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  1. Gritstream huffed from behind Niilaavin's paw, but did make to get out from under him when sensed the arrival of the alchemists. She knew one of them was a changeling, and what the big cat thought of those guys. She couldn't say that she had a high opinion of them herself, but her life up until now really didn't give her a lot of leeway to throw stones. As she stood beside Enbarr, she would have presented quite the contrast. While the maid outfit seemed natural enough on her pegasus companion, Gritstream herself looked as if an outlaw from the outback had been lassoed, trussed up, and forcibly stuffed into her uniform and profession. Which was not all that far from what actually happened... But Niil was right enough that nopony would be paying attention to her, since Niil was taking all the attention for himself. "[Down, boy!]" Bluebelle called out to Niil, using the magic of the amulet around her neck to speak the command in the sphinx's native tongue. "[Don't make me get the garden hose and spray you in front of guests!]" Technically that wasn't necessary, as the amulet gave her command over him, but she was trying to actually train him to behave well in Equestria without her supervision. And that included dealing with changelings these days. Modern times, eh? Fortunately, Enbarr was on the case, and he hoped that between her and the alchemist's reassurances, Niil could be calmed. "Apologies about that, changelings didn't have the best of reputations back in his day. Nor could you say they were on their best behavior, but times are different now, as I keep trying to remind him. I teach changeling students, and they haven't done anything to me, right?" That, hopefully should do it. Turning back, and taking a deep breath, she went to move on, listening to Rose's magical explanations, nodding along until she hit the part about the mayor. "What, Spoiled Rich? No, no, it was Enbarr here that we had in mind for that. They're quite close, as you can see already." Already, though, the Princess' treacherous imagination was giving her a picture of the Mayor as a sphinx. It was... eerily apt.
  2. Ambrosia had been quivering with increasing excitement as they approached the unmistakeable outline of the Carousel Boutique. She loved this place! Not more than home, but it was close. Within these walls were all the filly frou-frou things her deepest soul desired and felt her destiny among. She was still some way away from getting her cutie mark, but when she did, she was certain she'd be wearing something from this shop! She lit up as the white unicorn came to escort them in. "Auntie Rawity!" The little filly squealed with delight, nodding fiercely as she was asked if she'd been good. "Uh-huh, uh-huh!"
  3. Mayor Rich would have taken a few seconds to take in Swift Squall's attire. To her credit, she refrained from rolling her eyes, only giving the stallion a flat look he may have remembered from a particularly unsympathetic aunt, if he had grown up with aunts. Many scions of the upper class did, and their personal frictions made for many a delightful classic tale from P.G. Wodestable. "I was hoping to discuss the possibility of manufacturing investment in town," She said evenly, "But you seem to have a preference for Everfree expeditions. And with an expectant mare at home, too."
  4. A little bit behind the group of students, the unmistakeable form of Chipper demise could be seen, in an almost skipping kind of step, as if dancing to a tune only he could hear. If Valence got closer, he might actually hear the unicorn colt humming it softly. "La da da ta, la di da di da, la da da ta, la di da di da, La da da ta, la di da..." His eyes didn't usually open all that wide, but he was pretty good at seeing nonetheless, and was able to detect the approach of his fellow-student. "Hey-hi! Class is almost in session, so Va-lence-a Go! Nyahahahaha!" Chipper's sense of humor certainly hadn't changed.
  5. Bluebelle supposed she couldn't blame Niilaavin for not wanting to get his hopes up. It would be a cruel thing, given how much this meant to him, for a hope to be raised then dashed by alchemical impossibility. But just as Niil thought of Blue as part of his Pride, the Princess thought of Niilaavin as a member of her House, and she was determined to see that he did well. She smiled to see the nuzzling moment between him and Enbarr, but where was Gritstream? "Not coming out to greet our guests?" She called out to the other maid. "Nope." She answered from just out of sight. "Too risky. Appleoosan connections to this town." "That's just the Apple clan, they have connections everywhere." Further attempts to cajole Gritstream to greet her guests were interrupted by their arrival. Reaching out a hoof to steady Windwright's landing, she made the introduction. "Niil, Enbarr, this is Windwright, a friend of mine and a very fine alchemist who just so happened to pay me a visit this morning." Shortly on his feathertips came the other guest, Rose the changeling. By this point, the willies that Blue usually went through in their presence had been decreased to a minimum, and she was able to give just as charming a smile and greeting. "And this is Rose, another alchemist who comes on the recommendation of Mayor Rich!" She took the note, tucking it away for later. She rarely destroyed any correspondence, you never knew what future historian would bless your memory for preserving it. "I can't exactly say it was planned, but now I can't imagine living any other way." With everypony arrived, the Princess stepped back to give the guests room to maneuver. "This is just an initial sample collection meeting." She explained to Niil. "Transformation potions or magic usually requires the essence of whatever one plans to transform into, and you're the closest sphinx we know of."
  6. ~Princess Bluebelle~ It had taken some time before the Archancellor of the School of Friendship could reasonably take the rest of the afternoon off, but at last she was able to return to the castle. She wasted no time in letting Niilaavin know that an alchemist who might possibly be able to help him in his quest to find a female of his kind would be coming to visit, only to be interrupted halfway through by her personal secretary, letting her know that a second alchemist had arrived as well! Apparently on the recommendation of the Mayor, which Bluebelle wasn't sure she should take all that seriously, but Niil seemed to think highly of Spoiled Rich's judgment, so that probably wouldn't turn out badly. Nevertheless, she thought it prudent to personally accompany the sphinx to make introductions, as well as have the maids personally assigned to Niil tag along. One of them would be very much involved in this process, and the other at least knew where to rub and scratch to put the big kitty in a good mood. "Psmith, please let our visitors know that Niil is waiting for them in the courtyard." She called out to her private secretary, before taking a seat underneath a shade tree, close to Niilaavin's pay. Enbarr and Gritstream were on the other side of the cat, with Enbarr out in front, and Gritstream doing her best to remain unnoticed. She rarely liked showing her face to visitors, as she dreaded the thought of one of them having reason to recognize it.
  7. "I shall be sure to do so. Good day!" Spoiled Rich said her goodbyes with a crisp nod, feeling relatively good about how the day was going. Why, her general attitude towards the Ponyville public at large was going up a peg or two, mostly due to the new additions she was seeing come in. The rest of the townies... well, she could afford magnanimity towards them now. "Next!" She called out as the alchemist departed, an actual note of chipperness in her voice!
  8. Nodding briskly, Spoiled Rich reached down into her desk and pulled out pen and paper, taking it up in her mouth and writing a brief note of introduction. "There." She said, hoofing over the note. "That should serve to get you in the Castle Door. Niilaavin is currently staying with Prince Blueblood at the Friendship Castle in town. Or possibly Princess Bluebelle, depending on which they decided to be this morning." She couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes at that, but moved on. "They and their household are occupying the place while Princess Twilight is in Canterlot. They'll be able to give you more details, I'm sure."
  9. Listening to Windwright's explanation of what he considered possible, Bluebelle couldn't keep herself from sighing. "No reflection on your skill or character," She assured her friend, feeling her expression might be perceived as disparaging, "I just would be lying if I said I expected anything more promising. Zecora told me pretty much the same thing as you did, only with more rhymes and less confidence. Despite the perception we might have of her as exotic, she's a rather straightforward practitioner, judged among zebras." She considered the possibility of roping in Meadowbrook, reflecting that getting an Old Master to work on the problem wouldn't be a bad idea. "Well, I'm certainly open to ideas from far afield in time or space. Fortunately, we do have a willing candidate that actually gets on very well with Niilaavin. Safe to say she may well be his favorite pony, which is what we ought to hope for, in such a case. Oh! And of course I'd be happy to introduce you, though I believe he's out paying a visit to Mayor Rich this morning. They apparently met at my wedding, and got on quite well."
  10. The sudden transformation of the mare before her caught Spoiled by surprise, before she remembered that Rose was a changeling. They were apparently good now, or something. Whatever, as long as they paid their taxes and didn't cause more than the median average amount of trouble. "Well, this isn't for me exactly, like I said. I daresay what I'm looking for might prove a challenge even for your skills. I'm looking for something that will transform a pony into a sphinx, size change included, and last at least long enough to bring a litter of cubs to term. My friend, you see, is the last of his kind, as far as we are aware." She hoped the alchemist wouldn't ramble on too long before getting to her answer, though to be honest she wasn't truly expecting any majorly positive answer. It was, as she said, a tall ask.
  11. Oh, she already had a shop? Definitely worth checking out later, Spoiled noted as the medicine traveled down her throat, heralded by warmth, tailed by bitterness. Another cup of tea from the kettle to wash it down. "Hm, interesting, but that's not my most pressing demand right now. Right now, I have a fairly pressing need from a... friend of mine." That might have been presumptuous to say of Niilaavin, but she could say that she would like to be a friend, definitely. "Tell me, have you done work in... transformation, with your alchemy? I've heard many stories about the capabilities of zebra alchemy, but our local practitioner is rather more down-to-earth than the more outlandish tales. But you seem to have more, ambition, shall we say?"
  12. Heehee, Zappers was talking to a gi-i-i-rl! Ambrosia didn't really grasp the full significance of what that meant, and Zap Apple probably didn't either. He was still smack dab in the middle of the "cooties" phase of intergender relations. But that wouldn't stop his little sister from teasing him! "Was the zee-ba pretty, Zappers?" She gave him a look that suggested butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. At the first mention of bon-bons, though, all delicacy and grace momentarily left Amby, and she revered to her country heritage, diving headfirst into the bag, emerging with a chocolate-smeared muzzle and a happy, full-cheeked expression on her face. Was that only one bonbon in there? Who knew? She wasn't telling. All she knew was that they were on their way to Carousel Boutique, one of her favorite places in the whole wide world! She'd cheer- after swallowing her treat. Don't talk with your mouthful, Rarity didn't like that!
  13. Bluebelle supposed it rather made sense that such a transformation wouldn't be extensively tested, and Windwright could get a little buried in his work. Particularly if his work brought out such results. "That is very impressive, though I'm not sure I could keep myself from giving my new wings a spin, even given all the consequences. Just... maybe not very high up." She let herself imagine being airborne, soaring in the sky along with her wives. Her imagination, however, was a fickle thing, and soon drifted to other uses. Making an impressive entrance at a key diplomatic gathering, for example. Let anyone dare call her a "fake princess" then! She blinked, finding the pegasus' eyes on her own. "Ah, sorry, drifted for a minute there. I must say, thank you very much for this, I know how much work this represents, and how much of a gift it is. Speaking of transformations, however..." She stowed away the box on her person for later, best wait until she got home to use these. "I wanted to ask you about how much could potentially be done in that field. In a less...temporary matter. To explain, on an expedition to Saddle Arabia, I found what may well be the last living sphinx in the world. He's a handsome and magnificent creature, and I would hate to see his kind go the way of the dinosaur. But without any females... well. Not much we can do. Niilaavin only survived because he was magically sealed in stone for millennia. We've found no others, which leaves us looking for magical solutions."
  14. When Windy brought up the idea of having their wedding under this tree, where it all began, Sky laughed with delight. "That's perfect, I don't know why I didn't think of that. I suppose I'm not used to the idea of being able to use public parks like that. Seems a bit like monopolizing it..." He looked around, seeing that they were alone here, surprisingly. "That said, I don't see many other ponies here whenever I visit. I suppose we could just allow whoever wants to watch to stay for the ceremony... though that might be courting a much larger crowd than we want, once word gets out!" Nestling into the embrace of Windy's wing, Sky sighed. "I'll trust your judgment on Ice, you've known her for longer, insofar as anypony seems to know her at all."
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