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Bronco's Bucket'O Characters

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"Suppressing fire in, suppressing fire out, do the hokey-pokey and that's what it's all about,"


Sex: Male


Mane: Light brown, trimmed on the sides, spiked to the front

Eyes: Grey-green in color

Complexion: Grizzled, posses some shadow around snout

Cutie-Mark: Slanted cross-hair

Personality: Blunt, possesses a fatherly side, Spoken like a military man (horse)

Activity: Can be found on the battlefield or in a backstreet brawl.



Patch Au Pair

"Your friend appears to be suffering from a combination of Dumb-lepsy and Ass-itis,"


Sex: Male

Coat: Light blue

Mane: Grey, pushed by hoof up and to the right 

Eyes: Turquoise 

Complexion: Smug, bordering on cocky, commonly wears band aid over bridge of snout

Cutie-Mark: "Star of Life" medical symbol

Personality: As said in Complexion; cocky and sarcastic,however loyal like most Pegasus.

Activity: Takes up medical professions, doesn't shy away from violence, can be running common errands like others

Bonus Notes: Depending on the era or dimension of the current RP, Patch finds himself rather attracted to Nurse Redheart 




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