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  1. Sorry if folks have been waiting on me for stuff, My laptop is still in the shop and won't be back until Friday or Monday. 

  2. ~Berry Punch~ Berry listened with interest, but with no small sense of frustration, as Jade related her story of the ocelot. She sighed, replying with a flat tone, "Let me put it another way. I am sick and bucking tired of other ponies treating the fact that I can parent one filly well as a reason to think I don't need a partner. Not just for her, for me. It's not good for us ponies to be alone." Stealing a glance over to where she spotted the only other mare that had conspicuously come alone, she sighed even louder. "Even tall, dark, and scarred over there has a special somepony!" She pointed out Tempest and Glitter, right before the ceremony began. Her heart was both full of vicarious happiness for the thruple, and obvious envy that wrote itself upon her face. It was hard for her to be bitter about it, considering her character, but still. She'd have happily accepted being fourth in a herd at this point. "Well, The Prince has been in Ponyville more often since taking that position at Twilight's school, and he comes to my place when he wants to socially drink, but I probably wouldn't have gotten an invitation if I hadn't helped to supply the shindig." She felt no shame in the admission, providing drinks was always a good way to secure an invite to any social gathering, as she had learned early at school. Once she saw Dunnie make ready to spike the bouquet, however, all pretenses were dropped. "Gangway!" She shouted out, leaping to intercept the trajectory of the flowers, or at least get right in the scrum of mares fighting for the prize!
  3. Had Feng lived any other life than the one he had, the news that his first and latest recruit was an entirely different species than she presented, infiltrating the palace for unknown purposes would have instantly triggered all kinds of paranoia. Even with knowing Hanabi/Yanhua as long as he had, and thus pretty much smoothing over any prejudice he'd had towards Yokai though, the fact that Rongyu would be so near the Empress did worry him. He had to make a quick decision, but ultimately decided to trust his ability to sense malice or lack thereof. "Thanks, I don't think we'll run into any problems with her, though. Between my interview and spar with her, I've got a pretty good read, I should think." Never mind that her disguise had fooled him entirely, though... They returned to the nook where the scent of the beans was already wafting through the air. "I actually do have a taste for coffee, it's just that when I drink to ward off exhaustion, I make everyone else tired." He said with a chuckle, and given even what Rongyu had seen of him, she would probably believe it.
  4. *All in all,* Sky Sailing mused as he carted his latest grocery run back to Wind Dancer's city apartment, *Canteloupe and Ice Cream aren't the weirdest cravings I've heard of.* The latter wasn't at all hard to get in this city, even if he didn't know the purveyor of some of the best personally. Desert cities generated such a demand for cool treats that you could find a shop or stall selling some on every corner, practically. Finding melon that didn't come pre-sliced, packaged in its own fermenting juices though? Somewhat harder without connections to resort suppliers. Making runs like this would be difficult for Wind Dancer, given the circumstances that led to these cravings, so like the dutiful fiancee he was, Sky offered to move in and help take care of her for a while. Landing at the balcony, he called out, "Honey, I'm back!" Unstrapping the basket from beneath himself, he picked it up in his teeth and carried it into the house, looking around. Hopefully Windy was feeling alright, the latter half of a pregnancy could get a little rough.
  5. Seeing his fatherly advice being taken, Nor'Easter stepped back, letting Sky and Windy take center stage. Scarlett was beside him, watching the proceedings at first with trepidation, and then with a smile. "Even through the storm, our little songbirds are flying right." It was a privileged sense of validation experienced by good parents, seeing their foals grow up to be adults with healthy bodies and good spirits. And knowing that they would pass this along, both to their own foals, and to countless others who would hear their songs and see their dance? No better feeling in the world. Sky Sailing came over as he was beckoned, having cemented the scene into his mind. He nuzzled Windy as he came up, whispering, "Well Done." In her ear, before turning a smiling face to the first little filly to ask for his autograph. Already, in the back of his mind, a song was forming to mark this occasion, chorus ringing in his head: "And from the ashes of your burning bridges; Comes your spirit rising like a pheonix. Spread your feathers, touch the edges of the canyon, And we'll be meeting there across the wingspan!"
  6. The army as a whole was a bit too large for Feng to know all the NCO's in it, and Rongyu had transferred in from the provinces, so it wasn't a surprise that he didn't know the sergeant. Still annoying though, as it sounded like there was a good story behind there. "Well, need a bit more of her kind in the capital, then. A bit too many things are for show around here. Granted, that makes it easy for an enemy to underestimate one as purely for ornamental purposes, but... well, there's more than a few here I could name who could be replaced with bronze-cast statues to no loss of function." Captain though he was, it was a promotion from the ranks, and he snorted in laughter at her barracks-room humor. Sensing that Yanhua wanted to pull him away for a word while Rongyu was grinding the beans, he tilted an ear towards her, waiting for whatever she had to say. She must have smelled something on his recruit, but what?
  7. It never took long to acclimate oneself to the food here, at the palace. Hadn't taken Feng longer than a day, really, though Yanhua had a lot to do with that. He just wished he'd known at the time that she was his old foalhood friend from in the forest at the time, but that had come as a nice surprise when he did find out! He chuckled disarmingly, brushing off any air of concern. "Yup, you gotta learn to use all the tricks available to you in a real fight. Martial exercises are all well and good, but I don't think a lot of the recruits are pushed as far as they could be by their sergeants. Though, to be fair, most of the sergeants haven't faced anything tougher than disorganized packs of bandits; it's been pretty peaceful for the past... hundred years, really." The talk of being eaten elicited a... slightly less disarmed chuckle. The *last* thing he needed was another mare adding a vertex into the triangle that was the drama of his life. *Knowing my luck, that's exactly what I'm gonna get.* Nosing around for some dumplings to suppress the funny feeling he was getting in his stomach, he looked back to see... Yanhua sniffing his new recruit, in such a way that rather intruded upon most interpretations of personal space. He didn't mind it so much when it was him that she was nosing, but that also had to do with him knowing her true, vulpine nature. "Uhm, alright. Don't make my new recruit too nervous now, Yanhua!" He jested as he followed her into the back.
  8. A pacifist by conviction and by nature, Sky Sailing was relieved to find that the tension he'd belatedly noticed in the air was resolving itself with an apology and... something close enough to forgiveness. All that said, he wasn't really sure what he could add to the situation, other than standing beside Wind Dancer with a wing wrapped around her in affection and support. His father, on the other hoof, was a little more forthcoming, with a perspective more tempered by experience than Windy's. "There's a real temptation, when you see a task you can't do, to declare that it can't be done, but that's two different things entirely. A bad or mediocre job is sometimes worse than none, since it can preclude a real solution. I've had to deal with my share of busted pipework from overconfident engineers, and wings are even more complicated. Not to say I approve of preserving one's ego over telling the real truth, but... it's an entirely fair point. Even if he hadn't given up on you, no guarantee his work would be as good as what you got, and only the best would have gotten you as far as you did." That was about as much as Nor'Eastern had said in one go since his son and daughter-in-law came to visit, and he seemed a little bashful after he finished. "Leastaways, that's how I see it."
  9. Ambrosia really wasn't surprised that Zap wasn't joining her in the cart, what with him being a real spoily-sport today. Still, she could hardly blame him for wanting use his wings. Wings were cool! Not as cool as a horn, of course, but she couldn't deny that blue-mom, er, Rainbow could do some amazing things with hers. Zapper really looked up to her, as much Rainbow's colt as Amby was Applejack's little filly! "Choo-choo!" Ambrosia called out again, repeating after AJ's 'Chugga-chugga-chugga's. The day was beautiful outside, and she and Momma and Zappy were gonna play and have a great time! ~~~ Ugh, they were gonna have the most *boring* day ever! Amby was flopped over the side of the wagon, unable in the slightest to comprehend how momma could possibly take so long to buy turnips. They were just turnips! Stuff you scarfed down so fast you didn't have to taste how yucky they were, or else fed them to Winona when Momma couldn't see you. Which was almost never. She may have been Momma's little filly, but she also cared for her dog. Bored out of her pointy skull, Ambrosia was left to amuse herself, which she usually did by either dressing up, having tea parties, or practicing magic, and no dresses or tea sets were available. Setting her eyes on a turnip at the far end of the booth, she concentrated her magic on it, wanting to make it explode! "Hnrgh... guhhhh...." With a bright pink glow of effort, she lit up her horn, and the veggie, trying to summon all the might in her little horn to make the great fireworks she once saw that blue-coated unicorn pull off in the magic show! In the end, though, the only sparks that came were from her horn fizzling, as she only sent the turnip rolling towards momma.
  10. Bluebelle was heartened to see the students take her transformation in stride; it was going to be an awkward year if they didn't! Besides all that, it seemed that most of the major questions had been taken care of, though a few minor ones of procedure remained. "Class Schedules are the same for first-year students, save for electives, which you can begin signing up for after the assembly. They should be posted on your dorm doors by now. You won't start officially until next Monday, which gives you a few days to select your electives. If you need any help with that, Counselor Starlight Glimmer or myself will be available for most of tomorrow to answer questions and provide guidance." Chipper Demise was no longer really paying attention, since it seemed that monster-hunting was not going to be on that elective list. "I mean, I wouldn't do it unless I had a really big and strong guy on my side. Like Papa Halvard! But I don't know if he's coming down to visit anytime soon." He explained to Spearmint, extricating himself from the chair. "But you've got a really neat forest, like, right there! If there's any elective that means going into the Everfree, I'm signing up for that!"
  11. Feng had a plan for how this conversation was going to go. A practiced speech, in fact, on how his bonds of affection could yet be sated by her finding true happiness in another; he was most proud of the line that went, "I have a dragon's pride in my heart, but not a dragon's greed." Followed, of course, by promises of matchmaking assistance, like a good friend. It was good speech. But Yu Yue had to ruin it. Yu Yue had to kiss him. Yu Yue had to leave him stunned in the garden, one hoof over hers upon his cheek, as she poured out a confession of her own affection. All that he could only dream, or chastise himself for projecting upon her, she confessed to be actuality. Pyschologically, it was perhaps necessary for her to do so, to be honest with a dear friend. Tactically, it was an ill-considered move. To show a starving longma a banquet, only to subsequently forbid it, would not encourage quiescence. Feng felt the dragon's fire within him stoke to a roar as he saw his Empress cry, and were she to look up from the ground, she would see it blazing in his eyes. His voice, however, maintained a deceptive level of calm, even if his dragon's breath accompanied his words. "Stature and Import." The words came out in a cloud of mint-scented smoke. "When the whole of our history, of Dynasties coming from the lineage of those who till the earth, of a Celestial Bureaucracy whose boast is that of meritocracy, tells us that Long Guo is a land where Status comes from Service, and not the other way around." He had to pause, rein in his breathing, before continuing, "It is true, you have not seen me in many contexts, just as your faithful guard and Watcher, but as a cultural ambassador to Equestria, I should say I acquitted myself well. And in the days of my more secretive service, there was a great demand of versatility upon me. You have hardly begun to exhaust what service I could render, given the opportunity!" "As for my destiny..." He turned to show Yu a god view of his flank (and quite the well-muscled and toned flank it was), gesturing to the mark upon it, a maple leaf over three upside-down mountains. "I am he that overturns the mountains, that turns the world upside down. Because, sometimes, that's the only way to set it right-side up."
  12. Feng shot a grin back over his shoulder at the still-incredulous qilin. "Of course! All of life is a test, and to pass is to live another day." In truth, it was fair to say that Rongyu presented more of a test to Feng than Feng could ever present to Rongyu. He suspected, as a new transfer to the Guard from the Watchers, that his pool of candidates had undergone some... 'pre-selection' as a kind of hazing. Service rivalries were a thing in all nations, and while few would dare antagonize a Watcher in active duty, Feng suspected that the corporals who handled the paperwork did not want to pass up the opportunity to have a bit of fun at his expense by sending a plausibly impressive, but difficult, first recruit. *Hah, I'll show them, though! Six months, a year tops, and she'll be out, bright, and shining! The Empress will be most impressed...* His thoughts then drifted into daydreams of what might result from so impressing Yu Yue, but the smell of the kitchens drew him back to reality. "I don't know about coffee; that's usually brewed in the barracks directly, but there's always a pot of tea on. But speaking of which..." He nosed through the crowds of kitchen workers, effortlessly dodging limbs, ladles, and plates. All the staff were familiar with him, though the larger companion drew no small amount of stopping and staring. He himself didn't stop until he reached the little corner where his friend had her personal retreat. "Hehe, yup. Did some intense work on the sparring yard today." He showed off his bandaged limb in demonstration. "Oh, speaking of which, meet Rongyu, newest recruit of the Empress' Honor Guard!"
  13. Feng found Rongyu's voiced willingness for heroism in service of the Empress a gratifying confirmation that his decision to make her his first recruit was a good one. "Well, you've got the skill and drive to do that much. I'll make sure you get the training to actually survive your heroics." He grinned, not entirely unaware of the hypocrisy involved from him, the record setter in number and severity of Palace infirmary visits. It was the reason, for one thing, why the sight of him sparring always prompted proactive action by acolyte healers, one of whom was already wrapping his leg. Testing his weight on the bandaged limb, he thanked the healer with an unintentionally heart-melting level of charm, before offering his good foreleg to help Rongyu up. "I've been at this business a little longer than you, professionally. Started training younger, too, so some stuff got built into growing muscles and mind. Still, I feel I'd be a fool to let that level of strength go on account of one loss. By the time you finish learning everything you can from me... well, you'll be something amazing no doubt." He turned around, gesturing with a wing to follow. "Come on, let's get you inside and fitted for your uniform... ooh, but we should stop by the kitchens on the way, this calls for a little celebratory snack, and I'm friends with the Palace chef, so there's almost always some dumplings on reserve! Yanhua makes the best dumplings."
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