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Made a thing!



I dunno if this is a hot take, but I actually love bases! They're like advanced coloring pages for the computer!! I use them mostly for getting quick ideas out for when I don't wanna do a whole thing and paper really isn't getting the point across. I will probably post my actual art on here at some point but for now here's this little thing I threw together for me and my partner's ponysonas!




That's my character Moontea and his character Pixel Paws! I am in awe of all of the work pony creators put into pulling assets from the show for people to use in making fun little projects like this! This specific base was made by Angellight_bases on Deviantart so absolutely go through their stuff if you like that too!


Please pay no mind to any pixelation, I did make this on MSPaint so resizing it to look cute on the background may not have gone exactly as planed :blush:


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