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Neo Reviews: MLP season 1 Episode 14 (AKA: Dress Apocalypse)




blog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngblog-0842487001373400611.pngNow we come to one of the arguably best episodes of MLP itself. I prefer another set of episodes but lets get on with the apocalypse!

Alright so the story is that Twilight goes to Rarity's to get a dress fixed that she says she is going to wear to the gala. Rarity takes it too far and makes everyone of the Mane 6 dresses. The story was really good at exploiting Rarity's Charity (Rhyme Time) and showing us how rarity acts to certain things, especially her wallowing. It's one of the goo things about this episode.

The animation of the fashion show (Take 2) is beautiful and well done. Plus the animations for the song Suited for success is really good too. I liked it.

The characters here are very true to themselves and it makes me smile at some of their comments, like rainbow's "And fluttershy's freaky knowledge of Sewing." Which makes a few thoughts fly through my head and make me chuckle...NOT THOSE THOUGHTS!

Voice acting was done superbly. Rarity's wallowing, The cheers of the crowd, and hoity toity's voice were excellent!

The song of Art of the Dress, is really good and is one of my favorites. I think personally that it still holds up against the other, songs in the show, it doesn't beat winter wrap up or Celestia's Ballad but it was still well done.

The lines were...okay there were a few bad one. My least favorite is the "I don't like it, I love it!" line that Rarity does. While it came off right it's always a line that I hate. However the other lines in the episode like Pinkie Pie's comments were nice and some Spike's comments were good too.

So rarity joined the cast of the ponies I like here and the song was fantastic as well as the story. So I give this episode my Reviewer rating of a B+. Well done and excellent. Wow this one was short. Well either way, This has been Neo Reviews, thanks for reading!



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