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Another Hoof Hits the Dust (Queen Parody)




blog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgblog-0884220001360372009.jpgBrauburn runs down the grooves,

With his hat pulled way down low

Ain't no sound but the sound of his hooves,

His legs are ready to go

Are you ready, hey!

Are you ready for this

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat

Down of the walkway the buffallo rip

To the sound of the beat


Another hoof hits the dust

Another hoof hits the dust

And another one down, and another one down

Another hood hits the dust

Hey, I'm gonna pie you too

Another hoof hits the dust

How do you think we're going to get along,

We will fight, until you're gone

You took us for everything that we had,

And kicked us out on our home!

Are you happy, are you satisfied

How long can you stand the heat

Up of the walkway the pies, they flip!

To the sound of the beat


Another hoof hit the dust

Another hoof hit the dust

Another hoof hit the dust

Another hoof hit the dust

There are plenty of ways you can hurt other

And bring them to the ground

You can beat them

You can cheat them

You can treat them bad and kick them

When they're down

But be ready, yes be ready for them

Standing standing on your own two feet

Out in the walkway there is conflict

Repeating the sound of the beat



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