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Oh, yes! My baby is now actually RUNNING around. He's fast, too, for such short little legs. He can open up doors, so thank goodness for putting those doorknob cover-thingies (technical term) out early. Cabinets? Not safe, either. Grandma Lorrie found that out when Johnathan comes from her kitchen to the living room of her home toting a large-ish Crisco shortening container (the lidded cylinder canister thingies), on the verge of being opened. I kinda wanted to see his reaction to tasting raw shortening, just because he'll learn eventually.

And he's now saying the following list: Dada, Mom, Uh-oh, No, Yay, Eat, Food, Nom and Hi. Not too sure about I love you from him, hopefully soon. He'll also randomly start crowing like a rooster....that's Grandpa Kenny's fault though!



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