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Hey! I've finished two of my OC's character sheets as of writing this and I figured it was time to throw my line out there for some RP shenanigans!

My OCs: Spinelnut, a grumpy engineer of a Crystal Pony with some major unicorn-centered issues, & Mint Sprig, a perky fortune telling Earth Pony ready to befriend.


I prefer to see what sort of character I'm working with before figuring out a plot/set up. I've purposely given my characters excuses to be about anywhere and I'm open to playing with any sort of OC. I just like to see my OCs interact with a variety of character, tbh, so the table is open for anything and everything. Just post here if you want to try to figure something out and I'll message you to plot!

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Hiya! Your characters seem pretty interesting and I'd be interested in rping with you. c:


I've got a few OCs I haven't had a chance to rp with yet, since I've been mostly using Sombra and Luna in WoE xD


Here's Yuna, as well as Rose, and Elysium, the ones I've set up so far anyway~.


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