kinda worried that Nira was nowhere to be found. She kinda snapped back to reality as she heard her name, and the unicorn in front of them giving his. She chuckled a bit at his joke about them sharing part of their name. "You never know, there might be. Never knew my Dad, after all." She shrugged before Blizzard headed off to fulfill his Secret Princess duties. She kinda wished she had signed up for that like Icy had, but maybe next year. "Hey, Icy, where is Nira anyways? Wasn't she supposed to come in with you?" She asked, turning towards her other marefriend/boss. That was still kinda wild to her, not only getting with a wonderful mare like Myth, but also becoming a part of her boss's group of loved ones. Her attention was brought away from the others once again by the arrival of a new guest, one carrying what looked like a baby changeling in a bubble of some sort. Interested, she flew over to get a closer look, tilting her head for a moment before it looked towards her and she let out an "Awww..." At the cuteness of it, starting to try and make it laugh with funny faces.
  15. Well, Midnight seemed to like his gift, so that was nice. Dox smiled back at the bat, watching him put the gifts in different places. It made sense to put the book among the others, but the cologne went to a keepsake shelf. It seemed he really liked Hou, and that just made Dox smile more. Soon enough, the two of them went next door for the pub, and he took a look around before sitting in the booth. “Tis the season, after all.” He chuckled at Midnight’s words. “What do you do here besides drink? Is there a dart board I missed?”
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