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Despite being 24 years old, I think I finally feel like an official adult due to MY FIRST EVER JURY SUMMONS. Yayyyy...

Im set to go in mid December and Im pretty nervous. Like, I dont know what to do with these sorts of things and I could never see myself as a juror. Im quiet, soft spoken and Im not really all that great when it comes to arguing. I hate being put on the spot and debating things. And I dont even like daytime court shows!

I heard people say be extremely bias to get out of it, but I totally cant do that! Im not gonna lie since Im a bad liar and lying in court is a bad thing! Plus, Im not really bias against anything, Im extremely open minded. I have the time to be a juror, I just dont want to be put on some crazy murder, rape case. >.< I definitely have to give my uncle a ring, since apparently he LOVES this sort of stuff and jumps at the opportunity to get on the jury. I think he even was in a jury for a serious murder case in my state. Any advice to somewhat prepare me would be great advice. @_@



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First of all, stay cool. No one else on the jury is necessarily going to be a great debater, either. You just have to decide whether the evidence before you is convincing. The result will mean nothing to any of you personally, so don't get too wrapped up in your point of view and just look objectively at what you've got.

Second, the vast majority of criminal cases won't involve rape or murder, but if it is one, you'll find out at jury selection. Then re-read what's above.

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every time I've ever got called in for jury duty the case has already been dismissed by the time the jurors show up. Might happen to you too.

If not, there's still a good chance they won't select you; depends on what the attorneys are looking for. if you are selected, the number of small, petty crimes greatly outnumbers the big, violent ones. From what I've heard from people who have served on juries, it's more likely you're just going to be bored than anything else if you do get selected.

I'd just go with it and see what happens. Chances are good it won't end up like you fear it might.

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