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Bronco's Bucket'O Characters


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Patch Au Pair

"Hold still or I'm getting the Propofol!"


Sex: Male

Species: Pegasus

Coat: Carolina Blue, which is essentially just a darker light blue.

Mane: A mostly grey mass with some white strands sprouting from the scalp.  The style it's worn in is usually a crooked cowlick to the right.  If it's not styled, Patch is fine with just rocking a messy bed head.  

Eyes: Turquoise 

Complexion: Has a small developed squint and usually leaves his snout covered in a shaggy hardly kept goatee 

Cutie-Mark: "Star of Life" medical symbol

Personality: There are two sides to patch, and it seems they are always dueling for dominance.  The first are his less than savory characteristics, these include: his tendency to half ass mundane tasks, be rather blunt with others, take jabs at the insecurity of others (only in times of absurd crabbiness), and a generally crabby or even juvenile attitude.  His other side is everything one would aspire to represent as a medical professional.  He is caring, loyal, and dependable when its time to buckle down.  Patch is a big believer in "tough love", meaning that his bed side manner isn't extremely tactful, but it is effective.       

Activity: Takes up medical professions, doesn't shy away from violence, can be running common errands like others

Bonus Notes: Depending on the era or dimension of the current RP, Patch finds himself rather attracted to Nurse Redheart 




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