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It's was about time I drew Marshy. I'm still having some difficulties with how i'm going to do a full drawing of him because the gradient in his mane makes things complicated when it comes to outlining. 


His hoof looks tiny...

From the album:

SymphonicFire's Doodles

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I really like this color scheme, for some reason. I think because of the gradient on his hair, going from deep blue into teals and yellows. Nice drawing!

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4 hours ago, Polyblank said:

It looks great, how do you do flat drawings that well? Any tips?

Sure! Here are some of the things I do with this kind of drawings!

  1. Keep shading to a minimal. The simplistic (as the name suggests) style is meant to keep things simple and 2D looking. 
  2. Outline only when you need to, but with a shape. It's best to use different colours to show the shape and to use other shapes to define two separate shapes if they are the same colour instead of a dark line eg. the hoof and his face. Also use colours that are darker but close to the shape's colour when you are defining it.
  3. Use a vector program! It is much easier to create shapes and straight edges on a vector program. I use Inkscape for all of my drawings because it's free and it is easy to use. It also goes well with drawings that are "MLP" styled.

That's about it! :sans:

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