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Neo Reviews: My Little Portal Episodes 1 & 2




Warning: Spoilers

My little portal is a very charming web crossover series, crossing the worlds of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and the world of Portal. (No half life jokes please.) Due to it being a series, I'll be starting by reviewing every episode in a pair of two episodes. My Little Portal is done pretty well, with good animation that seems to capture elements from both it's parent's series, and has an interesting protagonist(s) but we're not their yet. The first episode features Cranky donkey and Pinkie Pie in Equestria Laboratories, with Pinkie throwing a party for the activation of the third AI based off of Discord. Suddenly there is a power surge, yet the Discord AI remains online. At first things seem fine, until the Discord AI begins harming everyone in the room, killing Pinkie Pie, and a random scientist stallion. While also knocking Cranky out. Whooves, another scientist, manages to escape and suits up to try and turn the old AI's on. Along the way he meets Rainbow Dash, where the two split up, Rainbow Dash is killed (Or becomes mostly dead) and Whooves is able to turn the other AI's on. Discord is shut down, and Cranky is sent away to continue testing on the moon, or that's what's implied.

Then we come to the real storyline in the second episode. It is revealed through a letter that Twilight will be going to the moon laboratories along with the rest of her friends that were at the old testing site. It is also revealed that Rainbow Dash is alive, and is being turned into...something, although we clearly see in the intro that she's being turned into a cyborg-like thing. Ten years later Pinkie Pie, who is now a personality core, accidentally re-activates the Discord AI who has now upgraded from Linux to Mac.Twilight is dispatched to find him and the elements of harmony, alongside Pinkie Pie.

Aright let's get this out of the way, no the voice actors do not sound like the official ones, but just like I have said with Turnabout storm, I don't need perfect matches of the official voice cast to make me happy. With the exception of Cranky, I enjoy every voice in this series, my favorite being Rainbow Dash and Whooves, but I really like Celestia's too.

The art style is also really good, I enjoy the cross between the two styles we were given, and it really makes me feel like the two worlds are one. If I had to make one complaint, it would be the AI bots from the first episode. They don't look as appealing to me as the ones in episode two, but it's only minor and we don't see the old AI bots for long.

The storyline is really good too. It's a mash-up between the storyline of portal and the storyline of MLP's first and second episode, with a few tweaks here and there. It somewhat reminds me of Kingdom hearts, where all the worlds have their own storyline, with a hint of kingdom hearts thrown in there. In fact this whole series reminds me of kingdom hearts, they combined two things that you think wouldn't be able to co-exist in the same world together, and yet it somehow turns how amazing.

And how about that soundtrack? Using the instruments that portal normally uses, with some of the mlp music just makes my ears melt in happy bliss. I can't even describe, just go look up the theme song and here it yourself, it's amazing.

Now with all this information I have to say, I can't wait for the next episode. We're waiting on episode 5 right now, and I can't wait, I just know it's going to be good. Christian Cerda, I tip my hat to you good sir, for you are a genius. Now I want to say one thing, this series seems to be missing something for me. When we take a look at Turnabout Storm, it was charming, it was complex, and there was a lot of room for character growth. I don't feel this series has achieved that yet. I feel like comparing the both of those series isn't possible, but they both are crossovers including My little Pony, so I will compare them. Comparing Turnabout Storm to My Little Portal is like comparing a stale piece of bread to a piece of fresh pizza. I think something that is missing might be the humor. See, in turnabout storm, there was times for comedy, and times for seriousness, but in My little portal it's all dark all the time, and that's not something I can totally agree with. With all this in mind guys, this game gets my reviewer rating of 7.5/10, needs some work, but I know there's still some room to grow.

Well, that was an interesting review. Now that that's over with I suppose I should review something else. So join me next week when we delve into the world of Button Mash, it's not gonna be pretty. So Ladies and Gentlemen, you have a wonderful evening, stay safe, and take care.



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