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1 Year Anniversary and 2,000 Posts!!!




Do anyone of you actually know who I am?  

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  1. 1. Do anyone of you actually know who I am?

    • Of course I do. She's the new member~ *ruffles Lyi's hair* And I'm the old member who's been here forever.
    • No. I'm going to pretend I don't know this person. *shakes head in embarrassment*
    • Yes I do.
    • No I don't.
    • Yes-but I'm only saying this because I don't want to seem mean and admit I have no idea who she is.

Can you believe it?  I've been on here for a whole year now!  I've had some good times, some great times, and some...interesting times.  I've made a whole lot of friends.  Creeped an IRL friend out (with the fact that I have so many online adult friends).  Got two IRL friends to join the site (and then they both left).  And welcomed a whole lot of people.  

I roleplayed a lot of roleplays, and got myself a Skype to roleplay even more! 

In this past year:

-I got 7 of my OC's approved

-I apped and am now an active player of Starlight Glimmer

-I discovered making troll accounts and playing the same prank on your friend 4 times still works 

-I realized going on pony sites the night before your exam is not the same as studying

-I learned the basics of speaking spanish

-I learned a bunch of useless information of the Biological Kingdoms and Classification

-I learned around (Eleven?) different chemical reactions

-I continued to really hate math

-I realized that, yes, it is possible to go from a literal fail to a perfect in essay writing (Maybe because roleplaying helped improve my writing skills?)

-I received a microphone and realized I sound really bad on recording

-I received a drawing tablet and realize I can actually draw

-I learned the basics of economics 

-I learned how to cut a tree (Make an undercut.  Make a back cut.)

-I learned fishing boats.  I can name 5 types (Gill net, purse seine, longline, trawl, otter trawl)

-I realized that I have enough drama in my life that I don't need to watch reality TV shows

-I started reading the news.  

-I made friends with my basic polar opposite (and we're bff's to date)

-I don't actually know if this blog counts as a post.  

-I realized I should stop welcoming new members by pm (nothing good's ever come out of that) and leave somebody else to that job

-I started watching anime other than Tokyo Mew Mew

-I listened to Kpop and realized it;s not half bad.

-I lost all the bets I made this year with my friends.

-I knit about 7 more lines to my scarf.  The same scarf that I've been knitting for 3 years (granted, I knit an average of 3 lines per year)

-I realized that the death of a family member isn't always bad (you have to be thankful they lived for that long)

-I learned that being passive-aggressive sometimes does you good

-I really like the 'delete' and 'edit' button.

-My online friends mean as much to me as my IRL friends

-I have no idea how this list got so long.

-I learned two things about two members that I probably could have learned if I just read their profile.  Instead, it took about 12 months and a bunch of pm's.

-There's a lot more than happened this year, but

  (a) I'm too lazy to make this list even longer

  (b) My memory is lapsing right now because I'm desperately trying to study at the same time. 

  (c) Srsly people.  I love to rp.  This isn't really a reason, but I'm just being my random self again.


Thanks for all the good times, guys~  And let's make many more!  



Lyi :)  


Ps.  I am not LYIPH.  I am not a leaf.  Please.  The only way I can pronounce LYIPH is leaf.  

Pps. Lyipheoryia.  Lie-i-fee-ore-ee-a.  Lyi. Lee.  Don't ask me why my nickname is pronounced differently from my first name.  I don't know.  




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16 minutes ago, SymphonicFire said:

Funny how your album is named after your phonetic name XD

Nobody knew how to pronounce my name.






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5 hours ago, DreamySunday said:


-I ended up getting a minor case of cybercullying

-I welcomed someone-then it turns out it was a duplicate account of a banned member

-there was more (but I really don't remember)

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