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Help Fund the Tesla Museum/Science Center!




OK, so I love science. I love technology. And being the son of a [now deceased] Yugoslavian immigrant, I was exposed at a rather young age to this man named Nikoli Tesla, the ultimate geek, science nerd and all around genius. He has done more to shape our modern world and technology more than most (who most people don't know about because of a man named Thomas Alva Edison).

If you need to learn about him, The Oatmeal, made a fantastic comic about him. This link is NSFW as it has coarse language, but it gets the message across fairly well.

So now some rather disturbing news has come to light, that his property in NY is up for sale and a retail chain is vying for its purchase. Well I for one can't have that! And apparently neither can The Oatmeal, who has set up a fundraiser (also NSFW for the same coarse language) to save the property and turn it into a museum. Even if you can't spend the money, please spread the word. I want to protect my hero and the hero of my father. When I have the extra money, I'll be donating to this fund.

Please help save this great man's legacy, and make the only Tesla museum in America a reality. (There is already one in Beograd, Serbia)Yes I spell it "Beograd" no, its not wrong. The Cyrillic script is "Београд" Which literally translates to Beograd. Belgrade is just to make it easier for people to say

EDIT: If you have problems with the NSFWness of The Oatmeal, feel free to read all about the Tesla Science Center and donate to it at their website.



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