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Hippo Week Day 6: Revamping RP Log (part 1)



I want to do the dirty work of revamping my heavily neglected RP log. But in order to do that, I realized the best way was to reflect on all the posts I made on Canterlot.com. Yes, all of them. It's taking more time than I realized crunching the numbers and filing all of them together so that they are organized by character and activity. I can't believe how much pony I have posted. So many stories. So many friends. So many memories. Seeing these old threads with old friends really touched me and brought be back to the good ol' days of pony, but also made me proud of where I've come to from those storied adventures.


I want to personally thank everyone who has been apart of my story-making. It truly is an honor to detail the imaginary lives of pastel colored ponies and creatures with previously considered complete strangers on the internet. Thank you. Below is a google sheets doc that is a work in progress of the data I'm compiling.



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