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  1. moonatlas

    Twilit Art

    heyaa Sorry that I've been dead, just finished up applying for schools and what not so that's been boring. BUT I did get a new drawing tablet which works really nicely and is a major upgrade from my old one!! I like the brushes I've been experimenting with too Anyway, have a spiffy twilight drawing I did, probably gonna do the rest of the Mane 6 as well and maybe some other characters since I got a month of freedom now. (You can also find this drawing on my DeviantArt and TikTok!)
  2. This is the sign up form for a small RP thread. It won't be too lengthy or complicated for now, as I wanted to start off with something simple. The story summary can be found below! They say a rare flower grows on the edges of Canterlot cliffs, and when obtained can be used to create the most vibrant of dyes and paints. The flowers come in all variants of colors, but many ponies refrain from foraging them due to the sheer and dangerous cliffs. A stallion named Moon Shine has decided however, to brave the danger and pick some flowers for a painting he wants to make of the gardens of Canterlot. Various small posters saying 'help wanted' detail this mission, and tell anyone who is interested to meet at the local bakery to sign up. 1-4 people can sign up for this! I prefer to keep the group on the smaller side, but if you want to hop in while slots are still open, feel free to! Link your character below and I'll set up the thread
  3. moonatlas

    Nimble Nap

    Just a small doodle of my OC Nimble Rain chillin out on a cloud. I always like doodling her, shes got like a comfort character vibe. I originally wasn't gonna color it, but I decided to do a little extra. Maybe I'll put out a more polished piece soon? who knows.
  4. aw this is so cute!! and I agree, i think bases are super fun to use
  5. Name - Moon Shine Gender - Male Age - Young Stallion Species - Unicorn Eye Color - Blue Character Color - Beige with darker splotches Mane/Tail - Dark navy with light blue stripes, with a short messy and somewhat curly/wavy style. Physique - Average Stallion physique, leaning towards a bulkier body type. Residence - Canterlot Occupation - Street Artist, Baker Cutie Mark - A light blue painted crescent moon with a streak of yellow paint behind it. Unique Traits - No notable unique traits atm History - Moon Shine was originally born in Ponyville with 2 sisters, though his memories are blurred since he was extremely young when they had moved away to Canterlot. He attended your average school with most other young ponies in Canterlot, but in his mid-teens, took up a hobby for art and painting. Earning his cutie mark after making a painting of the night sky over Canterlot, Moon Shine graduated school, and works trying to sell his paintings and make a living. He does have a small side-job at a local bakery for extra bits. Character Personality - Moon Shine is relativity kind and polite to every pony he meets, and wouldn't stand out to the average stranger. When you get to know him however, he can be spunky and excitable, and is very affectionate and loyal towards his friends. He may come off as somewhat defensive, when around a close friend group, but it's only cause he wants the best for them. Moon Shine is also dangerously curious, and has gotten himself into a few situations of trouble after exploring a little too far away from home. Character Summary - A young, beige colored stallion with a knack for painting. He likes to be friendly to those he meets, and his goal in life is to make a business out of his paintings. For now he works at a local bakery, and makes do.
  6. moonatlas

    Character References

    Just a place that has all of my characters drawn up refs
  7. Thank you sm!
  8. moonatlas


    Uh hiya, I'm Atlas. I'm kind of a veteran fan for MLP? I was super young when it came out but ever since then I've been a huge fan. Recently I've kinda dipped off of the fandom, but I kinda wanna take a step back in for nostalgia purposes. I enjoy Roleplay and I like to Draw digital art Feel free to ask me for RP I guess? I have a toyhou.se for my characters and what not, and you can ask for my discord if you prefer to talk to me there. Anyway uhh see ya
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