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Neo Reviews: MLP season 1 episode 18 (AKA: A show stopping event.)




blog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngblog-0449379001375923217.pngHas anyone seen Time Spinner? I've been looking all over and I can't find him...oh well...let's go do this review, he probably got lost in the internet aether. (Where I live.)

The Show Stoppers is a nice episode that you can either love or hate. It's one of those episodes that I do enjoy though. The story goes like this:

The cutie mark crusaders are finding their cutie marks, and establishing a tree house that will become it's own landmark, after a few comical failures Twilight (and cherilee) suggest entering a talent show, which can only end in queen and failure.

I like the stories flow, it's very connected and well thought out, even for a CMC episode. It has that flavour of care put into it and it really seems to show. My favorite part might just be talent show's song. The references and animations were very charming.

The animation throughout the episode was pretty good. It had a few times where it could have been better but it was alright now.

Characters are pretty believable. Nothing bad about them so nothing to really say.

Voice acting for the CMC was...wow. Knocked by imaginary socks off my feet. Very well done.

The CMC theme is a song, so I should review it but...it's also a joke song. So...what do I do? For a joke song it was pretty good and got me to laugh at a few parts.

The conversations just kept coming and some of them were pretty good. Nice job Script writing team!

The episode is pretty good for a season 1 episode, still not my favorite but it was pretty good. One I would recommend a non-brony watch. (If they knew who the CMC were by now.) So with all of this in mind I give this episode my reviewer rating of 7.9. Just a little more work and...and...I'm sorry but am I getting bad at this? It's just...everytime I review something it makes me feel depressed, like I'm failing and not doing a good job. It's not just reviews either, I feel like I've lost my touch in RPing. I just don't feel that same spark I did when I RPed for the first time. Ever since the academy chapter 3 ended, I've not felt that same way...maybe I should just...maybe it's time I...




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