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First Birthday!




It's hard to believe that Johnathan is a year old! He began walking about a week ago, taking tentative steps every day. He still prefers to crawl. He has demonstrated his cleverness, too...after cleaning his room and rearranging it (for the fourth or fifth time this year) my Mommy alarm went off...and I found him climbed on top of his dresser. He had moved a rocking chair foot rest over to the dresser and climbed up it.

Now, onto his birthday party!

He dislikes frosting, but loves cake. How did we find this out? He tried the frosting his cousin put on his peanut-shaped 'smash' cake....and pulled a gross-face for it. He loved all his new toys, and can't figure out which ones he wants to play with first. He got a pool for the summer, too! Yay, pools! He wore his first pair of shoes that day, too. I am so very proud of how far my sweet boy has come in a year! Let's hope for another year of great memories!

Yes, all of that up there...is why I haven't been on as much. I'm trying to be on as often as possible, but Peanut comes first!


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