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That One Question (Private)

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"So you more into army buffet if you have to choose hmm? I myself find Unyasi cuisine most appealing, but the Gallopocus stuff is no bad either. however dear, don't think I will eat anything exotic. For example I have application for many Neighpon things - their architecture for example. But their food is just plain weird. I mean I get why it is that way, but here is too much sea stuff in it. And I am unicorn not a kelpie. I also tried some Hesperia cuisine and I didn't liked it either. Although seeing I was never in the Hesperia proper, it's hard to say how much a genuine stuff it was really..."  Squall mused, sharing his own culinary experiences with Fire.


"While I honestly don't see the appeal Sir, I am still glad regardless that you eat healthier then when you were a child." Oak Branch chimed in, as he set the platter with additional cups of tea and cookies.

"Hmmph. I can't even argue." Swift replied, both abashed and annoyed by his butler's notion. With a slight grimace noblepony turned his face to his fiancee.

"Believe it or not Moto, I was into junk food before I joined the Army. As in, really into junk food. I still wonder why didn't had more flab when I enlisted. By all means I should roll into recruitment centre. Oak, how in the Tartarus I was able to walk back then?"

"Because you weren't able to sit still for five minutes Sir. It counterbalanced all that horrible stuff you stuffed yourself with." Branch explained.

"Hard to believe this, seeing how many tutors I got...." Swift mused,clearly not convinced.

"You simply made up for it in your free time Young Master. Being in the room with you at those moments was like spending time with living paddle-ball." Squall's faithful butler added.

"....That's reeeeealy weird compassion but alright. Anyway..." Swift said while his gaze turned to Fire ounce again.

" I guess being in Army got me from the bad habit. And then...well....When you have to count your bits between each meal, you really start to appreciate the foods that allows you to be in shape to ear more bits...for the next meal." noblepony explained vividly.




"....In some way's i don't find it surprising at all to be honest. I heard so many speaking about 'those girls' and how it now is clear that they always were meant to do all those things. I disagree. I believe it's their qualities and latent capabilities that allowed those Six to go so far as they are now. They aren't exceptional due to being chosen. It's because they are expositional that they were chosen. Ergo, being able to do all this with so little time is entirely within their capabilities. If they wouldn't be in tight place at right time? Somepony else would step up. That's what I think at least." Swift said, explaining his reasoning. Swift and Fire were together for so long by now that she knew ho 'touchy' her stallion was when it came to concept of 'fate'. Whatever he was correct or not, his words were a clear example of him rationalizing the circumstances for his own peace of mind.



Fire's mention of 'needs' (said with mandatory bedroom eyes) as well as the after-mentioned 'Word of the Day' could only get one possible response from the stallion.

".........Are you sure it's not one of those Double Entendre Calendars instead Dear? Oh gosh, it would be just like him to give you something like that, wouldn't it? Not that I am saying 'No'." noblepony quickly reassured.

"......I think it's my cue to leave Young Master." older stallion said, seeing where all of this was going.

"I think it's safe to treat it as such, yes." Squall answered, and Oak Branch disappeared as quickly as Conjurer Bubble usually did.


"Well...big all small..." Swift said as he slowly scooped next to the lovely redhead. "...One thing is certain...."  he added why nuzzling her neck and kissing her ears. "Many things after.....are. Just.For.Us."

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“I’m pretty much open to most foods.”, the mare proudly stated, “Well, maybe not anything with raspberries....Which I don’t care for.”, the officer groaned, “And mangos. I’m sort of allergic to that..But not deathly...I just break out into hives.” She discovered that during one vacation that ruined a summer for her. Poor thing managed to return to full health just a day before school started. Typical.
“And I could never do a griffon diet...As they eat fish...”, Nasty little things all wet and slimy. She watched as Zelda and her family gobble up a few dozen fish with their heads and bones all intact. Yuck-Supreme! Gefilte fish was even nastier. When is 'poached' ever used with something good? Poached eggs? Yuck.  "I believe our tastes are basically about the same. Although you're probably more used to fancy, rich type of foods."
"They had sushi for ponies during that big world expo that went on a few years ago. Spicy Shiitake Mushroom Roll. Sweet Potato Wild Rice Cinnamon Sushi and Avocado Sushi and Spicy Eggplant Sushi. Yum." It had been a very hot day and the pair turned what was supposed to be an interactive underwater sport into a pool they just spent time floating about..Enjoying the cool, cool water. They made a few new friends, and Swift went into the water fully dressed.
"Thank you Oak Branch.", the Pegasus pony was pleased to see Swift's trusted Stallion-Servant with some goodies. "Considering I'm from an military family, sweets were rather rare....Although it's rather hard to keep them away from Wind Walker as there's a few candy stores within trotting distance from their house. Not only was there the famous Sugar Cube Corner, an sweet mare named Bon Bon runs a small, artisan candy shop cleverly named Bon Bon's Bonbons (and Chocolates). Thankfully, the little blue squirt wanted to be in the Wonderbolts so badly that she was usually very good with her diet."
She took a sip from her mug. Oh, the steward stallion new how she liked her tea. Fire Walker listed to her stallion for a moment. "I just wonder if Princess Celestia was behind the whole thing....She sent Twilight to 'supervise' the  Summer Sun Celebration...She had to know her sister was free and was incredibly weak due to her imprisonment...So you just needed a group of unlikely heroes and some powerful MacGuffins to blow the last bits of evil from Luna.", she had remembered catching a glimpse when the princess of the moon had returned. She looked so delicate...So small..And even her coat was so faded. Thankfully she got better very quickly! Just in time to terrify Ponyville residents at Nightmare Night.
"Ha!", she laughed, "I actually gave Punk Walker one of those calendars last Hearth's Warming Eve. My favorite is 'A stallion in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished.'.", the fiery pony said with a wink before she took in another nuzzle. "That they are.."

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