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Neo Reviews: Mlp season 1 episode 17 (AKA: Something's not right here...)




blog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngblog-0186514001375644989.pngHmm...something's not quite right here...I don't know what but for some reason I feel weird about this episode. I like it but and it was a really good episode, good song, great characters, believable story, but why doesn't it sit right? Oh well let's do this!

The story is this, Rarity's working on an order and Sweetie belle wants to help but Rarity won't let her. Fluttershy comes in with Rarity's cat (I can't spell her name.) and the rest of the CMC come in after a bit of banter betweem Rarity and Fluttershy. They talk about a sleepover, Rarity says they can't and Fluttershy offers to help them.

I have to say that this story is really interesting. I don't hate the CMC yet so this episode makes me really happy. The story reminds me of when I was younger and used to have sleepovers with my best friends. Anyways I like the overall story and I do believe that it makes the characters stay true to themselves.

Animation was stunning, the cockatrice turning ponies to stone, to the animations during the song, all to Fluttershy's 'stare' make this episode really good. Best of all it only gets better from here.

The characters seem okay here. The CMC are just like they always are, Rarity is like Rarity. Fluttershy and Twilight seem off to me. I don't know how but the stare, doesn't feel right for fluttershy. Maybe because she says that she can't control when she does the stare but does control it on discord in keep calm and flutter on. Twilight...I don't know. She doesn't seem right but...maybe it's the rock.

Voice acting was normal. Nothing to outstanding for the show now.

The Song "Hush now, Quiet now' is really good. I wish there was a real lullaby version of it and not just that one part because I would love to hear it. What we got was good though. I love the song, plus it gives us some insight on Sweetie belle as a character.

The lines well...they flowed really good for CMC and fluttershy but some of the lines that rarity did felt odd and a bit different.

Well this episode was an overall success. It seems to stay in the grey more than it should and if it was given a bit more of a push, I'd put it in a top ten, alas it isn't. So overall I give this episode a 7.5 out of 10. Needs just a tiny bit more work. Well now that's done here's your daily comic from Time Spinner!

a1YRkQD.png(The stage has been set...)



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